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“[Knox County Prosecutor Chip] McConville said Hartless spent time in prison after facing domestic violence and criminal damaging/endangering charges. Before that, Hartless completed 15 months in prison for aggravated assault and aggravated menacing — which had been knocked down from kidnapping and felonious assault charges. He successfully fulfilled a three-year stint on probation in 2014.” – Kirkersville Shooting: Three Dead, Including Police Chief, at Ohio Nursing Home [via]

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  1. Some people are simply feral and belong in cages. The lefties will whine and cry that too many people are in prison then, in the next breath, demand we give up our rights to keep guns away from the scumbags they want roaming free. Chicago is a good example of where this idiocy leads. If this vermin had been where he belonged, in a cage, three people would still be alive.

    • “If this vermin had been where he belonged, in a cage, three people would still be alive.”


      That isn’t how Progressives see it. In their minds, three people would still be alive if we had somehow eliminated most/all firearms.

      I have explained to Progressives that:
      (a) Mostly/entirely eliminating firearms is impossible.
      (b) Attackers can use alternate tools/techniques to kill just as effectively.
      And Progressives don’t care. They hate firearms because they hate firearms and nothing that anyone can say or do will change that. Every time you explain the real-world actual folly of an argument, they will move the goalposts to another argument.

      Verbally debating civilian disarmament proponents is as productive as verbally debating violent crime with a gang banger who just pointed a firearm at you and demanded your cash.

      Here is the truth of the matter: if I am unarmed, I cannot effectively oppose anyone intent on harming me, whether they are a gang banger, rogue government agent, or foreign military. Therefore, anyone who forcibly disarms me is aiding and providing comfort to our nation’s internal and external enemies. Last I checked, that is treason and we should treat it as such.

      • That and progs won’t accept that there are bad people, who can’t be fixed (or prevented) by midnight basketball, school lunches, or conflict resolution classes.

        They truly believe we are born tabula rasa and that somehow, despite genetic hardwiring, if we just throw enough money at the problem, they’ll all turn out smart and peaceful. I don’t disagree that the meter can be moved a bit, but the fact is that certain people are inherently violent, and all the civilized world can do is contain them.

        • When people with the mental disorder of liberalism tell me everyone is born innocent and thence corrupted by societies, I ask them why is it that no one need to teach/instruct/encourage a child to lie as a means of avoiding consequence.

      • Progressives “hate firearms because they hate firearms.” Mostly true, but there are exceptions.

        What I don’t get is the progressive who likes guns, has guns, teaches his kids about guns, etc. who is all in on the left’s gun control agenda.

    • ” If this vermin had been where he belonged”; sir, that would be dead. No more wasting food & oxygen & tax payers $.

  2. I’ve been working in hospitals and nursing homes since I was 18(26 now). These places are so horribly vulnerable I am surprised this isn’t a much, much more common occurrence. It would be so simple to get in, with even more vulnerable people then schools, and they’re always gun free zones by law. Sometimes good guys have to be outlaws

    • The no guns signs dropped away from most hospitals and even elder care clinics here in MN. I was very surprised and it is nice not having to remember which entrances didn’t have the signs. The medical places that still have them are places like the Ronald McDonald House and the Gift of Life transplant house. Very interestingly my credit union also moved there no guns signs from a place where they were visible and legally binding to spots near the ground and far to the sides where they are not only not legally binding but also hard to spot unless you are really looking for them.

    • Section 46.035(b)(4) makes it unlawful for a license holder to carry in a hospital or nursing home. Section 46.035(i) states “Subsections (b)(4), (b)(5), (b)(6), and (c) do not apply if the actor was not given effective notice under Section 30.06 or 30.07.” (The other subsections cover amusement parks; churches, synagogues, etc.; and some government meetings). The way law on carry in Texas is written is just short of entrapment.

      My points are that it they are not always gun free zones by law, and the law is drafted in a terrible, confusing manner. I wouldn’t be surprised if most hospitals had the signs. Doctors seem to be pretty stupid when it comes to solving societal problems. Most public health research I’ve seen only looks at costs or benefits (and not just on gun control). You really need to look at both.

    • He didn’t have his rights restored yet he still committed this crime. Your response makes as much sense as the usual “and this is why guns should be banned” calls.

      • ” And this is why violent felons should never have their rights restored.”

        “He didn’t have his rights restored yet he still committed this crime. Your response makes as much sense as the usual “and this is why guns should be banned” calls.”

        Using an example of a violent felon acting violently after being jailed before, is a proper metaphor to describe the problem of allowing violent people to have their “gun rights” restored through “due process” after completing all sentencing. However, the larger issue is that someone who should not be allowed to ever walk the streets again was set free. Support for the argument that a person who would be prohibited from owning a firearm after incarceration should never be allowed to leave prison.

  3. Doesn’t say in this story, but the guy used a shotgun. No information on what type of shotgun, ammunition, etc.

  4. The worst part ?

    The Ahole had been arrested in March for domestic violence. He tried to run down his girlfriend.
    He was given a 90 day sentence.
    They released him after only 2 weeks.
    Now we have a dead police chief, 2 dead health care workers ( one of them his girlfriend ). I’m not counting the Ahole. Adios dick face.
    Way to go Licking county.

  5. 2x things:another gun free zone crisis-in a hostital, imagine that! Poor, sick inmate, felt foggy and took the corrections officer gun…(makes you wonder about his weapon retention TRAINING-NO GO at this station) and is holding hostages. Link:


    #2. LIBTARDS WORRY so much about jail overcrowding…take action libtards..sign out one or two of those unjustly convicted victim of the corrupt judicial system and take them home and share them with your family. ..What can possibly go wrong…..????

    BTW, the libtard is legally responsible for their jail bird, until their sentence is done…

  6. Update on the hospital hostage -taker..SWAT sent him to the undertaker..Twyon, is heading down..

    Score one for the good guys. Too bad for those hurt and scared by Tywon’s series of DUMB-ASS decisions up to that point in his wasted life…BUT he was such A GOOD BOY.

    Wonder if Twyon, paid his Obama care deductable and premium, otherwise the Illinois taxpayers are still footing his bills….From Chicago too..Cook county jail must must have been full of victims of the judicial system. …I didn do nufin… I be innocen.


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