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“At the end of the day you can argue with us [and] you can call us names, but you got to deal with God. And the blood of our children is on your hands. And you will pay for the murder of our children.” – Rev. Michael Pfleger [at] [h/t MK]

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  1. It has nothing to do with cussing, this is what is really meant by “taking the Lord’s name in vain.”

    • Not really. This is more about his own beliefs, projection, and arrogance.

      He’s saying that because there is a god (his belief), and that the NRA have the blood of innocents on its collective hands (his opinion), NRA members will be condemned by God when they die (his assessment). Not just that we will be judged, but what that judgment will be.

      The first two things in parentheses are his opinions and beliefs. The latter, however, is a serious issue, religion-wise: he supplants God as final arbiter and judge. Saying, in effect, that if God doesn’t judge this way, God is wrong.

    • Whether you choose to believe in Him or not, you will still answer to Him in the life to come.

      • I don’t know about that because there isn’t proof that God does or doesn’t exist.

      • Regardless if I see St pete or not, my belief in the afterlife has no bearing on how I conduct myself on this planet.

        • Right on Taylor. Really sick of being told how bad I am for being a agnostic and how I need religion because I can’t construct a set of rules for dealing with other humans based on my own sense of empathy. A kid understands those basic concepts way before they are even taught to them.

  2. I didn’t realize the NRA was causing all those black kids in Chiraq to murder one another for sport.

    • Not to sound callous, but if it really is for sport put that on pay-per-view and get some marketing deals.

      “Chiraq 2015 bloodmatch….brought to you by Hi-Point firearms….and Crack Cocaine….because nothing makes you feel better than Crack Cocaine!”

      Maybe put it up on betting sites? Take odds on crypts vs bloods?

    • It’s easier to blame an inanimate object than to take responsibility for ones culture. But when a culture gIves one more respect for being a “gangsta” and puts down and vilifies those getting a good education as “being like whitey” and disrespect those that get a good blue collar job as an “Uncle Tom” well, Chicago etc. is the result.

      • Silly nonsense. Sounds like someone has been hanging with their redneck friends of white privilege. You know, the kind of redneck hicks that diss higher education, sleep with their guns, and think they know all about black folks but really don’t.

        • Oh and look who decided to step in the ring, Pfleger’s retarded cousin, a little boy who hides behind an avatar named God.

        • Oh now god. All you do is attack the messenger with a bunch of ad hominem attacks without refuting any of the points I made.

          Typical Saul Alinsky tactics “Rules for radicals”

          White privilege? The theory that if you are not white, you are kept poor, uneducated and lack opportunity in school, business and government jobs.

          Interesting theory but not supported by the facts. Asians, Chinese and Vietnamese in particular, without racial quotas in universities and or special loan practices from the government, have shown by census data, To have a higher literacy rate than whites, to have a higher IQ than whites, to have more advanced degrees than whites and have a higher entrepreneurship than whites, It is the culture of the Asians that explains this difference. A focus on education, hard work, intact families and the opportunities available to ALL people in this country is the explanation.

          Sorry god. “white privilege: is not an explanation for the state that black people find themselves in. Culture however, is.

        • As a personal anecdote, One of my longest time friends is a first generation Vietnamese refugee. She came over with two older sisters and her brother and her mother and father. None but the mother spoke english. The father worked as a construction worker until he learned english and then got his contractors license and their mother ran a corner Vietnamese food store.

          Now, between the four siblings, they have two bachelors, two masters and they are all living the middle to upper middle class american dream.

          Only in America.

  3. Well, those Gun owners who do believe in God, or those who are moral atheists, believe that if anyone is responsible for the murders of innocents with their political policies, it’s the liberals, who want to take guns out of the hands of those who need them most. And ironically, their policies are both racist and sexist, names they love to call us. The blood is on their hands, because they want to make it easier for the bad guys to murder their children, by disarming only the law-abiding.

    • I second that, but only because you beat me to it. It’s just as well, you worded it better than I probably would have….

    • This is just a thought, but maybe we shouldn’t be pointing the finger at the liberals any more than they should be pointing the finger at us. Sure we will never see eye to eye on the issues, but neither us nor them are responsible for the murder of one human being by another.

      The real issue boils down to one thing, bad people do bad things.

      • You don’t find the telling people to not defend themselves immoral? How about the taking away of the tools to do so?

        I do. When people are

        (a) advocating women blow a whistle or try to pee themselves vice being raped


        (b) attempting to use the force of government to enact THEIR belief that self defense is wrong

        I find that pretty darn immoral.

        And, one political ideology group pushes that crap far, far more than any other…Progressive Statists.

