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(courtesy Hollis Fligg IV's Facebook page)


TTAG reader Hollis Fligg IV posted this image on our Facebook page. The two main custom-made bumper stickers read “THE NRA SLAUGHTERS CHILDREN FOR PROFIT” and “Not all mass child killers use guns Most use their vote.” This is our third recent post on NRA demonization. I’m not sure if it’s because we’ve become more aware of the sentiment, if it’s become more prevalent, if people who hold that view are becoming more socially acceptable (thank you civilian disarmament campaigners) or if the antis are becoming more desperate and, thus bolder. I like to think it’s the latter. But make no mistake: gun control advocates will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. As they say, keep your powder dry.

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    • Oh, Ralph, we can’t let the facts get in the way of bumper-sticker libelous witticism, can we?

    • Or a swimming pool.
      But seriously, the voters that enabled the welfare state that supports a family with no father does more to harm children than any other cause. Another very expensive feel good program with terrible unintended consequences.

      • I agree that the welfare state is an idea gone wrong, but most families with dead beat dads, are actually better off without them. Though the catch, neuter and release programs they have for cats does seem to hold promise if we apply it to this demographic as well.

        • So how would you select children to be neutered? Being born poor or being born of color?

        • John G, I don’t speak for sagebrush, of course, but my interpretation of his post was that he meant catch, neuter and release the deadbeat dads after they’ve been proven to be derelict in their child support responsibilities; not neutering children themselves as a preventative measure.

      • Actually, most child killers use Planned Parenthood.

        Isn’t it funny how a bacterium found on Mars is life to these people, but a fetus isn’t?

    • Not all mass child killers use guns, most use their cars. Personally, I have been much more mauled and maimed by idiots in a Toyota Prius crashing into me than any gun.

    • Abortion. I know its a side issue on TTAG, but abortion is the single greatest risk an unborn baby will face in the US. No other factor is even close.

      • Abortion is exactly where my mind went on this bumper sticker…. I’d almost be willing to replace the NRA in the other sticker with PPUSA…

    • Actually actually, most child killers use a medical procedure known as abortion. though cars and pools are up there. but thats a whole other argument anyway.

    • Not true. Most child killers are doctors. The abortion industry kills more children by far than any other means.

    • On a hot day, a child will die within 15 min in a hot car from heatstroke. Happens all the time. But no… NRA! Baby killers! The NRA is responsible for all things bad! Bad NRA! Bad! Those people at the NRA they are physically pulling the triggers on guns aimed at Babies! Babies!

    • Actually, most use strong-saline solution and a vacuum, and, if the mom is real lazy and waits to have her kid killed until it comes out, scissors.

  1. And some of the anti-gun folks wonder why they can’t “have a discussion” with us …

    Perhaps they should look at this.

    • If someone actually says that the NRA kills children to your face, just ask them one word: How?

      • Just don’t expect any rational or well thought out response. “Because GUNZZZZZ!!!!1!!!1!!”

      • I do all the time. If the NRA is responsible for shootings then AA must be responsible for DUIs right??

  2. It amazes me how the peace-loving progressives are so glib about calling for the murder of firearms owners.

    • Ah, yes … the supposed peace-loving folks.

      Anyone who advocates for the government to dictate to everyone how they should live their life is not a proponent of peace, regardless of what they claim. They may not advocate war on other countries, but they advocate a war by a government on its own people. The only question is what “level of war” is acceptable to them.

      • The progressives talk about the “war on women” “the children” etc. They are only talking about their own women, their children, their families. Anyone else who dont see things their way are non people. Look at how they abuse in the most vilest manner; women like Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch and Holly Fisher. The children of conservative and libertarian families do not count with the left. Look at how many posts by supposedly anti gun violence individuals calling for the use of armed violence against their opponents. Always remember when talking to leftists and gun grabbers that you are a non person in their eyes, only fit to be exterminated or “reeducated”.

        • No, no it is WAY more shallow than that.

