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“George Zimmerman was acquitted because of the due process law that requires the state to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and I don’t think Trayvon Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton means to attack that law. There’s something sickening about seeing this poor woman wheeled about in her tragedy to mouth words of attack on the Stand Your Ground law that had nothing to do with Zimmerman’s acquittal. Subjectively, perhaps Ms. Fulton gets satisfaction, but those who are using her should be identified, shamed, and denounced.” – Professor Ann Althouse in “I’m just asking you to wrap your mind around: No prom for Trayvon” [at]

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  1. Oh you can go to the prom WHILE SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL??

    At the time of the incident, Trayvon was serving a ten day suspension from school. Were you aware that this was his 3rd suspension in 4 months?

    (This most recent suspension was for getting caught with a marijuana pipe and an empty bag containing marijuana residue.)

  2. Remember Cindy Sheehan? She was the grieving mother of Casey, a soldier killed in Iraq. A certain political party loved to use her protests to tweak George W. Bush about the wars. Then she started criticizing them and the current occupant of the White House and they kicked her to the curb. No more spotlights and cameras from Old Media.

    Poor Mr. Martin’s parents will experience the same thing. Once they’re no longer of any use to Obama and Sharpton, they will find themselves alone.

    • Yeah man, I sure do miss the Anti War Left. They all just disappeared around the time that Obama got elected. I wonder what happened…

      • @bastiat:

        There are few things that give me more ironic pleasure than seeing an “Obama 2012” sticker on one side of of a bumper and a “Peace” sticker on the other side…

        • Most people that had Obama stickers on their cars have peeled them off by now. Some due to disgust, some simply due to the election being almost a year over. Either way, when I do still see one, I feel like it should be accompanied, at this point, by an X-Files sticker that says “I want to believe.”

      • But it’s so gauche to criticize a Pulitzer Prize-winning warmonger!

        Anyway, most of America (a lot of my friends included) thinks it’s IMPOSSIBLE for a “black” president to be a warmonger.

        But a warmonger he most obviously is.

        • If you are referring to Obama, he is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. A pulitzer is for writing and journalism such and BO isn’t eligible since he didn’t actually write those books.

  3. Some of the posts here on TTAG relating to Zimmerman / Martin have little or nothing to do with guns. Or maybe I’m just sick of the whole story. This incident seems to have become whatever someone wants it to be.

    • The attack on Stand Your Ground Laws is self defense related, which affects gun owners. Though it is a bit of a stretch, I personally like having one spot where I can get reviews and suggestions right next to updates on relevant legislation and social movement.s

      • I have a question: What does the “stand your ground” law in FL (or any state) actually say? The reason I ask is I didn’t know you needed a law to state that you MAY do something. I always thought you’re allowed to do virtually anything unless there is a law prohibiting it. It’s called “liberty”.

        For example, I live in NY and we have fairly clear laws on self-defense, the use of force, including deadly force and responsibility to retreat, if possible.

        • Blammo, SYG is just an extension of the concepts of Castle Doctrine. Situations occur in which victims defending themselves used deadly force in doing so, but failed to note in the heat of the moment that they may have had an opportunity to retreat, and so they can be charged and convicted. SYG removes the need to prove that you could not retreat from the defense in a self-defense shooting.

        • In Florida, SYG allows you a hearing before a judge, giving you a chance to plea that you were standing your ground. If a judge rules in your favor, you will not go to trial. Also, if the judge rules in your favor, you’ll be given immunity from the sure-to-come civil suit. We don’t have such a process here in NY. We could be found innocent in a criminal court but liable in a civil court. So can Zimmerman, but not if he had had, and won, a SYG hearing. It appears he can still have one. Granted our laws in NY are clear, but a Stand Your Ground law would serve a purpose and be worth fighting to keep. In NY our right to defend ourselves is narrowly defined compared to a lot of other states.

      • I concur. You have to realize that while the attack on the Second Amendment continues apace, you CANNOT wish away the connection between the RKBA and politics!!

        It’s impossible.

    • TTAG: “Tons of Trayvon And George”

      I agree, it’s time to give it a rest. Maybe just start with one day a week with no Trayvon posts, and see how that feels.

  4. Sybrina Fulton should be speaking-out about the tragic consequences of being a lousy Parent and failing to keep contact with and knowledge of what your teen-aged son is really up to. THAT’S ALL this woman has definitively shown she has any extensive knowledge of…

  5. The really funny thing about that article is that all of that information is out there. In particular on a website with an image of Andrew Breitbart on it.

    If people really wanted to find it, they would.