        So, yeah, when it comes to moral costs of gun control, I absolutely WILL point my finger at them.

        • I find A) annoying but within the scope of differing opinions; plenty of people make a living giving profoundly bad advice with authority. Even Christians will agree with the following sentence (though there will be disagreements on which individuals described therein are actually examples): Some do it from behind pulpits.

          In other words, one has the right to tell people that they shouldn’t defend themselves, as an opinion.

          B), the use of government to enforce that stupid opinion, is, however, totally unconscionable.

  4. Yes, the NRA, who is the biggest voice for firearms safety and responsible gun ownership, is somehow at fault for this /sarc

  5. I really wish a politician would call out CHL and gun registration and purchase permits for what they are – the vestiges of Jim Crow as fearful whites sought to keep gun out of blacks and other minorities. It took years of careful management to restore voting rights to at risk populations, yet we allow these discriminations to continue unabated. It is time for racists like Rev. Pfleger to seek forgiveness and recognize that all people have worth in the eyes of God.

  6. Blame the nra for crazy people and I’ll blame Obama for other crazy people. One of the two mentioned promote lawless behavior and one is actually quite the proponent of law. The law of the land that is…

  7. I have grown a pretty effective evangelical nut job filter over the years being a conservative. I never would have noticed him had Robert not pointed out his hypocritical lunatic raving. Oh look at the time, gong to go do something meaningful for the waste of 30 seconds on this.

    • You obviously don’t know what you show about yourself in your post. You show a complete arrogance, self-centeredness, even narcissistic self involvement in that only the things you are interested in should be posted on a Web site.

      I like this type of post. Unlike you, if I see a post I have no interest in, I just don’t click on it.

      Problem solved.

    • He is a big wheel in Chicago politics, and was an early Obama supporter. He helped bring The Chicago Way to all of America.

      The Marxist race baiter and the policies he supports have gotten a lot of black people killed.

      • Ahh, that explains the narcissistic tendencies. Politics attracts people like that, as well as those that are sociopaths. You often find those two personality types in one person.

  8. This is the fraud priest that was one of the influences to Barry when he first started community organizing in Chicago. Pfleiger needs to go out and preach to the bangers. Bangers gonna bang.

  9. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, Reverend. Your inability to correctly assign fault for gangbangers killing each other is your own misguidedness.

  10. Matthew 7:1-3

    Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

    And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

  11. “…And you will pay for the murder of our children.”

    And this is from a Reverend? Dude… you’re doing it wrong!

    If you want to blame the NRA or firearm owners then you need to accept some of the blame yourself. Why didn’t you minister to those who would do others harm? Remind them that violence is wrong? Why do you hate the children? Why do you want more of them to die?

    Hyperbole aside…. The people who murdered those children are the ones with blood on their hands. No one else. I am not responsible simply because I have a similar firearm any more than you are responsible for pedophilia because you happen to have a digital camera.

  12. I’m sure this man’s intentions are sincere and honorable but the reality of the matter is he is as divisive a person as is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I will not put him at the level of low life as Jackson and Sharpton, because I have never heard a rumor about him being a tax evader, drug dealer, adulterer or corporate extortionist like the other two “reverands”. However, why he insists on taking the wrong position of attacking the idea of blacks protecting themselves and their loved ones from the criminals running rampant on the West and South sides of Chicago is beyond me. He should be advocating peace yes, but even the peaceful at times must have the means to defend their loved ones. I feel his silly antics do more harm than good and support a victimous culture.

    • Totally agree, except I don’t think he’s sincere and honorable. He’s not raking in $ or committing crimes and adultery like the Revs Jackson and Sharpton, but his goal is to push marxist values in the guise of religion.

  13. If you know anything about Pfleger, you’ll know he is a marxist in religious clothing.

  14. Things that have happened and what I’ve seen in my life. Snotty entitled kids get handed everything and liars and suck-ups get jobs and promotions.

    Honest, hard working people like me, make a mistake, and we are forced to pay for it forever, because “we’re too honest in a job interview”.

    So no I don’t believe in God. If there was one. Things like this wouldn’t happen. I wouldn’t have lost my job and been blacklisted by a sadistic psychopathic hr manager who smiled and chuckled when he let me go.

    I was treated worse than a criminal. At least criminals get a trial and appeals before they’re executed.

    • That God enables every person to make their own decisions and take their own actions is a thing called “Free Will.” To interfere with one of the most basic tenets of His teachings would do nothing but undermine those teachings.

      To blame God because you lost your job is a very, very selfish train of thought.

