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“Indeed the presence of a gun in a park or a coffee shop can also mean the difference between a mere argument or a funeral.” – Washington CeaseFire board president Ralph Fascitelli justifying the Starbucks boycott effort

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  1. Translation: I’m afraid that if I had a gun in a coffee shop and got into an argument I’d shoot the person I was arguing with. Therefore, nobody should have a gun in a coffee shop. That’s called projection, Mr. Fascitelli, and it merits my favorite response:

    If you think you can’t be trusted with a gun, get help. If you think everyone else can’t be trusted with a gun, get humble. If you think I can’t be trusted with a gun, get bent.

    • That’s ridiculous, Moonshine. These people are reacting to the sure knowledge that SOME of you gun owners are unfit, and the unfit ones look just like the fit ones.

      Your tricky wording had this very fact in mind:

      If you think everyone else can’t be trusted with a gun, get humble.

      No one thinks EVERYONE ELSE cannot be trusted. We know that most of you can, but that’s not good enough.

      • The same person who is unbalanced enough to pull a gun in an argument would likely use anything else at hand as well, be that a cup of hot coffee in a coffee shop or a baseball bat in a park.

        I said this before, and I’ll say it again: We are not the bloodthirsty savages you need us to be to make your argument work.

      • We know most people can be trusted with a car, or a knife, or shoelaces, but that’s not good enough, so therefore these items should be strictly controlled, because you never know who the “hidden criminals” are out there who’ll misuse them.

      • And I know that gun-grabbers can’t be trusted as American citizens and the custodians of liberty. And I have far more evidence of my assertion than you have of yours.

        • Remember, if the government does not trust you with a gun, you should not trust the government with a gun.

      • I know this might sound cheap, but isn’t your argument the same one used to pass Jim-Crow laws and repress the African American population?

        • A lot of firearm registration laws originated as Jim Crow laws. Take Michigan and North Carolina as examples, they each have a very similar pistol registration scheme. In Michigan you must go the the local cop shop and get a “pistol purchase permit” before buying a pistol. Can you guess who typically didn’t receive permits?Take the case of Dr. Ossian Sweet, son of a former slave. He was a black physician who lived in Detroit in the 20’s. He bought a house on Garland Avenue, he even had to pay $6,000 more than the house was worth because no one wanted to sell a black family a house in a nice neighborhood. For two nights in a row a mob of angry neighbors gathered in front of Sweet’s house. Sweet was concerned for the safety of his family so he had bought weapons and had friends and family over to defend his property. On the second night the mob grew violent and began throwing stones at Sweet’s windows. Shots were fired from inside the house and one of the mob died, another was injured. All eleven people in the house were arrested and jailed for five months. Clarence Darrow even signed on to defend Sweet and his friends/family. Eventually they were all let go via aquittal and mistrial but the damage was done, several had contracted tuberculosis while in jail and soon died.Shortly after this DGU Michigan legislature passed the Jim Crow pistol registration laws to prevent minorities from defending themselves from racist mobs.

      • I’ll save Rob the trouble of editing a dozen posts from everyone in order to defend a staff member.


        I think that about sums up what everyone thinks of Mike’s BS. 🙂

  2. We read about tyranny in our history books and understand the danger of people like them, but it is surreal to see them in action. That is what it looks like when a person wishes to strip his fellow man of their God given rights, and its disgusting.

  3. It’s only going to get noisy if the place is being robbed. If he’s having a brew and someone saves his life, no need to thank anyone. Just continue to enjoy the free protection the 2A provides as he normally does.

  4. Color me confused, but why isn’t Walmart being targeted also? From what I’ve read they have the same policy. Walmart is a bigger target after all.

    • Because they’d expect the knuckle-draggers who run Wally World to have that policy in order to cater to their client base. They hate the store and wouldn’t be caught dead there. They’re Target shoppers so it doesn’t affect them.

      Starbucks, on the other hand, is a much more high-brow, sophisticated venue where you don’t have to rub elbows with Wal Mart-type people. The stores are everywhere, so it’s convenient to pop in for a latte whenever the caffeine level dips.

      But the thought that there could be people packing scares the sh!it out of them. It just doesn’t compute that a place like Starbucks wouldn’t ban guns by default. The effrontery.

  5. Jeff Snyder really called it when he described these kinds of cowards in “A Nation of Cowards” [enter that in google to read it].

    Their hatred of an armed citizenry is their way of convincing themselves that they are not cowards. “If no body can protect themselves, then I am not responsible for my own safety. The government has to protect me.”

    • Actually, with as much time and money as I spend in them, I think it would be appropriate if my funeral were held in one. If I ever get around to writing a will, I think I’ll put that in there.

  6. Since when did a bunch of hand-wringing, bed-wetting hoplophobes get to decide for Starbucks who they can and can’t have as customers?

    Here’s a thought: If you don’t like Starbucks’ policies, then don’t go there. Boycott away. And, while you’re at it, boycott your local fast food restaurant, your local grocery store, and your local movie theater, ’cause chances are they don’t prohibit law-abiding citizens from carrying legally. Ooooo, bet you’re really scared now.

    • Those who subconsciously know that they’re in the wrong – or cowards, which hoplophobes are by nature – only protest when convenient so that they can convince themselves of their own BS. That’s SOP for them.

      • What does, “only protest when convenient” mean?

        As usual the charge you lay at our feet can equally be put to you. Most gun owners are driven by irrational fear and insecurity. Everyone knows this. In a transparent attempt to cover it up, you accuse us of being cowards.

        • “Most” and “Everyone” are words requiring a bit of documentation, which you don’t have and would not want to see in print.

        • We all know you can’t prove this, and it’s nothing more than an emotional statement with no basis in fact.

          Why should we believe anything you post?

  7. First major problem with this video, is no one asked them why they were attacking a “Civil Right.” Just yelling, screaming, and calling people names do not work. Standing up for your RIGHT as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment and educating the unwashed masses is your duty!

  8. Mr. Suit and Glasses got one part absolutely correct.

    There are “Two Visions” for this nation.

    One is a country where robbers and criminals plunder with impunity, a place where the government forcibly takes from its subjects whatever the criminals didn’t steal.

    Another is a nation built on self determination and civil rights afforded to all citizens, who each have the ability to protect themselves from crime and assault.

    We cannot have both at the same time.

  9. While I support the open carry movement I will not open carry. Too many people get uncomfortable when they see a firearm openly displayed in a retail establishment. As a responsible gun owner I recognize that and take that into consideration every time I leave home.
    I can understand the oppositions point but I do heavily disagree with trying to strongarm a busines, any business, into modifying their policies.
    If carrying a firearm is something you wish to do, get a permit to carry concealed.
    Personally…I would much rather have it not be known that I have a firearm on my person.


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