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Shannon Watts with TTAG writer Alan James (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“It makes our moms feel like badasses to take on the most powerful lobbying organization in the country.” Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America jefe Shannon Watts, ‘Badass’ Moms Take Gun Fight To NRA’s Home Turf [via]

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  1. “It makes our moms feel like badasses to take on the most popular lobbying organization in the country.”

    Fixed that for her.

    • No, please, let me…

      “It makes our moms look like jackasses to take on the most popular lobbying organization in the country”

        • dumbass is good too, but I thought the image of a braying donkey more appropriate, it’s what I think of every time I hear certain MDA members speak.

      • Just one more:

        “It makes our grandmoms look like jackasses to take on the most popular lobbying organization in the country”

    • What Shannon said:

      “It makes our moms feel like badasses to take on the most powerful lobbying organization in the country.”

      What Shannon was really thinking:

      “It makes our moms feel like badasses and get off by trying to bully everybody into our personal view.”

    • I wonder that myself.

      My guess would be, most of these people, if they really thought their lives were at risk, would disengage or, more likely, not engage in the first place.

      If we (POTG and CCWers in particular) acted as they claim to be afraid we would, there wouldn’t be too many of them left at this point. Rather, they claim we are irrational while at the same time relying on our rationality when berating us.

      Not that I expect the majority of them would recognize the inconsistency.

      • This point is why I reject the premise that they “fear” OC of long guns in Starbucks as that one chick supposedly asserted the other day in her “open letter to Bruce.”

        They don’t really fear the gun. They just want to control the gun owner.

        I like to think about it this way: They are like teachers of 4th grade boys, and we are the boys they can’t control. They get more and more shrill in their attempt to tell us to “sit down and be quiet; to act more ‘civilized.'”

        The problem is that an adult teacher has some moral authority over a child. Shannon and her sycophantic followers don’t have any moral authority over us, and that bugs the hell out of them.

        That lack of control is what they fear. It points out their vulnerability and how, ultimately, they have to rely on others for protection.

        “Fear of the gun” is a red herring…it’s rhetorical sleight of hand designed to distract from the underlying mission: control of the PERSON.

  2. Its easier when you have nothing to lose. The anties have no real skin in the game. Worst case for them is things stay the way they have been for generations. The worst case for gun owner is you lose all access to your firearms, forever.

    • I disagree with the statement “Worst case for them is things stay the way they have been for generations.” look at the cities like chicago where gun control has been strongly imposed. Crime get worse till its out of hand. They’re just to stupid to look at the bigger picture or the results of thier “cause”!

  3. Sounds more like righteous indignation and superiority complex (maybe that is why she gets along with Bloomberg) than “badass”

  4. Given the photo of the group that was asked to leave Krogers I bet they feel like bad-asses every time they pinch a solid stool or can get through a whole ear of corn without dentures shifting.

    • Yeah – whatever happened to the insurance, pharmaceutical and oil lobbyists?
      Btw. Shannon, you are so special you can FEEL any way you like and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t! Feel it baby!

  5. Badasses? Really, Shannon? REALLY??? From what I’ve seen of your five or ten followers, COMMENT MODERATED. Insofar as Lobbying Groups, Shannon, you might want to review some facts (oh but that’s not your strong point, is it?) and you’ll find considerable disagreement with your assertion about the NRA

    NRA is ranked #10 on this list.

    Just do a search for “Most powerful lobbying groups in the U.S.” and you’ll find the Pro-Israel Lobby is considered the most powerful in Washington D.C..

    But we wouldn’t expect anything remotely accurate or truthful to pass out of your mouth and you never disappoint.

  6. And Huffpo strikes again. They claim to be a journalistic outlet, but the piece was so slated towards Bloomberg and MDA. Calling the NRA “feared”, that sort of thing. Part of what makes journalism, well, journalism, is word selection and tone. They could have called the NRA “influential” and gotten their point across.

    True journalism in the mass media is dead. Huffpo is just an opinion blog writ large.

    The comments are gold. The antis state their point, the POTG respond with evidence countering it, and it’s crickets. There’s a determined few antis keeping the commentary going, but it’s mostly rinse and repeat on their part, parroting the party line of “common sense” restrictions, etc.