          During the time of the Hobby Lobby verdict the libs came out with the SCOTUS had a “war on women” and during that week we saw several brutal rapes in India including one sponsored by a village elder. Many other such abuse of women occur all over the globe but the “war on women” is really just liberal white women in Manhattan. It really does not extend further than that.

          They use “war on women” and try to make it a global cause but they only care about themselves.

      • Just read a great quote that summarizes the progressive mentality.

        “Selfishness is not living your life as you wish, it is asking others to live their lives as you wish.” – Oscar Wilde

        Quote of the Day: The Importance of Being Ernest About Gun Control Edition (Truth About Guns)

      • Unfortunately, you are correct.

        Government IS violence by its very definition. There is a certain amount of “violence”/”force” that is tolerable per Constitutional provision, although we have been warned and forewarned and threatened of allowing it to grow.

    • You can’t spell Gliberal without Glib. It is the same reason they would never even consider owning a firearm themselves, because they know they aren’t mature enough. That is fine, the problem is the only persons they find mature enough are state employees who are really not any different than anyone else.

  3. The strange thing is that the majority of these “save the children” types are also rabidly pro-abortion rights. Not to start a whole thing over abortion, but the level of cognitive dissonance these folks must balance in their brains is quite impressive.

    • It is quite impressive. They can have one bumper sticker promoting Abortion/murder rights of unborn children and “Save the baby seals” on the other and see no conflict.

      But it is consistent in that the cult of the Liberal/progressive is one based on self-hate and loathing for themselves and for all human beings. Many will say that human beings are a disease, a plague on the earth that needs to be eradicated. This support for abortion/murder of the children is a symptom of this belief.

      • The Matrix’s Agent Smith must be a progressive/liberal:

        “Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world? Where none suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program.”

        “Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.”

    • Indeed. But unborn babies with a beating heart are just a “fetus” and have very little legal protection. We still have a 3D high def photo of my son when he was at 5 months. I could tell he was a boy, and is recognizable from the photo today. According to some, that photo was of some sort of inhuman object, yet he could certainly respond to sounds, and recognized my voice the moment after he was born.

      Of course those considering abortion have no interest in ultrasound photos and videos. They don’t want to know the gender of their “fetus.” Could make the darn thing seem human.

      • but but there’s no signs of brainwave activity until the second trimester so it CANT be a human being! /sarc
        Someone actually said that to my face though.

      • I really don’t have a position on abortion. I’m not into religion and therefore don’t have the same definitions as those with religious objections have with respect to the issue. However, let’s look at a scenario where a Mars Rover was to discover a single-celled organism on Mars. Would the news headlines the next day read “Single-Celled Organism Found on Mars” or “Life Found on Mars”? Discuss.

        • Could it be that two single-celled organisms had a consensual sexual encounter without protection?

    • Whats worse? aborting a zygote or allowing a child to grow up in utter poverty, creating the conditions necessary for him to be the next generation of robber, dope slinger, or murderer?

      Exactly my point.

      • A zygote is a single cell. An eight-month fetus is not a single cell. Try again–harder.

      • “aborting a zygote or allowing a child to grow up in utter poverty, creating the conditions necessary for him to be the next generation of robber, dope slinger, or murderer?”
        Middle class America does not fall into this category but are the largest % of aborters.

      • If the logic you’re espousing is that it is acceptable to end a life because statistically they will be criminals or societal rejects, without giving them a chance to prove themselves the exception to the rule or lift themselves above their circumstances, then I’m pretty sure I don’t want to live in your America. I mean, why stop there. There are grade schools and day care centers in inner-city America chock FULL of “the next generation of robber, dope slinger, or murderer”. Wouldn’t they be better of not growing up in that environment? Wouldn’t society be better off without them?

        • Out of curiosity when you see 8 year old kids fleeing terror and coming across the border do you see a future gang banger or a future Einstein?

      • On this point, I agree with Michael Savage: liberalism is a mental disorder.

        Do you even think through such demented sophistry to its logical conclusion? Those unborn children you would murder due to the economic conditions into which they would otherwise be born would be better off, economically, than 99% of the rest of the world.

