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You may remember our story about Gunz the Younger, a.k.a., M.C. Cory Gunz. Last weekend, the NYPD busted the rapper for weapons possession: a .9 millimeter pistol (according to a not-quiet-authoritative reporter.) After a [short] lifetime of macho posturing on the firearms front, Gunz Jr. is in full damage control mode, sacrificing his street cred on the altar of keeping his ass out of die tronk. Clock this news McNugget from the gun rights silent . . .

“Guns aren’t cool. And jail? It’s not hot,” said the 24-year-old rapper after he was sprung from Bronx Criminal Court, where he was arraigned on gun charges Sunday night. Gunz, born Peter Pankey Jr., was caught with an unregistered and loaded 9-mm. Taurus handgun in the Bronx, about a mile away from where he grew up in Crotona Park East.

Loaded yes, but not so loaded as you might imagine . . .

The gun — found inside Gunz’s tan backpack — was cocked and ready to go, with one live bullet in its chamber and two additional bullets in the clip, according to the criminal complaint.

I reckon Gunz Sr.’s giving his genetic inheritor a good clip ’round the ears. Not to mention getting out his checkbook for some high-cost proactive PR.

The younger Gunz soared to stardom with his MTV “Son of a Gun” reality show. He was flung into the spotlight in 2010 with his lyrical flow on Lil Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot” hit.

He said Lil Wayne had reached out to his family.

“He extended his hand in whatever he could do to help,” Gunz said.

“I’ve just been thinking, talking to my dad and just trying to figure out my next step,” he said.

Gunz and his dad recently started Gunz Against Guns — a foundation to warn kids of the dangers of firearms.

If I may? Gag. It seems that Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun goons can strike fear in the heart of even the richest—I mean most fearless rappers.

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  1. I’m only a hardcore rapper until I actually get involved with the things I sing about. Then you can see the fear trickling down my leg.

  2. I can’t really blame him for saying guns aren’t cool, considering he grew up in NYC. Think about how the laws there can change a resident’s attitude on handguns. They’re highly illegal, so NYC residents don’t hear of law-abiding citizens using handguns for self-defense. He shouldn’t be attacked for saying such a thing when everyone here knows that the real problem lies with crime-promoting gun control.

  3. Let’s give Cory Gunz the benefit of the doubt: Maybe he had just dumped the rest of a previously full mag two blocks away? Maybe the three bullets was actually excessive by two because his only intended use of the gun was to stop himself from producing more bogus rap? If, like most NYC rappers, he’d just bought a nice mansion in Alpine, NJ, he screwed up big time, cause it just won’t be the same payin’ NJ RE taxes while sittin in a very little room in da big house.

  4. The guy was caught in a cab with a gun in his backpack. A rapper with a backpack — a freakin’ backpack! — deserves jail time even if he doesn’t have a gun. Put the guy and the gun in a taxi — not a limo, but a taxi — and Gunz is begging to be embarrassed to death in front of his peers.

    Biggie Smalls is spinning in his grave.

    BTW, under New York’s outrageous law, everyone in a vehicle is presumed to be in possession of the illegal gun.

  5. How can he possibly be carrying a gun when they are illegal? I don’t get it. That law should magically form a force field over NYC that firearms cannot penetrate.

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