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Despiegelaere (left) (courtesy

Anyone remember how pneumatic model and eventual Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson was discovered? Wikipedia does. “During the summer of 1989, Anderson went with friends to a BC Lions Canadian Football League game at BC Place in Vancouver, during which live video of her wearing a tightly-fitted Labatt‘s Beer t-shirt was shown on the stadium’s huge video screen, causing an immense roar of approval from the crowd.” A star was born! And now, history repeats itself on a much wider stage, as a photo of 17-year old Belgian soccer fan Axelle Despiegelaere [above left] went viral. There is however a huge difference between the two women’s opinions on one important perhaps career-killing subject . . .

Axelle Despiegelaere in Africa (courtesy

Pamela Anderson is an animal rights activist, She’s agitated for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), campaigned against seal hunting and vilified Kentucky Fried Chicken. As you can see from the photo above, Ms. Despiegelaere is a hunter who’s journeyed to Africa to bag wild game. As reports, the hunting images posted on her Facebook page are not likely to sit well with those seeking to exploit her beauty . . .

Her public success may be short lived as now a photo has emerged of the teenager posing with a rifle and a dead animal in Africa.

‘Hunting is not a matter of life or death. It’s much more important than that,’ she said on her Facebook page reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

L’Oreal has not responded to the revelations, but it is keen to promote it’s image of animal welfare – in 2012 the company donated $1.2million to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help improve the testing of safe chemicals.

All the images of Ms. Despiegelaere’s hunting adventures have been pulled from her Facebook page, which has nearly 300k likes and counting. As of Friday AM, there is no “Kill Axelle Despiegelaere” page – as there was for teenage huntress and cheerleader Kendall Jones (Kill Kendall Jones version since removed).

Even so, I’m betting animal rights activists are not going to give up that easily and L’Oreal will eventually cave. We shall see. Meanwhile, I reckon FN should offer her a contract, too.

UPDATE: Commentator Johnv2 reports that L’Oreal has canceled negotiations with Ms. Despiegelaere. [Click here for the story.] This despite L’Oreal Belgium’s Despiegelaere-flavored YouTube video, which they have not pulled:


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  1. But of course, everyone is all for respecting diversity of opinions and lifestyles, until it offends them….right? Then the bullying starts, even though they are anti-bullying, The rules are different for politically correct liberal activists.

    • They will tolerate and be accommodating to everyone, while wanting freedom of expression and no censorship…..except those with differing points of view.

    • Some things become so repulsive to such a huge number of people that they no longer remain a question of “taste.” For example, a lot of people would like to continue lynching Blacks, but even if that’s your hobby, it doesn’t wash anymore. Gay-bashing is going to be out of bounds, too, someday, along with hunting. Sorry. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

      • Now that there was some idiocy in writing, I kid you not. Someone extremely unable to comprehend the absurdity of their own statement. That my friends, is what happens when you were denied too many cookies, and the grey matter crumbles.

  2. Pretty woman with a nice animal, what’s not to like? Pretty women should be posting pictures out hunting and having guns so it becomes normal.

    • It already is normal.

      The problem is that the statists on both the east and west coasts own a disproportionate amount of the entertainment industry and media. They also have a disproportionate amount of influence on pop culture….

      Hence why the efforts to show the activities they don’t deem acceptable in an abnormal light are so successful.

      Any time I’ve gotten in an argument with someone about hunting, I just take the moral high ground. “Oh, so hunting a free and wild animal, respecting nature, and pretty much acting like the predators we are is wrong, but keeping animals in cages and killing them with a bolt gun after a life lived in filth is good?”

      What can anyone say to that?

    • I’d like to see Kirsten or other ladies in shooting sports give official statements about the war on women right now.

      Yes, I said it. There is a war on women by progressives right now as social media etc has proven again and again that ladies are not toting the narrative line like good little girls.

      I am still waiting for a progressive to explain to me how castigating a woman for hunting is any different than for not being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen or daring to major in a hard science.

  3. This young lady shows up at our Southern border seeking asylum and citizenship, think Obuma would let her in?

  4. I am surprised some people still believe PETA is an animal rights organization with how may animals they destroy every year.

