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Because a “smart gun” mandate has been such a smashing success in New Jersey . . . Rep. Maloney Introduces Legislation to Reduce Gun Deaths, Make Guns Safer – “In an effort to improve gun safety, Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) has reintroduced The Handgun Trigger Safety Act,  forward-thinking legislation to use new and emerging technology to prevent gun deaths. The bill would promote the development of new ‘smart gun’ technology that only allows an authorized user to fire a gun. It would also mandate that all newly manufactured handguns use this technology within five years, and that existing handguns be retrofitted with this technology within ten years. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) will introduce a companion version in the Senate.” Retrofitting. As if.

Keep an eye on this one . . . Cop fired for not shooting armed, suicidal man sues city – “(Officer Steven) Mader said his Marine and police training kicked in and he determined Williams was not a threat to anyone but himself. He decided not to shoot. ‘He’s like, ‘Just shoot me.’ I told him, ‘I’m not going to shoot you brother,’’ he said. ‘I thought I was going to be able to talk to him and deescalate it. I knew it was a suicide-by-cop situation.’ When two other officers arrived on the scene, Williams walked toward them waving the unloaded gun. One officer fired a shot, killing Williams. The shooting was found justified after an investigation, the publication reported. The department fired Mader on June 7, 2016 for “failure to eliminate a threat.”

The power of a Hi-Point . . . Pawn shop gun sale helped lead police to ‘Serial Street Shooter’ suspect – “The ‘Serial Street Shooter’ suspect may have unwittingly sold his freedom for $90. That’s how much a local pawn shop paid to purchase Aaron Juan Saucedo’s Hi-Point 9mm, a gun that police say he used to kill his mother’s boyfriend in August 2015. That transaction would, 14 months later, help lead police to Saucedo, effectively taking him off the streets. Investigators used the time to gather evidence to link him to the series of shootings that terrorized the Phoenix area for four months in 2016.”

NBC marvels at the oddity that is a NYC gun range . . . At Manhattan’s Last Public Gun Range, Darren Leung Calls the Shots – On the morning NBC News visited, members declined to be interviewed. Leung explained that some of the guys felt burned by a previously published article they thought misportrayed them. Others didn’t speak because they serve in law enforcement. There were also those who came to fill out paperwork to apply for New York City gun permits. It’s a service that Westside provides for a fee in preparation of submitting the forms to the NYPD, the agency that grants the licenses. Those applicants, too, politely declined to talk.

Man accused of making homemade gun to kill neighbor appears in court – “Prosecutors said a neighbor fashioned a homemade air gun and metal projectiles, then shot a Lower Macungie (Pennsylvania) woman in her driveway. Josef Raszler was charged April 5, 2017, with homicide in the 2016 killing of Stephanie Roof. Lehigh County Detective Mark Garrett is shown with a facsimile weapon similar to the one they believe Raszler fashioned.” Criminals always seem to find a way.

Smith & Wesson Introduces New M&P 15 MOE SL Rifle Series – “Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced that through a collaboration with Magpul Industries, it is introducing three new firearms to its popular M&P15 series of modern sporting rifles. As the newest additions to the market leading M&P15 rifle platform, the M&P15 MOE SL rifles integrate Magpul’s MOE SL accessories, while delivering the performance and dependability that consumers have come to expect from Smith & Wesson.”

OMG! A new gun range! OMG! Final OK to Elgin gun range, both sides inflamed – “Opponents said the gun range and shop would be detrimental to the neighborhood and to kids in a building across the street taking part in programs by Easter Seals DuPage & Fox Valley and Elgin Area School District U-46. U-46 CEO Tony Sanders said a preschool program will move when the lease ends July 31, 2018. Easter Seals CEO Theresa Forthofer said a committee will assess whether to stay within the next few months. The decision also will hinge on whether children’s families leave the program, she said.”

From the place formerly known as Great Britain . . . Ban Avocados! Physicians seeing uptick in “Avocado-hand” injuries – “It is time to ban the avocado, to protect people from themselves. Apparently inexperienced home-cooks are maiming themselves while making guacamole and ceviche. From In fact, “avocado hand” has become so common that doctors at the St. Thomas hospital in London reportedly ready themselves for a “post-brunch surge” of avocado-related injuries on Saturday afternoons. One particular surgeon at the city’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital says he stitches up an average of four “avocado hands” per week.” And of course UK docs want to add a warning label to every avocado sold.