      • I worked hard. I gave that company a literal year and a half of my life. I was ready to make it my career. And I was told of how good I was at it. My supervisors and co-workers told me they wish they had five of me.

        And for one little jerk to turn me in because I made a mistake after working hard for 11 and a half hours… Just wanting to get the job done and go home.

        I lost everything. I owned up to it and I’m still paying for it… How is that “part of gods plan” like everyone tells me?

        God must have a really crappy plan for me.

        • Yea i’m going to say it. You don’t need God to fix your moral compass. You can handle it. You don’t need God to fashion morals for you. You can contemplate and understand them yourself. If you worked hard at your job and did a great job and they cut you loose for a simple mistake – It’s their loss not yours. You shouldn’t work for that place anyways. Go find somewhere were people appreciate you. Don’t blame God for your mishaps – But don’t congratulate Him for your rewards. You did the work. You earned the reward. I congratulate you for begin honest and paying for your mistake. Right now you feel that you should maybe have been dishonest and that you were punished for your honesty – it seems you were not. Your honesty revealed that the company you worked for wasn’t worth your time. Invest that time in yourself – and invest it somewhere else.

        • Doom Guy,

          You should consider yourself lucky. A year and a half is nothing. I’ve seen people invest a lot more time and lose a lot more due to incompetence of managers that ran the company into the ground. Or they invest 20 years in a marriage that goes south due to a spouse that cheats and charges away their life savings behind the others back. Sounds to me like you were in a bad situation and maybe God did you a favor.

      • You should never blame god for anything bad that happens. You should thank him for all good that happens. That’s how it works, right?
        You work your ass off, make money, pay taxes, buy food, pay taxes again, cook it and than before you eat your hard earned meal you thank god for it. Your kid is born with disability or sickness and dies after much suffering no matter how much you try to help him – don’t blame god, he works in mysterious ways.
        If there is someone up there, I dont think he cares too much about us down here.
        I don’t need religion to give me moral compass. YMMV

    • Interesting. Do you expect your blood father to step in every time you mess up to save your bacon when bad stuff happens? Or would you take responsibility as a mature adult and learn from the experience as any loving father would hope you would do?

      Why would G-d act any differently?

      • No I think the first 25 years of my life spent miserable would’ve been enough and if it had happened to anyone else besides me, nothing would’ve happened.

        • Well Doomguy, I wish you luck. I spent the first thirty five years of my life thinking that anyone that believed in a higher power was a fool and I was miserable.

          I went out to the woods to figure out what career I wanted to spend years at school and at that time fifty thousand dollars to acquire. I found G-d instead. With that came love, purpose and a sense of coming home that was and is indescribable.

          But that’s me.

          May you find a Path that gives you the same.

    • “So no I don’t believe in God. If there was one. Things like this wouldn’t happen.”

      I can certainly understand this sentiment, but it ignores who is actually at fault for bad things happening. In the beginning, God created the world and it was good. It was man who chose to reject and disobey God, bringing sin into the world and separating us from God. God would have been entirely justified in leaving us there without hope, but instead He stepped in to pay the penalty for sin and become our kinsman redeemer, allowing all to again have a right relationship with Him.

      When we experience hardships, it reminds us that we live in a fallen, sinful world. However, God offers hope in His promises.

      “For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive.” I Corinthians 15:22

    • God has never promised that nothing bad would ever happen to innocent people. In fact, it happens quite often. God even allowed a His own Son to be tortured to death. Prophets of God were put to death, sometimes by torture.

  15. Proverbs 1:11-18 indicates that the shed blood of innocents is on the hands of those that shed it and further more their own blood will be shed as a consequence of their violence.

  16. At the end of the day you can argue with us [and] you can call us names, but you got to deal with God. And the blood of our children is on your hands. And you will pay for the murder of our children.

    LOL. Looks like somebody took a freedom-hating collectivist politician and threw some robes on him. Are we preaching God or NRA hate? Reverend Pleger – annoyingly obtuse or a under-the-table paid anti-gun crony?

    So… let me get this straight, if politicians were trying to regulate and register knives and manufacturers and regular joes who didn’t want it gave donations to an organization that defended against such legislation – then they are directly responsible for some guy stabbing another guy? After all they are members of that organization.

    The reverend is apparently unfamiliar with the concept of personal responsibility. The guy stabbing the other guy is personally responsible reverend. If I manufacture baseball bats and someone kills someone with one of my bats am I responsible? Are my employee’s responsible? If I manufacture cars and someone drives someone over with a car – should I be liable?

    Pleger said we need to “make gun ownership responsible,” that we need to “title guns like cars.”