    • BIG Non-Profit is beyond reproach. What’s the ratio between CEO and worker salaries at PETA when many of the workers (volunteers) earn zero? Infinity.

    • It is, right up until someone actually does it. Even worse if it’s done by a woman – after all, women aren’t even supposed to touch guns.

      • The left reserves its most hateful vitriol for those who have strayed from the reservation (pretty white women, LGBT, people of color). Those people are just not supposed to like firearms or hunting, or hold conservative values, ever. It is astounding how much flack attractive women hunters get. No one goes on boycott campaigns against Steve Rinella or Cameron Hanes, nor does anyone start petition asking for their murder. The attacks on women hunters are some of the most hateful and sexist things I have ever seen. Facebook hasn’t removed any harvest photos from Rinella’s or Hanes’ facebook pages.

        I hunt, but I do not care to hunt anything that I will not eat. Trophy hunting is not my cup of tea, but I am sensible enough to recognize that it is extremely beneficial both to local economies and to the species that is hunted. Economics 101. Tragedy of the commons. It’s pretty simple and clear. Oh, and if you eat meat and you have a problem with hunters, then you are one hell of a confused human being. We are THE apex predator on this planet. I’m perfectly comfortable with that part of my being. It’s not my fault if you aren’t comfortable with yours.

        • In these authorized hunts in Africa, typically the meat is eaten – even if the hunter doesn’t eat any. It’s distributed to local villages and the (rather exorbitant) fees charged for the privilege of hunting there go directly toward conservation efforts. So even though it’s trophy hunting, the meat is used and the hunt directly benefits the wildlife.

        • General Zod,

          I am well aware that none of the meat from these trophy hunts goes to waste. For me, hunting is all about the connection to my food source. I am not interested in hunting an animal I will not field dress or eat myself. Trophy hunting is a cherished pastime for many, and I don’t denigrate it one bit. It just doesn’t do it for me.

    • That sound you hear is the goalposts being shifted. It just undermines the lies told by those seeking gin control. Slowly they’ll erode your right to a firearms. Death by a thousand papercuts is their plan.

  5. It seems to me that she is probably better off without the modeling contract. I mean, look at how Pam Anderson turned out.

    L’Oreal probably did her a favor.

  6. Note to TTAG, the Kendall Jones page is still up, it just doesn’t have her harvest photos anymore. I am looking at it right now. Her page was not pulled down, the photos were.

      • I am going to give Mark Zuckerberg some credit. The initial refusal to take the killkendaljones page down was made by some drone. Given that Zuckerberg is a hunter he probably doesn’t have an issue with the picture. That and the potential multimillion dollar lawsuit that he would face if someone tried to do it.

        • I’m confused by what you mean and what you think would be civilly actionable about a private web site taking down a photo it doesn’t approve of on its own servers.

        • I think he means if someone actually tried to “Kill Kendall Jones” under the influence of the Facebook page of the same name if it hadn’t been taken down.

  7. I bet if she had “Death to the NRA” graphics all over her facebook site they wouldn’t have cancelled negotiations. I’m sure they would see nothing wrong with that. Today it’s either conform to what we think you should be like or we will start calling you names and making you an outcast for your views. So, screw them, I like being an outcast. Sticks and stones, biatch. lol

  8. Screw Loreal. I doubt this will do much to slow this little hottie’s rise to stardom. A little controversy goes a long way.
    I bet she could easily get picked up by another company that likes hunter girls, like Under Armour.

      • She –well, her family I guess–must be doing pretty well already–how many folks can afford to trot off to Africa on safari? Hope she tells L’Oreal to get stuffed.

  9. The quote is cut off for some reason. The caption she wrote actually reads “Hunting is not a matter of life or death. It’s much more important than that..this was about 1 year ago…ready to hunt Americans today haha.”

    Some people can’t take a joke.

  10. we have an infestation of oryx at White Sands Missile Range. They breed like rabbits and are about that smart. 6th most dangerous animal in Africa.