Repeat after me…Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act . . . Gun maker to state Supreme Court: deny Sandy Hook families’ appeal – “The nation’s oldest gun maker has asked Connecticut’s highest court to deny an appeal by 10 families of Sandy Hook massacre victims to revive their lawsuit in trial court, where it was dismissed in 2016. Remington argues in a 50-page document filed in state Supreme Court that the Sandy Hook families are trying to hold the gun maker liable for actions of a criminal that have nothing to do with the lawful manufacturing, distribution and sale of the AR-15-style rifle in question.”

For the AR that has everything (else): Gunsticles Tactical Testicles are rail mounted balls for your Picatinny or Weaver rail equipped rifle!  The perfect novelty accessory for the gun enthusiast – including firearms, paintball, or Airsoft! A great gift for yourself or a loved one, Gunsticles Tactical Testicles are a great way to make a trip to the range even more fun!  A great gift for yourself of someone special!

It’s for real . . . Verify: The get a roof, get a gun promotion from Castle Rock company is real – THE QUESTION A viewer emailed to ask whether a roofing company’s advertisement was ‘for real.’ The ad, which is wrapped around a company car, says you can get a gun if you get a roof. WHAT WE FOUND We called Weatherproof Roofing and Exteriors and spoke with the owner, James Webb. ‘Yes, ma’am. It’s absolutely real,’ Webb said. ‘We started it last year, and the response has been overwhelming.’”



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  1. A cop who does the right thing-and he gets fired. Pathetic…almost as bad as the Newtown parents. My sympathy is gone.

    • Don’t confuse being right with doing the right thing.

      He was right that the guy wasn’t a threat because the gun wasn’t loaded. But he had no way of knowing that, so he didn’t ‘do the right thing.’ He endangered everyone else there by betting their lives on a hunch and disregarding his training and policy. If someone is waving a gun around threatening to kill people and you don’t see him as a deadly threat you need to be in a different profession where you aren’t charged with stopping those people from hurting others.

      • Odd. A man specifically trying to provoke another armed man into killing him, who doesn’t react accordingly, is somehow dangerous because he has a gun? Even after he verbally begs for it, and then, defeated, he goes and tries his luck elsewhere?

        Really it boils down to, “he had a gun so he was violent,” so I have to wonder if I’m replying to Chuck Schumer here.

        • Guns are violent, always, m’kay? Any time you see someone with a gun you have to kill him, immediately.

        • What if the gun went off while the guy was waving it around and it penetrated a wall and killed an innocent bystander? Then would you think the police officer had done the correct thing?

          I think we’re conditioned by too much TV. I just watched an episode of Blue Bloods where Danny and his lieutenant tried to talk a man into not killing himself with a gun. TV drama at it’s best…but very incorrect police procedure I believe. The two police officers put themselves in danger, which is their right…but what if the bullet when through the mans head in the cheap apartments and struck someone in the apartment next door.

          It’s a bad situation for the police…but for good reason their training to shoot anyone brandishing a gun. Yeah, it backfires sometimes when the “gun” turns out to be a cell phone or toy. But it is their training I believe. I’m sure further down in these comments we’ll hear from an officer…

      • If the cop was so sure that the guy was harmless, then he should have disarmed and arrested him. The fact that he didn’t is proof the cop was not 100% sure.

        • And the fact that you didn’t sign your real name is proof that you’re not 100% sure you’re right.
          See how that works?

    • Couldn’t disagree with you more. This goes back to, “Why couldn’t you just shoot him in the leg/hand like that one cop did,” or, “Why didn’t you just pistol whip him like that one cop did,” or, “Why didn’t you just fire warning shots like that one cop did,” etc. That “one cop” is the guy who breeds public misconceptions about the use of deadly force and sets a dangerous precedent for other people who do use deadly force. He gambled with a life-and-death decision and was lucky that he and nobody else (other than the crazy/armed/suicidal person) got hurt. If this was a “polish hostage” (i.e. suicidal guy with gun to his own head), then, ya, you don’t shoot the guy. But, guy waving gun around and pointing it at people gets shot. Period.

    • It’s Great Britain. It takes a while to get used to this whole “flavor” thing.

      (I have visited. Some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had. As for the fish-and-chips … a prudent diner will keep all potential sources of combustion away from the newspaper it’s so oil-soaked.)

      • I’ve always suspected the British empire was a side effect of searching for something decent to eat and a place to get a tan.

        • Yes, I had a similar though that formed years ago: The expansion of the British Empire was because they were looking for something tasty to eat.

          To be honest, I’ve found basic pub grub to be fantastic. It’s their other cuisine that is (or used to be) questionable.

