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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Mom (courtesy Drew W)

Regular readers know that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) is an astroturf organization. Although Shannon Watts claims over 2m “members”, none of them are dues-paying (thanks to the funding provided by former NYC Mayor and billionaire bully boy Michael Blooomberg). More to the point, a local MDA “rally” tends to produce something more than a quorum and less than two dozen participants, a significant percent of whom possess testicles. Because MDA “members” are so rare, one TTAG reader was taken aback when he actually say one. Drew W. snapped the pic above and writes . . .

Well, it happened. It finally happened. I spotted my first Moms Demand Action Supporter and at the University I attend, no less. I’m actually surprised it took me this long to publicly spot one. I live in a very conservative area that happens to host a very liberal university. Anyway, I figured you might be able to make a little game out of spotting Moms Demand Action supporters. I spotted mine at a Science Lecture on Nuclear Power, where have you spotted them?

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  1. Those men at these protests are ones who have voluntarily given up their testicles for their wives to keep under lock and key.

  2. That’s a cute shirt but I bet she/he wouldn’t wear that in Chicago. Any criminal would quickly snatch anything of value from that poor and confused person.

      • This shirt says two things:
        I have money
        I have no means of protecting it

        It’s like a pack of wolves looking at a herd of deer, and they see a fat, juicy one with a limp and a cough. How can they resist?

        • My point is, the vast majority of people in Chicago have no means of protecting themselves. You don’t need to look for a shirt to know who to rob in that city. Just pick any random person, and you have extremely good odds they’re unarmed.

          In any case, most of the criminals there are products of the Chicago public school system, and therefore probably can’t read the shirt anyway…

      • In Chicago, the odds are well in your favor for picking a random person and having them, be unarmed. But a “Mom’s” t-shirt wearer is like a 100% guarantee that person is unarmed AND has money to throw away on stupid causes.

  3. I would love a shirt for going shooting, cleaning my guns, changing my oil, going to strip club, whatever. how can we get one without actually paying for it and funding the enemy??

  4. See the friend that is also in the picture, top left corner in partial view. Every time I see big hoop earrings I remember an expression for my college days ‘The bigger the hoops the bigger the ‘ho’. Well, those are kinda medium sized so maybe she is just medium sized too.

  5. I spotted a group of them a few months ago around Clarke and 28th in Milwaukee to demand accountability from the county DA’s office and county judges for going soft on Sylvester Lewis, a felon that illegally obtain a weapon and kill a 10 year old on a playground as part of a crossfire with another felon with a weapon.

    Oh wait…….that was fantasy land. MDA members in Wisconsin must not care about Sierra Guyton then since there are so many of them, if they wanted to demand change here, they would, right?

    OK, I’ll start taking my sarcasm suppression meds now.

    • You should get one with the word “Demand” with a line through it and “Take” written in. That would go well with open carry.

      “Demand” sounds silly next to the more firm action “Take.” It makes them sound like a bunch of shrill annoying whiners.

  6. or we can make/buy a bunch and offer them up to convicted felons re-entering society and see how long it takes one of them to commit an armed robbery while wearing said t-shirt. . . . and make sure media gets lots of good perp walk shots when the arrest happens.

  7. I think an awesome parody shirt would be great. “moms demanding action” and just below that a silhouette of a fat woman shooting a pistol”. Or “single moms demand action” with a picture of a stripper and then below that “one dollar at a time”. Both would need a likeness of the Bloomberg communist party logo of course.

  8. Never seen one. I’ve seen plenty of Obama shirts from the clueless. LOTS of pro gun shirts. Maybe they need to have dead children with blood stains on it so we would notice 🙂

  9. “I live in a very conservative area that happens to host a very liberal university.”

    Is there any such thing as a conservative university? If there is, I have never heard of one.

  10. I’d like to show up at one of their rallies with a shirt that says “Moms Demand Action” any action, I just want to get laid!

  11. “a significant percent of whom possess testicles.”

    Possession does not guarantee ownership.

    In this case, probably more akin to carrying purses for the on-scene Demander In Charge Korp

  12. I think you should report her to the University. You feel threatened by her wearing the shirt as it projects a lack of personal responsibility and is a magnet for gun-crazed lunatics. She’s promoting statist beliefs that attack your feeling of well being and you’re scared that her wearing the shirt will attract an active killer who wants to take advantage of the disarmed aura she projects. It poisons the learning environment you’re there to take part of and dampens any conversation because you just don’t know when she’s going to explode into a disarmament tirade and lower the relative IQ of the entire class.

    Remember to stress the fear that she projects while wearing the shirt and use Bambi deer-in-the-headlight eyes. Because.

  13. Never seen one. Then again, I haven’t been to any of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health hospitals, where I’m sure MDA members congregate to discuss their voices and visions.

  14. Gun-grabbers take note.

    Gun Free Zones Kill.

    Therefor, lawmakers enacting those laws are killing us.

    Therefor the gun-grabbers who knowingly vote for them, kill.

    Is there more than that? YOU gun-grabbers are the problem!

    • I think that was the Muscular Dystrophy Association. At least it should be; they do something good for society. Next time ask.

  15. I’m waiting for them to surface here in The Worker’s Paradise, Maryland ™ when Obersturmfheurer Watts appears in a thunderclap and cloud of sulfur smoke.

  16. They didn’t have special shirts, but I’m pretty sure there were a lot in the conference committee hearings for the gun bills in Atlanta.


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