  11. There are no First Amendment rights in the EU. Put up a kill someone page and you will probably be arrested for solicitation of murder.

    • There is no First Amendment in Europe, but there is Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights;
      “Article 10 – Freedom of expression
      1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.

      2. The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary.”

      It is a qualified, and not an absolute, right.

      • Section 2 would make a kill Kendall Jones Facebook page actionable in Europe. Section 2 also renders Section 1 meaningless.

        • Pretty sure the EU constitution is meaningless regardless of contradictory clauses. It makes the Articles of Confederation look like something Stalin would put together.

  12. How much do you think the creepy guy running for congress will offer of nude pics of this young lady?

  13. I don’t think it will affect this young woman much. Hunting in Africa & hanging out in Brazil means you’re loaded. I support her right to hunt. Maybe s##t like this will cause the millions of blase fence sitting HUNTERS to support the 2A & realize the left HATES them too. (Even MORE than a non hunter like me). “Nobody needs more than 5 rounds to hunt”.

  14. On the bright side, I am certain the Hysterical Mother and her plus-sized, cat loving minion will step up and help L’Oreal fill the gap.

  15. Unless she wastes the meat, I absolutely can NOT comprehend why so many people are anti-hunting these days. While I may be able to see where people are coming from (even if wrong) when it comes to anti-gun arguments, I can’t begin to understand why there’s been an explosion of anti-hunting. I WISH I had the skill and ability to hunt. It’s the most natural/humane/healthy/etc. way of getting our protein. How do people put so much time and energy into saving these wild animals that have lived life as intended while they completely ignore where their grocery store protein is sourced from? If it was sustainable it would be absolutely amazing if everyone hunted for their meals.

    Haven’t commented on TTAG in awhile, but all this recent crap in regard to hunting is super annoying.

    • You’re missing the theme of these anti-hunting attacks. Attractive white females can not be led astray from the reservation (i.e. the progressive hive-mind). All of these anti-hunting crusades have come against fairly attractive women hunters (Charisa Argys, Kendall Jones, Melissa Bachman, and now Axelle Despiegelaere). Nobody is going after big time male hunters. I’m not quite sure what it is about female hunters that sends the collectivist hive-mind in a tizzy, but it is getting rather annoying given their self-proclaimed open-mindedness.

      • According to the left’s official narrative, women are only ever allowed to be victims of guns, preferably in the hands of men. And yes, they see the gun as doing the victimizing.

        A woman using a gun, especially (gasp!) using it for a purpose they don’t approve of such as hunting (in this case directly supporting African conservation efforts and feeding African villages by going on approved hunts) or self-defense, is a direct threat to their worldview and the offending woman must be publicly shamed and emotionally destroyed so the moral high ground can be claimed.

      • Because (a) It goes against their narrative of women as passive victims, the related point (b) that they are being sexist – they do not think that a woman may choose to hunt or own a firearm.

      • There was a campaign to try and get Metallica pulled from headlining the Glastonbury Festival this year after the knicker-twisters discovered lead singer James Hetfield enjoys/enjoyed hunting. That dog didn’t hunt…

    • It is because humans have removed ourselves for the most part from nature. People do not understand how brutal the real world is with earbuds stuck in their ears and an idevice in front of their face. Human existence means that other life has to die. It is a cycle that they do not understand or a unwilling to accept. People also anthropomorphize animals and place human emotions on them. Animals are not humans no matter what the PETAites try to say. This does not mean we disrespect the lives of other animals and kill them wantonly. We only kill what we need or if it serves a purpose.

  16. She looks great. Very pretty and a hunter.
    In response, I won’t buy or use L’Oreal products … shit I’m a guy — never mind.

  17. Is this the truth about guns? or the truth about trophy hunting? still not sure what one rich white girl from texas killing endangered species for little more than fun has to do with my right to bear arms.

    • “Is this the truth about guns? or the truth about trophy hunting? still not sure what one rich white girl from texas killing endangered species for little more than fun has to do with my right to bear arms.”

