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“As mayor, my job is to keep our city safe. I signed on to Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns because their work focuses on punishing criminals who traffic illegal weapons. This isn’t a conservative or liberal issue, the flow of illegal guns impacts our community right here in Phoenix and we must do everything we can to stop it.” – Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton

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  1. My opinion? Absolutely. Lots of people forget that the Second Ammendment is there to ward off GOVERNMENT TYRANNY. If you have to tell the .gov where all of your weapons are, what good are they when the government wants to suppress you and your rights?

    *ETA: This is a reply to Hanover Fist.

  2. “…their work focuses on punishing criminals who traffic illegal weapons.

    Oh, really? Then please tell me how the following line, found on the front page of their site, has any effect whatsoever on the illegal trafficking of firearms?

    Mayors oppose pending legislation in Congress that would allow Trayvon Martin’s killer to carry hidden, loaded guns nationwide. Full text here, if you can stand it.

    It seems to me that a significant portion of their time and money deals with opposing new concealed carry reciprocity, or rolling back the right to carry wherever they can. Neither one of these has any effect on the illegal trafficking of firearms.

    Unrelated note: “I signed on to Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns because…”

    Someone in the Mayor’s office needs to learn how to use an apostrophe.

    • This always amuses me. All these liberal arts majors in journalism and government who can’t use the language appropriately. Fight the good fight in pointing these errors out, because we will collapse as a civilization if the Twitterheads take over the language.

  3. Perhaps Mr. Stanton would like to explain how disarming law abiding citizens is “punishing criminals”. But then again, I’m sure he’s well aware that it has nothing to do with crime, just like every other member of Mayors Against Legal Guns.

  4. “Roux said if you have a family member who has a mental illness, he says steps can be put in place so that they cannot pass a background check and purchase a gun”

    It will probably cause more problems than it solves. Who defines mental illness? People can mess with relatives or anyone by calling in to a government 800# and saying so and so has an illness. If a banned person cannot buy a gun and knows who called in on their name the retaliation might be ugly. About one in three American women are on anti-depressants and one in ten are estimated to suffer from having a borderline personality disorder. Just try denying them and you’ll hear a screaming backlash about misogyny.

    If such a law passes then the following step will be to require everyone who wants to buy a gun to pass the same mental health background check (“it’s only fair!”) based on a criteria that will become increasingly difficult for most to pass. The track record of the gun grabbers speaks very loudly about their integrity and ethical values.

    • What is really scary is….25% of the women in the world are on anti depressants, the other 75% are running around without Any medication!!!!

  5. “As mayor, my job is to keep our city safe.” — Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton

    Wrong. Your job is to make sure the city provides whatever services your city has agreed to provide to its citizens and visitors. Those services almost certainly include a fire department, ambulances, police officers, etc. The trouble is no one can even define what “safe” is much less deliver it.

    However you slice it, interfering with a citizen’s ability to protect themselves certainly does not make that citizen nor the city more “safe”.

  6. So what the Mayor is saying is that he doesn’t want to be reelected next time. If I were a politician, I don’t think I’d go after guns in Ruger’s back yard.

  7. “I signed on to Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns because Michael Bloomberg and Eli Broad will pay me.”

    Fixed. FYI, Eli Broad is the co-founder of Kaufman and Broad, now called KB Homes. He is a major contributor to the MAIG Pac (you knew that MAIG has a PAC, right?). Between MAIG and the Joyce Foundation, they have more money than god and are perfectly willing to spent it to f^ck all of us sideways.

  8. The quote from the Mayor seems completely rational. If he was a mayor in Canada where handgun registration has been mandatory since the 1930s.

  9. Has MAIG gone after gangs, or worked to prevent drugs on the streets? How about working to enable people to defend themselves and their businesses? Oh I thought not..


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