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Ali Sonboly (courtesy

Listening to the most recent mainstream media mass shooting marathon on satellite radio, the anchors, pundits and experts were desperate to know: was the killer a radical Islamic terrorist or a right-wing German extremist? Turns out 18-year-old gunman who killed nine and wounded 27 in the attack was your garden variety psycho. (Remember them?)

As reports:

The German-Iranian killer had no known links to the Islamic State or any other terrorist group, but had a sick fascination with mass killings, investigators found.

Police raided the man’s home overnight and found a stash of literature about why young perpetrators carry out school shootings in the U.S., titled “Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters.”

The book, by American psychologist Dr. Peter Langman, studies the gunmen who carried out shootings at Columbine and Virginia Tech, among others. A German translation of it was found in Sonboly’s bedroom, the Guardian reported.

Initial investigations suggest the Munich-born suspect had suffered from psychological problems like depression and received treatment, but details were still being confirmed, said Munich prosecutor Thomas Steinkraus-Koch.

According to social media reports by New York Times journalist Rukmini Callimachi, Sonboly had been “severely bullied” at school and once threated to “go on a shooting rampage,” after a dispute with a classmate, a 14-year-old neighbor who attended the same high school as the gunman said.

Another neighbor of the gunman described him as “very quiet.”

He was such a quiet boy! With a known desire to kill a bunch of people.

I guess the fact that Mr. Sonboly lacked a political motivation for mass murder means the antis can return to their gun control mania, asking how he could have possibly gotten a hold of a gun, lamenting the easy access to firearms. In Germany. Where there isn’t easy access to firearms. Unless you’re a terrorist. Which he wasn’t. Per se.

Oh, and remember…this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries outside the U.S., according to President Obama. In case you’d forgotten.

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  1. Wait ..The Gun was “walked” in and exported to Germany due to “Fast and Furious” by the DOJ…More likely he brought it through some EU black market type of operation.

    • It’s not like they’re vetting any the snackbars roaming across Europe from Turkey and North Africa. There’s no reason why some (or many) of them couldn’t easily be smuggling weapons, drugs, bombs, etc, into the EU.

      • It is interesting how they immediately sweep aside his Iranian ancestry and undoubted Muslim family and heritage as soon as they find any excuse to blame the shooting on some other (American) source.

        They will continue to ignore the presence of this virulent culture in their midst until it does to them what they did to the Jews.

    • Could have avoided this by keeping out the hordes of Africa and the Middle East, but no, “multiculturalism and “diversity” are such strengths.

      • Wait… Huh?

        This kid might have been tormented all his life because he wasn’t a “real” German. He might have grown up with German’s being discriminatory towards him because his ancestors are not of European origin and for their religion.

        In other words, people being racists, nationalists and bigots could have pushed this teenager towards violence. If you are degraded to the point you no longer care about your life, are you going to care about others? Hence the literature he was reading.

        It appears during the shooting people were yelling racial slurs at him because they thought he was Turkish. They blamed “his” people for ruining their country, their lives and the world. He identified as a German, but Germans would not accept him as one.

        Self fulfilling prophecy?

        • Your assumption might be correct IF the information was true. Let me remind you that its same germany police that was trying to cover up huge number of rapes at the beginning of this year. And its only 5 days after other arabian teenager attacked passengers in a train with an axe (that time ISIS bonds were confirmed). They might lie about the reasons of attack to prevent panic or to cover their asses and chairs. One more thing bothers me: media says that shooter was born in Germany AND he has two citizenship/ passports… Sounds fishy.

        • All across the world, people immigrate, assimilate, and manage to rise above whatever bigotry they encounter without killing innocent people.

        • sylva, how many Persians/Iranians have done this before?
          If anything at all they usually fund it, and especially in Germany, they were good allies too

        • And the pussification of the entire world continues unabated……..

          You have no evidence for any of that bilge you just spewed. Check the German Grundgesetz (Constitution). There is freedom of expression, but it can be restricted “for the protection of young persons and in the right to personal honor”, among other things. That’s how they have section 130 of the German Criminal Code, which criminalizes incitement to hate.

