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“Once again, the Republicans are governing dangerously by offering a poison pill amendment that jeopardizes the safety of our law enforcement and first responders. Congress should be passing common-sense gun safety laws to save lives and keep our men and women in uniform safe — not caving to the reckless demands of the gun lobby.” New York Congressman Steve Israel in Republicans wield power of the purse to block Obama’s gun regs [at]

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  1. Blood in the streets. Wild west. Children, old people, puppies, baby seals will die. Yada, yada, yada.

    A slight silver lining, maybe. This is the first time in recent memory a Democrat said he or she cares about police safety. Unless of course, it’s only what he thinks the public wants to hear. Hands up don’t shoot and all.

    • Restrictive anti-gun California has a higher per capita murder rate than gun freedom loving Texas
      There is no blood in the streets, the murder rate is actually LOWER with more gun freedoms.
      So stop making stuff up and shut your lying pie-hole unless you can tell the truth about guns and crime.

      2013, 2012, 2011 Per Capita Murder Rates for States (per FBI)
      California: 4.6, 5.0, 4.8
      Texas: 4.3, 4.4, 4.4

      • Compare houston to Chicago. They are very close in size. Houston is also super diverse racially.

    • It’s worse than that:
      The legislature is asserting its Constitutional authority to legislate and reinforcing the idea that the executive only has the authority to execute the law.

      Crazy times…

    • The exact same trick when they tried to ban M855, that they were concerned about police safety. Never mind that they could not point to a single instance of an officer being harmed by this round, and that the Fraternal Order of Police did not back them.

    • It is no secret. The Democrat Party coordinates their propaganda efforts so that all their minions speak from one list of sound bites.

    • They do, it is well coordinated.

      The other thing that is involved is money. We are so polarized that when a pol says something stupid like above, it plays to the left or the right and brings in a huge amount of money. When the R who called Obama a liar made that statement he pulled in a million dollars in campaign fund the very next day. I am certain his statements will bring him a flow of Bloomberg money.

      If this person has the slightest bit of common sense and not completely drunk on the DNC Cool-Aid he knows he is lying. But, hey, he is pulling the party line and that is all that matters for him to stay in office.

    • Bloomberg has invested millions to build a media think tank and marketing organization that issues talking points to media, anti-guns groups, and politicians for free.

      “Bloomberg is at it again. According to a New York Times report, the former mayor of New York and anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg is going to attempt to use money to force the gun control issue to go his way.
      Bloomberg will spend $50 million as an initial investment to form a “grassroots” (I don’t think he knows what that word means) network of anti-gun citizens across the country.
      It seems that Bloomberg’s current anti-gun groups, Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, will operate under this new umbrella.”

      • Bloombag can try all he wants. What Bloombag doesn’t understand, because he’s so used to getting his way by throwing big money around and overcoming obstacles, is unpopular is unpopular and no amount of money will change that.

        It’s like marketing the worst disgusting burger ever made. Sure you will sell some, but ultimately, it will fail, because it tastes like crap and no amount of money thrown into advertising will change it. You can’t buy peoples taste. The media is shifting away from telling people how they think about gun control, which Bloombag recognizes as a serious threat, which he’s countering, but unfortunately for him, he CAN NOT CHANGE peoples attitudes and he is destined to fail in his efforts.

      • I’m in the gun lobby. I’m standing in it right now.

        Is the best we can do a rider that stops the ATF from nibbling around the edges? When does the offensive start?

        • Congress needs to de-fund and abolish these vestigial jack-booted thugs from the Roaring twenties that targeted rum runners. cigarette, smugglers, and organized crime (why do you think it is about alcohol, tobacco, and firearms?

        • I don’t think there is a man made building in the world that can fit the 4-5 million NRA members, let alone the people in the 100 million households that own guns.

        • Don’t defund the ATF. Simply fund link there funding to the amount of NFA applications they approve each quarter. Or better yet have te be the sole determination. See how long this CLEO sign off thing lasts then. Or vote for rand Paul. I think his top choice for head of the ATF is Ted Nugent

  2. My highest regards to all those many police officers who do their jobs diligently and honestly every day. If they did not every major city in America would look like Baltimore.

