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“We have scar tissue in my town. We have scar tissue in my Commonwealth. We have scar tissue in this country. Why do we need to be passive? Why do we need to do nothing? We resolved to do better and do more. Yet here in this body, we can’t.” – Tim Kaine on the Senate’s failure to pass universal background checks in Sen. Tim Kaine could be Hillary’s point man on guns [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Massachusetts Republican Governor [Not Shown] Supports Redefined Assault Weapons Ban">Previous Post
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      • How can you not vote for a man who will build a wall, deport millions of soon to be (if we do nothing) democratic voters, reduce legal immigration, end immigration from “terror supporting nations”, remake trade as to favor American workers, and is solidly pro gun?

        He is not perfect, but compared to the the Clinton machine he is our man. He will insure the dems do not rig the game via flooding us with welfare voters via the immigration system as to insure they steal elections in perpetuity.

        • This x1000

          Voting for Donald Trump is the only right thing to do. Sure, you may not like the guy, but voting for Gary Johnson is almost like voting for Hillary.

          If Hillary wins this, kiss your gun rights goodbye.

        • Most if not all of those things are properly the purview of Congress, not the president.

          Don’t forget to vote in your senator and representative races. And let’s try to avoid the presidency becoming any more imperial than it already is.

        • Right so we should vote for the guy who says he supports all those things except his entire empire is built on outsourced jobs, illegal immigrant labor, has openly supported assault weapons bans and supported politicians who support them, and thinks it’s perfectly ok to actively discriminate against broad religious groups.

          People like you are so blinded by their hate that you are going sell our country to someone who has zero moral scruples and who will establish precedent that will lay the ground work for any future tyrant who may or may not agree with you. The sign of a good law is if you would be ok with it being applied against you by the opposite side. I cringe when I think of the possibility of a progressive liberal exercising the types of power Trump is campaigning to use.

        • Tex300BLK,

          So, we should instead vote for Hillary?

          Are you claiming that Hillary would vigorously oppose and veto any legislation for universal background checks, “no-fly, no buy”, military-style semi-auto rifle bans, magazine limits, “waiting/cooling off” periods, and compulsory “buy backs” or outright confiscation?

          Are you claiming that Hillary would only nominate U.S. Supreme Court Justices who vigorously defend and uphold the Second Amendment?

          Are you claiming that Hillary would vigorously oppose and veto any legislation which grants citizenship (e.g. VOTING RIGHTS) to illegals?

          Are you claiming that Hillary would vigorously support and sign legislation into law that would secure the border — and vigorously implement said legislation?

          Are you claiming that Hillary would vigorously oppose and veto any legislation that allows a flood of people from the Middle East to immigrate into the United States?

          Look, Trump is anything but my first choice. Like it or not, he is one of only two choices that have any realistic chance of winning the election. I agree that Trump’s previous statements and actions were opposed to many of my values. At least Trump is saying many of the right things at this point, which is a Hell of a lot more than we can say about Hillary.

        • No…. Tx300blk didn’t say any of that…. He’s just not a Trump cheerleader. I see what he’s saying because I feel the same way….. I’m still going to hold my nose and vote trump, but there’s no amount of soap and water thats going to make me feel clean afterwords……. “Spread those cheeks wide fellas. You want Hillary or Donald in there?”…… “Neither.”…….. “Too bad!!!!”

        • im with ya Cali Rich….the guy is just as phony as his tan, and a major blowhard who does not hide his nepotism and no f’ing way he will be able to do half the stiff he spews. But Hillary is just nasty, intelligent, but nasty. Yes, Trump will probably get my vote, but i am not voting for the person, just some ideals i hope he sticks to. i think we in for a rough 4 years regardless who sits on the throne (toilet?).

        • I really try to stay out of this whole Trump argument but let me point something out here.

          What is good and proper when it comes to the role of government is meaningless in the context of an HRC win and I will tell you why.

          Just today Kaine gave a speech in Spanish where he promised amnesty with citizenship within the first 100 days of an HRC presidency.

          Now, to many that sounds far fetched. There’s no way they’ll convince Congress to go along right? Well you are right but it doesn’t matter. What HRC will do is issue an EO on the subject. Many will rightly claim that’s illegal. Again, your cries are immaterial. See HRC is going to get to pack the SCOTUS with judges that will rubber stamp whatever she wants to do. It will take several years for the case on such an EO to wend it’s way through the court system and arrive at the SCOTUS and if another justice needs to retire or die HRC will have the government lawyers delay, delay, delay in the lower courts.

