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“We get all the love in the hood. We’re getting them information that they didn’t have access to before. I teach people that certain things — like guns — are made taboo, but they have to fight for their rights to gun ownership. That they have to fight for it, stand on that right that they already have.” – Maj Toure in ‘Black Guns Matter’ Founder is Taking on Gun Violence in a Way the Media Is Ignoring [via]



  1. This guy is incredible. He went through a flurry of interviews during the DNC and stayed clear and on message the whole time. A better spokesperson than Wayne by far and paying attention to a neglected demographic on the ground where they live apparently with results.

    Support him:

  2. Kuddos to Maj (Captian obvious) Toure. Those 27 words do more for a securing a lawful community than any government program.

  3. It’s time for the Black community to recognize that its not so much about white racism as it is about the fact that a high percentage of violent crimes, and crimes with guns, are committed by young black men. Until they can address that problem, and getting free of the Democrat party is a good start, people everywhere will distrust any black person with a gun.

    This means, IMO, that they need to be VERY careful, even if “legally” permitted, until they manage to clean up their own back yard. Go for it! And good luck to you.

  4. So, complementary (not competing) to the Armed Citizen Project.

    Cool. Can’t stop the signal. Thank goodness.


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