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“If I had a gun, I wouldn’t be having this interview.” – Carjacking victim Trisha Lee, quoted in Armed men carjack two women in Fairburn [via] [h/t Jeff]

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  1. It’s a shame she had to learn the hard way, but at least she gets a second chance at it. Some people don’t make it past their first.

  2. Contrary to what anti gunners say on the matter, robbery is not about property. Its about power. I still remember a harrowing episode of the First 48 where homicide cops wound up chasing a group like that all over town as they carjacked one person after another. The whole manhunt started when their first victim got shot as he was driving away from the three man group.

  3. I hate videos like this because there’s little chance of them ever finding people in cases like this but it makes good filler for the local news. Security cameras like that are so low res that you be lucky to be able to tell someones RACE from them much less their facial features. Stores need to update their cameras, dang it.

    • Many security cameras are just security theater just like the TSA. In many stores they do not even work.

      Hi-res, low light – high-fidelity cameras have been around for some time. Yes, they are expensive but they do the job. Problem is these store owners do not really care.

      • My office building’s security cameras are just for show.

        We had several break ins on the property and major thefts, like equipment worth tens of thousands, but the cameras still do not work….

        Moreover, everyone knows it.

      • Why should the owners care? These women didn’t care enough to take responsibility for their own security. Why single out the store owner? If you care so much, set up a crowd source site and collect the money to install quality video cameras. Or just write your own check.

    • Most cameras get a fair image so long as there’s not a ton of backlight; that’s why the monitors on public display show good pictures.

      However, setting the DVR to use the worst recording mode in order to save disk space (or using an ultra-cheap machine that cannot record at full resolution) results in a crap recording.

  4. These young men are just misunderstood youth. They only asked to borrow the vehicle. May I suggest we relocate them, once found, to Zionsville, Indiana? I know at least one “stay at home mom” who loves helping out those in the community and would be glad to let these utes stay with her while they are looking for meaningful employment. Right Shannon? /sarc off

    • Shannon and her rebels without a clue remind me of Rage Against the Machine lyrics…

      “So now I’m rollin’ down Rodeo wit a shotgun.
      These people ain’t seen a brown skin man since their grandparents bought one…”

      • Now repeat that same line 25 times while a base guitar and a drum set go bang-bump-bang in the background, and we’ve got ourselves an album.

  5. Theoretically three armed men versus one armed woman? She’s right – she wouldn’t be giving that interview because she’d most likely be dead.

    • That’s one theory. My theory is that car jackers are stealers, not killers. Pull the gun and watch them run. On another note, having a gun isn’t the end all solution. Most people that start carrying guns also change their mindset. Situational awareness is practiced more often among gun owners than the general public. It was stupid for the women to stop there to begin with…to check tire pressure? Who does that?

      • I check my tire pressure all the time. The personal car at 32-36 PSI and the patrol car at 40. Low tire is one of the leading causes of tire failure, and tire failure contributes to thousands of collisions and subsequent injuries.

        The primary difference? I check my tires before driving in my personal garage, on the side of the freeway if necessary, or inside the gate before my shifts starts.

    • Maybe so Russ, maybe so. But we both know that having a sidearm tilts the odds in your favor, however long they may be. This isn’t absolutes we’re talking about.

      On another irony, if she had been armed and successfully defended herself, she wouldn’t be giving interviews either, because you know, so-called mainstream media.


      • She would probably have plead the 5th (because the last thing you want to do after a self defense shooting is self-incriminate yourself)

        • I suppose you could say that but a simple ‘no comment’ would be more appropriate. Despite what the media thinks, they do NOT get to try your case. But at any rate, I stand by my comment. If one or both of those unfortunate ladies had been armed then they would have been far better off for it. Of course we’ll probably never how many of the guys were armed or not. But the simple fact of life these days is this – carry your gun every day, everywhere you go. Its a shame but tis’ the way it is.


    • Russ,
      Your probably right, However if BOTH gals had guns, and had trained with them, it would tilt the odds a bit more towards their favor.
      Add to that, the robbers probably would not have thought the gals would be armed.
      Does it say anywhere about how many of the three were armed, did they all produce a weapon??
      Just curious?

    • Doubtful. Had she been armed, she would have been aware of the risks around her and either watched the guys approach and been ready from cover, or not have stopped there and placed themselves in a vulnerable position to begin with.

  6. Come to Jesus, lady. She now knows what it is like to have her life in a violent criminals hands, after being told all her life she should “just give them what they want.” It is a clarity that comes only with staring down the barrel of a real life “crime gun.” The bleating of a million fools blaming everyone but the perpetrator will never again weigh on her view of self defense.

  7. Yep. Being willing (& without hesitation) to pull a gun on 3 armed thugs is the key. I bet they’d run away but having a gun is the key. BTW people shouldn’t have their whole life in their car. My ? is the doofus from a . few days ago had a similar experience ( not a carjacking) & came up with the opposite conclusion. We don’t know how violent attacks are going to turn out but it’s a safe bet most criminals are cowards.

    • Sometimes people have to transport their stuff, whether for business or pleasure. Why criticize them for having the things they need with them?

    • I’m not upset and in fact I agree with you.

      That said, however, neither Windows nor the various flavors of Linux are particularly easy and straightforward for the average user to back up, restore, or even to confirm you’re making a valid backup.

      Say what you like about OSX, and the limitations of Time Machine, but that’s one thing Apple got right. Every Mac user I know, uses Time Machine. About 10% of the PC users I know of use backups outside of work-mandated and -managed central backup systems. I still have yet to see a good Windows backup software package that matches Time Machine’s ease of use and reliability.

  8. Thanks for the information John L. You eloquently expressed my point. From a non-technical old guy. Oh yeah…have a gun.


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