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TTAG reader Aharon wants to know.

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  1. Back in the 80’s there were tours coming to Hawaii from Japan that were gun tours. Whole planes full of people that had to go international to exercise a little time with a gun.

    Even in the dark days in California I have it better than most of the world as far as gun rights go.

    But I still want my full civil rights under 2a and won’t be happy til it happens.

      • “Ghengi Cohen”-former New Zealand soldier- by his last name he could be of the Aaronic priesthood.

        • FWIW – Genghi is probably mis-spelled. “Gingi” (like Ginger in English), is modern hebrew slang, a nickname for a “ginger” – someone with red hair and freckles. The name is probably a nickname “Gingi” Cohen, rather than Ghengi Cohen.

  2. It’s nice to see that the beaten and oppressed/repressed can still seek and find novelty and entertainment if they have the coin. That bloke should get himself and his bird to Cambodia to touch off a few RPGs. I hear that it’s all the rage.

    • Try getting married in Israel. We had more guns at our wedding than at a KKK shindig! Then again we hary took notice.
      Although novel and sexy I would go outside Vegas to where everyone else shoots.

  3. The British couple are sad–more so because they don’t realize just how pathetic they are. Eh, to each his own, but I’m glad for blogs like this that get the message out. We must make sure that America never becomes Britain.

  4. Jewish Mongol Kiwi? Is that a lame attempt at making humor regarding the owner’s physical appearance or possible ethnicity?

    While you may or may not agree with the business, for many international visitors to the US, who come from countries where they are not able to own a firearm, it might be there only chance to experience shooting one. At least it looks like every person is being supervised by a trainer.

  5. Ohhh look! A shoulder thing that goes up @1:34 – been a while since I seen one of those
    *eye roll*

    Machine Guns Vegas fracking sucks BTW. Some of the MOST OUTRAGEOUS PRICES I’ve ever seen before. I will NEVER SHOOT THERE… I cant honestly support an establishment that is essentially screwing people over the way they do. I mean $400 for 20 rounds on am MP5, or $350 for 50 rounds through a M240B, or whatever Cowadooty weapon these tourists like to shoot… I get the business model though… Tourists spend money… And thats that. As a shooter… I suggest no other shooter bother. Find a public (or private) range somewhere else in Henderson.

      • Im just saying… If they charge $250 for 100 rounds ( I think its more like 50 or 20 for that deal but lets stick 100 rounds per $250) Thats $100,000 for every 400 rentals, assuming the BBL life expectancy is somewhere around 40k rounds.

  6. Robert,

    Posting my comment in my email to you without the related news printed story positioned it rather out of context. I went to the link I sent you on 9/30 and the news story is now gone.

    “Is this Guy a Mongol, Jew, or a Transplanted Jewish Mongol Kiwi?”
    — I can see why that question might be taken by some as a crude question which it was not intended to be. Moving forward, please do not mention my name in future posts. Thanks.

    To clarify my question all taken from the news story:

    1) I have never heard of a Jewish man named Genghis. I have always thought the name was Mongolian as in Genghis Khan the conquerer.

    2) Cohen is a very Jewish name as in the Tribe of Cohen. My tribe.

    3) In the news story the man was identified as being originally from New Zealand. Kiwis are a casual name for NZ folks as I understand it just as Yanks used to be for American troops during WWII.

    I simply thought the combination of his first and last name was funny.

    • It is funny. Google it and it gets better:

      To the Editor:

      In a recent letter to the editor, Romain Gary asserts that I took the name “Genghis Cohen” from a novel of his to use in a novel of mine, The Crying of Lot 49. Mr. Gary is totally in error. I took the name Genghis Cohen from the name of Genghis Khan (1162-1227), the well-known Mongol warrior and statesman. If Mr. Gary really believes himself to be the only writer at present able to arrive at a play on words this trivial, that is another problem entirely, perhaps more psychiatric than literary, and I certainly hope he works it out.

