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“I think we have enhanced the risks by changing the environment, basically, because it seems we bought the NRA’s theory that we would all be safer if everybody in this audience had a gun that was a concealed weapon. Then if one of them felt threatened by another, they could stand up right here and stand their ground. And we could watch the whole saga unfold. That is what happens.” – Bill Clinton in Bill Clinton: America has ‘bought the NRA’s theoryΒ [at]

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  1. Sheesh. It sounds like he’d actually want something bad to …


    Boy am I ever thankful for presidential term limits; I wonder if they can be expanded to include family members. (Seriously … political dynasties like we now have would, I think, have appalled the founders.)

    • Our second and sixth presidents were father and son. John Adams and John Quincy Adams. Plenty of founding fathers still kickin’ at that time.

    • Those political “dynasties” exist because ‘We the people” allow them and promote their existence. National dynasties aside (Bush, Clinton), how many folks in your lessor political realm have ruled over you and yours for term after term, year after year ?

      The morons we call voters create and maintain scum like the Clintons.

    • You’d think a lawyer, former governor, and former president would be able to remember that stand your ground laws only apply to legitimate self defense situations, and that justifiable homicide for self defense has that “reasonable person” metric.

      Or maybe the concept of a reasonable person is so foreign to him that he can’t convey it.

    • Old Bill is saying that Liberal/progressive/statist manipulation, lies and propaganda has failed to convince the American people that being found raped and murdered in a back alley is preferable to standing over that same attempted rapist and murderer with a smoking gun in hand while that free citizen is calling the police to report a defensive gun use.

      In other words, he is saying, truth and freedom is winning against lies and enslavement.

      • I think what he is saying is that we are all, each and every citizen, criminals barely held back from complete chaos by the power of the laws and the state. Its all about perspective. While we see a nation of law abiding patriots who hold themselves and their fellow citizens to a high moral standard, they see a mob of unruly adolescents that cannot be trusted with any real responsibility.

        • “While we see a nation of law abiding patriots who hold themselves and their fellow citizens to a high moral standard, they see a mob of unruly adolescents that cannot be trusted with any real responsibility.”

          Very well said.

          This very nicely sums up what I have been saying is the difference between “the left” and “the right” for decades. Left-right here used as in practice (voting, governance, activism), not theoretical definitions.

    • In other words. β€œAmerica rejected the gun grabbers bullshit and I’m pissed about it.”

      True enough. I really don’t think the American people have “bought the NRA’s theory” as much as they have rejected the anti-gun theory that (1) banning certain firearms based on looks would reduce murder/mass murder/gun violence, (2) if we only banned these evil “assault weapons”, no more gun control would be pursued, and (3) the Second Amendment protects a collective right to hunt… or something.

    • Yep – and the hypocritical SOB has several armed Secret Service officers with him and his wifey at all times, to protect them from the serfs.

      • Yep. Still waiting for that oft-repeated/never-fulfilled prediction to come true.
        Only the more talented liars, like the Clintons, can utter such proven lies with such conviction.

  2. “THEORY- a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that is acquired through the scientific method and repeatedly tested and confirmed through observation and experimentation.”

    I for one am glad the public is buying this theory.

    • 2nd definition – what a sloppy journalist or politician uses when they mean “hypothesis” but either can’t spell it or assume their audience can’t.

  3. What a joke. This man was president during one of the most violent decades in this nations history. His bastard nazi gun laws did nothing to change it. Now he stands there lecturing us on how violent and self segregating we’ve become?

  4. I listened to this speech the other day. He started out talking about how racism was down and that a lot of problems here are economic and opportunity problems, and I remember thinking “Can’t be slick Willy saying this, it almost makes sense” Then he started spewing anti NRA crap and I was “Oh, there he is. Same old same old”
    I’ll never understand Liberals.

  5. Rhodes Scholar, huh? Is it his failure or Oxford’s that he missed the class on “rationality?”

    Evidence, Bill. Evidence. Your crap propaganda does not have it.

    I know 8-9 year old children that are better at this stuff than he demonstrates he is. Wonder if any of them will be President some day?

    • Unfortunately not. The modern president must be completely devoid of common sense, didn’t you see the 28th amendment?

  6. Earlier this year I attended a convention where this dweeb was the keynote. A good portion of the cost of the convention paid for his speech. He was boring. His facts were way off. His use of the “um” in every sentence was exhausting . He had a few sound bites that sounded good, but overall, he was the worst speaker I have ever seen in front of an audience bigger than 20. If I would have known he was the keynote, that he was such a bad speaker, I would not have attended.

