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“He was just an American stepping out on his back porch (to investigate). Anybody should be able to walk in their backyard with a firearm.” – Clare County [Michigan] Sheriff’s Office Lt. Edward Williams in No charges after man, 75, confronts teen in his backyard with shotgun [via]

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  1. I love me some mr. Clint Eastwood. A man’s gotta know his limitations LOL

  2. So, the kid climbed the fence to steal something, and when confronted was no good at making up a story on the spot.
    I doubt this dissuaded him any, just taught him to be more careful about getting caught.

    The only way the teen could’ve gotten into the man’s backyard was to hop the fence, Williams said. When asked why he did, the teen’s answer “didn’t make any sense,” Williams added.

  3. You have every right to defend your property. The three L’s, Libertarians, Liberals and the Left disagree.

      • Not the stoner “libertarians” led by Gary Johnson from this past election cycle.

        • It’s not the “agree” part that’s the problem anyway. It’s the offset of amount of “disagreement”, mixed with the ‘if you don’t stand for anything accept through the equation of “leave me alone, it’s cool”‘ thing, then your wildcard status is worse that being just a known enemy [e.g. the evil POS (D)].

        • Yes, today’s crop of libertarians is very disappointing. Seems like legalizing weed is pretty much their platform.

        • Gary Johnson is a Libertarian, not a libertarian. Libertarians have very little in common with libertarians.

    • They aren’t liberals, they are progressives. Our Founders were liberals, the conservatives fought for the King.

  4. Good result

    Where I worked years ago a teen was bitten by dog and his parents tried to sue. Pointed out that he had gone over two 8 foot fences with barb wire to get into our storage depot. They tried to claim it was a shortcut! No surprise he ended up in jail later on

  5. Screw the left bunch of progressive liberals. They make my stomach turn. I just endured a car ride from hell with my mother-in-law who is a progressive left-liberal who thinks it’s her way or no way at all. She started screaming and yelling and cussing at me the other day on the way home from the VA and it was all over her watching one of the liberal news channels in the waiting room talking about Donald Trump excuse me president Donald Trump getting rid of the so-called unaffordable Care Act AKA Obamacare and she went through the roof. Screaming at me yelling at me at the very end she called me a racist Nazi. I was trying to very politely explain to her the entire ride that it’s fine for you to have your views and your political agenda but it is also just is all right for me to have a different political view and agenda. She wouldn’t take that for an answer it had to be her way or the highway I chose the highway LOL.

    • She would have had a heart attack had she known that her daughter both of them voted for Donald Trump. I couldn’t bring myself to drop that bomb in her lap for fear of collateral damage from the old lady. These leftist liberals don’t seem to understand that this is a free country and that we all have the right to choose who we wish to vote for and back. They are some of the most violent inconsiderate jerkwads I’ve ever had the not so pleasant to talk with. I got an idea for you all stop bitching about President Donald Trump and start trying to go out and find a job quit spending all your time on the internet and on Facebook and go out and get a freakin job and work your ass off for a living like I did and everybody else in my family has.
      I spent five-and-a-half years in the United States Army fighting for this country and the men and women standing beside me and I do not take any crap when it comes to the freedoms and the Constitution that I fought to defend.

    • Yet another reason the DNC needs to be declared a terrorist organization. People ask me why I’m not married. The answer is actually quite simple. I have yet to find a woman without at least one batshit crazy liberal family member. Life is too short to have leftist relatives.

      • Not to mention the DNC Hillary Clinton for one has taken donations to her campaign from known terrorist organizations in the Middle East but that’s okay you know freaking Soviet is what she is or the devil whose favorite color is red the devil Maybe. Little Saturday Night Live church lady that’s who she reminds me of. Yeah I’m pretty much down for the DNC being labeled a terrorist organization and run out of town the sooner the better replace the Democratic party with one that is at least true Americans looking to further the Constitution and not use it as toilet paper to wipe their ass hint hint Obama.

      • Pwrserge: Well ….do your girlfriend(s) have liberal family members ? What’s the difference ?

        • Big difference is that I can shrug off a girlfriend’s family. They have no influence on me and, quite frankly, I’m not dating THEM. A wife’s family would be much harder to ignore. Worse, they could provide a very negative influence on any potential kids. Basically, any relationship with a woman with rabidly liberal close family members is on life support more or less from the moment I meet them. (Liberals REALLY don’t like me. Especially when they start ranting and I shut them down with logic and snark.)

      • @Pwserge, as a guy who has been married and divorced more than once, I’ll tell you that I can afford another marriage, but I can’t afford another divorce.

        And who came up with this marriage idea anyway? You marry a woman and if she turns out to be Satan’s daughter, you have to give her half your stuff? Phooey.