    What about making people responsible Pleger? I’ve seen people with cars (which were titled) that were irresponsible drivers and irresponsible people. Titling their car did nothing to make anything responsible.

    • I’m less concerned with whether God’s on my side, and more concerned ensuring I’m on God’s side.

  17. yes rev. mike. we will all answer to God. since your “church” loves stratifying levels of sin, how great a mortal sin is your fraud of claiming to be God’s representative on earth? only the vanity of mankind would pretend that amassing great wealth for an organization is supported by any interpretation of scripture.

    Jesus said, “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ 23″And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’ “

  18. Does that mean Churches have blood on their hands for the deaths of innocent drivers who have fallen prey to drinking and driving since many serve wine at communion? I’m guessing he thinks not…

    I must be in big trouble being a NRA life member. If this inspires anyone to join or renew here’s a link I got with my last Ruger…membership is slightly discounted..JOIN!!

  19. OK Father, based in your logic, we’ll put the NRA up for judgement by the almighty right after he gets done adjudicating the organized religions…directly or indirectly responsible for more deaths over the course the last millennium than probably any other. Being part of the leadership, by default you in part bear responsibility for your church’s actions past and present.

  20. Classic!

    That is to say, that I’m pretty certain the concept of pandering to the helpless masses was invented by religions and their progenitors.

  21. So, basically what he’s saying is I’ll have to answer to a being that doesn’t exist, for murders I never committed, of children he never had (He’s a Roman Catholic priest).

  22. Alright fine. We’ve been caught. But, i mean, how do the anti’s expect us to air condition our volcano lair without the blood of children?

  23. I’ve been a member of the NRA since the 1970’s. I have never murdered any children, even those up to the age of 24. I have never been asked by the NRA to murder anyone, I have never seen a contribution form from the NRA asking for money to be used to murder anyone. That is about the only thing they don’t ask for in their mailings. In fact, none of the gun rights organizations I have been a member of over the years (Citizens committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Gun Owners of America) have ever mentioned child murder as part of their program. Child safety? Oh YEAH, that is always a biggie with these organizations, but nothing about murder. So I’m going to publicly call the good Reverend a liar.

    • Are you sure you’re subscribed to the correct NRA newsletters? Maybe your orders are just getting lost in the mail?

  24. This is an example of why I say that the only good communist is a dead communist, regardless of where they occur.

    Given the huge pile of bodies that the communist religion has piled up over the last 100 years or so, I would be quite happy to use the most brutal and medieval methods to put communists to death. I think I’d start out by putting them in chains between two draft horses pulling in opposite directions, then I’d move up to impaling them on a tree trunk.

  25. Somehow I think that if there were no guns in Chicago there’d be a rash of bludgeonings and stabbing….yeah the NRA is definitely the culprit…

  26. A modern priest. He must have slept during the weeks at Seminary studying Catholic doctrine about FREE WILL. Human beings choose their conduct, inanimate objects are not given moral capacity, people are. I went to Notre Dame. I know the traditional theology and the 1960’s substitute known as. “situtional ethics” which allow any desire to be rationalized into the favorable choice. Young Seminarians in 1967 took to it as a way to justify anything. And from that it was a small step to reducing free will and the good choice to nothing. After all, if every choice might be moral, choice looses its force. If the occasion of action is not human will, it must be the inanimate object. Absolve the murderer, blame the axe. Responsibility is dead so lets all have fun. If LeRoi didn’t shoot Reggie, then who (or what) did? Modern Catholic theology, as preached by modern American priests adsolves the who and focuses on the what thus freeing the triggerman from guilt. That’s a worthless moral guide. One of the many reasons that I freed myself from the RC Church and its priests at 19. The Reverend Pflager confirms the correctness of my choice

  27. Right back at you, Pfleger. Right back at you.

    The NRA hasn’t murdered children any more than you have. In fact, I’d wager they’ve done more to protect children than you ever will. Every time a gun is used to defend an innocent person, that’s a child saved. A child who gets to go home to her parents, who doesn’t have to live without her big sister, who doesn’t have to live with the traumatic after-effects of her mother’s rape.

    In fact, if you look at real numbers, there are at least 50,000 defensive gun uses every year (and that’s the lowball number). Those are children saved. And while the NRA itself didn’t save them, it does protect the rights of everyone who used their personal weapon to defend innocent life.

    Or, if you’d rather not look at reality, we can continue to call each other murderers and threaten divine retribution.

    In that case think I might have a leg up on you. I’m not afraid of your god or anyone else’s — they’re mere phantoms. You, on the other hand…I have it on good authority that the god you worship deals harsh punishment to liars.