  6. Here is a simple guide to understanding Progressives Communists and the mainstream media. If they say something is bad, it is probably good. If they say something is good, it is probably bad.

    Here are a couple examples. They say it is bad if a citizen has the means to defend themselves (a gun). I say it is good if a citizen has the means to defend themselves. They say it is bad if a neighbor keeps an eye out for their neighbors and friends. I say it is good.

    I am sure you can find many more examples.

  7. Can we stop posting about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman? Please? I’ve emailed you guys and got no response…

  8. Suspended from High School twice, once for possession of “found” property, and once for drug possession. Living 200 miles away from his high school with his Dad’s girlfriend. Prom? College?? On what planet?

        • Look at her blog from 7/4 onwards, she closed comments on her blog when people called her out on her hypocrisy over the Texas abortion law deal. She’s an aging liberal feminist.

  9. I am real tired about all These “Phoney” issues can we just drop this Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman crap….it’s done…it’s over… lets move on….wheres the next gun review Nick?

  10. All I know is that the royal baby was named George and not Trayvon. I can’t figure why people aren’t making a big deal about that?

  11. Trayvon was going to make up a super batch of Purple Drank. I can remember early reports of how his mom was talking about him wanting to be an astronaut. Apparently he like to fly without a ship.

    • Trayvon must have been a Nobel-quality chemist to be able to make a recreational drug without any drugs. Did he miraculously create a new recipe to turn Skittles into codeine?

      There are plenty of bad things to be said about Martin without making sh1t up.

      • Hey numb nuts, Arizona Water Mellon flavored drink and Skittles are 2 of 3 needed ingredients. Robitussin can be subbed for the 3rd. Also go look up info on his liver damage. He also discussed “lean” recipes with people on social media. Go look that up as well.

        • Hey Blue Nuts, where was the cough syrup on the night he was shot? What, there wasn’t any? Then shut down your Cheetos-stained keyboard until you have adult supervision. And no, neither your probation officer or your psychotherapist will count.

          • How long did it take you to think that one up in your mothers basement? When was the last time you saw Robitussin or Codeine at 7-11? Remember St. Skittles had no problems acquiring Marry Jane which is a controlled substance in Florida.

            BTW, it is typical for folks that can’t debate or discuss the facts to start throwing insults and names, and generally can stand the heat when it gets turned up.

        • Robitussin with Skittles and AIT is still just Robitussin. There’s only ONE active ingredient: ROBITUSSIN, i.e., codeine.

          And I’m making a guess the Robitussin was at home. His destination.

      • It is pretty clear from his text message Hx, illegally withheld by monster Angel Corey and rumored heteronormative transgender candidate de la Rionda — and questionably suppressed at trial buy jurist gadfly Debra Nelson — that St. Skittles was readily familiar with the street ingredients. It may be he intended to use these ingredients later, in conjunction with a later meet-up.

        We’ll never know. Fortunately, it is irrelevant: GZ lawfully defended himself from grievous bodily injury. If TM hadn’t thrown the first punch, he’d still be able to continue his chemistry studies.

  12. Trayvon wasn’t going to prom anyway. He thuged his way out of school, kiss it Sybrina.

    • He wasn’t expelled. He was suspended. Like that kid who chewed his pop tart into the shape of a gun.

      • The net result is he wasn’t in school and was 200 miles away. This wasn’t the first suspension either.

          • Since I was never suspended in high school, college or grad school, I have no clue why you would make such an assumption. However, he went to high school in Miami where he was suspended. That is why he was in Sanford. It wasn’t he first suspension that year.

  13. I don’t think Trayvon Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton means to attack that law.

    Of course she does. Sybrina Fulton cares as much about that law as St. Trayvon cared about all the others. Which is zero.

    • I’m getting a little confused, Ralphie; every other post seemed to be defending St. Trayvon of the Careless Fists, and now you’re pointing out his disregard for the law? To quote 1934: what’s the big idea?

  14. “Wrap your mind around” this, Ann: George Zimmerman, because he defended himself against a thug, is in hiding, without income; and may be both for as long as every State and Federal department continues to persecute him in a repulsive witch hunt.

    Ann Althouse: Deliberately misinformed protest junkie.

    • So we’re down on PROTEST now? You’re part of the administration, aren’t you?

  15. Yes she is bitter,but she also is turning her back and responsibility for not raising her child and keeping up with his life as she should have.The people using her are in it for a means to an end,make money,bring about gun control,keep the races divided.Remember folks she has already settled a civil suit against the home owners of the complex where TM was killed,rumors are that she got over 1 million bucks!Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

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