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Many members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia are uncomfortable with links to or mentions of I get that. Rest assured I take everything Alex Jones says with an ocean of salt and I don’t have an Infowars-branded tin hat. On. At the moment. I could justify posting this video with ye olde “even a stopped clock is right twice a day” argument. Instead, I’ll say this: if you plot fear of government gun-grabbing on a chart President Obama’s re-election would look like the initial ascent on a big-ass roller coaster. You know; after you’ve already gone ’round once. That in and of itself is a story. And maybe, just maybe, we should think of Jones as a combination of the nutter in the attic and a canary in a coal mine. Besides, Jones reminds me of the Born Again preachers who used to dominate cable TV. I learned a lot about public speaking from them. Thinking, not so much.

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  1. Every time Alex Jones uses the word “proof” my need for independent confirmation increases by 50%.

  2. I enjoy listening to Alex Jones from time to time. Yea he’s possibly off his rocker a lot, but he also talks about some stuff that nobody else will. There is value in having him around.

  3. Obama’s not coming for our guns. Lets get off that shibboleth yesterday people.It takes decades to effectively disarm a nation-look at the UK and Australia.

    Magazines and AR/AK rifles are a different story.

    • I think he is coming for everything he thinks he can get. Any semi automatic rifle, handgun or shotgun. All handguns for that matter. I don’t think it takes decades, the stroke of the pen. He has already gone around congress with the stroke of the pen.

      • This. Yet people still think he wouldn’t dare try this or that–really?! Where the hell have you been the last four years? Remember health care? No way the Dems would use Reconciliation to pass Obama care–uh, yea. Alex Jones is out there–but fearing what Obama & Co. bring next is not. It’s actually very sane AND logical.

    • President Obama on Sunday said he would make gun control a priority in his new term, pledging to put his “full weight” behind passing new restrictions on firearms in 2013.

  4. Living in California has prepared me for living with the permanent AWB and no permit system that the rest of America will have to come to terms with. As for mag limits, if you need more than 10 to get the job done you need more practice.

    As for Alex Jones. He looked around and found there was money in stoking the fears of the gullible. Kept him from having to get a real job.

    I do worry about the quality of this site degrading by bringing in Jones. But then again, we survive and thrive even with mikeyb as a regular.

    • That argument has never made sense to me. Does an attacker typically phone ahead and tell you if he’s armed and bringing friends along? How the hell do you know 10 rounds (a completely arbitrary number) is going to be enough?

      • I was attempting to put a little dry humor in there about what i see as a disaster for our future gun rights. I do not believe in mag limits or banning certain types of guns.

        But as a California resident I have painful experience with these foolish rules and was pointing out that the rest of America will have to share our pain.

        • I just want to crawl under a rock after the elections and hug a bottle of whiskey.. Yeah that pretty much sums it up.

          I think things might start slowly, but all the FUD certainly is good for business!

          I am just hoping things stay at a stand still long enough for other things to wake people up.

    • As a NY resident, I feel your pain. But I refuse to give any credit to your statement that we do not “need” high capacity mags. No mass-shooters, criminals, or anyother evil-doers have ever been stopped because something was illegal.

      I’ll bide my time here in NY, but the argument that high capacity is more lethal is pretty silly. Having 30 rounds doesn’t make anyone more deadly.

      A lot of “evil features” banned in both CA and NY have NOTHING to do with lethality and ONLY to do with what politicians believe is bad.

      • I don’t know. We have a ton of drive-by-bayonetings here in CT, so I am very glad they banned those fearsome bayonet lugs.

        • Haha, drive by bayonettings! That made my otherwise crappy night. Thanks.

          No offense Anon, I am so happy I dont live in CT anymore. Especially that I dont have to get my guns at Hoffmans. I have never had a single pleasant experience there.

          Hope Sandy didnt hit you too hard by the way.

      • The confusing thing is the liberals demonize “the Black Rifle” but King Bloomberg made it illegal to Duracoat it a less offensive color. Hell, if I can get a NYC CCW I’ll make my G19 purple!

    • “if you need more than 10 to get the job done you need more practice.”
      Apparently you’ve never been in a firefight.

  5. the problem with Alex is he handles issues no one else does. can he make a error , show me the person who never made a error… the other part people do not like is a bad message , so we kill the person with it… and yes Obama has in fact started to move on gun control … that’s FACT. sorry for the bad news… so don’t hate me …

    • In what way has Obama started to move on gun control?

      Difficulty: platitudes don’t count. Genuine actions only please.

        • You mean that thing where dealers have to rat out someone who buys more than one scary gun a week?

          I understand why that upsets you, and yes it should be done away with, but its hardly a “long gun registry” and it’s certainly not “give us all your guns, citizen” that a lot of people around here seem to think is happening just because a guy with a D after his name is in office.

          I know, slippery slope. I guess, but I’m having trouble connecting the dots.

          It’ll probably get struck down in court, anyway.

          Frankly, I think we would have been in a worse situation with Mitt. He’s proven that he is willing to sign real gun control measures (as opposed to just talk about them), and he might have caved to the Brady Bunch in a big way just to prove he was willing to cross the aisle.