          Under the law, a person can be liable to imprisonment for three months to five years if he “incites hatred against a national, racial, religious group or a group defined by their ethnic origins, against segments of the population or individuals because of their belonging to one of the aforementioned groups or segments of the population or calls for violent or arbitrary measures against them.”

          German prosecutors routinely use that law against Holocaust deniers and those using hate speech against immigrants, for example. So go peddle your phony abuse excuse elsewhere. Or maybe, just maybe, somebody might charge you with Radical Islamic Terrorism Denial. Auf wiedersehen!

        • Bullying doesn’t justify mass murder. Just kill your sissy butt. I believe Ali just wanted to punch the paradise ticket…

        • “It appears during the shooting people were yelling racial slurs at him because they thought he was Turkish.”

          Boy, is a citation needed there! You expect to convince this crowd that people were shouting racial slurs at a guy who was SHOOTING people? The people were running and screaming, not having a conversation of any kind, good or bad.

        • Oh, no! Those bad, bigoted racists dared to use slurs at their poor murderer whilst being slaughtered? Well – that explains everything. They had it coming.
          …And easy access to guns of course.

  2. Well, in the first days of the week I had to travel by train across Italy.
    I have never been as situationally aware as during this trip. And I hated being unarmed and, possibly, at the mercy of any crazy SOB who could happen to cross my path.
    Europe is under siege, but it’s not politically correct to defend ourselves.
    Any suggestions for a very compact and easy to hide handgun?
    I’m not a politically correct guy;-)

        • Wont matter….. If you dont recite the correct nuanced version theyll kill you all the same. 9/10ths of the people killed by islamists are Muslims who are the wrong kind of Muslim.

      • You should read the Koran. Walk a mile in your enemies shoes and all that.
        But seriously you should read the Koran to understand how they think, if more people are did we wouldn’t be having this immigration issue. They’d all still be in Turkey or Sryia etc

      • Ain’t skeered, I’m prepared.
        My favorite koranic verse is Suva BR549 :

        For children, A Woman
        For daily sex, A Boy
        For greatest earthly delight, A Warm Melon

        • “Checked it out and already know where to get it.”

          Huh? Wait…

          Our president says no European citizen ‘can just buy a gun’, does that mean HE LIED TO US???

          Carry safely, and more importantly, carry DISCREETLY my friend… 🙂

          (And get good performing ammo for it)

      • Nothing against the LCP, but I’d take a look at the LC9s and LC9s Pro. They are 9mm instead of .380, and still extremely pocketable. I am quite pleased with my Pro and De Santis pocket holster.

        • Determine for yourself which you can most easily (discretely?) find ammo for, .380 or 9mm. And buy extra mag or 2, 6 or 7rounds ain’t much (but better than zero).

      • Right. It’s just that I’m not really into handguns, though I’m a good shot with them.
        Will look into their catalogue also.
        Should have thought about it myself……..;-D

        • Hello Geoff PR, I have to reply from here, but actually, once you have a permit (mine is for carrying a rifle, but just means that I can transport it and buy guns and ammo), you can go to any gun shops and buy whatever you want. In a matter of minutes.
          If I’ll ever feel the need, I’ll have to carry discreetly, otherwise I will land in jail and get all my other guns confiscated.
          I’m not some outlaw from some strange country. I’m just a stupid honest Italian citizen.

    • Ovidio G,

      I am not sure what is available in Europe. Here are a few handgun models that would be good, if available:

      Ruger LC9s is a compact handgun in 9mm. They are reliable and a LOT of people say good things about them.

      Ruger LCP is a sub-compact handgun in .380 ACP (9mm kurz). While the LCP is extremely concealable, the .380 ACP cartridge is weak and lacks “stopping power”. The short barrel of the LCP (about 2.75 inches or 70 mm) further reduces bullet velocity which is bad when the cartridge is already weak. (Small handguns in .380 ACP are somewhat okay for stopping typical criminals. They are not good for promptly stopping a suicide attacker.)

      Walther PPS is a compact handgun in 9mm. It looks fairly small and concealable. I have no idea how good they are.