          So, when the case does arrive at the SCOTUS the court has been packed and the EO is allowed to stand. Bang, tens of millions of new voters with a huge Democrat majority within that group. Kiss any other party goodbye at that point. Reliably red states will turn blue and the Democrats will win every election that really matters for decades to come. At that point the majority will be OK with whatever the Democrats want to do and you can kiss ALL your rights goodbye. Congress won’t save you, and in fact won’t matter at all. We’ll have turned from a Republic into a People’s Republic.

        • Trump’s claims about trade are ignorant in the extreme. If he actually follows through on what he wants trade policy-wise, he will make Obama look like Ronald Reagan in terms of the economy.

        • “a man who will build a wall, deport millions of soon to be (if we do nothing) democratic voters, reduce legal immigration, end immigration from “terror supporting nations”, remake trade as to favor American workers”

          is he a wizard? because otherwise he’s still talking a lot and giving you no indication of how he makes all that happen.

      • We do, ANYONE BUT HILL. It is sad we don’t have someone as beloved as Ronald Reagan to vote for every four years (I have no idea what his record on gun control was), you would think in a country of more than 300 million someone would emerge other than a New York reality TV boss. However, the more I hear about him from his employees and business partners, the less hard I have to pinch my nose when I go to vote.

        • Reagan as governor was bad, Reagan as President was so terrible that he signed away our rights to buy new auto-guns. (Among other things). Which is why an aged Uzi with a giggle-switch is $10K, not $500 used.

          Apparently, NRA-ILA’s propaganda arm has found some way to manipulate facts and leave things out to make Reagan sound more palatable. But for those of us who were around then, we remember the truth. He was no friend of guns.

        • No, no ,no, no! Not “anyone but Hillary”. Mickey mouse is anyone but hillary, but you and I both know that Mickey mouse will not occupy the oval office.

          If you care about gun rights, border security, and undoing some of the worst trade deals ever – you NEED to vote for Trump.

        • Reagan was at best a RINO.

          He trusted the dems to cut spending when he raised taxes, they did not

          He gave away the state of CA via Amnesty to over 3 million alien criminals and believe the dems would secure the border…They did not.

          He signed into law the FOPA, with the Hughes Amendment, and then lobbied for “assault weapon” bans.

          So stop with the “Reagan was a such a great guy,” nonsense. He was at best not bad. The last real Conservative was Cooliage. He did not do anything to meddle in the depression of 1920, did nothing to limit our rights, and passed the Immigration Act of 1924, limiting immigration for the next 40 years and help create the middle class.

        • Firearm Owners Protection Act

          The lone piece of significant legislation related to gun rights during the Reagan administration was the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986. Signed into law by Reagan on May 19, 1986, the legislation amended the Gun Control Act of 1968 by repealing parts of the original act that were deemed by studies to be unconstitutional.

          The National Rifle Association and other pro gun groups lobbied for passage of the legislation, and it was generally considered favorable for gun owners. Among other things, the act made it easier to transport long rifles across the United States, ended federal records-keeping on ammunition sales and prohibited the prosecution of someone passing through areas with strict gun control with firearms in their vehicle, so long as the gun were properly stored.

          However, the act also contained a provision banning the ownership of any fully automatic firearms not registered by May 19, 1986. That provision was slipped into the legislation as an 11th hour amendment by Rep. William J. Hughes, a New Jersey Democrat. Reagan has been criticized by some gun owners for signing legislation containing the Hughes amendment.

        • Henry,

          If Calvin Coolidge was the last conservative president then conservatism is dead, and everything I ever learned about conservatives is wrong. I might as well vote for Hillary and watch my collection of guns increase in value.

        • For those criticizing Reagan, please get an education. Reagan lived in a different time, a time when public support for more gun control in every metric was massively higher than today. Support for total bans on handguns, not just semi — but all handguns — ran as high as 70%.

          Seems a lot of you guys don’t know history. Even in 1993 support for assault rifle ban ran at 85%. Ie the vast majority Republicans supported assault rifle ban. Today it is 45% to 50% in the polls.

          25 years ago 34% of Americans said owning a gun made a home safer, today it is 58% to 63% in the surveys.

          During Reagans time gun murder rates had been climbing for 25 years. Today they have been declining for 22 years.