  28. AS I mentioned yesterday the fadder is a POS-held the Chicago archdio”cease fire” hostage to keep him among the gullible sout-side flock. Hangin’ with jesse sr.(not the felon jr). I bought my 1st gun at Chucks gun shop-shot at their range(next to BLACK folks). THEY are good people and very strict. They deserve our support…and it’s azzwholes like da’ fadder who need to justify hisself-not real Christians and NOT the NRA.

  29. I like the band lifelover. It’s a shame that he proclaims his appreciation for them in such a foolish context. RIP, B. Also, on a sort of relevant side note, has anyone noticed that there’s a number for the suicide prevention hotline at the bottom of the page? Why’s that?

  30. Damn, is that all it takes? Well, if making guns illegal will save the children of Chicago, let’s do it!

    While we are at it, let’s make herion, crack, and meth illegal, too!

  31. This guy’s a bud of rev Wright…

    But if the charter of the NRA was being followed (to promote (accurate) marksmanship), there would not be any shedding of innocent blood

  32. And the blood of our children is on your hands. Why? It is your little liberation theology ideological sponsored children that are pulling the triggers. Reaping what you sow.

  33. aaaannnnddddd who bets he supports murdering the unborn oops sorry I mean “the right to choose”?

    • WOW Just wow…read up on this marxist “priest”…pro baby murder ,anti-Israel, every evil under the sun. The catholic church is complicit for keeping this pos on the payroll…never knew it was pro baby slaughter-so much for caring about children-especially the little brown ones it professes to love…

  34. These claims are tantamount to blood libel. Of course these claims are baseless and extremely dubious, but what’s important about such statements is that they reveal what these people think of us. How they believe we should be handled. He says that if a gun is “used”, the seller of the gun should go to jail along with the user. That’s the least of it. They wish to treat us as if we murdered their own children. “And the blood of our children is on your hands. And you will pay for the murder of our children.” How does our society treat those who murder their children? What respect for their lives and well-being does our society have? Because in the minds of hateful hoplophobes, we’re just as bad and deserve the same treatment. That’s right. In their opinion, just treatment of gun owners and sellers can mean death in a hail of gunfire. Just look at the Facebook comments on anti-gun pages, with people shamelessly posting under their legal name that they want to see gun owners shot to death. These dehumanizers are the worst, most immoral, and dangerous of all. They don’t seek to understand us. They seek to demonize, dehumanize us as a way to destroy us by any means necessary. To make the mindset of the gun owner seen as a dangerous criminal mindset, with such criminals nothing more than dangerous ideologically diseased beasts, an unacceptable liability to be hunted down and imprisoned or killed for the “good of society”. These are the kind of people we need guns to protect ourselves against. Yes, this reverend and people like him! They may not realize it, but they are promoting hatred and violence. They are dehumanizing, vilifying, and scapegoating us. They are actively working to create conditions where our human right to defend ourselves will be limited, and because of that our lives will be threatened. They are actively working to spread the idea that we who defend the right to keep and bear arms are morally equivalent to murderers of children. Murders of their children. That we should be viewed the same way a father views the bloody-handed murderer of his children. That is the exact language, the exact metaphor they use. We are standing over the bodies of their children we have just murdered, our hands covered in blood. I have done no such thing! That is against everything I stand for! I own a gun primarily prevent such victimization, at the risk of my life if necessary! If these dangerous ideas take hold, I will be afraid. The conflict and victimization this ideology will lead to would be far worse than the current social ills it’s proponents seek to correct. The Reverend says that at the end of the day we will be judged by our creator. They too will have to answer to God. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

  35. I stand for the absolute freedom of every human and protection against violent individuals who would do others harm.

    My conscience is clean and I sleep well. How about you, fascists? I hope you like warm places, Reverend. I’m not a religious person, but you sound like every representation of Satan I’ve ever seen.

    By the way, shouldn’t he be blaming God? After all, this is all part of his “plan,” right? Man, this guy must really hate the Department of Motor Vehicles for giving licenses to all those drivers who kill 30k people per year.

  36. The blood of the “children” is on YOUR hands because of YOUR delusion that to disarm the honest, law abiding people will bring about safety. It NEVER has and NEVER will. You are disingenuous and apostate to teach blatant lies and false accusations. Even the bible called for the people to sell a garment and buy a sword. You are a fraud and a liar.

  37. Hahaha, viewing this again I noticed all the “We ♥ Chuck’s”, “Free people are armed!”, and “Call it what it is: GANG VIOLENCE” signs in the background! There were probably more counter-protesters than protesters! The cameraman really tries hard to downplay the visual of the pro-gun signs, but it’s impossible for him to do so.

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