      Thomas Pynchon,

      New York City.

      • Wow, he really did change his name to “Genghis Cohen”? I guess you learn something new everyday.

        Then again, if a man can legally change his name to “Optimus Prime”, why not?

    • FWIW, as a reader I assumed it was an inside joke not an assumption of bigotry on your part. There is one poster here who seems to toe that line & its not you.

      I also agree with Wellington that its funny, now that I’ve read the link. I wonder if the gun club owner is young enough to have been named after the character in the book?

  7. I was in Vegas recently – Sept 26-30th. Went twice to MGV – once by myself, and again with some friends. Enjoyed the experience tremendously both times. It averages about $55 per gun, whether a pistol, subgun, or belt-fed machinegun. Seems typical pricing of most rental ranges these days, even though there are so many of them competing for tourist dollars.
    The first time it was shortly after they opened up for the day; my assigned RO was the fellow depicted in the news segment. Great guy, he was super friendly and helpful. He saw that I was reasonably competent, so he let me do some of the administrative handling of the weapon, and since it was quiet, gave me some extra hints and tips on controlling recoil in full auto mode and executing mag changes. With my friends, got two ROs, since it was five of us. One was a grump, and the other was every bit as friendly as the guy helping me the other day.
    You get a free T-shirt with every visit, and the option to shoot it full of holes to make it a more ‘intriguing’ souvenir.
    You’re allowed to take pictures on the firing line, but each posed shot done out in the lounge area by their staff costs $75.
    I fired a suppressed .22 pistol, an M-4 carbine, an Uzi, an MP5, Ruger SuperRedhawk .44 Mag, and an M-3 “Grease Gun.” I probably enjoy the MP5 the most, although the M3 surprised me with its reasonably muzzle rise, sturdy feel and surprising accuracy.
    Final thoughts: The cute gals with the drop-leg holsters are really there as eye candy and to take orders – not to keep the patrons company as they wait for their slot to open up.
    Your time on the range is at least 50& made or broken by your assigned RO. Their default job is to get you shooting it safely and reasonably accurately. Anything above that – extra instruction, allowing you to do mag changes, etc. is at their discretion and depends on how busy it is.
    They do have their own shuttle transpo to and from your casino, but the “getting there” leg needs to be reserved in advance (24 hrs recommended) , and you’ll probably wait around for a while to get back to your hotel/casino after you are done shooting.
    Definitely print the coupon from their site and bring it in. Although it depicts an extra 50 rounds of .22, it can be used as a bit of leverage for getting a little bit extra out of the experience.
    They take the “are you intoxicated?” rule pretty seriously there, but you’re also very strongly encouraged to not wear open toed shoes, or anything showing cleavage.

    • I think with the M3, the grease gun, it’s so controllable because of the low rate of fire. 450 rpm or so. In my yoot I was able to tap out single shots with it. Couldn’t do that with the Thompsen, it had just about double the rpm.

      My uncle was a gun nut that didn’t follow gun laws very well.

  8. People, you don’t realize how truly sad this story is. This Cohen bloke (and there are quite a few in New Zealand, I have known several) is trapped in a remnant of the British Empire, whose rules for disarming the general population led to the almost complete absence of handguns. Well, we have a lot of shotguns and riflers, but still…

    One reason I read this website and other Yankee similar sites is for the ability to keep up to date with handgun technology, because we cannot use them here, unless we belong to a pistol club.

    The very concept of self protection via firearms is verboten here – the Police explain very clearly that this is not what they are for!

    It is understandable that any Kiwi going to the USA would go a little “gun crazy”. We do not object to the term “Kiwi” – it is how we refer to ourselves, and comes from our native flightless bird, our national symbol (and our air force has no strike wing – is that pathetic or what?). We are very jealous of the freedom you guys have, but you can keep the drug crime and drive byes.

    BTW, this video won’t screen on my iMac. What gives?

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