        Seriously? You seriously think that the murdered child prefers death to poverty? And who the hell are you, that you think you have the right to make that choice for another human being? Such thinking as yours channels Margaret Sanger and Joseph Goebbels, and is the same thinking that led to the deaths of tens of millions of innocents during the last century.

        • Michael Savage: Racist of the first order. Banned from entering the UK. Failed stand up comedian. Closeted homosexual in denial.

          Man, you picked a helluva role model. It’s fair to say that sane people don’t really think much about what such a flawed individual preaches to his sheep.

  4. How is this person going to remove the sticker from the lift gate paint when they want to sell the car? That ain’t going to pretty…..

    • Exactly! All of the stickers on my car neatly frame the back glass. Super easy to remove if/when the time comes.

      I had to chuckle, though… A Versa? Something tells me these folks are just bitter that they couldn’t afford a Leaf.

    • My “Extremely Rightwing” bumper sticker from LaRue tactical is safely stuck to the glass of my rear windshield. On the right side.

      • Magnetic bumper stickers….

        Course they don’t work on plastic cars like the one pictured.

        • I bet that blows some minds. The ooga booga NRA is supposedly super racists, hates babies and does not like gay people according to the leftists.

  5. They simply cannot grasp that the NRA has the power it does because its members truly care and vote.

  6. The weird thing about that car is the valve stems go missing from the tires frequently. Sometimes only one but often times all 4 will be missing when they return to their car.

  7. The mass murder thing is interesting. To them, it’s a matter of course that you can vote people to death. I thought this must be some old anti-war slogan, but apparently it’s the new DNC catch phrase.

  8. I don’t think he realizes it, but his bumper sticker about votes is very true, and contradicts his world view. Most mass murder has been committed by government. That is why we have a second amendment. So we don’t end up like the Russians, or Chinese, or Cambodians, or north Koreans, or Iraqis, or the Germans, or…

    America is the exception, not the rule.

    • Yup. I was thinking the old, “This doesn’t mean what you think it means” phrase. Of course the other smaller bumper sticker is just odd on so many levels.

      Get Real
      Like Jesus would
      ever own a gun to
      vote Republican

      I must have missed the ‘Jesus owning a gun to vote Republican’ argument on the NRA website.

    • Actually, you are very correct in that many of the statist politicians which have been voted in by ballot or bullet are usually mass murdering thugs.

    • I have noticed Paul that you spend most of your time in your posts attacking fellow gun owners; you almost never make insulting or derogatory remarks about anti-gun people; tyrannical government or abusive cops and when you do; like now; you use a derogatory description of gun owners; “Chipotle Ninja” as a way to demean an anti-gunner.

      If I hadn’t seen some of your shooting videos; I would have figured you were just an Anti-freedom big government statist elitist attacking the Gun movement from with in.

      Well; on second thought; you can still have shooting videos; and still be all of that.

    • This. They only care about the kids because it feeds their agenda. Once guns are gone they will go back to supporting abortion.

      The logic is marvelous.

      • How many conservatives that oppose a woman’s choice are willing to support unwanted children? Basically none. You wash your hands of the child once it is born and refuse to support or educate the child. Then as an adult the person has no future and you kick him or her to the curb again.

        • “How many conservatives that oppose a woman’s choice…”

          That so-called “choice” is murder. FULLSTOP.

          98% (or more) of abortions are entirely elective. The woman already made her choice, by having sex. The abortion is merely a means to get out of the consequences of that choice – at the cost of murdering an innocent human being.

          As for your moral equivalence straw man: there are waiting lists of people willing to adopt.

          • I worked as an administrator for a foster care provider in Florida about a decade ago and that comment about demand for children was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG then. It’s popular anti-choice/Faux Entertainment propaganda for the weak-minded that get their politics from Faux.

            Now, what I have heard is that with the upsurge of gay marriages that balance may swing. However, it used to be illegal for a gay couple to adopt in Florida and I don’t know if that has changed or not. And the same conservatives/regressives that think that $200/year would buy clothing for a teenager usually have a stroke at the thought of ga couples adopting.