      Uhh, she used a gun to hunt (as do a lot of hunters), there is nothing wrong with trophy hunting if either the meat is consumed or it controls animal overpopulation, she is from Belgium not Texas (getting her confused with the cheerleader who hunts?) and antelope in Africa are no more endangered than deer here in the states.

      As to your last statement, you are the flip side of a fudd, you see no reason for hunting since it doesn’t impact your favorite tactical gun game. And that makes you as narrow minded and ignorant as a fudd.

  18. [L’Oreal] donated $1.2million to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    I don’t know about the US of A, but here in Norway when corporations (voluntarily) send money to a government agency it’s called a bribe. And it’s illegal.

    • Bribery is TECHNICALLY illegal here, but most just call it a “donation” or a “campaign contribution”.

  19. This makes me sick.

    What the hell difference does it make if she went hunting in Africa?

    If I told you how many judges, attorneys, doctors, and politicians went hunting in Alaska, would we impeach them? Revoke their licenses to practice?

    L’Oreal is apparently a bunch of cry babies. I wouldn’t want to work for them anyway.

    And yes, this woman is certainly very pretty. I’m a man who can appreciate a beautiful woman- hell, I’m married to one.

    If you can’t see the attractiveness of this girl, you must be blind. Rather, I worry about what you think attractive really is!

  20. Is it odd that I was more interested in the rifle and animal?

    Why is the thought of a woman who is capable so scary to some of these people?

    I dont really care much at all for trophy hunting truthfully, if you shoot it, you damn well better eat it.
    Then again I probably wouldnt pay to go hunt in Africa (still love to go at some point), plenty of good stuff in North America.

    • “Is it odd that I was more interested in the rifle and animal?”


      But it is hard to find something more visually appealing than a beautiful girl holding a gun 🙂

    • “I dont really care much at all for trophy hunting truthfully, if you shoot it, you damn well better eat it.”

      Someone does.

      I remain amazed that people buy into the “trophy hunting” meme as if “trophy hunters” just leave the dead thing laying on the ground to rot…minus the trophy, of course.

      There are people that do that…they tend to be poachers hunting for a very specific PART of an animal to sell on a a foreign open or black market. Take the part they are after and leave the rest. That is not most legal “trophy hunters.”

      “Trophy Hunter” is a gross misnomer. A better descriptor would be “hunter who chooses his kill based on a physical attribute, keeps a trophy and either keeps or gives away the rest of the animal” but that’s kind of cumbersome.

  21. Vegitarians, are the only ones to start with that have a stalk to stand on.

    Meat eaters rely on a hired gun using the captive bolt pistol to do their killing.
    I thought our justice system treated those that hire a killer more harshly than the killer themselves.

    • “Vegitarians, are the only ones to start with that have a stalk to stand on.”

      Not even them, in my belief.

      Especially if they use any natural animal products as clothing, cosmetics, soaps or medications.

      But even then, I don’t give vegetarians a pass. Eating plant material is “killing” as well. Life is life, all life is precious and an utter fascination, and it is morally dishonest to draw lines of hierarchy as an attempt to rationalize one’s behavior while criticizing that of others.

      As one who has hunted and fished since childhood, I can say that those I have been around that have hunted and fished have had, and shown (in action, not just words), FAR more respect for life in general than the ‘no food with a face’ crowd.

      • In Janism the concept of Ahimsa, non-violence towards any living organism, is similar to the type of ideology you mentioned but taken to an extreme level.

    • Vegetarians are fooling themselves if they believe their lifestyle does not cause the death of animals. In order to grow crops, pesticides are used to kill insects, farmers shoot/trap/poison deer, squirrels, groundhogs, etc., etc., in to keep the crops from being eaten, and the tilling of the land kills young animals in their nests and burrows.

      Vegetarians have no moral high ground in their lifestyle.

  22. Would it be wrong to point out that she is significantly more attractive than Pamela Anderson ever was? Why would anyone want a vindictive anti-freedom woman when there are beautiful women out there who enjoy Liberty?

    Axelle (sp?) may never mingle with champagne liberals again because she is a hunter. That’s sad, but I hope her astounding looks and courageous attitude can be channelled into the pro-freedom atmosphere where she belongs.