      Walther PPK is a popular compact hangun in .380 ACP. Again, many people believe that .380 ACP is a weak cartridge and would not be a great choice for stopping a suicide attacker.

      If you like the Walther PPK, the Brazilian firearms manufacturer Bersa makes an almost identical copy which they call their Bersa Thunder 380. A lot of people say good things about the Bersa Thunder 380 handgun.

      Note about .380 ACP cartridge: while the cartridge is weak, any firearm in any caliber is better than no firearm. If you decide to purchase a handgun in .380 ACP, I urge you to purchase a handgun with the longest barrel possible which will boost bullet velocity to its maximum possible value. In that regard, the Bersa Thunder 380 or Walther PPQ would be the way to go.

      • He lives in Italy. I don’t know the current laws but when I did know them the 9×19, along with other “military” calibers was not allowed to citizens.

        • True. Which is why for years police and civilians had .32s and .380s. It is only recently that the police have started carrying 9s, perhaps because SMGs don’t come any smaller.

      • Hey uncommon, I wouldn’t get in front of a .380. Would you? Weak? WTF? For that matter, a .22 revolver will work.

      • Time out fella. Weak cartridge? That little bit of extra powder in a 9mm is going to provide STOPPING power?! Knock ’em straight down to the ground. With one shot! Landing face down with X’s over his eyes! Just like in da movies. While the WEAK .380 bounces off and drops harmlessly to the ground. Do your homework ace before handing out advice that you heard the old farts talking about at the range. Big calibers may be better, a la .45, but a 9mm ain’t that different from ,380 with modern loads. And don’t get started about barrel length. Mines is bigurn yorze. The difference is negliable. Learn how to shoot and shoot the bastard. Pretty simple. Might have body armor you say? Ok. Now we’re talking long guns.

        • As shootingthebull has pointed out JHPs are designed to work properly in narrow band of velocity. The 50 fps difference between a 3 and four inch barrel is the difference between proper expanson and a very expensive ball round.

        • STB has also pointed out (and demonstrated!) several .380 rounds which performed amazingly, among them the Lehigh. Large wound channel with no expansion, 15″ penetration (which is considered ideal), good clothing penetration and reduced recoil. Choose the right ammo for your needs. I carried Lehigh in .380, but when I moved to 9mm the penetration was too great, I moved to Winchester Train and Defend (Defend is carry ammo).

        • And accuracy is an end-to-end process. A longer barrel has better ballustics, i.e. more stable flight path, longer sight radius and lower felt recoil because of the increased weight.

          If you were on the balcony you would had a much higher p(hit) from an M-9 or 1911 than a pistol with a 3″ barrel.

        • There is good performing ammo for short barreled pistol but it is always better to be able to take any ammo off the shelf if you have to.

    • The micro .380’s (9mm short) are very easy to conceal, yet are still somewhat effective . They include the Ruger LCP, KEL-TEC P3AT, Taurus TCP, and the S&W Bodyguard.

      Personally, I generally prefer a snubnosed .38 special revolver (S&W Airweight or Ruger LCR). The new pocket 9mm pistols are great too (Glock 43, S&W Shield, Ruger LC9).

      Those are all a little bigger and don’t conceal quite as easily as the micro .380.

      Or, you can step up a bit more in size to the still small, but certainly more effective Glock 26/27 or 30.

      The 9×18 Makarov family are good too.

      • You could also just carry a good knife you’re comfortable using if you want to stay on the right side of Italian law. In Italy you can’t carry a knife unless it’s for a “good reason” – which in typical Italian fashion is very poorly defined (although self defense is right out). The most common excuse people I’ve talked to keep up their sleeve is that they’re interested in botony and the knife is to collect samples should you happen to run into a plant of interest.

    • “Any suggestions for a very compact and easy to hide handgun?”

      A full size 1911 is a lot smaller and more concealable than you might think. Single stack means that IWB and anything baggier than a tight fitting t shirt is all I need. Yes, this limits round count, but that’s what extra mags are for. Here in NY anyway 7+1 is our limit, so for me this is a non-issue (yes we know about the court ruling on that, even still most people I know keep to 7 in the mag).