    I’d love to know where the antis get their information, since they never cite a source. Yeah, they post statistics and whatnot, but it’s always from a source where certain stats are left out, or the sampling size is skewed to present their case. Or upon further research, the statistics gathering can be found to be flawed. Then they fall back on the classic tropes of “military weapons”, “gun show loophole”, “what are you afraid of”, etc…

      • +1. Why is it PuffHo’s, Vox, and NYT, and all the rest of the Journolista’s just ‘overlook’ that censorship and banning at MDA, do you suppose?

        Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas…

    • Afraid of self-assembling home-built military weapons falling through the gun show loophole while killing children who are turning their lives around and causing global catastrophe, I think.

      In other words, it seems they’re afraid of Skynet and the T1000…

      • I’m afraid of SkyNet and it’s (her?) army of Terminators. But then again, that’s why I have Ar-15s. It’s also why I want a grenade launcher, a minigun, and possibly access to a manufacturing plant.

    • . . . . must not take the bait. . . . . . . . . must not take the bait. . . . . . . . . must not take the bait. . . . . . . . . must not take the bait. . . . . . . . . must not take the bait. . . . . . . . . must not take the bait. . . . . . . . . must not take the bait. . . . .

      ok all i can say is that when Ms “Badass” and I do meet up, since she likes fun and excitement, there are a whole range of post-dinner/show options downtown somewhere, anywhere, now on the table.

  7. You want to be a badass, take on the pro-Israel lobby, or Big Oil, or the pharmaceutical industry. Those are powerful lobbying organizations. The NRA is a bunch of pikers compared to those groups. Hell, the AARP probably has more political clout than the NRA does.

      • +100

        CERTAINLY one of the most dangerous…the long, slow burn exponentially growing influence they have is, we are observing now, quite destructive to our culture.

    • Lets not forget the unions, like SEIU, of ACORN fame. Same thugs who threatened to beat up elderly pro Gov Walker protesters for his daring to restrict union mandatory contributions, the same thugs who beat up the black t-shirt vendor at the Tea Party protest a couple years ago, for being an Uncle Tom, and the same thugs who community organize the homeless and welfare queens to get on the bus, to don a t-shirt and wave a sign at anti-gun protests, like Flegers, outside the LGS a month back.

      Shannon has lots of bad-ass friends, all paid for by elitist rich progtards who know whats best for the little people.

      Shannon is simply a propagandist. Paid shill for Bloomberg. She creates fake demonstrations, and passes it along as news, to the progressive “news” outlets and reliable propaganda organs created and maintained by the left.

      She is more properly compared to this role model, Leni Riefenstahl:

        • Do you really think Bloomie really cares what happens when that spinning top Watts starts bouncing around? As long as it look like something is happening, he can get that cash into a 501C4 for tax purposes, achieving a stated goal is just a bonus. Sure, he’s a statist, but it might be the journey (and tax donations) that are also important to him.

    • And he apparently created propaganda for the Nazi party — he and Shannon have a lot in common! He would make a great role model for her. Too bad he’s not alive so he and Shannon could sit down for a little tea party, I’m sure they’d get along great – maybe she would finally get some of that action she’s been demanding for!

  8. So, are they taking on Big Pharma, or the Banking Lobby or the insurance & securities industry? THOSE are the real most powerful lobbies in Washington. On a side note, I have noticed that if it was not for TTAG, the demanding moms quips, ads, soundbites and propaganda would not even register in my radar. Maybe we shouldn’t give them the attention they desperately need in order to remain relevant.

    • Again, they are the most prominent (media-wise) anti-2A group in America. We need to know what they’re doing and expose their hypocrisy at every step. IMHO.

      • Fair enough. I still love this site but to be sincere, in occasion I just skip this type of article under the policy of “don’t support by clicking on it”. Oh, and hope to see you at TIFF. Got my ticket already.

    • The other point to remember is that by posting these articles and commenting on them, we keep OUR side relevant in the search engines.

      Just did a quick Google search for “Moms demand action” and numerous gun rights sites and commentary (including TTAG) showed up on my first page of results.

      For those that read or hear about them, wonder who they are and if it’s a group to be joined, a bit of online research might be in order. It’s important for both sides of who this group is to be readily available to the casual searcher.

