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“The waiting game until November isn’t reserved for political pundits — it’s also triggered a shift among some retailers over how they market their firearm products. Executives at Nebraska-based Cabela’s Inc. recently told the Wall Street Journal they had two advertising plans at the ready for any outcome in the election. If Mitt Romney wins, Cabela’s will stock up on the accoutrements that come with gun sports, like boots and camouflage. If Mr. Obama wins a second term, the company will capitalize on a perceived threat on gun ownership and add more firearms to its inventory.” – Erich Schwartzel at

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  1. If Obama is reelected it is going to be a record year for “EBR” makers. I have all the ebr’s i want for the moment though I have started picking up pmags in quantity.

  2. Not that I am all that excited about Romney as the alternative to Obama, but looking forward to all that inventory, new and used, hitting the market if Romney pulls off this election.

    • I just want the prices to fall and availability to increase on AR-15 parts kits again. Try finding a LPK for a reasonable price. It ain’t easy. Complete lower? Haha better luck searching for a rainbow colored unicorn for sale. Most stores are “out of stock” on everything except 6.8SPC lowers, and I can’t afford to feed that beast.

  3. What will you do when the BLACK SHIRTS show up at you door to collect your Gun’s ?
    The BIG Computer knows who you are, since you filled out that “Background check”
    Or took that Conceled Carry class.
    Of course WE KNOW that will never happen here in the USA , unlike England, Australia or Nazi Germany.
    I says on MY Social Security Card ,,, “NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION”, so much for that.

  4. I think Obama is going to win the election because he is succeeding at getting the Middle and Lower income classes to flock to his banner by favoring them in his plans for “fixing” the economy and retaining the Welfare State.
    But, then I live in California which will go for Obama, no matter what. I am voting for Romney more as a vote against Obama (“fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” ain’t happening again Barak!).
    It’s a sad state of affairs.

    • You, jwm, me…

      That’s 3 California votes for Romney right there!

      My buddy just mistakenly bought a 6.8 upper because Palmetto State Armory is sold out of a lot of their 5.56’s. There’s definitely a lot of folks stocking up. I suspect Obama will win also based upon his epic marketability. Gotta have something if you can’t run based on your actual performance I suppose. I’m as worried about the 2A as I am about the economy. $16,000,000,000,000.00 plus is a lot of $$$ to be in debt.

      • Yep, Romney. I’m not stocking up on more guns, I have more than I can use now. But if barry gets a 2nd term how long do you think it’ll be before Hillary brings him a new U.N. treaty to sign, which he will, without the 2a protections in it? Then the money you spend on those “ebr’s” may not even be repaid when they come for them.

        The polls are still too close to call for sure. We need all gun people to set aside their differences and vote Romney this one time.

        And all of us that do vote Romney need to send his people an e mail, something I’ve yet to learn to do, telling him that we will only continue our support if we get his support of our guns in return.

        And please don’t any of you give me that “cold dead hands” crap. The real way to win this fight is at the ballot box. Abstaining from voting or wasting your vote on an outsidwer id simply giving support to the gun control crowd.

      • Make that five actually, from just outside the land of fruit and nuts!
        Actually all this uncertainty has been great for the gun business. Massive growth, more jobs, companies expanding, you see Obama is helping the economy! LMAO
        As John from Arizona asks what ya gonna do when they come for you? Well I plead the fifth John. So there…. 🙂

  5. The odds are now 90-10 that Cabelas will be adding a whole lot of firearms inventory if they can find guns to sell. Sad to say, Obama is a mortal lock for re-election.

  6. I am a former, part-time employee of theirs. I started there in 2007 and we were selling 60-90 guns a day, 7 days a week. A couple times this year I have asked my former coworkers how many they are selling each day. They are routinely selling 100-140 each day! Every single day, from just that store!

    Our state has no waiting period, no other encumberances outside of the NICS check. These are thankfully straight into people’s hands every day without delay! The general mistrust of President Obama and our government is showing, and has been for some time.