            Once again, if you don’t like abortions then don’t have one. Especially if you are a male. And if you actively oppose a woman’s choice then stop being a cheap ass and be prepared to pay for the childrens’ maintenance.

            Oh, and stop telling myths that you heard from conservative media. It’s bad for the nation.

            • “Once again, if you don’t like abortions then don’t have one. Especially if you are a male. And if you actively oppose a woman’s choice then stop being a cheap ass and be prepared to pay for the childrens’ maintenance.”

              Do you have anything more than sophistry and ad hominem?

              Human beings, legally and morally, don’t have the “choice” to murder other human beings. Abortion is the murder of an unborn human being. It’s not a choice; it’s murder. A choice is “do I have normal birth or c-section?”, “do I medicate or natural birth?”, or “do I breastfeed or use formula?” Do I murder this unborn child? is not a “choice.”

              Do you dispute that more than 98% of abortions are purely elective, and have nothing to do with rape, incest, or risk to the life of the mother? Do you dispute that the unborn child is a human being? Do you dispute that abortion takes the life of that unborn child? Do you deny that unborn child the same basic human rights and constitutionally protected rights of the mother?

              “Oh, and stop telling myths that you heard from conservative media. It’s bad for the nation.”

              I don’t watch television news, Fox or otherwise. But thanks for playing!

  9. The B&W sticker bottom right reads “Get real, like Jesus would ever own a gun & vote Republican”. This sticker is what we would call a “Twofer” down here in Texas. All in all, a trifecta of stupid.

  10. I see this in the same light as I do serial killers, they start out by drawing pictures as a child, move on to insects, then small animals, pets and then often pick-up some vague, nonsensical justification for moving on to humans, just as that kid in californina did last month. It is the same with Progressives, they are entitled, they are the elite and they know better then you and the US BORs. The fact that this all falls into the Marxist Critical Theory category probably has not occurred to them, because their ‘too smart’ to be manipulated

    • “It is the same with Progressives, they are entitled, they are the elite and they know better then you and the US BORs.”

      Yes, they ARE entitled, elite, and know better than us.

      But to compensate, I just get out the popcorn when their fallacies and hypocrisy cause their world to collapse in on itself.

      Cape Cod’s Wind Energy Debate (Cape Cod Online)

      For years we’ve heard nothing but screaming from Leftists about the need to shift to “renewable energy.”

      But as soon as a wind farm is proposed off Cape Cod, they (including the Kennedys) join forces with one of the Koch boys in howls of protest over the fact it will:

      * harm birds (i.e. disturb their ocean views)
      * harm whales (i.e. disturb their ocean views)
      * disturb ancient submerged Native American burial ground (i.e. disturb their ocean views)
      * disrupt Native American spiritual rituals (i.e. disturb their ocean views)
      * risk public safety (i.e. disturb their ocean views)

      Windmills for thee but not for me!

      They’re all very much about legislating how everyone else should live, and how much income everyone should turn over to the state.

  11. Oh-I am truly affected by THAT bumper sticker………..guess I will rush home after work and………write a check…… our NRA.

  12. Maybe the killing for profit is cheap home builders who install No Radon Abatement…?

  13. Whenever I see a “COEXIST” bumper sticker I want to have one (or dozens) printed up that say:

    or stickers that just say “WITH GUNS”, you know, to complete the thought of the “COEXIST” stickers. Except of course that would be akin to vandalism and I would never deface another’s property. I’m tempted, but I would never do it.

  14. The NRA is the organization that created a viable and effective proposal to protect our children.
    I believe it’s the antics of the left leaning politicians and gun control advocates that are putting our children at risk of slaughter.

    • “Gun free” zones are magnets for criminals, the mentally unsound, and jihadists. A local high school principal promoted the local CCP classes for this staff and teachers. The normal fee of $125 was reduced to $40 and the principal told his personnel that if that $40 was a hardship, just let him know and he would see about helping in any way he could.

