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I’ve done a fair bit of team training. I’ve never had any problem with my partner(s). Of course, we were training; we were all kitted-up and good to go. But what if you’re lazing around home, out and about or cuddled-up asleep with your armed companion – be it a ballistic bro or a gun-glad gal? Birds of a ballistic feather GLOCK together. So are you confident that he/she would make the right decisions in a defensive gun use? Could you work together as a team? Do you have a mutual plan? Spill!

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    • Unfortunately this.

      We’ve dropped the subject of her ever getting a CCL too because in high stress situations she just freezes.

      • I mean this in the most respectful manner, and do not intend to criticize your mate or yourself. Is it possible that she is just responding to the OODA loop, freezing because there is no pre-set response or training? Many times people can mistake “freezing” for just an extended OODA loop which happens while the persons brain tries to figure out what the best response is. You may respond to high stress situations because you have a pre-set response of how to deal with your OODA loop. I think its called OODA loop, observe, orient, decide, act…

  1. Nope. She might pepper blast him. We’re working on it. I have no doubt she wouldn’t hesitate to use a gun on a badguy.

  2. The wife and I go through scenarios about once a month in the house. We do pretty well working together. We do a lot of talking through scenarios on being out in public (she carries as well), but I would really like to take a team tactics class or three with her if we ever have the time.

  3. My husband tolerates guns. I’ve been carrying for about two years now and he still rolls his eyes when I slide my Kel Tec into my back pocket – and no its not because it’s a Kel Tec.

    He knows how to get into my safe if he ever needs to.

    A few years ago I was on a business trip and someone knocked on the door at 11PM when he was already in bed. His first instinct was not to get the gun, but to grab a large Maglite flashlight and see who was at the door.

    Why he would choose a less capable tool is beyond my understanding. But guns just aren’t in his orbit.

    So would he have my back? Probably not. He would probably call the police while I got out the gun.

    • Being on the phone with 911 escribing what is going on and relaying you are armed as well as your and the criminal’s descriptions are very valuable.

  4. My wife would not hesitate to fire if need be.
    Even with my life insurance increased. Only thing she has a problem with is shotgun 12ga 00 buck hurts her shoulder & chest. Dead on @ 25yrds. With 9mm & .45. .40& .357.mag less but still a 3-4″ group.

  5. She knows where the guns are and how to use them, but probably wouldn’t. At least I got her to carry pepper spray.

    I hadn’t thought of it (yeah yeah, I’m a poor operator operating poorly. My beard probably isn’t regulation either), but regarding Woody’s post, I should probably talk to my wife about giving the 911 folks a description of me should the need arise.

  6. The only two people who’d be around in a DGU would be my older brother or my mother.

    My brother would cry and panic, probably suggesting surrender.

    My mother wouldn’t hesitate to perforate anyone who barged into our house, but her bones are weak from rheumatoid arthritis so firing a gun would probably snap her wrist. She prefers knives in general, so yes.

    She’d wait behind the door in her room and stab anyone who enters in the neck. I’d deal with whomever entered our home in the first place. The cops around here don’t give a crap, unless they get a chance to shoot the wrong person. So cops for the clean up. My brother is still crying.

  7. The girlfriend is getting really good with the mindset, and has gotten used to my social quirks- automatically asks for booths in the back, knows I’m sitting against the wall, etc.
    But if the fecal matter hits the oscillator? I’m calling my old man. Nobody I trust more to watch my ass.

      • I use a laser pointer, and one of my cats will chase it. The smart one just looks at me as if to say “I’m not falling for that stupid human trick.”

        BTW, I think that amusing cats is probably the only thing that lasers are good for. YMMV.

        • We have a black lab that just goes insane if I spot the laser on the floor near him. He must think it’s the worlds worst Bad Ass Bug!

        • Try a green laser. You CAN damage a retina with one. Silent and effective – a good combo. Ever see a blind SWAT Team?

        • Ralph, have you seen the ‘Dear Kitten” commercial? “Once in a while you will see the red dot. I can tell you this: It is real, and it can be caught. I did it once. I held it for like a full minute. But when I lifted my paws, it was gone.”

      • That’s it!!! We all get Ralph a couple of laser grips for his EDCs so when he muzzles his target, the cats do all the dirty work! Your cats don’t have to be good shots, you have to be a good shot with your cat! All this can be yours for, IDK, a certain famous recipe?

  8. Nope. I’m the gun guy. I’d take up a defensive position at the back of the hallway and yell to call 911.

  9. I would say no! however the closest I come to dying each day is the point at which I summon the wife from sleep

  10. I’m no expert but isn’t that ballerina spin a bit, well dumb? Seems like it is a wast of movement and just looking for a tripping hazard. Not to mention your also turning your body and exposing your sides which are not armored as well.

    • Its not some dumb “ballerina spin” its an operations officer operating 360 radii situationally aware reload and restack….operational operation.
      Get your technical terms rights jeez……

  11. That looks real pretty….might work on someone with a knife… .neither are firing fast enough…. advancing straight ahead…

  12. spousal unit has her CCW and goes to the range once a month with other stay at home wives, but if it hit the fan, she ain’t ready . . . although she can load mags and identify the different guns in the safe . . . her job is to call 911 and round up Thing 1 and Thing 2 and fall back to the master bedroom and wait for the cavalry.