          Now I am not saying Reagan was right in supporting some gun control, he was wrong, but public support and demand of more gun control was massively higher.

          Today, with the exception of “universal background check,” gun control measures are about 50/50 in support nationally. The gun control groups have gotten a lot smarter and are going for state level, and with Hillary will go with federal because they are outspending NRA about 15:1 on campaign funding and media work

        • Of course it is dead, has been for some time, name one massive government program, regulation, gun control law they have gotten rid of when they had the power do to so?

          They do not weld power when they have it because it is controlled opposition based on flawed “principals” that insure they lose elections, and even when they win, they never weld power as it “sets the wrong tone” or “we must be morally better then the democrats”.

          Naz, The “Conservatives” in the GOP are Globalist. Neo Cons, or “Cuckservatives”

          Globalists see nations not as large areas of a ethic group, who have cultures, values, traditions that are entirely their own and unique but as markets and customers, interchange and with no inherent value. They want to make a dollar and if that means America is flooded with 3rd world people who turn us into Brazil or South Africa, our rights, wealth, and future are voted away by imported hordes, well that is more then ok with them if not the desired outcome. They live in gated communities, protected by armed guards with the latest toys, send their kids to private schools, while laughing at the very idea of Liberty, rights, nationalism, mocking their base as “racist” or xenophobes for not understanding their place in this new world order.

          Neo cons are universal, they think everyone can be American and every were can be America, they really are Poge Colonel in Full Metal Jacket, they really do believe inside everyone, even the most low IQed, backwards groups on Earth that they are an American just dying to get out, only there were was just born in the wrong location. It does not matter their are not unable to or if they are reject and support the antithesis of them. They see fair trade as a must, that we can and should “wage wars on terror” and “remove “tyranny” in our world” and too hell with the trillions we could invest in our nation, we can “invade the world” but we most also “invite the world”, and if that means we allow in terrorist who attack us and those attacks are used to attack and mutilate our freedoms and rights well it is just the cost of “defending freedom”, borders as a obstacle to be over came rather then a barrier that must be made strong and protected as they are the walls on our American Nation.

          And lastly this group of cowards…”Cuckservatives”

          They fear not dispossession in their homeland, having their wealth, future, nation, Posterity (and the means of their protection, firearm ownership) is voted away by imported hordes from the 3rd world, they do not fear their their future being stolen by leftist and and given away to their voter blocs. No they fear most is being called names be people that hate them because they exist, and will always hate them.

          To the Cuckservative, Anyone who understands that importing millions of 3rd worlders will only create more poverty, crime, terrorism, not to mention mint new Democratic Voters is “racist”, and they will attack him no matter how many studies, or pages of cold hard facts you show him. He has to virtue signal that he is a so called “good person” by selling out his in group to favor groups that either are indifferent to him or our right hostile to him and his culture/group.

          Think of them as the Fudds of the so called “Conservative” movement. They are willing to sell you out if they get special treatment/favors.

          What they fail to understand is that when they are replace in large numbers by the imported hordes the left will control everything and just over run them, see the tomb that is CA thanks to that fool Reagan. Instead of learning from his failure and the danger of mass immigration, they instead doubled it, and now seek to increase it even more and would have had the Rubio Bill passed.

          They call people who want to keep out Islam as they understand its true nature “hateful” or claim keeping out threats from out nation is “Not who we are”. They then in the aftermath of an attack are all to happy to throw our rights under the bus (Paul Ryan and our Cucks in the aftermath of the Pulse ring a bell?)

          The Cuckservative then in full view of their failures try and double down on their failures, on how their actions having harmed the nation, our Liberty, rights, future will still some how work out in our favor but few and few are believing their lies as the cost for doing so is just too high. The crash and burn that was Yeb! Bush is proof of that. 180 Million for less then 2.4 percent of the vote is proof that Cuckservativism, Neo Conism, and Globalism is dead in the GOP and if the party has any future it will be Protectionist, Nationalist, Nativist and will go on the war path with a united party free from internal subversion we can come down like a hammer on the Left, and instill guards for our future security.

          Trump….He only the beginning, his the first of many such leaders and his tactics and their massive success of them with the message are proof of this, is it any wonder why the factions that fear him the most are the parasites on the right? They know their 50 year plus long scam of talk about making things better but when you have the means just let things rot is over and they are doing what any good con artist does, they are riding it out until the very end.