      Sounds very much like the children and staff will be much safer this year, even though the school remains in a gang-infested neighborhood.

    • Please stop bashing the “left” and the libs. I am one of them and believe in the 2nd amendment and my right to carry, not all “libs” are anti gun

      • Sorry Sandi; but it’s the company you keep. When most if not all of the most rabid gun control politicians; “educated Elite”, and those that spew hate and wish that all gun owners were dead have a D after their name or are Liberal/Progressive. It’s hard not to lump them all together.

        The other problem is that when a Liberal/progressive has said they support gun ownership; it usually means they support gun ownership, (or armed body guards)for the few special elite; but not for the rest of us; Dianne Feinstein, Bloomberg, Rosie O’Donnel, etc.

        Then there was the Liberal/progressive “friends” that I had for 15 years that disowned me when I started to OC.

        Anyway; good luck with that Sandi; you have a hard row to hoe.

  15. The third sticker is kinda right. No guns in JC’s time, just swords. JC did say take your purse and if you have no sword, sell your robe and get one. So he would have owned a sword and voted republican.

    • I’m not 1000% sure that Jesus would vote Republican.

      You know, with the whole loving-everybody-but-the-gays thing.

      • Love doesn’t mean “Hey, whatever you want to do is cool man, rock on.”

        Let’s say you have a cat. An indoor cat, declawed, never had to catch its own food or fight for its life or even felt the grass beneath its paws. All this cat does though is sit at the patio doors wanting to go outside. This cat doesn’t know about the fleas or ticks or foxes or even the other cats that can make its life miserable. If you love your cat do you give it what it wants even though you know it’ll be very bad for them or do you do what’s best for it even though it doesn’t understand?

      • Historically speaking, I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t really like politicians (Roman or Jewish Clergy) all that much and probably wouldn’t have cast a vote for those that lie for a living.

      • Simplistic Jake; to me, the bible is a how to book of how to have a strong and vibrant culture based on the laws of G-d. It emphasizes a strong marriage between a man and a women with the intent to have children. Anything that threatened that or was not that as the focus was looked at a “sinful”. Same sex relationships was only one of a number of “sins” that were mentioned as violating the laws of G-d. Sex out side of marriage, adultery, divorce only under very few circumstances. etc. When a culture breaks these laws, it ends up self-destructing; as our culture is doing now. As is most of the western world. A society is only as strong as it’s family based on having children.

        Have you seen the population demographics? Western Europe birth rate is in the negative, they aren’t having enough children to replace themselves. No society to can survive in such a circumstance.

        America; if not for new immigration, would also be in the negative by it’s native population. We are violating the laws of nature; which is based on only one principle of both the animal and plant kingdoms; which were created by G-d. Create a safe enough space so that you can be fruitful and multiply.

        What we have now is one of the most hostile environments for a traditional family and for children in recorded history. And we are seeing the result.

        • Have you seen the population demographics? Western Europe birth rate is in the negative, they aren’t having enough children to replace themselves. No society to can survive in such a circumstance.

          You assume Current trends will continue..They will not…It is only left leaning Whites that are not having any or that many kids…

          We will pull thought this…We have face far worse…We will pervail..

        • I agree HB; when a society collapses due to these historical forces; (because this happens to all civilizations); everything goes back to basics; those with strong spiritual, family and community ties will survive. Those in big cities mostly don’t have that; where as it’s most common in fly over country.

          Yes, in the end, “We will prevail”.

      • Ahh, Jake–did Jesus love the woman “taken in adultery”? (I’ll give you a hint: the Bible indicates Jesus loves all sinners) And did he say, “Because I love you, I tell you to keep engaging in adultery, however often you want to”? Or did he say, “I love you, but you need to stop your sinful conduct”? Look it up.

        • That story from John 7:53 to 8:11 was undoubtedly a later add on; it does not appear in the earliest manuscripts extant (most Bibles will have a footnote to that effect). Other, not quite as old, manuscripts will place the story in other locations (like after 7:36 or 21:25), as if the people who made it up had said “Gee it would be really cool IF Jesus had said this” couldn’t make up their minds where to put it.