    My teenage daughter wants to go shooting. I’m very excited. If she wanted to go hunting, I would encourage that as well.

  23. It sucks when they just can’t keep politics and business separate… There will always be hunters, firing one won’t change that.

  24. I feel this way about animal right groups

    Back in Roman Gladiator times, when they would unleash all sorts of lions and tigers and bears (Oh my!) against the Gladiators, the crowd I read would overwhelmingly would cheer for the Gladiator. The animal rights groups would be the ones that would be cheering for the lions, tigers and bears!

    They seem to put animal lives about human lives when in the case of these hunts, killing these animals actually helps sustain the herds. These people are as nuts as the anti-gun groups and sometimes they are one of the same

  25. Actually, not her Facebook page:

    This page is UNOFFICIAL and is in no way connected to Axelle.
    This is the biggest fan page of Axelle made by fans!!!

    It in fact looks like she hasn’t any Facebook page.

  26. Looks like I’ll be boycotting L’Oreal as well (not that I use it), and will suggest as such to any females I associate with.

  27. Who cares? This isn’t a anti-gun thing it’s a anti- hunting animals for sport thing. While if it’s legal I have no problems with it even though I find hunting for pleasure and not food disgusting it’s her right to do it. It’s also the company’s right who hired her to fire her for her actions, past or present, illegal or legal, because if they carried her as a model for their product they would be attacked by the animal rights groups who have much power in and out of this industry and have many very powerful and rich models and supporters who could hurt this company’s sales. Those bitching about this are probably the same ones who rant about free market, well this is a free market action. I know companies that terminate people for skydiving, smoking cigs, too fat, too ugly, too dumb, ect. ect. This was expected, look at the Texas female college student who publicly showed her sport hunting photos, she was destroyed. Isn’t about the guns, it’s about sport hunting, an entirely different issue.

    • “This isn’t a anti-gun thing it’s a anti- hunting animals for sport thing. “

      Do you really think those two things are all that separable? Asked another way…are the anti-gunners and the anti-hunters not the same people? Don’t they apply the same (lack of) thinking to both?

      “While if it’s legal I have no problems with it even though I find hunting for pleasure and not food disgusting it’s her right to do it. “

      You don’t understand what sport hunting is. The animal is used for food and often to feed a local population that may not eat very well otherwise.

      So, you find feeding hungry people disgusting?

      • The “it’s for conservation/feeding hungry people” thing is just an excuse. It’s a side benefit. The reason the woman posts the photos like that is because of clear enjoyment in the act of killing. That can hurt a company’s image being associated with something like that. It also is not a very respectable thing IMO, enjoying killing of animals.

        Animals are killed for all manner of uses by humans, which I think is fine, but I do not think one should take enjoyment in the killing. I have no problem with animals being killed for food, clothing, luxury items like leather, population control, etc…but do it in a humane way and it shouldn’t be something one takes pleasure in.

    • Holy cow, now we know for sure. The anti-gun, anti-hunting crowd really is brainless. The comments. Just wow.

    • This is truly frightening. As one commenter pointed out…they vote.

      You really do have to try to be that stupid.

      Someone kindly pointed out, “That’s Steven Spielberg, director of Jurassic Park.”

      Vincent Smith’s Reply:

      “I don’t care who he is. He should not have shot that animal.”

      This leaves me hoping that the ‘they are software’ hypothesis is correct. There’s no way the same species that put men on the moon and developed brain surgery produced this level of stupidity.

  28. So this really blew up on twitter I noticed. The libtard that outed her is getting tons of hatemail. Some of it from me. The left is against bullying – but as soon as you stray from their thought process they will be the ones doing the bullying, and taking a paycheck and/or career from this poor girl.

    I hope she gets fired from Business Insider.

  29. Axelle is soooooooooooooooo gorgeous!
    Anybody disparaging her should not eat meat/poultry/fish. The ones that do are hypocrites.
    The world is FULL of self-righteous hypocrites.

  30. Why can’t the animals get along? Why do the carnivores have to murder other living animals? Can’t they all just get along?


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