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“But what to do about the determination of Tea Party know-nothings and those who think just like them? For whom every act of gun violence leads to the exact opposite reaction that any rational person would have? We must not back down to them. We cannot give into the threats of Cliven Bundy-ish criminals who have declared war against the United States. Not only because it empowers them. But because it empowers the domestic abuser who might live in a neighborhood near you to commit mass murder.” – Cliff Schecter in Blame Guns for Domestic Murder Epidemic [via]

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    • How do you solve a problem like Maria?
      How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
      How do you find a word that means Maria?
      A flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!

      –from _The Sound of Music_

  1. Tea party know nothings, and domestic abusers who mass murder? Well catch phrases aside, this is just dumb. First of all domestic abuse will get you nixed fromNICS. Second, I don’t think this person even knows what they are attempting to say.

  2. Soooo…. gun owners are responsible for a rage-filled control freak who drove halfway across the country to murder the family who helped his ex-wife escape his abuse? :::headdesk:::

    • > Soooo…. gun owners
      > are responsible for a
      > rage-filled control freak
      > who drove halfway
      > across the country to
      > murder the family who
      > helped his ex-wife escape
      > his abuse?
      I think I missed your reference here.
      Got a link?

      • He is talking abut the slaughter two days ago of a family–husband, wife, four of five kids in Texas (with the one survivor shot in the head). Captured after an hours’ long stand off in a cul-de -sac while on his way to kill some more people. The original news reports said that these were his children “and the adults who were watching them” but this turned out to be wrong. They were, as I last heard, relatives (unspecified) of his ex-wife, and the killer was on his way to his ex-wife’s parents when captured.

    • Kind of like NASA is responsible for astronauts that snap and drive across the country in a diaper to kindnap someone…well and Mark Kelly…

  3. Um… I kinda understood it till the end…. then it just made a left turn I couldn’t even try and follow.

  4. It is like his mouth has diarrhea, shooting out emotional digs that are not even connectable. Or maybe he is playing his own version of six degrees of separation. From Tea party to mass murder, wow.

  5. I didn’t think that’s why Cote de Pablo left the show…wait, NICS? Nevermind.

    Total nonsense. It reads almost like he’s okay with non-mass murder. I’m amused by the claim that his response is the rational one in a statement that lacks reason and logic.

  6. So I’m a criminal and a traitor just for holding a viewpoint he doesn’t like. It reminds me of when Hillary said I “cannot be allowed to hold a viewpoint”.

    People like these are extremely dangerous when they gain power.

  7. Say what you want to about feminism, good or bad, but one thing is certain:we cannot afford to make an enemy out of the feminists of America.

    We need to sell firearms as an empowerment tool for women, rather then let the opposition sell the common man and woman on the opposite.

    • Too late. Most feminists already hate us by default because we’re men. Anything we say will be wrong. Any viewpoint we hold is bigoted or sexist.

      • Darwin will work his magic on these gals. They have abortion and gov’t birth control to help the shallow genepool to expire.

        • …if you say so. Feminist-lite beliefs are more or less mainstream with a lot of younger American women, who even if they do not hold radical feminist views, will often vote on women’s issues or female political candidates first in many cases.

      • Doubly so since radical feminism is nothing more than another front for the leftist movement. Any doubt about this should have been removed when the so-called feminists circled their wagons around Bill Clinton, if there was any doubt before. Women who genuinely believe in empowering women will already believe that effective self-defense is a good thing.

  8. Got to hand it to the writer for the “know nothing” reference, connecting the tea party faction to an anti-Catholic, anti-Masonic party in the nineteenth century. I give the rest of the article a resounding “meh”.

    • Nah, I’m not giving him the benefit of the doubt. He probable wrote “do-nothing” as an afterthought.

  9. Say, what?!?

    All I can figure is that
    Tea Party = uneducated failed.
    Tea Party = terrorist failed.
    Tea Party = racist failed.

    Now let’s try this to demonize the enemy. It’s funny, in a way. After all these years, they still don’t understand what the Tea Party is.

    • Prime directive from “Rules for Radicals”.

      You a are correct. The libtard problem that is now arising is that Alisky was a worthless POS “academic” with no understanding of the REAL world. In the US, where we get to pushback against these self-anointed “Betters”

      The details are still a little sketchy, but

      Details? A oversized POS invades a home filled with a small woman (sister-in-law) her small husband and a bunch of kids. The very people who NEED a firearm for protection against an “oversized POS”. Talking point #1

      Talking point #2 – Why home carry is important when threatcon warrants.

      • And go see “American the Movie” this weekend. Very well done discussion of the libtard ruling class.

      • He was already in the house waiting for the parents to get home. Only CCW would have done any good, and that probably minimally, as he had the kids at gun point.