        • Yup, yet another of the many reasons on the list. The absurd part is that even with an iron-clad prenup and making stupid money working from home, (It’s how I can be on here at all hours.) she’d probably still wind up with most of my shit and primary if not sole custody. It’s why I’d rather be single and careful than divorced and broke.

          But I’m sure a feminazi will roll along and bitch about how the “patriarchy” is “oppressing” women by letting them divorce their husbands for no reason and still get their kids and most of their shit. I still think that “no fault” divorce is the most misandrist bullshit in existence.

        • My wife and three daughters all voted for Hillary. I start shit on purpose, then go to the range. FMJ is now therapy.

      • You got it a little wrong she was giving me a ride home from the VA I got hurt over in the Middle East after five and a half years with the 82nd Airborne and she was very polite on the way over making small talk didn’t have a single bad thing to say and tell the doctor’s appointment was over and I did what you said I chose the highway and got out of the car and walked my happy ass all the way back to my house which was pretty interesting period LOL

        • Should have still pulled over and left her on the shoulder. I thought you paratroopers knew how to improvise?

        • Since you were Airborne, I’d expect that you’re used to jumping from hostile airspace into unfamiliar LZs. 😉

          But I was a normal grunt, and there’s still no way would I bail from a perfectly good vehicle because I’m taking fire… it needs to actually be on fire.

          Though since you were returning from the VA (in a leftist MiL’s ride no less), I’ll assume you were unarmed. I can see how that’s make the ruck back home interesting, depending on if you’d landed behind the lines or not.

    • “She started screaming and yelling and cussing at me the other day on the way home from the VA . . .”

      At which point I think I would have pulled into the nearest restaurant parking lot, given her $20 and told to get her ass out of my car. She’s your wife’s problem and not yours. And, if this causes a problem with your wife, you need to give some serious thought to how your relationship works. My wife and I have been together now for over 40 years and never, ever in all that time did we allow relatives, in-laws or others, to behave this way. Even now this is simply not tolerated and they all know it. That’s one reason we’ve been together for this long. If you let your relatives get away with crap because you feel that you have no choice, then you’re in the wrong kind of marriage. Just sayin’.

  6. Mr. Hoffa’s experience with his MIL reminded me of a bomb I dropped on my oldest daughter some years ago. I’d been working on the family tree for some time, and came up with a beta program where you could see if you were related to anybody famous, so I did. My daughter had been to college and was living in NYC – in Chelsea – and had adopted a lot of the liberal-progressive views of her friends and neighbors there – and didn’t like a lot of my more conservative positions. So one day I let it be known to her that she was a 7th cousin of George W. Bush. Not only that, she was also related to his dad and to Barbara through separate lines. She was horrified, to say the least, since W. was the primary bogeyman of American politics at the time (at least as far as the left was concerned). I told her I wouldn’t tell her friends about her relatives if she’d stop wearing me out about guns, politics, and so forth. Deal. One we have kept up to now. BTW, somehow John Wayne, Humphry Bogart and Rumplestiltskin sneaked into the distant family tree, too, but I promised her that I wouldn’t tell her friends about them, either, if she was good. My hope is that she’ll get more conservative as she grows older. One thing she and her husband did that I approved of was to move out of NYC. So there’s hope.

    • Good story we’ve got some really good responses today. I don’t feel so alone now LOL.

    • Rumplestiltskin? Did it say you were related to Chewbacca and Homer Simpson, too?

      As far as G.W. Bush goes, how much do you think the liberals miss him now? They’d probably trade all the yoga classes and chai tea in the world to have him back in place of Trump…

      • “Did it say you were related to Chewbacca and Homer Simpson, too?”

        Why…. Does he look like a bald Sasquatch with a yellow dome? ;D

  7. I throw a gun into my pocket when I investigate my back yard. Not 75 (yet!) but damn it’s my property. Even in Illinois…

  8. I have a detached garage, where I reload, clean, and repair or tune my weapons. also have set up a small range for my “adult” pellet and bb guns, and always have something on my hip or tucked away on my 6. all of my neighbors have gotten quite used to seeing me pretty much every day with something firearm related close at hand. it would take someone seriously lacking intelligence to enter my property with crime in mind.

  9. Judging from the guys age, 75, I’d say the Clint Eastwood was a good representation of his neighborhood and just who the kid was that jumped his fence. His neighborhood has changed but he didn’t move and is now a target for racist kids who think old white guys are easy targets. American demographics.

    • The dude lives in a sparsely populated area of rural Michigan. His “neighborhood” probably has about ten people per square mile, and probably hasn’t had any demographic changes since the Ojibwe were chased out.

      I think you’re imagining some details that almost surely aren’t there in this case.

    • The press, of course. Doh! Inquiring minds want to know why guys with guns don’t go to jail.

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