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“There was a gentleman behind the suspect, I nodded for him to get out of the way. Thank God he saw and got out of the way, and that’s when I had to fire at the gentleman,” Nazir said. “The cashier was fearing for her life, I was fearing for my life as well as many other people. I did what I could, got a good shot off. Thankful he survived and was caught a short time after.” Nazir (last name withheld), on how he came to be Wisconsin’s first licensed concealed carry DGUer. [h/t Eric]

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  1. OK, so we have an articulate African-American man out with his wife, shopping at a low-end grocery store in an “economically depressed” (not quite “the ‘hood,” but not far from it) area of Milwaukee. Makes sure that an innocent bystander gets out of the way, and shoots an armed robber who was threatening everyone with a shotgun. The robber lived, and he and his accomplice were apprehended by police.

    That is pretty much the poster-child for a DGU.

    That Milwaukee prosecutors most-likely will not press charges, and that the store has a “no guns allowed” policy and will probably not press charges, is just icing in the cake.

  2. What this excerpt doesn’t tell you is that

    a) he was carrying on an empty chamber and had to rack a round into the gun
    b) When he first attempted to fire, he forgot he had the safety on! Luckily for him, the BG’s shotgun ended up being unloaded.

    Lessons? Always carry with one in the chamber and know your carry gun inside and out! If you’re going to carry a gun with a safety be sure that you’ve practiced sweeping it off during the drawstroke!

    I’m glad no one but the BG was injured and am glad that the GG seems to be a good “poster child” for CCW! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Good question. The interview was apparently taped after the the DA determined they would not press charges.

      Once legal authorities decline to press charges, is STFU still required to protect one’s legal rights?

      • I would say most definitely. Their decision not to press charges is not binding until the statue of limitations on all of the possible charges runs out. The DA can easily change its mind for any reason, including something you say that is on film for all the world (and the judge and jury) to see.

      • STFU ends when your lawyer says it ends, and he or she preps you on what to say and how to say it.

        Nazir was flawless: โ€œThe cashier was fearing for her life, I was fearing for my life as well as many other people.” Fabulous stuff, and exactly what I would want my client to say.

        MadDawg J is correct: the decision to not prosecute is reversible. However, Nazir’s interview put the final nail in that particular coffin.

  3. He “asked that we not use his last name,” but we’re going to shoot a close-up of his monogrammed cuff anyway.

    Still, can’t fault a media outlet that adds an editorial comment in favor of allowing legally-carried guns. God bless local news stations.

  4. It didn’t have to come to this, Nazir didn’t need to shoot the robber. Instead, he could’ve drawn the robber’s attention to the “No Guns Allowed” sign and gently pointed out the the robber that he was in violation of store policy.

  5. If he is the first recorded DGUer, it’s a good bet there have been a dozen incidents of misbehavior on the part of newly licensed gun owners.

    What do you think? Should I produce the evidence before you’ll consider it? Nah, let’s just use our heads for a change.

    • Hang on! You’re getting it! Evidence. Don’t slip back into common sense. Give us facts, even if they are anecdotal. Please.

    • So as usual you want to just make up stuff with no evidence? No thanks.

      If you do have evidence, yes please post it so we can analyze and discuss it. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen.


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