        • Well, I own and have a lot of experience using a Bernardelli P-One, not very well known, but a very good pistol. 9×21. I did very well with that in dynamic shooting contests among reserve military, but it is too big.
          A full size 1911 would be pretty much the same size. Simply impossible for me.
          Actually I’d love to have a .45 or a .40 at least, but also 9 is not that bad.
          For sure better than nothing.
          Concerning knives and Italian laws, everything depends on who you meet. It’s always a gamble.
          I really would like to have a carry permit, but here you either have to be a “friend of friends” or in some very particular category that is deemed at risk.
          And again, even my father, in the 1970s on the killimg list of the Italian red brigades, was not considered at risk enough……..
          Anyway, sooner or later things will force a decision, in the meantime I gear up.
          Thanks everybody.

  3. I can’t stand it when America gets compared to individual EU countries. We should be compared to the EU in its entirety. The US pop is 325,000,000 ish and the whole EU is 500,000,000. A lot more similar than just comparing the US to Britian or just to Gemany. Germany has a pop of just 82,000,000. Liberals and their twisted bubble world.

    • Population might be right, but Europe is not a state. Every state has it’s own different culture, also they might seem not important to you or are not identifiable, they exist.

    • Germany has a pop of just 82,000,000.
      I wonder if there are more people of German ancestry in the USA than in Germany?

      • Last I read 52% of Americans had German ancestry. I’m one of them. That stat might be off with influx of Spanish “immigrants”…

  4. I am sure I heard the President say just recently something to the effect of, “it is easier for a kid to get a gun than a book”. If I am incorrect I am sure someone will correct me. Perhaps in the Munich case, it should be more difficult to get a book than a gun.

    Also, suffering from depression and having been bullied does not a psycho make. Plenty of people have gone through that exact circumstance the world over and yet it did not create masses of mindless killers who want nothing more than to kill. A faulty ideology did that. Hell, depression and bullying until a generation ago were the NORM for growing up in America, it is why we have the phrase, “boys will be boys”! A strong upbringing, based on notions of right and wrong, with a very strong ethic of self-defense with the requisite training to back up that teaching are what was needed in this young mans life, and it is what is needed in the majority of young peoples lives the world over.

    I fear this event will be the perfect opportunity for anti gun buttwads in Germany to do there what our anti gun buttwads love to do here; stand on the bodies of the dead to proclaim gun control as the answer to the worlds woes.

    • No it is not, at least today it wasn’t. Also our politicians seem more clear headed then yours. Every politician, who was on the media today or even on twitter said that fear isn’t a good partner for advise (roughly translated from German no clue if it makes sense in English) and that now is the time for mourning and helping the injured and to let the police do their jobs.

      • Golly Deutschland dude-NOW is the time to arm up and defend yourself. Probably too late though…socialism is great until it isn’t. I’m happy my Schmidt ancestors left for the Land of the Free(for now!). Too timid to take control of your own life…how’s that “clear headed”? I hope you can speak Arabic(my kid can)…

        • No kidding. Regardless of this retard shooters specific motivation, Europe has a stark choice to make. Continue with the politically correct idiocy of ‘diversity is strength’ or start implementing common sense. Return the ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’ to where they came from.

          Islam is not compatible with Western Civilization, let alone Democratic principles. That isn’t controversial or debatable, it is historic fact.

  5. I don’t believe he was “just a psycho”, It’s to the powers that be advantage to push the narrative that he’s just a psycho.

    • Exactly.

      Given all the media collusion being outed via wikileaks most recent endeavor, I’m not buying it just because they say it.

      Also, the German media is in the tank for their very pro-Islamicist government.

      Very wary of any information being ‘reported’ by any of these organizations. I’ll wait til the truth starts leaking out like it did about Bataclan. Eventually.

      • That’s rubbish as soon as terrorist attacks are the theme. We had an attack on a train in Würzburg on tuesday. The attacker “only” injured people with an axe and a knife, but he was clearly from ISIS and refugee. Our media reported that.

        • Are you denying that what that German reporter said in the article he did not say? It looked like a direct quote to me.

          Are you denying that German citizens are being arrested for speaking up / asking questions about the migrants and immigration into Germany?