    • Interesting. I have heard opinions that his mental capacities seem to have been on a steady decline, some wondering if he’s showing early dementia…

        • Clinton was not a stupid guy.

          Politically warped and mis-guided, but in no way stupid.

          I’d rather have Slick as President than the current occupant.

        • I’d rather have a mound of dirt as President than the current occupant.

          Slick Willie’s youthful (and later, not-so-youthful) excesses are catching up with him. His faculties will degenerate as time passes.

    • Bob…you should terminate your affiliation with the organization who used your money to enrich this bastard’s coffers.

  7. –Then if one of them felt threatened by another, they could stand up right here and stand their ground. And we could watch the whole saga unfold. That is what happens.—

    Where Bill, where has this happened?

    • That’s what I was thinking.

      Fifty states with concealed carry, and I can’t think of a single incident of two legally armed people shooting at each other in public.

      • I think there was one such incident, which is a miniscule percentage of the 9-11 million CCW holders.
        I also recall an incident (many years ago) in which two NYC LEOs shot and killed one another while off-duty in a bar. Neither knew each other or had any interaction at the bar. It was theorized that one officer accidentally exposed his off-duty weapon. The second officer started to draw his weapon to challenge him. The first officer saw the second drawing a weapon, drew his own, and both fired at the other.
        There was a more recent incident in a Newark, NJ bar, where a City police officer and a Campus officer got into an argument over “who had the most authority”, and the argument became a shooting.

        • Heck, there was a story posted here just the other day about a drunk NY cop shooting it out with some of his colleagues after a fight in a bar, wasn’t there?

        • When you divide the number of “dueling” criminal violence incidents (the sort of mutual armed assault Clinton referenced) by the total population you’re looking at, e.g. 1/11,000,000,000, it puts all that “anecdotal evidence” into perspective.
          I expect the same sort of very small percentage of police officers involved in that specific “dueling”, or any other kind of improper gun use in “off duty” incidents, although I understand police officers have a worse record than “civilian” CCW holders in that regard.

      • The one off the top of my head, sadly (and I can thank TTAG cause I read it here), was a dispute between two drivers who ended up pulling over and one man began firing at the other, who then also drew and returned fire iirc. Wife of man #2 was in the car on the phone watching I think also.

    • The most that comes to mind was the Florida man who shot a guy for being loud in the movie theater. Now if you compare that to the number of people killed in gun free zones it is blatantly clear signs kill more people. However, if they can save just one life they don’t care how many they kill in the process.

      • Even the theater shooting was from an old white guy with diminished mental capacity. Like Slick Willy πŸ™‚

      • You mean the retired POLICE OFFICER who murdered a man in a Florida theater? Can’t use that story against POTG. There go a few more holes in the arguments against lawful CCW.

        • dont forget the popcorn throwing! Said guy had an additional (non fatal) encounter in the weeks to follow from what I remember.

          • Exactly. One of the “trained professionals” that the liberals always say should be the only ones to have guns, rather than us POTG who choose responsible carry.

  8. Speechless, really speechless. This guy is supposed to be someone that people look up to. The progressive anti-gunners are on a full-steam-ahead approach to gun bans. They say this will occur within the next 30 years and they have a huge head start on the the current generation turning 10 today.

    • That’s right, the elitist Progressives believe they need to make all the decisions for the citizenry, that we are not capable of rational thought and actions. Some honestly believe that and some like slick Willy just enjoy the control.

  9. We have 300m guns in this country and no matter what we make illegal it still manages to cross the border. The bad guys will always have guns. If going for zero guns ever had a chance of working (only talking crime here not other 2A issues) it would have to have started a couple hundred years ago. So yes good guys need to carry.

  10. “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

    BJ Clinton during impeachment proceedings.

  11. Anyone else see the picture looking like he’s pointing his finger like a gun barrel at his head, and think, “Do it.”?

  12. Aside from his bad politics, as a person he is trash. He is of the lowest moral character. It boggles the mind that anyone would “look up to him.”

  13. Wow, the article is less than 24 hours old and the comments are already closed.

    Why do so many anti-gun groups and organizations talk about ‘a discussion about guns’ while doing everything they can to shut down any point of view that isn’t their own?

    • I don’t think it’s about guns as much as it’s about culture, they don’t like what they percieve to be the gun culture and don’t really care about facts. They constantly try to skew the 2A because the real meaning is inconvienient. They see us as racist paranoid antisocial bullies (and unfortunately some of the louder voices come across like that) but thelast thing they want is sensible pro gun arguments from normal folks who happen to own and carry.

