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“In Washington, D.C., it is illegal to posses ammunition if you don’t have a gun registered. It is also unlawful to have ammo that is not in the same caliber or gauge as your legal gun. The penalty for holding a round of the wrong caliber is up to a year in jail — as stiff as the punishment for illegal gun possession” – Emily Miller    [h/t]

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    • What do you mean “mistakenly buy the wrong box” I buy ammo in calipers I don’t own all the time I may find a good deal on 12gauge one day and buy a few boxes. I don’t have a 12 gauge but my borther does I buy ammo fore him all the time. So your telling me that in DC that would get me 10 yrs.

  1. DC is the most militarized place I have ever visited. I felt completely un-trusted by any authority while there. Sadly it took me forty years to visit our nation’s capital and I’m not in a hurry to go back.

  2. How would they handle the gauge-switching tubes for my Skeet guns? A license for each tube? I’m curious. They do not have a law against such tubes.

  3. So what about .357 revolvers? Will some mis-informed officer cause trouble for someone that has .38 ammo as well? What about .22 conversion kits for pistols/ARs? Do those require separate registration even though the serial number won’t be different? Can you get in trouble if you have .45 ammo but have the .22 kit on your 1911?

    • Reply from Representative Lardbutt:

      AAAAHHHHHHH!! Stop doing that!! My head hurts with all these details. You can’t expect us to think of everything. We’ll just figure out the rest as we go.

    • I was wondering exactly this as I was reading. Also what about barrel switching guns like the T/C contender? do I need a permit for each barrel?

    • What if you have an AR lower that’s stamped “Multi Cal” but you have a 5.56 upper and no 5.56 but you do have 300 rounds of 223 and a case of 5.45×39 for the next upper?

  4. Wow, I wonder if that’s for each round. If so, the brick of .22LR I have from when when we took a friend shooting would have gotten me 100 years. I don’t own a pistol in .22, but we rented one and when you rent, you have to buy some ammo at the same time. But my brother had a lot of left over .22 JHP he wanted to shoot, so we used that instead. So I’ve had those 100 rounds floating in my range bag for a good six months now. Another time I shot half a box of .45 and had the other half hanging around for a while. That would have been good for 25 years.


  5. D.C., what a puke hole. The place is a plantation, with the elite overseers and the field hands, courtesy of the progressives.

  6. Doesn’t surprise me. Here in Hawai’i, the law conflates guns and ammo. If you pull out a handful of change at the local 7-11 and there’s a .22 short in it, it’s the same penalty as if you waved an AK around.

  7. So, I’m going to the range on Sunday with my buddy, and I’m gonna shoot his AR, so I picked up a couple boxes of .223 so I’m not burning up his ammo. Guess I’d be boned in DC.

  8. It is also unlawful to have ammo that is not in the same caliber or gauge as your legal gun.
    So what is the point of this law?
    We used to have .410 rounds, but only because Grandfather had a Savage .22lr- .410 shotgun that Dad used so often.

  9. “Bill 19-614 also amends D.C. Official Code § 7- 2506.01 to exempt from the prohibition against unregistered ammunition an individual who has lawfully registered a firearm in the District or who temporarily possesses ammunition while participating in a training and safety class.”

    From the bill introduced by Councilmember Phil Mendelson today.

    Also lessens many of the other requirements and flaming hoops you have to jump through.

  10. What happens if you don’t own a registered .22 gun and you get caught with a 500 round box of .22 bullets? Do you get put away for 500 years?

  11. Possession of Ammunition without Firearm Owners ID (FOID) is a crime in Illinois.

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