        • @Swarf,
          Actually it isn’t just scary rifles, it is any long gun, shotgun, or anything above 22 caliber, that is the standard. So if I go in and buy a 30-06 bolt action for me, a 308 for two of my kids, both bolt action 4 or 5 round magazines, I get reported.
          What the ATF does with this I do not know but they certainly keeping the information long term. This is a direct violation against the FOPA act. The registry was pushed through via executive order, no laws through congress.
          You can chop this up any way you like, but it scares me, and is certainly causes pause for thought.
          What’s to say he simply doesn’t sign an AWB which includes high cap magazines, any scary looking rifles, including ones with bullet buttons? We all turn into felons over night. Then he says high cap on all hand guns too. Well most of the US has high cap magazines in their hand guns save Maryland and California. Now all those people are felons too!
          Obama has singed over 900 executive orders in his first term. While executive orders are not unheard of he has done this in orders of magnitude in comparison to any other president.
          We also have the patriot act still in existence. By executive order he can label just about anyone a threat, and under such threat the ATF, FBI will be at your door step. Legal or not doesn’t matter. Then they disarm you because of said threat, while not illegal, good luck in getting your guns back.

    • Jones is a censor who carries on like he’s not a censor. His presentations are like the 345 foot high point in the state of Florida, and he ignores the 20,320 foot Mount McKinley in Alaska. Jones refuses to allow mention of the ONLY organization that is putting the screws to us, because it controls all the rest. That’s The Pilgrims Society, used by the British Crown to re-take North America. No wonder they want gun control, if the British would have had it way back, we’d have never won independence. That old bitch in London is the world’s largest landowner, the Astors, Drexels, Rockefellers, Mellons, Du Ponts, Vanderbilts etc. are all in with the Royals in taking us back to feudalism. Yeah, Jones is a big time CENSOR like Chris Powell of Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. The top Generals, Admirals, President, Attorney General etc. are Pilgrims members at 122 East 58th Street NY second floor. See Google images for Pilgrims Society, disregard Alex Jones he’s a zero operator going after small potatoes.

  6. “Besides, Jones reminds me of the Born Again preachers who used to dominate cable TV. I learned a lot about public speaking from them. Thinking, not so much.”

    Kind of a snarky thing to say about Evangelicals and Born Again TV preachers when PM Netanyahu met with a Christians United for Israel gathering led by televangelist John Hagee in Jerusalem in March 2012. An event widely reported in Israel and the US. No one other than leftist appeasers ever accused PM Netanyahu as slow intellectually. Odd that he would be seen in the company of a moron televangelist.

    If you want an illustration for your Elmer Gantry type why not single out Reverend Wright or the Reverend Sharpton. To paraphrase our Dear Leader they both are definitely opposed to us bitter clingers of guns and the true revealed Jewish and Christian religions. Rev Wrong and Rev Charlatan also most certainly have a lot of antipathy to white and jewish people who aren’t like them. Of course like our Dear Leader they cling to power and the opportunity to grab our freedom, guns, and money. .

    While John Hagee may not be my cup of team, I am thankful and proud that Virginia Baptists pastors played a leading role in prodding James Madison in 1788-1789 to broker the adoption of the Bill of Rights that included religious freedom and our precious 2A rights in the US Constitution. Even the socialist PBS network recognizes the contribution of one of America’s earliest and most widely recognized Born Again preachers who passionately believed we had God given rights to worship as we please and to defend ourselves from both evil doers and political tyrants. John Leland knew first hand the oppression of a state church aligned with a corrupt political system.

    For those wanting a more detailed historical treatment of the impact of one of America’s greatest 18th evangelical pastors John Leland on the development of the Constitution try this recent Penn State Law Review article on the subject.

    I love TTAG and did not take personal offense to the flippant remark that seemed to lump all Born Again preachers into a group characterized as poor thinkers. The comment was beneath you and I am only bringing it to your attention because I know that you are better than this.

  7. Now we have the NDAA law that anyone can be put in jail , no reason given , can be held for ever how long, no trail , no rights at all, all that has to be done is a government get you order? I wrote my senator on this , and he said will not be used on American’s , but i point out no where in this law , is this a limit. So the courts have both rejected this law and then come back and upheld again… Congress has done a bad job, and the GOP and DEMS. both beat around the bush. IT still stands as written . and Congress is a hopeless cause too!!!!!!!!

  8. OMG, The Big O coming for my guns. That’s sofa king funny! I’m sofa king brilliant to laugh at that idea. I hope it stays funny for the next four years.

  9. He’s usually right on. I lived in denial until I accidently heard his show in june of 2001 where he said “they” would slam jets into the wtc and blame it on their asset bin laden. It’s on youtube still.

  10. I read O-man was signing on the UN deal to prohibit guns everywhere, then he wasn’t, now he is again? So transparent. Don’t be surprised on the outcome. remember, it would be for OUR safety.

  11. He’s not coming for your guns, guys. Ease up before you buy summer homes for all the guys trying to sell you more ARs and mags (you’re kidding yourself if you think whipping up and maintaining this fear isn’t great for the bottom lines of some folks out there). I agree that Mitt was no safe bet due to his previous Brady appeasement – no reason he couldn’t go back there.

    Oh, and dude suggesting Obama could use USA PATRIOT to declare black rifle guys evil-doers and come for us – geez man, where were you guys ten years ago when that crap was passed in the first place? Too many people were cheerleading it back then because they figured only the enemy would feel it – but any reasonable thought indicated it was ripe for abuse. Opposing it then would have been smarter.

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