  14. What an inane statement. They always like to paint some wild picture of everyone gunning each other down for no reason. Typical hoplophobic fearmongering bullshinto

    • Yep.

      “Then if one of them felt threatened by another, they could stand up right here and stand their ground. And we could watch the whole saga unfold. That is what happens.”

      Except, it happens so rarely as to not even be worth discussing.

  15. I didn’t think anything BJ Billy had to say was relevant these days, guess I was wrong…………………………….

  16. Having been forced to take my annual company required “Workplace Violence Defense” training BS which basically states: call 911, run and/or hide, I believe I rather have someone standup and stand their ground than to run or hide under my desk.

    The mentality that it is better to be a victim than to stand and fight amazes me especially when the same exact politicians praise United Airlines Flight 93 who fought back despite the threat to their lives. Which one is that you want people to do? Be a victim, or fight?

  17. “We bought the NRA’s theory that we would all be safer if everybody in this audience had a gun that was a concealed weapon . . .”

    Even that bit of hyperbole would be preferable to the gungrabber theory that we would all be safer if nobody was “allowed” to have a gun that was a banned weapon.

  18. “Then if one of them felt threatened by another, they could stand up right here and stand their ground”

    Doesn’t usually go down like that.. more then likely the threat would be someone who doesnt qualify to own a gun.
    now what you gonna do Mr. C… when you have a room full of victims?

  19. Only a fool would listen to the lies of a proven liar, whose tendency and talent for deceit is without limit.

    • His tendency for deceit is without limit, I’ll give you that. But since he’s been caught lying a whole bunch of times, I’d say his talent for it isn’t so great.

      • Don’t sell ol’ BJ short. It was the “blue dress”, hard evidence instead of a “he said/she said” situation that really caught him with his pants down.
        I wonder if he ever took any acting lessons. I’d say he is clever enough to teach how to convincingly portray truth and sincerity.
        Every time I need a laugh, I watch the video clip of his finger-wagging, “I’m a victim”, denial and implied accusation of Lewinsky as a liar.
        That, and Hillary’s “Vast right-wing conspiracy” against poor Bill to explain it all, cracks me up.

  20. I saw this a couple of days ago. The broader context is that Clinton was saying the public “bought” (actually meaning “agreed with”) the NRA’s argument that expanded concealed carry was good and stand your ground laws were good. Clinton was arguing the combination made you less safe.

    While I’m sure questions were not allowed or were pre-screened, I would love to ask “Since violent crime has decreased at the same time that concealed carry and stand your ground laws have expanded, how can you possibly argue these laws put people at greater risk?”

    What it really comes down to is that most liberals think the public as a whole is too stupid to govern itself.

  21. I don’t know about all of that, but the “NRA’s theory” has the advantage of being tested as accurate by over 200,000 years of the modern human animal’s existence.

  22. But we ARE safer. We are indisputably safer today than we were during the Clinton years. It’s just a statistical fact.

  23. this from someone with PERJURY CONVICTION who lost his law license as a result and who lied to the nation about getting a BJ from a barely legal but highly impressionable young woman . . . .

  24. My theory is willy’s brain went when he had heart bypass. It happened to my dad. And I just saw Barry credit Holder with reducing gun crime in America. Yikes. Don’t be so sure Hildebeast is a lock…

  25. What Clinton just said is the primary thought process that goes through a libtards brain. Libtards are afraid of guns and don’t know how to properly handle them. They know IF they had a gun and became angered, they would use it. Case in point, all the mass killers are libtards, even Timothy McVeigh was a card carrying union member and registered Democrap. Thus, in a libtards tiny brain, everyone else must also be an incompetent rage monsters just waiting to shoot up a school if given the chance. We just need to ban all guns from Democraps. Problem solved.

  26. And this comment came from a former world leader and supposedly well-educated, contemplative and experienced adult? I never saw anything of the giant in this guy. I still don’t get what anyone else ever did.

    This is an ignorant, nay, moronic, view I’d expect everyone here has heard expressed at some point by one’s idiot unlettered lout of a neighbor, cousin, brother-in-law, or random drunk at a party.

    Even worse than the asinine sentiment itself, is the clumsy, buffoon-like phrasing: “And we could watch the whole saga unfold. That is what happens.” Seriously? Just when you thought our long national nightmare was over, someone puts a mic in front of this hack and we have a flashback.