        • The British went to India and found the worlds greatest cocktail, the Gin and Tonic. Malaria free drunkeness, woo hoo. ?

    • What idiot stabs themselves trying to cut up an avocado? I’m sure they learn pretty fast afterwards, or otherwise give up on those flavorless fruits.

    • “What’s on the menu?”
      “It could be ceviche.”
      “It’s stinky.”
      “Ooh it’s Pumbaa.”

  2. It would also mandate that all newly manufactured handguns use this technology within five years, and that existing handguns be retrofitted with this technology within ten years.

    Yep. All those antique army revolver single actions being retrofit for biometrics. That’ll definitely improve their value. I can definitely use on my cz52 or old makarov. Got an original 1911??? Time for some biometrics installed. We can just drill a big hole in the frame and original grips.

    Mandates! Love’em. NY legislators trying to Nanny State the sh!t out of everyone. People in NY see something they don’t like, and it’s time to ban it. After they are done banning everything that anyone can possibly take pleasure in that someone didn’t like, they can all sulk in their own misery, having taken each other’s freedoms away until there was nothing left.

    • Eh.

      I say, if they ever manage to pass it, we form a small business specifically to apply for SBIR grants to develop appropriate retrofit technology.

      And, after a lot of range time, all paid for under the SBIR grant, you submit a final report that your idea of making the trigger out of Teflon so people’s fingers would slip off without a special trigger-gripper-finger-thing, didn’t pan out. So sad, but as we say in the lab … if we knew what we were doing it wouldn’t be research.

    • I have no problems with the concept of the smart gun. It’s laws that REQUIRE smart guns that screw it up. Instead of passing requirements laws, they could put out a research grant like the governments STTR/SBIR program to develop the technology.

      If you hate the smart gun concept, then you can rejoice, because these laws prevent the major manufacturers from developing any smart gun.

    • Nope. You’ll be required to turn the gun in if it can’t be retrofitted!!! LOL

      Actually…wouldn’t be surprised if that was part of the language of the Bill…

  3. We’ve been through mall ninjas and tacticool “operators” and now we have Gunsticles Tactical Testicles. The only reason I can see for this product is to keep the shooting benches on either side of you empty so you can spread out a bit.

  4. Gunsticles Tacti cal Testicles – Oh why the hell not? This is why the only AR in my house is one my wife was gifted (by permission of the court). Although I did fix that one up nicely for her (Mag pul MOE – OD green, Tim ney trig ger, Redfield 2-7x scope). Still, the perfect accessory for the AR that has everything!

    • Maybe, if they had the 2nd Amendment written on ’em. Then she might mot have needed a “Court’s permission”. WTF???

        • Please pardon then, and read my comment as bewilderment then. I am sorry when anyone employs a judge for those puposes, and while curiosity reigned, I didn’t wish to be so callous in evoking an explanation, especially from two.

  5. The whole nuts thing on a truck was meant as symbol of a trucks power. 5.56 is great and all, but when I think raw power like that from a truck, I’m thinking more 45-70 and 30-06. Either way I always thought it was kinda gay.

    • I laugh every time I see truck nuts.And when they’re on a Dodge? “Hey, Mister! How come your truck has fake nuts and a uterus on the tailgate? Are you Caitlyn?”

  6. Well, Truck Nutz make it really easy to spot someone who is immature, an asshole, or a teenager (or some combination of the above), and thus easier to avoid them. Maybe AR Nutz will do the same…?

    • It’s already not hard to spot a cod kiddie with his first AR because it’s all decked out with silly crap, or trying to be too light with flimsy crap.

  7. NY needs retrofitting Snake Plisskin couldn’t get a sailplane over.

    NY is a piss ant small state whose stupid neighbors who needed a job are also satan’s horde. F all the evil (D). And you can’t sell Communism with “smart” guns but they can fV<K you into it if you let the POS work tbeir domestication on you.

    Get your "kill a commie for mommy" swag here
    It's almost Mother's Day, and even if you miss it, breathing will go out of style before it does.

  8. Hmm. I can’t help but admit I’m rather interested in the contraption that guy made. Looks like it could hold some decent PSI. Anyone seen this design around before?

    • Close your eyes, and think Hydrogen, oxygen, and parafin and vulcanized rubber, and glass tube projectiles. Or (ya know, as long as your goal is murder) just steal a gun from someone stupid enough to pay for it, with all the taxes, permits, waiting periods, background checks. . .

