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The Nazis disarmed Jews before they packed them into freight trains and hauled them off to the gas chambers. I’d like to know how that happened. I mean, exactly. How many Jews were armed before the Holocaust? How many Jews registered their gun(s) with the State? Did any Jew die defending his guns from government confiscation? When I hear the words “never again” I hear “tool-up, hunker down and NEVER surrender your guns.” Well, at least not all of them. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to surrender your fate (i.e. guns) to the government? To help answer that question we turn to’s article Libya’s Flawed Attempt to Soak Up a Flood of Weaponry . . .

In Libya’s largest cities of Tripoli and Benghazi, more than a thousand people responded to a televised appeal to turn in their weapons. The Libya al-Hurra television station promised participants the chance to win iPads and flat screen televisions. But the Libyans who showed up said that they were moved by a patriotic duty rather than material compensation . . .

In front of the seaside courthouse where protests sparked the revolution, three members of Libya’s Special Forces sitting at a table scribbled the names of the owners of the weapons turned over. In return the officers gave civilians a receipt, noting which arms were surrendered.

As they did, two men lined up dozens of bullets used by anti-aircraft guns known as Dushkas. “I turned in several rifles because I don’t need them anymore,” says Omar Ali as the bullets tumbled like dominoes. Twenty-five boxes containing new flat screen televisions were stacked behind him along with more than 10 iPads.

But Ali was not lured to turn over his guns for a new electronic toy. “It’s our responsibility to help build Libya. We don’t want new iPads. We want a new government that will help us build our country.”

To which I can only respond: I was born on a Tuesday but not last Tuesday. Either Mr. Ali’s one of the more intellectually challenged people on planet Earth or he’s putting it on for the press (in front of guys who have plenty of guns with which to kick his ass).

I’m thinking the latter, given that the Libyan people lived under the yoke of a fascist dictatorship from 1969 to 2011. And probably several times before that, stretching back to the dawn of history. And probably before that too. OK, more humor.

In Tripoli’s Martyrs Square, the crowds were smaller but the weapons were just as diverse. The Tariq Asur Brigade turnedover two tanks as Chief of Staff Manqush supervised the campaign. “When weapons were necessary, everyone brought them out to defend their freedom,” he said. “But when their role was done, we show the world once more that we are a people who want to live in democracy, civilization and security.”

By disarming and surrendering power to a central authority. Riiiiiight.

Needless to say, it’s just another meaningless gun buyback program: political theater to please Libya’s PC paymasters (that’s you!). Just like all the gun buybacks held here in The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Only the Libyans aren’t disarmed, like the inner city Americans who see no danger in the government’s efforts to “get guns off the streets.” The really sad part of this? The media buys into and promotes this “less guns, more democracy” BS. Clock the last sentence of this article:

Notably absent from the two rallies were the militias that hold most of the country’s arms. Brigades such as February 17th, Libya Shield, and Refallah al-Sehati possess heavy weaponry that include surface to air missiles that American contractors have been trying to collect since the end of the revolution. “We don’t have to turn in our weapons,” says a leader of one of Benghazi’s biggest brigades. “We are under the supervision of the army.” And as long as they don’t, the drive to collect the country’s weapons will be a stalled one.

Like that’s a bad thing.

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  1. This is the problem in North Africa, the Middle East and Persia…the People only understand parts of what it means to be a free people with secure rights and liberty. Some understand it better than others, but the majority lacks a full understanding of how all the bits and pieces fit together. It is, also, the flaw in the understanding of the Government of the U.S. in dealing with these people(s), namely that our Government does not understand that the people to whom we are trying to help create new free states just don’t understand the whole concept. Until that changes, they will fail and we will fail.

  2. Ha. Only a fool would willing give back the very tool that just freed them from oppression. The hope they have is that it’s over and it will never happen again. By giving the guns back they’re ensuring that it will happen again.

    Enjoy your next fascist dictator. The very same folks that oppressed you are still around and you have a whole new crew you invited in.

    My only beef is that it was done on our dime.

    • “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.” – Won’t get fooled again, by The Who.

      Many past governments have held a successful revolution against a tyrant, and the new government has turned out to be just as bad, or worse. (The only real change was the name of the players.)

  3. As for the jews of europe. Remember at that time, the early 1930’s, you had no real democracies in europe, especially eastern europe. Most of these states already had strict gun control and licensing. Add to that that the Jews had historically been treated as unwanted outcasts in these areas, ever watch “Fiddler on the Roof”, so that legally they couldn’t own much in the way of guns. Not legally at any rate.

    Weapons control, it started before the invention of gunpowder, has never been and still is not about reducing crime. There are some idiots out there that believe it is, but there are always the gullible amongst us.

    As for the Libyans, their government is still in transition, it’s wise to hang onto their rifles.

    Did anyone else listen to that reporter and think “Poofder”?

  4. Lybia will never be truly free until the very people who really want freedom somewhat close to what we have stand up and mak it that way!!!
    On a side note is there anyway we could move NYC and Chicago over to Lybia ???!

  5. I have an idea. Let’s have a Libyan gun buyback in Chicago. Any Libyan who turns in his gun to the Chicago policia gets a chance to win a whole new dictatorship, and unlike the Libyans themselves, the raffle ticket is free. ‘Cause if there’s one thing that Rahm Emanuel knows, it’s dictatorship. And spending money on useless gun buybacks. Okay, that’s two things.

  6. “Did any Jew die defending his guns from government confiscation? ”
    From what I know the mentality wasn’t like that. However a college friend’s grandfather told us the story about how his father (the great grandfather) understood what was going on and refused to submit. The great-grandfather got into a gunfight with brownshirts and was ultimately killed but bought great grandmother enough time to escape with the two teenage sons. The family made it to Palestine and then eventually to the U.S. where the oldest son (the grandfather to my friend) enlisted in the navy the DAY BEFORE Germany surrendered.

  7. Call me an anti if you like, but I am not in favor of ANYONE in Libya having access to SAMs or AAA. Sorry, but just don’t trust em’. Anything else is fine by me.


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