      So, if you don’t like the articles, that’s cool. But, it’s important for them (and subsequent deep comment section) to be “out there” as online is one of the biggest battlegrounds in the culture war for RKBA.

    • If the stories ORIGINATED from TTAG, that would be different. Theyre posted by liberal lie factories like HuffPo, which reaches quite a bit of koolaid drinkers I imagine.

      If their voice is the only one any fence sitters hear, then as far as they know, thats the only voice who is talking.

    • I tell you what. Go ahead a boycott the products of “Big Pharma” and see where it gets you. I mean don’t wait until 75 the way Herr Doktor Emanual suggests. Start now.

    • They did a feature on MDA on the local Chicago news, theyare on yahoo and huff quite often. I don’t see a mention of TTAG. RF is right to run news about our enemy. BTW I find Ms. watts a bad ass. But then I prefer hot black womenLOL.

  9. So if she’s so badass, why does she feel the need to be accompanied by metabolically challenged goons whenever she’s out in public?

    • If she’s so “bad,” why’d she have an insane hissy fit for a couple of days after that photo with Alan was taken?

      If she’s so “bad,” why did she try to claim he was a “stalker” and then with cowardly consistency not even follow up her “twitter bravado” with the simple act of a filing a Police Report?

      She’s a farce – joke. She’s not even a good liar.

      • a real “badass” would not have complained to the cops when I published her home, I mean corporate address that she listed on her State of Indiana incorporation forms (and still continues to list as the MDA corporation address). 🙂

  10. My entire research into this matter involved two websites, and I’m not certain of their veracity. That said, neither puts the NRA in the top 20 lobbying groups.

    One of those sites has the NRA listed as the only gun rights lobbying organization. They’re also shown as outspending the six gun control lobbying groups, but it’s hardly David v. Goliath, is it? It’s more like David and his five friends vs. a guy who managed to outspend them on politicians last year, yet not make as much noise. Insurance and health care groups spent far more than the NRA has, try going after them if you want to feel like a badass.

  11. From the article cited: “The barrier of innocence was broken,” Watts said. When 20 elementary school children were massacred later that year in Newtown, Connecticut, Watts said her son’s reaction was even more frightening. “He didn’t have a reaction at all. He realizes that this is what happens in America, that no one is safe from gun violence.” Her son’s non-reaction prompted her to make an emotional statement about what she assumes he was thinking and try to make a point for her cause. Makes no sense at all but I guess that is what she is about. Trying to make arguments that promote her cause using whatever straws she can grasp. Makes no difference to her if her comments are illogical or that she has no supporting data.

  12. Oh, Shannon. we probably need to get our terms straight. A true bad ass mom would be one who is capable of defending her family against evil WITHOUT having to dial the old 9-1-1. When some miscreant grabs your kid at the grocery store or a pair of gangbangers kicks in your door, a bad ass mom does more than scream for help. She draws down and ends – I mean ENDS – the threat.

    Trying to strip the right of self-defense from people who pose you and yours no threat at all – and make no mistake, legal gun owners aren’t the problem with “gun violence” – doesn’t make you a bad ass. It makes you a petty tyrant. Bad ass? No. Fascist? Yes.

    It’s never about safety for you, Shannon. It’s about CONTROL.

  13. It makes them feel like badasses to cower in fear of an inanimate object and encourage others to do the same? These people have some truly lunatic psyches.

  14. The gun lobby more powerful than the oil and big pharm…?

    Exxon alone does 90 billion a quarter.

    Keep dreaming, Shannon Warrior Princess.

  15. What the hell “take on” is she referring to? It’s the NRA, not MS-13, for crying out loud. No one goes home bloody, broke, or beheaded. Nobody gets fire bombed or gunned down. The NRA is the good guy here, lobbying and organizing and persuading in favor of expanded civil rights for all.

    Ms. Watts and her angry ilk are the bad guys here. MDA are the ones playing the role of discriminatory, reactionary obstructionists and opportunists. It’s the most morally unambiguous struggle of our time.

    SHE and Bloomberg are the ones standing on the steps of the local gun store shouting “Civilian disarmament now! Civilian disarmament tomorrow! Civilian disarmament forever!!”

    God and America and history are all watching. It’s not too late for them to abandon their freedom infringing jihad. Forgiveness is at hand and redemption within reach, Ms. Watts. Seek it, accept it.