          Because both of those are fairly well documented at this point. If you have evidence that refutes these things are true, please share. If you don’t, it’s kinda hard to call it “rubbish.”

          What credentials do you have other than posting on a gun related blog as “germanguy” to say what is or is not happening in Germany?

    • There is a phone video I watched yesterday where the gunman appeared on the roof of the mall (a parking area) and had a conversation with someone in a tall building across the street. Although brief, in the conversation the shooter says that he is a German, and later, that “they didn’t treat me well.” These statements are consistent with the “psychokiller” rather than the terroriat wannabe, notwithstanding ISIS’ self-serving statement that he was one of theirs. (I am pretty sure ISIS will claim any mass shooting, whether the killer is linked to them or not, as it supports their narrative._

  6. Iranian Shia goes after Turkish and Albanian Sunnis. His motive may not have been war against the infidel but it certainly can’t be divorced from the historic intra religious civil war between Shia and Sunni.

    • Not to mention most (not all but most) Albanian Muslims are more secular. While I am a catholic Albanian (not religious myself but proud my ancestors fought hundreds of years of Turkish Muslim attack) I never had a problem with Albanian Muslims in Albania, Kosovo or Montenegro. Sadly some become radicalized but mostly they are secular. ISIS Muslims hate that.

    • Story I heard was he targeted teenagers, supporting the concept he was just another nut. Only problem with that, where did he get the gun and 300 rounds of ammo? He was under psychiatric care, it is difficult to believe his family gave it to him. Gun control is extreme in Germany, I don’t think he bought it at a gun store. So where? And where did he get the money, if he bought it? A reasonable answer might be that some terrorist group supplied it.

    • The terrorist/criminal loophole. You know, that loophole where you don’t follow the laws? We need more laws.

    • It’s under investigation currently, at the moment they believe he made a defunct gun into a real one. It was a Glock 17 by the way.

    • Come now, a broken Cuckoo Clock can be Muslim five times a day; it is entirely plausible he could be nuts. Likely even. However, it is far more likely he had social ties to and encouragement from political Islamists (‘radical’ is so poor a descriptor anymore), even if not outright support or direction (and that distinction is pretty cold comfort to everyone that caught a bullet at the mall)

  7. Psycho, Sunni, Shia or whatever. He was EVIL plain and simple. Evil exists ,and the good must fight it. Big picture it always comes down to GOOD v EVIL.

  8. You never know…..I’m just saying, france kept the torture and mutilation of the theatre victims covered up for a looooong time……

    • Bingo.

      And Merkel is all-in for covering up anything and everything anti-migrant.

      German citizens are having their homes raided and being arrested simply for asking questions / voicing opinions about the migrant issue.

      • That’s rubbish. We had a terror attack on Tuesday in Würzburg on a train. The perpetrator there was a refugee status holder 17 years old who lied and said he was from Afghanistan, but actually was from Pakistan. He was later shot by the SEK (our SWAT) in the head. Everything was reported and our politicians are clear about the problem that some of the refugees might cause trouble, but they don’t paint everyone with the same brush.

        • Yeah, yeah yeah.

          See my response to you above.

          I get it; they reported one attack to suit you, so the whole thesis of cover-ups is “rubbish.” Yeah, I think there is a fallacy for that.

          What about the reporting about Cologne and (I think it was) Hamburg sexual assaults? Is that rubbish, too? Because there’s been some covering up with that as well.

          You might not be looking objectively at your own nation’s media reporting.

  9. He was a second generation immigrant and had no business being in Germany. Protecting the West is more important than allowing immigration of non Western peoples. Europe and the US need to start mass deportations going back to immigrants from at least 1965. Earlier would be even better.

    • How would unarmed .gov employees go about deporting millions of folks that don’t measure up to your standards of racial purity?

      • jwm
        Presiident Jimmy Carter did just fine by purifying the United States when he kicked out many people from Iran in 1979.

        • What’s the cut off point on that type of foolishness, Chris? What about when some chucklehead like Chris starts talking up sending all the blacks back to Africa? If memory serves, you’re black. There’s more than one slippery slope in this country.

          Stopping illegals is good. Deporting folks that have been here for generations, not so good.