  13. Just me, myself and I up on the mountaintop. With a 375′ vertical climb up a 25% grade, and across 100 yards of open ground, intruders on foot will only die tired. Intruders on wheels might die less tired, but that’s about it.

    I don’t bother with 911 until all is said and done.


    PS: for the love of God, PLEASE fix your website so I can post in Google Chrome or at least Android on the phone. Thank you.

  14. I’m not an operator, so I’m just a little curious – wouldn’t it be better to hit the deck or find some cover than to take turns using your buddy as a human shield? What happens when he gets shot? I’d imagine he’ll fall down and you’ll be hung out to dry with your pants down (so to speak). And I really don’t think it’s wise to turn your back to the enemy.

  15. Two things I know:

    • if she doesn’t want to shoot me, she won’t;
    • if she does want to shoot me, she will.

    I’m good with that.

  16. My spouse is an Israeli supermodel and gives me training. I know enough to STFU and keep coloring.

    I rather be lucky than good.

  17. My wife, she’s GTG when TSHTF. That’s part of why I married her. I wouldn’t have married someone I couldn’t trust with my life.

    There is also a small handful of men that I’ve adventured with for years and we have been in some very “dynamic” situations chasing quarry: pigs, elk, deer, etc. We coordinate, communicate, establish zones of fire, and stop shooting and fall back to a predesignated rendezvous points when we lose contact and the plan falls apart. I trust them completely. When I hunt with anyone else, I make sure I bring up the rear and stay close to the stranger so as to avoid getting shot in the back.

  18. My wide completely freezes up in even medium stress situations. If someone broke into the house she knows to get the kids and call the cops and tell them not to shoot the half naked obscenely pasty white guy with the AR. Hopefully my evil (and equally un-tan) twin never attacks our house. She has shot the AR once and didn’t hate it, but I told her I wanted to get her a pistol and teach her how to use it and she was just kin of like “in a perfect world I would like that, but don’t waste your money I would rather have some shoes”.

  19. My wife is probably a better shot when it comes to precision work (years of rifle club in her favor). I’m faster, but she’s coming along nicely in that regard. She asked me today for a new holster. She’s also shopping around for a new gun. Recently bought a book of first person accounts of gun fights. It’s for her, not me.
    All that’s pretty good, if you ask me, since she’s from New Jersey.
    My advice: tell her WHY. Go as deep, historical, philosophical, and theological as possible. She understands her duty to protect our children. OUR duty. Thus, she’s driven to discharge that duty well.

  20. Forgive my ignorance, but I still can’t figure out if Instructor Zero is a comedy act or if he’s serious. What’s his deal? He’s almost comically kitted out and he’s doing totally ridiculous drills.

  21. Dunning-Kruger Effect notwithstanding, I’d say we’re far more prepared and in sync than most couples; but that’s a very low standard of comparison to begin with, so she and I don’t exactly go around high fiving each other over it.

    We keep the plan very, very simple and flexible, drill monthly, and focus on basic, universal principles rather than any detailed scenarios. Over the years, we’ve had a few harmless, adrenaline-inducing bumps in the night to deal with, which went more or less smoothly and were good for some laughs later on.

    We’ve also had one knife-wielding attempted carjacking, which we also dealt with, but wasn’t funny at all. LOTS more adrenaline and a louder, rougher response. Still, good enough to keep us out of harm that day, though, and to keep all of society out of that assailant’s reach until 2017, at the earliest, as I recall.

  22. Some 3 or 4 years back while at a gun show, I decided to get something for the wife. Purchased a Bersa DT 380 and presented it to her as a gift. First attempt at a range was a disaster due to report from neighboring AKs and big bore handguns-she ran out before ever squeezing trigger, freaked out over the percussive sustained fire. Over the years attempts to get her to the range failed as my daughter got proficient with her 22 cal revolver. Fast forward to about a month ago, out for dinner-she looks intently at me and asked “Hey what ever happened to MY gun? I want to shoot it.” That said, I know I am on my own in a SHTF situation.Thankfully while I have a sheep for a wife, this here cat is a dyed in the wool bonafide WOLF.

  23. The only person that I could really call a ballistic BFF would by one of my mates. He and I are in the same team for mil-sim airsofting, and since I hold the rank of Sergeant and he that of Corporal we usually make up a fireteam. This means we get loads of tactics practice together. We also hunt together, so we get accuracy practice as well as spotter/sniper practice from that. In airsoft, we always use weapons that are damn nigh identical to the genuine article with real capacity mags, meaning we are not in fantasy land as to the weapons we can operate.
    Not to mention my man can throw knives and tomahawks like Bill the freakin’ Butcher. I am the tactics guy.

  24. Makes no sense whatsoever for the person to twirl around and the idea of using a body as cover seems absurd to me, better off finding actual cover.

    This dude makes “drills” for tv and movie theatrics, not real life.

  25. I know 7 guys that I would trust with my life, tomorrow.

    As for friends and family – They mean well but you get what you pay for. None of them shoot enough to be of any practical use.


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