      • Regarding Hilary, this is still far less offensive than Hilary’s “We can’t allow people to have dangerous thoughts or espouse dangerous ideas” speech from a few months back.

  27. the problem is the dimwits that make up the Democrat constituency suck all this stuff up like a sponge. please, master, tell me how I think and feel.

  28. With statists it is always about the narrative. Facts and real history don’t matter as long as their world view is the pervasive one. I know we focus on guns here, where the narrative given to the public is that when you give someone a gun, they are one argument away from a murderous rampage. On the other hand the narratives don’t stop there. Think about everything you were taught in history and economics in school. The more stuff a president did the more we should like them, and the more successful a businessman was, the more we should despise them. Listen to Tom Woods talk about the history of monopolies and the “Robber Barons.” Basically these people made goods cheaper for everyone(and no they didn’t jack up the prices later) and we are supposed to despise them.

  29. Graduate of Yale Law School.

    It’s not as scary that he was once president as it’s scary that he was a lawyer but seems unable to comprehend the law with that “Stand their ground” quip.

  30. “That is what happens.”

    Things do happen, but in this case they happen rather rarely. The overall experience of 40+ states is unmistakable: shall issue concealed carry does not lead to major problems. It should be expanded to all 50 states.

  31. Well Bill, I tend to notice that the homicidal maniacs don’t go into places where the chances someone is carrying concealed.

  32. Clinton was anti-gun during his Presidency. What makes you think he would have changed his thoughts on that? And Hilary? Expect her to do what she can to take the guns away. Oh, No! Not hunting guns! My eye.

  33. “And we should — then every community in the country could then start doing major weapon sweeps and then destroying the weapons, not selling them.”

    “When we got organized as a country and we wrote a fairly radical Constitution with a radical Bill of Rights, giving a radical amount of individual freedom to Americans …And so a lot of people say there’s too much personal freedom. When personal freedom’s being abused, you have to move to limit it. That’s what we did in the announcement I made last weekend on the public housing projects, about how we’re going to have weapon sweeps and more things like that to try to make people safer in their communities.” – MTV’s “Enough is Enough!”, 22 March, 1994

    “We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans…” – USA Today, 11 March, 1993, pg. 2A

    “If the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution inhibit the government’s ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees.” – 12 August, 1993

    “You know the one thing that’s wrong with this country? Everyone gets a chance to have their fair say.” – From his speech in Philadelphia PA City Hall Courtyard, 28 May, 1993

    “There is no reason for anyone in this country – anyone except a police officer or military person – to buy, to own, to have, to use a handgun. The only way to control handgun use in this country is to prohibit the guns.” – While signing The Brady Bill, 1993

    “The purpose of government is to rein in the rights of the people.” – MTV, 1993

    “I feel very strongly about it [the Brady Bill]. I think – I also associate myself with the other remarks of the Attorney General. I think it’s the beginning. It’s not the end of the process by any means.” – 11 August, 1993

    Shut the fuck up, Bill. You’re out of your element.

    • β€œThe purpose of government is to rein in the rights of the people.” – MTV, 1993 Well, Slick Willie was actually telling the truth on that one.

  34. His premise is that Americans can’t think for themselves. They need a group to tell them what to think. Some days I think (whoa!) the majority are actually like that. Maybe most days …

  35. This Piece Should be titled: Bill Clinton: America is standing up for their Second Amendment Rights despite the lies have told”

    A Working Subtitle is: ” Our lies about gun violence worked in Britain and Australia, America should just shut up and follow along”

  36. Yeah that is what happens. I see it like twenty times a day as I drive around.

    What a retard.

    Dude needs to just concentrate on what he’s good at, cheating on his wife, and leave the big thinking to other people.


  37. This is unrelated to his comments but it does speak to his ability to get it (intentionally * Saul Alinsky) wrong.

    When we went into Somalia, he said we are going to bring democracy to Somalia.

    I check up on Somalia. I have my %’s off but they go like this:

    98 % had never been more than 5 miles from here they were born.

    99 % could not read or write.

    Put the two together and what do we have? More BS.

  38. The more Slick Willie drones on about gun control, the better the chance of the Donkeyrats not being elected.

  39. “That is what happens.”

    When? Name the last occurrence of such a thing, sir!

    [EDIT: what I wanted to say: ‘Probably not, because you’re the only one in the room idiotic enough to do such a thing’, but I didn’t because it’s an ad hominem.]

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