  16. So, repeated failure followed by rationalization in an attempt to spin the failure into something that can be claimed as a victory makes her feel like a badass?


    So sad.

  17. When is her 15 minutes over? She is nothing but a mercenary shilling for whomever will pay her the most. As soon as some other hot button issue comes along she will take the money and run….not a minute too soon.

  18. “With access to Michael Bloomberg’s deep pockets and the force of more than 2 million dedicated supporters…”
    Also from the HuffPro propaganda piece.

    The point the article is trying to make is that the Hysterical Mother is the anti-Wayne LaPierre. The purpose of the article is an attempt to take Shannon’s Sugar Daddy’s face and name off of his money. The Colorado recalls and Sheriff Clark’s reelection have made it clear that being associated with “Bloomberg” is political poison. Gun grabbing politicians only like him for his money.

    I wonder if Shannon’s Sugar Daddy really allows the Hysterical Mother to stick her hand deep into his front pocket. I bet he turns his back to her when he opens his wallet and just leaves some cash on the night stand.

    The Hysterical Mother is now claiming to have 2 million “supporters” , but she can’t get 2 dozen of them to attend one of her photo opps without paying them.

  19. I thought badasses were people in leather jackets with fantastic hair telling people like it is without regard for feelings?

    Off topic: Is it racist to tell a black guy (like space-black) that he doesn’t need black camo paint on his face? Seriously, I need an answer quickly.

    • “I thought badasses were people in leather jackets with fantastic hair telling people like it is without regard for feelings?”

      The real bad-asses are the ones you would never expect. The old saying “Watch out for the quiet ones.” The ones that don’t know they are bad-asses.

      And like the ones like on United flt. 93 on 9-11.

      And God Bless every one of ’em.

  20. There is nothing so badass as using fear and intimidation to get your point across. Yes, there are some badasses on the Pro Gun side of the line that should tone it down a notch too.

  21. My consolation is that this level of pathetic slobbering brown-nosing fact-bereft numbskulled drivel could only be printed at HuffPo.

  22. Shannon watts is a complete moron! This bitch deserves to be put on another planet! All she cares about is a camera being in front of her face that’s all she cares about I’ve seen pictures of her and video of her leaving leaving sites where they were protesting because of one thing no one was there no one cares! Moms demand action is a freaking joke

  23. Quick! – where’s that meme!

    I’m glad that disarming people who have a sense of justice makes MDA feel like badasses. (sarcasm) These role-models will no doubt make “Moms” feel like badasses: Scarface, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Amon Leopold Göth, Joseph Goebbels, and let’s not forget Hitler.

    I can’t find the link to it, but there is quote of Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) that I believe is saying we can’t discuss gun violence because there is a fear of fictional Nazis (his words, not mine). Well, Jon, we don’t need Nazis to try to upturn our country, we already have Everytown Against Guns, Moms Demand Action, and Obama for that.

  24. There and again the critical difference between “feeling” and actually being.

    A difference that Mrs. Watts and her billionaire sugar-daddy vehemently refuse to acknowledge in their feeble, closed minds. Much less actually live, like the rest of us ADULTS already do, like there actually is one. If they had from the out-set, their wouldn’t be any popular support for gun control in the first place.

    Much less any faux-philanthropic agitators like MDA who stump for a historically sexist, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-rights, and anti-Humanist agenda.

    If she really wanted to feel like a so-called “badass”, she’d actually be “taking on” the Crips and the Bloods — and the rest of that rabble of worthless street urchins — that are actually doing the vast majority of the killing in her own backyard. But, no. Instead, she’d rather have her own personal Lord n’ Savior Uncle Bloomy shelling out more cash to simply buy their protestors and make their pure AstroTurf look as if it were some sort of so-called “grassroots”.

    Which it’s decidedly not.

  25. Remind me again. Wasn’t the cuddly-looking, fuzzy-faced young Mr. Brooks standing next to Ms. Watts in the above photo one of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, ie a Marine?

    She wants to claim she’s a “badass.” She was standing next to a bona fide member of American’s oldest badass club (so badass that they were formed in a beer-soaked tavern) and she thought he was a teddy bear.

    Yep, she’s a real authority on badasses.


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