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By Brandon via

A smoke shop employee fought back against three armed and masked robbers early Tuesday morning during an attempted robbery. The entire ordeal lasted less than 30 seconds, but seemed like an eternity. “They pulled in. They made a U-turn and they parked right there and he heard them yelling, ‘Go, go, go,’” said the store owner, who didn’t want to be identified. “When they opened the door, they had their mask on and everything.” . . .

When the employee found himself face to face with the three armed robbers, his instincts kicked in immediately. He noticed the men before they even came into the shop and when they finally entered, they didn’t make it far.

The employee drew his firearm as the men came into the shop and as soon as one of the armed suspects started to point a firearm at him, the employee started to shoot.

“They ran in. They stepped two yards into the store and he discharged his weapon hitting the guy, And the guy stumbled out,” the store owner added.

Police say the suspect who was shot tried to get away, but collapsed in the parking lot. He died at the scene from his injuries. The other two suspects are on the run.

Some friends they are … leaving their buddy to die in the parking lot.

The employee’s situational awareness seems to be the important aspect of this successful self-defense shooting. Had he not noticed the men before they opened the door, they might have had the upper hand upon entering.

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    • Good point … the gun grabbers are always telling us that it is foolish to be armed because attackers will take our firearm away and use it against us. That being the case, this story MUST be a fabrication. Either that or the gun grabber notion that an attacker will take our firearms and use them against us MUST be a fabrication. I am putting my money on the latter.

    • I guess he was having trouble catching all that lead. Those California politicians think lead is toxic. I guess they are right since this fellow died of acute lead poisoning.

      • Nah, he died of Global Warming…Climate Change…Fracking…unrestrained capitalism…Hedge funds…Reactionary Bourgeoisie…something.

  1. Situational awareness is key. The gun does nothing if you don’t know when to use it.

    Well done by the shopkeep

    • Situational awareness isn’t the only key – can’t have it when you’re sleeping for example – but it may have been key to surviving in this case. If there were three guns aimed his way the outcome could be much different.

      • “Situational awareness isn’t the only key – can’t have it when you’re sleeping for example” False assumption, sir.

        The gun next to our bedside and a planned response in the event of something wicked transpiring while asleep is situational awareness. The situation of protecting yourself while sleeping hasn’t changed since humans lived in caves, except the defensive tools are more refined. Home defense is situational awareness, and anything that can buy a couple extra seconds of reaction time has to be thought of in advance. “Don’t prepare for if, but be prepared for when.”

        “If there were three guns aimed his way the outcome could be much different.”
        You are right in the event of three armed attackers bunched up it is much easier and any duck hunter knows it is the frowned upon method of flock shooting.
        There should have been three dead thugs and the citizen should be able to fire upon fleeing felons, in order to prevent the furthering of that savages criminal enterprise, but that would be bad for officer job security. The savages scurrying like the vermin they are and leaving their accomplice DRT would lead an intelligent man to deduce that they would not have the intestinal fortitude to bang it out in a gunfight with an armed citizen.

        • I understand that you train to be the home invader but it is surprising that you don’t acknowledge that the homedefender has the advantage through terrain. The invader causes the reaction, but doesn’t understand that they are in a controlled environment until the homedefender makes known what defenses will be used to cease the treats immediately.

  2. It sounds like he did a near-perfect job. Sad that if he worked at any major retail chain, he would now be fired.

    • Let’s just hope he does OK after killing someone. It can cause a lot of stress which can lead to depression.

      “It’s a hell of a thing, killing a man. Take away all he’s got and all he’s ever gonna have” (William Munny)

  3. Yep, they run when the shooting starts. Remember the old lady chasing 5-6 armed men out of the so-cal jewelers? Hans Gruber scenario doesn’t exist outside hollywood.

  4. That clerk not only saved himself, he probably prevented hundreds of serious or deadly crimes, maybe more. I hope that the good guy understands that the dead BG killed himself the minute he decided to point a gun at an armed defender.

    Meanwhile, I’m sure that some relative of the BG will tell everybody that he was a good boy who was turning his life around and always helped his landlady take out her garbage.

      • I always favored “Catastrophic Breakdown in the Victim Selection Process”, myself.

        I believe I first read that in some article Mas Ayoob wrote (not sure if he was the originator, though).

    • “That clerk not only saved himself, he probably prevented hundreds of serious or deadly crimes, maybe more.”

      This! One million times, this!