          The left is largely too dumb to understand what is going on in the party, not understanding that with a united right (No longer fight by rules that insure we lose)along with massive support for nationalist policies (America first trade, FP, immigration, etc) added by cutting of the voter pipe line that is mass immigration will be their death nail.

          And with this we will see sooner rather then later massive gains in gun rights. What would it look like if we had Congress of real patriots, who cared more about protecting and restore Liberty then looking “respectable” or were in fear of being called names like “racist”? What would happen if we had that and a President who cared about this nation, and the freedoms we enjoy?

          You think the we would be fighting a losing battle with the left? No. We would be repealing law after law, infringement after infringement as leftist stroked out in mass and what a sight that will be.

          See how it works? When you accept that the worst thing in the world is to be a “racist “ (and not to be robbed of your Liberty, Culture, Nation, and the means of protecting them) and that it is of utmost importance for everyone to know you’re not one, you are literally not allowed stopping the Democrats. You can’t say that you’re against what they are doing, You can deny what is going on, You can propose some half-hearted idea for winning over the majority of the Democrats’ new and never ending supply of constituents to the ideals of capitalism and the rule of law (which so far has failed everywhere). The one thing you are “not allowed “ to do is say “No, it is wrong to try and turn whites (and conservative voters of all races and groups) into a minority, and altar the character, culture, and future of America to favor groups that are antithetical to Liberty because they cannot win with the native born of the nation. That is evil and we have to stop this act of treason.”

          We must let go of the fear of being labeled a “racist”, a” bigot” or “hate monger”. The moment you lose your fear of being labeled is the moment they lose their power over you.

          In a never-ending and pointless attempt to“win” unwinnable conflicts we have “compromised” or “met in the middle ground” on countless issues. Well if you always “meet in the middle group” as the oppositions moving further towards tyranny what are you moving towards? If you play by opposition`s rules and limit yourself to using the language that say is “appreciable” Who is going to win?

          There are some people who are always going to hate you for some reason, skin color, income, political views, or the fact you are armed and therefore able and willing to reject and defend against their actions and goals. You defile and betray yourself, your Nation, Culture, Liberty and your Forefathers (who fought, overcame great hardship to found, build and defend this nation) by surrendering everything you been bequeathed, are, have, will ever achieve, become and the birthrights and inheritance your posterity will ever have just to appease these agents of usurpation who create a never ending list of grievances to justify their theft of your wealth and the destruction of your Liberty.

          When it comes to Gun Rights we have stopped compromising, we have stopped “meeting in the middle” and guess what? WE ARE WIINING! Every time the Gun Grabbers calls us “gun nuts”, or “Domestic Terrorists” for supporting the 2nd Amendment do we back down? No? Why? Because the facts are on our side and because we value our Rights and Future and protecting them for ourselves and our posterity more then we value the opinions of people who hate us and want rob us of our Liberty and force themselves onto under armed or disarmed public.
          You don’t win by meeting the enemy in the middle.

          You win by relentlessly attacking the enemy and never giving an inch. As tribal animals, humans are drawn to a strong leader. Regardless of how rational you consider your compromise to be, your enemies and fence-sitters view it as weakness and your own tribe will find it demoralizing. Attack, attack, attack will lead to win after win after win.

    • What? Hillary’s desire hold gun manufacturers responsible for injury their guns cause while being misused or used in a crime was not enough to get you to vote for anyone who can beat her?

  1. One word: Munich.

    Germany has tighter gun control than even the Fudds would allow, and a shooting happened there.

    • The German apologists trot out the per-capita gun death rate in response to this while ignoring the fact that the US is far larger and far more diverse than Germany.

      Take out our most violent cities and we are far better than most of Europe.

      Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

      • Germany was far less diverse, until Angela Merkel imported over a million Muslims last year and crime and terrorism have started eating them up. Give it five years and European crime statistics will be worse than ours. In ten we will be talking about the European Calphate.

        This is what the Hildabeast wants to sign us up for.

  2. I saw Tim Kaine wearing a full Canadian tuxedo going into the local liquor store to buy some Burnetts vodka a couple years ago. This is the guy the Dems are so excited about…

  3. This is her version of “moving toward the center.” A play for Kasich voters. Think about that; Trump and sanders pushed her so far left, she had to compensate by picking this guy Bernie hates. Abandoning the youth vote, in essence. An inside look at what they really think of their chances.