    • Noish, the mock up used excessive PVC primer. It’s a (D) series mock up. If you can’t be professional about your private firearms manufacturings, ensure that those who mimic you for Court exhibits practice a higher form of flattery.

      • Well I had noticed all the primer on the thing. I’ve done more than enough plumbing work myself. I just don’t really know much about the regulator set up the guy has on it. That more than anything else is what I thought was the most interesting.

        Not to suggest that this is a good design or anything. It’s more that it’s interesting to me that someone cobbled together something like this. Half tempted to give building some a try using better quality materials and with repeating action given that this thing looks single shot.

    • It’s a very simple example of a small bore homemade precharge pneumatic using a sprinkler valve.

      Interestingly, the article shows two recovered projectiles which had rifling marks, so I very much doubt the murder weapons was anywhere near as cobbled together. It likely had a rifled barrel and proper sights.


    Were going to find a way to tax the piss out of all the NY’ers who keep sh_itting out Reps that are taxing us with this crap. You won’t have time to put your pens down, you’ll be writing so many checks. We’ll see how long you can afford it.

  10. Is it just me, or does Mulrony playing with her glasses (to look smart) makes her look like a posessed madam? (a/k/a: A la evil (D) Rep).

    Nothing. NOT AN FING THING, kills like scossors in NY, (and because of the evil (D) in America, and most places in the World) and Maloney and Markey get paid (partly) to keep it that way. ‘Cause babies need to be removed, but not gotten rid of humanely, cause those little bundles of invasive tissue are useful after they’ve been desecrated enough for satan’s enjoyment. NO “smart” features there, cause scissors need to be employed without hinderance or delay.

  11. “…may have unwittingly sold his freedom for $90. That’s how much a local pawn shop paid to purchase Aaron Juan Saucedo’s Hi-Point 9mm,…”

    I’m sorry, but that seriously strains credibility.

    No pawnshop I know would *ever* buy a walk-in Hi-Point for 90 freaking bucks.

    25, 30 bucks *tops* would be all a shop would pay for one down here, if at all.

    Believe it or not, some pawnshops actually have standards and would pass on buying a Hi-Point…

  12. It’s not the fact that Maloney’s legislation is retarded that pisses me off. It’s the fact that she drafted, or had drafted, with the expenditure of our tax dollars, a piece of legislation that has no chance in hell of passing. A complete and utter waste of time and money. There are far bigger problems, and she wastes time on this crap? She should be expelled from the House for misappropriating government funds.

  13. NY is such a cesspool. You can vote for the democrats who will take your rights away or you can vote for the republicans who will find a way to the democrats win so that people north of the city will keep voting republican.

    There is, unfortunately, no party in NY that respects the 2nd Amendment (much like NJ)

  14. I have no sympathy for those preschool-owners. My FFL is literally right across the street from a KinderCare. I think it’s hilarious that they don’t know there’s a gunshop right across the street.

    Also, silencers in video games don’t necessarily make things “silent”- at least in cowadooty they just keep you from showing up on the “radar,” which is basically what silencers on supersonic guns do irl (they confuse people as to where the shots are coming from, but do not conceal the fact that someone is shooting somewhere).

  15. Video Games are a lie?

    Half of that SilencerCo video is a lie; perfect girls don’t exist in my reality, the Finn & Jake gloves prove she’s a simulation.

    However, it’s totally rad that if I buy one of their suppressors, all of my targets will have little heart meters.

    I hate you SilencerCo…. so shut up and take my money!

    • That video is genius.

      Not for us but for convincing the Gamer community to laugh at the Dems when they are freaking out about the HPA.

      • Absolutely, it’s genius….. on so many levels. And that one lie is definitely something I can get behind. =d

        SilencerCo is a rare company, solidly firing on all cylinders right from the beginning. And they’re not even full-throttle yet; if the HPA passes, they’ll go from 4H offroading to straight-line racing, and it seems like they’ve been running a sleeper from the start.

    • Tactical Vaginas already exist in vast numbers in the wild.

      They can be identified when a process server hands you the divorce paperwork…

    • First there was the Tactical Compensator.

      Now the Tactical Testicles have dropped.

      Tactical Vaginas are the last step, replacing a stock buttplate; the “crenellations” providing extra grip and damage. Additionally; a buttstroke to the face with a Tactical Vagina will likely kill a haji snackbarian from shame alone… while also dooming him to being an eternal laughingstock among all his dead buddies.

  16. god these companies are stupid. why the F do they keep churning out boring as AR-15’s???? move on to something else for christs sake.


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