    Join the NRA, JPFO or any other pro gun rights organization of your choice, and get off your butt and vote!

  7. For all you Romney supporters who think he’ll be different from Obama when it comes to guns, i’ll just leave you with these quotes from Romney:

    “I believe the people should have the right to bear arms, but I don’t believe that we have to have assault weapons as part of our personal arsenal.”


    “Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts, these guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.”

    • Then go ahead and vote for Clinton / Feinstein / liberal Supreme Court justices et all and see how that works for 2A rights.

      • Do you understand how elections work? You don’t get to vote for Supreme Court justices. Clinton isnt running for office. Feinstein is just like Regan when it comes to guns. And since you’re a California LEO, you are the one who does the actual grabbing of the guns under the authority of the laws passed by Feinstein and Regan.

        So what is more important to you, 2A rights for all, or having a job with a gold plated pension? Why dont you be like Illinois’s McLean County State’s Attorney Ronald Dozier and issue a press release with your name and department on it that states you wont go after people who violate gun laws?

      • No, clinton isn’t running for office, but she’ll have barry’s ear if he’s reelected. And in 2016 she may well be running for office.

        And the person nominating the new supreme court justices will listen to their party’s advice.

        And what do you care about the election? If you haven’t been lying to us you don’r vote.

        Quick question here matt. What is your dream vision for the future of America?

        • As you well know I abstain and encourage others to do so as well. If they insist on voting, they should at least do a write in for a real pro-gun candidate like Ron Paul, who would surely absolish the ATF.

          You probably have a good idea of what my dream vision of the future would be, if I were to elaborate on it, RF would probably delete as he so often does, and issue yet another idle threat of a ban. I still find it funny that he harps on about 2A needing the same recognition as 1A, when he himself engages in censorship.

        • Since his threats are idle fire away. I’d like to see exactly in your words what you hope for America. Who knows, maybe the paying advertisers that ttag wants will be attracted by your vision.

        • I dont care about the ban threats, i’ve told him in comments and emails to just do it. Its putting effort in to writing a post just to have it deleted a couple hours later which irks me.

        • No, i’ll still made snide racist remarks which dont require a lot of effort. Just wait for a appropriate story to pop up and you’ll see.

        • @matt

          To answer your question: I understand how elections are supposed to work. A vote for Obama is realistically lending support to the Feinstein / Clinton / UN / liberal SCOTUS machine. The thing is, it’s tough to tell who is actually voting for who, especially in states such as mine with a large, undocumented population. To put it bluntly: I support voter ID, especially in a world where fraud and misrepresentation are rampant (my credit card information was stolen, and another person attempted to fraudulently purchases one of my motorcycles within a 2 year period).

          I have little respect for people who abstain from the political process, and then complain about the outcome. I vote with dollars and patronage as well, and I don’t care to have additional liberal SCOTUS judges who see fit to reinterpret the constitution. Then again, we just don’t agree on much, but you already knew that. You support the 2A however you see fit, and I’ll do the same.

        • A vote for Obama is realistically lending support to the Feinstein / Clinton / UN / liberal SCOTUS machine…

          By participating in the process you are lending legitamacy to whoever wins, even if it is not your candidate.

          I have little respect for people who abstain from the political process, and then complain about the outcome.

          I don’t complain about the outcome of elections. I could care less who wins. I complain about the system as a whole.

          You also dodged the question about what is more important to you, 2A rights for all, or you’re job with a gold plated pension. After all, you currently are more than willing to enforce whatever laws come from the “Feinstein / Clinton / UN / liberal SCOTUS machine”.

  8. @matt

    I didn’t dodge any of your questions. I voted for Schwarzenegger, and I knew he would go after pensions. I’ll vote for Romney, because he is a better candidate on the economy and the 2A. The 2A and the economy are more important to me than my gold plated pension.


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