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I find it incredible that anyone working the late shift in any job anywhere would do so disarmed—unless they live in a Constitution-free zone. And yet they do. Live in states where you’re less likely to get a concealed carry permit than find a male member of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia who isn’t looking forward to Amanda Lyons‘ first photo shoot for TTAG. Equally, many [working] night people live in states with firearms freedom—but labor for companies that prohibit armed self-defense. Telephone and electricity repairmen. Delivery drivers. Stop ‘N Rob clerks. Some of these souls earn their paycheck all by their lonesome. Sometimes in a bad part of town. I don’t want to paint them all as victims; we all have choices. But they are all potential victims. A firearm provides them options for self-defense. What’s wrong with that? [h/t Nathan]

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  1. I’ve worked those all alone late night isolated shifts. It sucks but you have to earn a living for your kids. I can’t speak for others but there were times when the law and company policy could kiss my ass.

    Dumbass laws won’t pay your rent when you’re a single dad and not everybody has the college time to land the 9to5 corporate jobs. So I did what I had to do to feed the kids and make it home safe at the end of the shift.

    Fvck anybody that can’t see that sometimes you have to do what’s right, not legal.

  2. If I was the victim of the garbage in the car who shot me……..I would be a waitin’ when the trash got out of jail……especially if it was a short stint in the can. Bang bang my brutha.

  3. I work the night shift on an ambulance in Memphis, TN. Not Memphis Fire, a private service. I am not aware of anywhere that allows carry on an ambulance unless youre a LEO and we would have to secure the gun in the unit if we are at a hospital anyways.

    That being said, Memphis sucks at night. I always find the best light and most publicly trafficed areas to stage at. The “Hop In” gas stations are usualy frequented by police on their breaks and are all very well lit and public.

    My partner and I have had a few run ins that were less than desirable and one that could have been worse than it turned out. We spend a lot of time in bad areas of the city as well. Not fun at all.

  4. There are plenty of sh!tty jobs out there, but you can’t land any of them if you’re dead. So, if it’s against corporate policy to carry on the job but not illegal to do so, you have a decision to make. When I was in that position, I carried. I broke no law, but I violated a corporate policy. Why? Because I have my own policy never to be a victim if I can help it.


  5. I was gassing my car up off the highway at 4 AM while coming back from a business trip several states away when two hoods approached me and asked if they could “borrow” 10 bucks and the backpack in the rear seat. Since I wasn’t carrying because I was standing in a state that doesn’t recognize my permit I withdrew the gas nozzle from the car and pointed it at them both. I suggested they get the fuck away from me right now. They looked at the nozzle and turned and ran away.

    Use whatever shoots. I would have hosed them both down if they made one move towards me.


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