          So, Robert, I seriously doubt he said either thing you offered as alternatives. It didn’t happen.

  16. Oh dear…those bumper stickers on that cheap, environmentally friendly, lil cracker jack box car that I would normally be pushin outta my truck’s headers with a broomstick has finally convinced me I should get get rid of all my guns & let my ffl lapse… its fer the chilluns. please mind the puddle of sarcasm under this post don’t want yall slippin n fallin

  17. Proof, as if it were needed, that bumper stickers are often barely a step above the scrawls on public bathroom walls

  18. These nonsensical bumper stickers proclaim the mindless extremism of a crackpot. Labeling voters as “mass child killers” serves only to marginalize anti-gun rights activists. The problem with emotion based politics is one of timing and this useful idiot has passed his/her/it’s expiration date. Their futile attempts to reclaim momentum will lead to increasing craziness. This will help dilute the effect of the dollars Shannon’s Sugar Daddy spends in the upcoming elections.

  19. Looks photoshopped to me, the sticker on the right side of the bumper…the angle seems off, the shadow of a dude with a golf-club, and the way the shadows change colors over the stickers.

  20. Really the whole idea that they could ever get a confiscation of firearms going without their being blood in the streets is preposterous. Besides I would love to the police officer spend all day everyday in a stack to raid a house for their guns. I really wonder how people grow up to be so ignorant to be afraid of an inanimate object. It’s truly amazing the simple mindedness of the left.

    Oh kind of related here but anyone else read the drudge report about how the gangs are starting to recruit out this whole immigration mess… and hey no TSA checks for them either!

  21. To quote Shepherd Book: They’ll come at you sideways, It’s how they think, its how they move. sidle up and smile, hit you where your weak. Sort of men theyll like to send believes hard, kill and never asks why.

    • There’s no license plate visible. Where was this photo taken? No doubt in a state where that sentiment won’t result in the car being vandalized.

      The stickers combined with the bicycle rack suggests the owner is a skinny granola crunching liberal.

  22. I think we’re seeing the gun control movement increasingly comfortable identifying their political foes as their targets. To the extent that there is/can be a rational gun control agenda in America, it will be focused on restricting firearm access by criminals and the insane, while allowing the rest of us to exercise our 2nd amendment rights with minimal infringement. I don’t think the movement succeeds at this, but it is the rhetorical line they take, and insofar as it is sincere, it is a point of view with which we can have a reasonable debate.
    However, I think that the gun control movement has overtly shifted (perhaps out of frustration over their many losses in recent years) to identifying the problem not as criminal/lunatic access to guns, but as gun owners in general. What is MDA doing? Fighting for more background checks (which, however misguided, are at least identifiable with limiting criminal access to guns)? No, they’re trying to harass those lawfully carrying firearms, whether openly or concealed. Their agenda is not about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, but about keeping responsible gun-owners unarmed in public. In their mind, the problem isn’t criminals with guns, but lawful gun owners.

    • From the surrounding landscape, I’d say Peoria, Arizona. Further proof that gun owners are much more tolerant than anti’s, as I didn’t see any obvious damage to the car.

  23. If this pic is ligitamite, it would have been taken somewhere in the Valley of The Sun(Phoenix Metro Area,) possibly either Peoria or Scottsdale.

  24. I take umbrage at these bumper stickers.

    Yes, that’s right – even I got offended. Lets break it down.

    Bumper sticker up top says: THE NRA SLAUGHTERS CHILDREN FOR PROFIT

    This is false. Here’s why. NRA members don’t shoot up schools. Mentally ill people like Adam Lanza and Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did and they were not NRA members.

    And regarding profit – the NRA does not slaughter children for profit. However, 20 dead children and the resulting knee jerk reaction of persons who own that Nissan and the reaction to that by the gun culture is by nature – IMMENSELY profitable. It’s a domino effect, really. Also worthy of note: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 children during a period where an AWB was in effect and such actions did not change the profitability of the firearm industry.