    • Meanwhile Trump openly plays for disaffected Bernie Socialists while angrily denouncing conservative leaders in his own party.

      It makes you think (wait, no it doesn’t)

  4. Clinton/Kaine has sort a WWE heel sound to it.
    I picture black masks, dark music and a lot of booing from the audience.

    • The Convention next week is going to be a RIOT.

      Start popping the corn now so you have enough.

      There are seriously going to be some awesome pull-quotes from that pair.

      I wonder if one of the qualifying questions he had to answer before being ‘picked’ was “How do you feel about FBI investigations? Dog and pony show, or should they have real teeth?”

  5. Now, if Kaine would only say “build a wall, make good trade deals, deport illegals, stop ISIS, the 2A is now good, law and order.”

  6. I wonder if this is also a subtle psychological move…associate the name with Herman Cain, a right leaning black commentator.

    It’s pretty clear substance has nothing to do with Clinton’s campaign (see wikileaks leaked emails). There has to be some underlying manipulative factor involved, and I don’t think “move to the center” is quite enough to offset everything else she’s been exposed for lately.

  7. Kaine is a professional Democratic Party operative and lifelong do-gooder. Except for his longer time in politics his resume reads a lot like Obama’s. Any questions on his opinions on any issue you can name? Meanwhile the Virginia Supreme Court overturned current Democratic operative governor McCauliffe’s attempt to blanket legalize 200,000 former felons voting rights. No, there is no attempt by the D’a to fix the upcoming election.

  8. Didn’t Obama just say (trying to repudiate Trump’s claims) that violent crime was the lowest in decades?

    Makes you wonder why Hillary has a hardon for gun restriction…

    • Rhetoric vs dialectic.

      It’s all they have.

      They know the fundamental truths that are readily apparent don’t support their positions. They can only manipulate and lie and tweak emotions. That’s ALL they have.

      And just to keep this in the forefront of our minds as we look at the DNC strategy this campaign season:

      ““If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.””

      –Joseph Goebbels

      {emphasis added}

      • JR, that is the most outstanding explanation of today’s Democrat party I’ve seen! Where’s my Like button? Where are the stars? I award you top interweb comment of the week! Nail:Head

        It is our civic duty to send the Democrats back under their rocks this November.

      • Lovely, and apt as all hell. There are no choices, just a leap of faith that Trump will never be amenable to selling out the 2nd Amendment, or cares for a good hard ego stroking just a bit less than the rights of the nations citizens.

  9. I saw this morning they have erected North Korea style double fences around the Wells fargo site they are using for the DNC. “For security reasons” hmmmm….

  10. “We resolved to do better and do more. Yet here in this body, we can’t.”

    Because you demagogues suck up all the time and interest with proposals that won’t help, that you know won’t go anywhere.

    It’s like you’d rather have the issue than a solution, and don’t care how many people get killed to feed your posturing.

    Oh, wait…

  11. Yep a perfect running boy. “Devout” catholic(who’s OK with baby murder and capital punishment-even though he “opposes” it). It appears this white bread testosterone challenged guy was chosen mainly on GUNS. Oh yeah he speaks Spanish…fun times as we approach the apocalypse. Trump/Pence 2016!

  12. The next week, with the Dem National Convention, is going to be a nightmare. All the hype, all the news, all about Hillary. OMG.

    • Sorry, man, but I disagree.

      I think it’s going to be a ton of fun.

      Right now the DNC is a train wreck of major proportions. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

      Wikileaks for the WIN! And wave two is coming.

      • Let’s raise a glass to the Feel the Been rioters JR! I’m looking forward to the convention…

    • Even if he does the Governor (Terry McAuliffe) is a Democrat and gets to appoint Kaine’s replacement.

      Win or lose that seat isn’t up for grabs until 2018.

  13. His idea (one that is growing more common among grabbers) to hold FFLs liable for misuse of firearms, even if they were stolen from the original owner before the misuse amounts to a de facto ban on new guns.

    You can’t own what you can’t buy and such a proposal would rapidly put every FFL in the country out of business due to lawsuits or fear of them. Once that’s done they’ll say that you have to be an FFL to sell accessories such as ammo, reloading tools etc and within a few years the only guns or ammo you’ll be able to get will come from the black market.

  14. He is a responsible gun owner who believes in common sense regulations. It’s what many many NRA members agree with.


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