  10. “We cannot give into the threats of Cliven Bundy-ish criminals who have declared war against the United States.” — Cliff Schecter

    Clarification: Cliff Schecter and his ilk, along with the federal government and various local and state governments, are the entities who have declared war on the good people of the U.S.A.

    Sure, people like Cliff will never admit to that. It is the reality just the same.

  11. He says firearms are responsible for this epidemic…..

    Epidemic of meida coverage? Because shootings have been trending down for my entire adult life.

    But maybe the flow of unskilled refugees will finally put a stop to that.

    • And the terrorists among the flow of illegals. Wait until the group formerly known as ISIS gets their local situation stabilized so they can turn their attention to Israel and the US. Ballistic panels in handbags and an upgrade in firepower over what you have traditionally been carrying might not seem so insane once we have our first domestic Westgate mall type incident here.

  12. By “cannot give in” I think he means have his hired mercenaries (BLM) gun down Cliven and his supporters. Ya know, to prevent mass murder.

  13. Bah hah hah. What a load of liberal goo:

    “Yet more of our children have been sacrificed to the right-wing Golden Calf known as the firearm”

    I didn’t have to read a word past this. Dude’s a propagandist bed wetter. Doesn’t deserve my time.

    • And doesn’t deserve to be called a liberal. Neo-Stalinist might be a better term. “Progressive” at least emphasizes their Marxist roots, but might still have a positive connotation if people don’t realize that “progress” to them is the advancement of oligarchical, authoritarian collectivism. I know “liberal” is a common term, but using it is to accept one of their most blatant lies. I’ve used “leftist” and “prog” most often.

      • I call them Statist Progressive / Modern Liberals. In contrast to classical Liberals.

      • Exactly. Too many just do not understand the difference between a progressive and a liberal. One of the progressives’ weapons is to control the language. Not the argument, but the actual language.

        It’s always interesting to watch the look on the face of these Southern Illinois conservative Democrats that call themselves “progressives” when they find out what that actually means.

  14. ‘For whom every act of gun violence leads to the exact opposite reaction that any rational person would have?’

    The problem with liberalism is that it completely discounts human nature. When people are confronted with the reality that the police can’t protect them and that there are dangerous criminals in the area, it is human nature to acquire the tools to ensure your own safety. While this guy acknowledges that some ‘tea party’ types react this way, he denigrates them for being ‘irrational’. They make the same misguided assumptions about us irrational masses when it comes to tax policy, health care, etc. and then they can’t figure out why everything they attempt to do turns to shit. It turns to shit because they can’t figure out that everyone else makes decisions based on what benefits themselves, not on what benefits their (liberals’) agenda.

    • And this is why leftism cannot tolerate dissent, discussion, or the existence of other systems.

  15. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report (2010), 2,918 women were murdered in the United States. Of those, 37.5% were murdered by husbands or boyfriends (all weapons, not just firearms). So, 1,094 women were murdered by domestic abusers out of a population of 156,964,212 females in the United States (per the ’10 census). That’s a rate of 0.70 per 100,000 vs. an overall murder rate of 4.8 per 100,000 residents across the United States (almost 7 times less).

    Further, if we apply the overall firearms use in murders (67.5%) to these numbers, we find that 738 women may have been killed with firearms (0.47 per 100,000). Though, I would expect this number to be lower as domestic abusers, more than likely, would kill their victims using fists, knives, asphyxiation, etc. at a higher rate than the general population represents.

    Looking at the numbers, I think classifying guns used in domestic murders as an “epidemic” might be a bit of a stretch.

  16. Makes me want to join The Tea Party, travel to Nevada & become a NRA life member…oh yeah and buy a gun with a shoulder thingy that goes up. And nope I’m not clicking on the beast( or is that the false prophet?)

  17. Dear Mr. Schecter:

    Tea Party followers and gun owners are above average in incomes and education. Progressives like to tout the high percentage of Ph.Ds in their ranks but the largest block of Progressive voters are poor and uneducated. Thr second largest block, the Millennials aka Generation Null, are credentialed but ignorant.

  18. Well, maybe Schecter’s preference is that nut-jobs, make that murderous nut-jobs do the slaying of families like Simon Peter Nelson chose to do in my hometown: beat them all to death with a rubber hammer. This took place back in the first part of 1978 & made international news.

    He beat his six kids, ages 3 through 12, with a rubber mallet as they slept, then stabbed them a bunch just to be sure they were dead. I know most of you will find this hard to believe, but to this day you can buy rubber mallets & knives in every single hardware store in the city! Not once did anyone suggest in the case of Simon Peter Nelson that the mallet & knife were to blame. They blamed him, as it should be, and as it should be in the Texas murders. Schecter is an irrational idiot.

    Here’s the story on Nelson:

  19. Cliff,

    I know you have a vision of the perfect world but you gotta understand that it’s not our idea of perfection.

  20. Didn’t a Yale study recently find that tea partiers are actually more educated on average than others? Isn’t it more rational to react to a shooting by not forgetting the million or so defensive gun uses each year?