    Bumper sticker at the bottom says: NOT ALL MASS CHILD KILLERS USE GUNS. MOST USE THEIR VOTE.

    Here’s a question for the owner of that car: WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU VOTING?

    I vote regularly and the last time I picked up a ballot, I do not recall a proposition or an amendment to the state constitution that explicitly endorsed infanticide. Under what circumstances would a vote be used to endorse mass murder (besides voting on US foreign policy/our support of Israel)?

  25. Mass killers who use their votes are the ones who vote for disarming people and desiring to turn the 800k-1.2M DGUs into crime victim statistics.

  26. I have to say it’s refreshing to see pro-life, anti BABY MURDER sentiment here. I have also been tempted to vandalize those idiotic co-exist bumper stickers. But I didn’t. I wouldn’t want some fool messing with my truck. BTW JESUS preached “go & sin NO MORE-not anything goes. I’m not a Republican or a democrat. I don’t trust either party. But I will NEVER vote democrat.

  27. Those bumpers stickers just scream out “UNARMED! HAVE MONEY AND WOMEN! NEVER THROWN A PUNCH! TAKE ME!”

  28. Simple ad hominem and / or character assassination. When the truth is not on your side, attack the other people instead of their viewpoints. Extremely effective, and used by all parties involved.

  29. I should have taken a picture, but I saw one on Friday that was baffling. It said “It shouldn’t be harder to vote than it is to buy a gun.” I’m sure that makes sense to someone, but no one who actually has any knowledge of laws.

  30. Slaughtering Children for Profit has been the secret job of the U.S. Government since Hillary & Bill planted Bombs Under Babies that set off the Oklahoma City Blast…

    • There are also a few with not-so-subtle threats of violence or vandalism in them. No credit to us.

  31. Must be me but, I don’t recall hearing any of the spree killers actually being members of the NRA. Am I wrong?

  32. The second bumper sticker is actually shockingly accurate. Last century (you know, the one that started with two world wars) the number of people killed by their own government was SIX times higher than the number of Solders who died in battle.

  33. I don’t sport any bumper stickers on any of my vehicles. I did at one time. Had a sticker from a radio station. Then they changed formats and I wrecked the car. I do like reading stickers that are fun, a play on words, a funny saying, a great slogan. Mortality in the USA is usually reported as a rate, as in so many per 1000 or per 100,000. People like to think they are beating the odds I suppose. Occasionally we can find a raw count as in so may deaths per year. Checking for the year 2007 about 115,000 children (0-5 years of age) died in one manner or another; mostly accidents (all types)). Contrast this with the average number of abortions (often reported as ‘aborted per 1000 women of child bearing age’) about 1.22 million per year. Draw your own conclusions.

  34. Before I saw the other bumper sticker libeling the NRA, I was actually about to agree with the idea of the larger bumper sticker. Many of the slaughtered children died as a result of people using their votes to install politicians who impose so-called gun free zones that leave children exposed to would-be killers.

  35. I think they need another sticker that says “Honk if you think I’m an idiot.” Applied surreptitiously, of course.

  36. The worst baby killer in the world is planned parenthood. They kill 1000 times more kids than guns.

  37. Don’t let the person driving this car know that Obama has killed 197 children so far with authorized drone strikes. Still feel good about your vote?

  38. They are losing traction. It’s like a person drowning, they start trashing around more violently in those last moments before drowning.

    • Good intelligence and analysis is a key to beating your enemy.

      And if you really believe what you wrote than the antis have you right about where they want you.

  39. We don’t have all the facts about this person. Maybe those where the only bumper stickers he could find to cover the stupid Obama/Biden bumper stickers, better to look like a wuss then a moron!!

  40. I see plenty of these anti gun bumper stickers when I drive. So do criminals. Guess who makes the best victims?

    • It’s actually funny, I am seeing more pro-gun bumper stickers out here in liberal Seattle.

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