  5. Hmm…Spend $20,000/year feeding and housing a potential repeat offender or spend $0.17/round (+$0.50/round for defensive ammo) to save taxpayer money and future potential victims?

    Decisions, decisions…

  6. Good! BTW Jesse Jackson sr(not the felon son) and fadder phleger were protesting and being total azzzwipes at Chucks guns in Riverdale,IL. today.It shoulda’ been a defensive gun use…That’s in case no one saw it on the news. I bought my first handgun at Chucks-they are good and honest folks…

  7. If a medical marijuana owner kills a federal agent raiding his state-legal shop, is that a successful defensive gun use?

    • According to G.Gordon Liddy, yes. He told a caller to his ‘Radio Free D.C.’ show if the Feds are illegally raiding you, to shoot them in the head.

      Not the body, because they have body armor. Specifically, shoot them in the head.

      That caused a Great Gnashing of Teeth and frantic Pearl-Clutching.

      “Liddy claimed his detractors omitted some important context:

      I was talking about a situation in which law enforcement agents come smashing into a house, don’t say who they are and their guns are out, they’re shooting and they’re in the wrong place. This has happened time and time again. The ATF has gone in and gotten the wrong person in the wrong place. The law is that if somebody is shooting at you, using deadly force, the mere fact that they are a law enforcement officer, if they are in the wrong, does not mean you are obliged to allow yourself to be killed so your kinfolk can have a wrongful death action. You are legally entitled to defend yourself and I was speaking of exactly those kind of situations. If you’re going to do that, you should know that they’re wearing body armor so you should use a head shot. Now all I’m doing is stating the law, but all the nuances in there got left out when the story got repeated.”

      God Bless G.Gordon Liddy. 🙂

  8. Thing is that the crooks think that they are the one’s in control because they have the guns and therefore the power. But they had better stop and think that they are also putting their own lives in danger in areas where the victims could be armed. Too bad the BG died but that is the chance he took when he decided to threaten another person for personal gain. It seems like Karma to me.

  9. I really need to find it again but reading some of the comments reminds me of piece written by, I believe, Joseph Story. In it, he stressed that it was incumbent upon every citizen to stop a criminal act so that your neighbor is not affected by the future actions of said criminal. This included the permanent stopping of said criminal by causing their death. Story was a Justice on the SCOTUS.
    Really need to find that again….

  10. Some friends they are … leaving their buddy to die in the parking lot. These type of people do not care, your dog has a higher moral standard, They are thuggin on down the road. Another day of evolution in action with the elimination of the unfit.

    • I took a youngster off to a swimming hole today with his girl. This is a guy I’ve been trying to help straighten out his life; he’s spent several years each in prison and jail. He would fall right into the category of the two “friends” in this account.

      As I watched his interaction with his gal, it struck me that there is something missing in him, and it’s probably the same thing those two “friends” were missing. It isn’t a moral issue; they all know that things they do are wrong, but in certain situations they never, ever act on that. It’s a lack of connection to other people, almost a lack of awareness that they are people except when focusing on them. When he focused on his gal, he was all attentive and considerate, but when he was thinking about something else it was like she was a piece of the furniture. So I engaged him in some interaction, and it was the same way: when’s he’s focused on someone, that someone is a person worthy of attention, but when not focused on someone they’re not even understood as a person.

      As I thought back over others I’ve worked to help, I realized I’ve seen the same thing before: people act contrary to what they themselves would say is right and wrong, and can’t explain their actions afterward; they themselves have no clue why they ignored or abandoned someone.

      So when the two “friends” ran and left him, it wasn’t a moral matter, it was that their attention was on the getting away, and that a friend was in need wouldn’t even have registered — they weren’t focused on him, so he wasn’t, in the circuits of their minds, even a person.

    • Thugs like that are just Democrat politicians who didn’t land a socialist sponsor. No morals, no soul, no redeeming quality whatsoever.

  11. Close call, but he came out OK.

    Now would be a good time to evaluate what about his shop might have presented an attractive target to these criminals. After all, they chose this one among thousands of other businesses. It’s a smoke shop, so they are probably customers and familiar with the layout and practices.

    If I had to guess, I’d say the owner doesn’t have a drop safe and instead keeps the day’s take in the register. Customers/criminals notice that kind of thing.

  12. I wonder what song was playing on the store stereo at the smoke shop as the shooting stopped.

    I like to thing it was “Reba” by Phish.


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