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“It bothers me how free we are to bear arms. They say ‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.’ Well, no, I think people with guns kill people. Quite frankly, I’d like to see stronger gun laws in this country. Hell, I don’t even like hunting. I don’t like people out there shooting deer or elk or whatever unless they’re doing it to survive. If they’re using every part of the animal in some way, then great, but I’m disturbed if they’re killing it just to kill.” – Jon St. John, voice of Duke Nukem

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  1. “It bothers me how free we are…” Could have stopped the sentence there without changing the meaning at all.

  2. My first time learning about this Duke Nukem character. Something happens before every person picks up a tool or weapon to commit violence in a moral or immoral way. That something are all their life experiences ie socialization process from upbringing, education, associations, etc which have meshed to create the person at that point in time. A person’s temperament, physiology, and diet also do affect people’s actions and decisions yet those are usually subordinate to a person’s socialization process. The socialization process includes repetitive messaging that sinks down deeply into people’s minds and emotional muscles about how to deal with the real world from fantasy entertainment such as Duke Nukem. It bothers me how unaccountable and in denial some people are about the roles they play in affecting and conditioning America’s low lifes.

  3. But it’s all right for kids to be playing these games on 360 etc. How some people are so 2 faced. Cry about guns and gun owners, but let their kids play these games where its ok to kill everyone.

  4. Well, no, I think people with guns kill people.

    Just saw a promo on Investigation Discovery for a new series, “Wives with Knives”. Scary as all hell if you happen to be a husband, but also proof that you really don’t need a gun to kill. Yup, my wife is an ID addict and I do sleep with one eye open.

  5. So people are just vessels that the guns use to enact their evil plot to kill all humans? I don’t understand what this loonie is trying to say. Did he drink while taking medication or something?

    • Exactly! Just like Richard Dean Anderson of the SG-1 series. Rabid anti-gun hypocrite making his fortune running around on camera with P-90’s, HK mp5’s or M4’s.

    • If the last Duke Nukem game wasn’t such crap that anyone with a brain avoided buying it, I’d write to the studio and inform them that due to his idiotic comments, I would not be purchasing any more Duke Nukem games.

  6. It bothers him how free we are……… the more people we have like him and mikeyb and he won’t have to be bothered for long. That silly little freedom thing will go right away.

    • Several years ago (2006 maybe?) I was debating politics with a self-professed die-hard Democrat. I was espousing my usual Libertarian values or freedom and personal responsibility – I don’t remember most of the conversation, but his one line will always be burned in my memory as how these people think. He said “Freedom has no place in the modern world“.

        • That’s why any time people talk about “compromise”, I say that compromising with people like that just means that we lose. Their goal is complete and utter control over every aspect of our lives and every time we “compromise”, they get another step closer to that goal.

  7. I never even thought about the Duke Nukem voice being that of a real person, I figured it was so modulated with electronics, that it could be anyone, just one of the game creators. That being said, it amazes me how people who have made A LOT of money off of glorifying violence, like Arnold Schartznegger, can then be so callous or at best ambivalent about the rights of legitimate gun owners who do not practice violence or glorify it in anyway to defend themselves from it. Effum.

  8. I don’t hunt, and I do think sport hunting is wasteful, but I’m mature enough to recognize that as my personal opinion. I don’t hold stupid grudges against hunters or call for a national ban on an activity millions of others enjoy on the sole basis of “i don’t like/am afraid of it so it should go away”
    The last time I heard an argument like that was when my sister and I were toddlers. Says a lot about the foundation of the antis argument, eh?

    • well it isn’t wasteful either. Whitetail are pests enough as much as they are hunted now, if only hunters who hunt for food hunted then they would turn into a plague. They would reshape the entire biosphere in the US. We are the last apex predator on this continent and as such we have an obligation to make sure prey species do not overrun and destroy their own habitats far faster than we do through so called “over development”

  9. No pro gun group in history has done more to promote the use of guns to deal with life’s issues (real or imagined) than the Hollywood anti-gun left. Recall Mark Wahlberg’s comments about how he hated to be in a scene with Chuck Heston on the awful Planet of the Apes movie, as Heston was a firearm advocate. Heston never pimped the coolness of mass arrays of small arms the way Wahlberg has in his myriad movies where he poses and brandishes assault weapons, etc., and deals out his ever so fierce movie justice. Stand tall (well, not so tall) for your principles, Wahlberg, at least until your liberal anti-gun producer offers you a fat check.

    So, we have another winner of the Marky Mark Hollywood Hyprocricy award.

  10. “On this episode of Discovery In the Wild, we get to share a special treat with the audience today. Observe the species *Homo Hoplophobicus*. It carries itself in a similar fashion as Homo Sapiens, but do not confuse the two as the same race! Homo Hoplophobicus has an aversion to individual thought and is dependent on a clan-based social structure . Unlike Sapiens, Holophobicus disdains self defense and relies on a clan for meeting its needs. After commercial, we’ll show you one of Hoplophobicus’ clans in the natural habitat of New York City-STAY TUNED FOR MORE on Discovery Channel!”

  11. I have ZERO respect for anyone in the Entertainment Industry who uses a fire arm in a movie play or story. Let alone a video game to have anything less then a positive attitude towards firearms.
    To earn their living displaying or using firearms in character and then to bash fire arms afterwards personally.
    Has lost me as a viewing participant.
    You wont see me in line for any James Bond films anytine soon.

      • Nevermind. So Daniel Craig is another British plonker who doesn’t like guns. Good for him, because he couldn’t have one if he did like guns. They have let their rights just erode away.
        Definitely sucks for the Bond franchise though.

        • What are you talking about? Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, and (I’m pretty sure) Roger Moore are all anti-gun. The problem comes from their culture telling them 24/7 all of their lives that guns are evil and only the government can use guns wisely (nevermind that governments around the world murdering their own people have killed exponentially more than all criminals in the world).

  12. Well, thanks for ruining that bit of childhood for me.

    Typical nutbag leftist, “I don’t like it, therefore no one should be allowed to do it.”


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