    • Not sure who did the study but yes. Average Tea Party member has a college degree and income well above the mean for the US (Me!). progressommunists… not so much. If you vote to keep getting your check you probably didn’t feel all that learnin’ was very necessary.

  21. It cracks me up whenever the antis bemoan the pros “unwillingness to negotiate” then they turn right around and call pros “lacking common sense” or any other number of things.

    Yeah, that’s right, insult us then ask us why we don’t want anything to do with you…

    • They want nothing from us, of course, regardless of what they say. Well, that’s not true actually. They want peace and freedom, defined as the absence of opposition to their agenda. They want us dead (submission won’t be enough in the end; it never has been with leftists).

  22. I think he was linking tea party members to the anti-immigrant Know Nothing party of the 1800s.

  23. Best smartass comment in the comments section so far: “Actually a ban on cars would have been more effective in this case as the accused drove from Utah to Texas to commit this crime.”

  24. In an attempt to elevate the dialogue from the incredibly low standard set by this polemic, let me say that Mr. Schecter is clearly an ill-looking flabby ornamented conceited self-complacent ignorant shallow mean-spirited cowardly young shite, as well as being an ignorant incompetent whey-faced nestle-cock.

  25. I have not declared war on America, I think Clive Bundy is an ass, I think most Tea Party folks are maladjusted, I wonder why nobody notices mass shooting happen in “gun free” zones, and I have no plans to shoot anyone other than anyone who puts myself or anyone I care for in imminent danger. I am NOT one of THEM. I am a unique and special snowflake. I have three degrees, one wife, three kids, liberal leaning beliefs, great friends, a positive mindset, a belief in God, intolerance for the intolerant, and guns. My guns are for target shooting, my guns are for collecting, my guns are for protection. I would not draw a gun to prove a point, make a statement, scare somebody, win an argument, or show how cool my armed persona makes me. I will draw and fire to defend life, but not property. We call the police when we feel threatened because they are armed. Politicians are surrounded by armed security, as are celebrities and any wealthy executive who feels like paying the money. I am my family’s armed security, because they deserve it as much as any politician, celebrity, or moneybag, and they mean a hell of a lot more to me, and if you think I’m wrong you are welcome to disagree but you are not welcome to take away my gun because it somehow bothers you.

    • You, sir, are clearly a threat to the established order and want to “keep blood money flowing from international arms dealers … and protect the rights of homicidal maniacs…” You evil, potentially homicidal gun nut, you.

      “I am my family’s armed security” – whoa, what a radical concept! Why can’t you just call 911 and wait, like all of the other peasants should have to do?

      /sarc off/

  26. Our Founding Fathers would have despised the Tea Party and their ridiculous ideals of freedom and limited government. Every liberal progressive elitist knows that based upon their superior intellect and knowledge of city culture.


  27. Whoa Idaho Pete! Had to look up nestle-cock…what a fitting description. Oh yeah Pete- sorry I have no plans on going to Idaho re the Illinois reciprocity thing. I just want to cross the border with Indiana and not be arrested or invest in Utah CCL…

    • Yeah, I have the same reaction when I drive back to Ohio to see the family. I stop in Illinois only to buy gas (if needed), eat lunch (at a rest stop from my own cooler), and empty my bladder. No way I will stay overnight in that state, since I would have to leave my guns locked in the truck so they are not “readily available” to me (but are available to any passing thief).

      The insults are courtesy of Patrick O’Brian’s fictional character, Stephen Maturin, in O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin Napoleonic War seafaring series.  Beautiful insults, and never any obscenities or vulgarities.

      • My understanding is that it IS OK to bring your guns into your hotel room; it’s getting them from the car to there that is the issue (they have to be unloaded and in a container or something like that).

        However I am NOT expert in Illinois law so someone who actually is can correct (or confirm) what I just said with my thanks.

        • My admittedly limited review of Illinois gun laws seems to show that you may not have a firearm that is “readily accessible” to you, even in your temporary residence (motel room), unless you have an Illinois Firearms Owners ID card (FOID). Pending clarification from an Illinois gun law specialist, I will not take a chance on staying overnight in the PR of Illinois.

  28. If I’m going to take all the blame for someone else’s domestic abuse, wouldn’t it be fair for me to get at least some of the credit for the Salk vaccine? I had just as much to do with the latter as I did with the former.

    • Sure why not? Oh, Ralph? Thank you for the internet, too. You had as much to do with that as Al Gore did.

  29. We cannot give into the threats of Cliven Bundy-ish criminals who have declared war against the United States.

    Comical. And how would he suggest corruption be fought? Granted Bundy is not the picture perfect example – but those standing with him did what they thought was best given the circumstances and the lack of recourse / options they had with corrupt government officials. Furthermore those standing with Bundy never declared war against the United States – more of an example of declaring war against corruption within the United States.

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