    • Another Libertarian for big government. So you are in favor of kicking out native born American citizens. Trump isn’t even proposing that.

      • He’s not a libertarian. He’s obviously a fascist or a liberal playing the part. Trump is also not against legal immigrants who follow the laws of our country.

        • From his past posts he reads more like a Rothbardian faux Libertarian. More of an anarchist than anything else.

  10. Shooting in a McDonalds , Yelling Alluu – Snackbar , He shoots others but lets the — MUSLIM — woman live.

    Clear cut case of Eskimo rage , yep ….. not Religion of Pieces at ALL ….. derp.

  11. “No ties to ISIS”… So just your everyday normal, run of the mill, adherent to the ‘religion of peace’, snackbar shouting, jihadi wannabe. Move along, nothing to see here. One not need belong to a group in order to spread terror, although for some reason there seems to be a high correlation between terror (man caused disasters, work place violence, bar violence, beachfront box truck violence, etc) and that pesky ‘religion of peace’, Barry’s protestations not withstanding.

  12. Everything I had to know is summed up with one word…Ali. Oh yeah the Muslim woman at MickeyD’s stated he shouted “allahu snackbar”-or is it akbar? Oh well-I can still get that gat in America-for now. More ammo for Trump(2016!).

    • And another eyewitness inside the shopping mall stated he shouted racist crap. So who is right and who is wrong here?

  13. The Nice attacker was a deranged loaner…until they arrested five more people involved in the planning.

    I’m ruling BS on this one.

    Follow the gun. And the Facebook bait. Who says he sent it?

  14. Even the meanest of intelligences must call into question the timing and coincidence of religious affiliation in this. I am certain many of us were born at night, it just wasn’t last night.

  15. So one mass shooting that happens in germany versus the 100s of mass shootings that happen in the US everyday.

    Thought so.

    Don’t let facts get in the way of the treasonous “pro-gunners”. whose only arguments consist of emotion.

    • 100s of mass shootings every day in the US? Wow, funny how the liberal press doesn’t lead with that every night. What we have in the US is hundreds of gang bangers offing each other over illegal drug turf. Who happen to be almost all black, male and young.

    • If we had 100s of mass shootings daily the country would be half as crowded by now. Your mom is calling you to lunch so wash your hands

    • 100s of mass shootings daily? Do you see now why nobody believes you Liberal idiots? You don’t even lie well by making up something even half believable.

  16. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, swims like a duck, flies like a duck, sounds like a duck; it is a duck!

  17. Occam says the simpler explanation is the more likely one, so the smart money is quite reasonably on mohammadman berserk shooter.

    But something to keep an eye on is this:

    …suffered from psychological problems like depression and received treatment…

    A good number, probably a majority, of mass shooters here in the U.S. who were not ideologically driven to mayhem were taking prescribed anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, and/or anti-psychotic medication. In the fine print many of these warn of violent or suicidal thoughts.

    I regard radical Islamic killers to be the #2 threat to me and mine. But #3 is the huge number of people being drugged up with meds that can make them crazier than they start out. (#1 is the aggregate power of govt, but that’s a debate for another day.)

  18. Turns out 18-year-old gunman who killed nine and wounded 27 in the attack was your garden variety psycho.

    And I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

  19. First, all active shooters, especially Muslims, are psychos.

    Second, in Germany with it’s strict, draconian gun control, how did this kid get a gun? Are you trying to tell me that any crazy 18 year old in Germany can get a gun? Not true. My wife is Austrian and I’ve spent plenty of time in Europe, and the average person does not have a gun in their home. He got it from somewhere.

    More Liberal and Merkle totalitarian BS.

  20. I recall somewhere in all the mass media hysteria, a couple of days after the shooting, I heard there was a raid on a Munich mosque and the German police found a weapons cache. Then nothing. No corrections to apologize for bad reporting. No follow up if it was factual. It makes one wonder. Regardless, there are very strict gun control laws all across Europe, and it makes one wonder how this boy obtained firearms in the first place.

  21. ***”””KILL THEM ALL***”””!!! & LET GOD!!! SORT THEM OUT!!!!


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