    That said, I am fairly certain they knew when they took the job that it would be dangerous and decided it was worth doing anyway.

    I am reminded of an anonymous quote from a Marine in Iraq when asked if it bothered him to go into harm’s way – “We aren’t in harm’s way, we ARE harm’s way.”

  3. This story is simple; democrats intend to circumvent the legislative process to impose new laws, while republicans intend to stop them using that same (apparently meaningless) process to stop them. Were this an issue besides guns, and the roles reversed, it would surely result in admonitions from our liberal friends concerning the “spirit of democracy” and so forth. As it is, we get articles like this that bend over backwards to avoid that central reality.

    • Spot on. They are totally fine with abuse of executive power when it suits their ideological goals, but when Congress uses it’s power to try to balance out their abuses, they pitch a total hissy fit. Hey Mr Israel – the ‘gun lobby’ is millions upon millions of American Voters. Sorry we don’t all agree with YOUR definition of ‘common sense’ bro. To me, Common Sense is what Thomas Paine wrote about – urging us to fight for our independence from a tyrant, just as you and your King act like today.

      • You are both correct. But iI think the bigger picture is … There is no bigger picture.

        A long time ago this became a Babylon 5-esque green/purple scenario. The only thing that matters is scoring points according to what looks to me like a pretty arbitrarily set of positions. (Let’s face it, the internal inconsistencies of both the D’s and the R’s platforms are staggering, if not frightening).

        The people who are affected by the laws that result, for good or ill? Sorry – just a byproduct.

  4. Anyone read the article linked to? This caught my eye:

    Among them is the ATF’s proposed — and later withdrawn — ban on certain forms of armor-piercing ammunition used in AR-15 rifles. Gun control advocates cheered the agency for moving forward with the rule in February.

    “These concealed weapons serve only one purpose: To kill human beings wearing body armor,” said Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.)

    So an AR-15 is a concealed weapon now? I don’t even think I could concealed an AR-15 pistol without a big trench coat. And somebody needs to tell all the long range target shooters that that are using their green tip M855 ammo wrong. According to Engel, it only has one purpose, so all the users who don’t use it for that must be confused.

  5. When good guys with guns eliminate violent felons from the gene pool, the streets are more safe for police officers like me.

  6. For all the problems with the Republican party right now, they are still far better than the alternative.

  7. Congress should be passing common-sense gun safety laws to save lives and keep our men and women in uniform safe The Council of the Supreme Soviet requires the services of the NKVD, and the NKVD requires the services of the Supreme Soviet; thus to maintain the scientific Union of Soviet Socialist States.

  8. My gun is as reckless as my pocketknife, tools, or truck. It’s purpose is the same as the lights, locks, and alarm on my house. When you can ensure a police response time quicker than the time it takes to sprint from my front door to my bedroom, maybe I’ll relax at home a bit more. When you can ensure Billy Badass isn’t going to want my truck, money, stuff, or even worse, maybe I’ll relax out in the world. Until then, carry. Always.

  9. Looks to me like “the safety of our police officers” has currently overtaken “the children” as the cliché du jour for the gun-grabbers. Which would be odd, considering that pretty much the same lot is up to their eyeballs in the “police are racist brutes” cliché at the moment too. But mental consistency has never been a strong point for the liberals anyway.

  10. From the linked article.

    “We have a responsibility to protect our police and our communities from these unreasonably dangerous weapons,”

    You have a responsibility to protect yourself, using any means necessary. If you don’t want to that’s fine, but don’t limit mine.

  11. I thought I had the biggest forehead roaming the planet. But that douche is giving me competition.

  12. Is it just me, or is everyone laughing at him and his state (NY) right now?

    That contained almost all the ridiculous phrases from the gun-control playbook. Nobody who lives in a free society believes that BS anymore! Maybe we should be impressed that he was able to cram so many “buzz words” into just two sentences.

  13. F to the 3rd power – really, really, really F’d.

    ‘Nuther Blue state letting its POS flag fly.

    If you come from a blue state, the next Civil war is on you and your dumbass neighbors. Thanks, and poop2u.

  14. Wow, he just smashed his head against the “fascist screed generator” and got every cliche in the book.


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