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“Cyndi Roy-Gonzalez, spokeswoman for (Massachusetts AG Maura) Healey, said the office did not consider how many shootings in Massachusetts have been carried out with assault-style rifles, but insisted the ban is an effective anti-violence measure.” – O’Ryan Johnson in Maura Healey steps up ban on military-looking rifles [via]


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  1. I get it, Maura.

    You hate me.
    You hate the fact that my guns make it more difficult for you to control me.
    You hate the fact that I can get along just fine without a nanny state government, thankyouverymuch.
    Your power depends on helpless citizens, and I refuse to be one of them.
    Molon Labe.

    • It doesn’t matter what the effect is. If they don’t have a shooting involving a semi-auto rifle for a year, which is entirely possible with or without the ban, they’ll say, “See??!?!! It worked!”
      I’m surprised Maura Healey didn’t cite the Boston Massacre as justification for this.

      • If I’m not mistaken more people have been murdered in Boston by one make/model of pressure cooker in the last 5 years than ALL types of rifles combined.

  2. I am really beginning to hate this state. Why bother trying to fix the laws? It’s pointless because some other stupid gun ignorant liberal from Boston will come around proclaiming the goodness of gun banning. I figure it’s better to make them pay without my financial support in the way of taxes and fees I pay to the state every year for the privilege of living here.

    • It’s sad that’s what it takes to send a message, when the reply to the message will be “Goodbye and good riddance.”…

    • Beginning? Must be awfully young.

      I’m just wondering if Mass is going to change names to “East California”, when the country breaks up.

  3. “According to FBI statistics, rifles of any variety were used in just two of the Bay State’s 779 murders in the past five years, which were mainly carried out with handguns. In that same period, hands and feet were cited as the murder weapon 35 times.”

    Where is the call for extremity registration?

      • “*IF* elected. Hint, hint.”

        News in that department is a fresh batch of WikiLeak e-mails will be seen soon…

        • Julian Assange – second amendment hero?

          I never would have believed it, it makes me want to send him a fruit of the month gift to the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

  4. Funny. Didn’t someone from the Brady campaign admit that the CA AW ban not only wouldn’t affect crime in the slightest but was never intended to, and was only meant to create political will and generate momentum for further gun control?

  5. You really can not make this stuff up. Just stomp all over rights guaranteed by our Constitution in the miniscule hopes of making two killers use a different gun, every 5 years.

  6. Liked the hands and feet stat. Ban hands and feet, we will 15 times safer than “assault rifle” style weapons.

    • That statistic is absolutely in the right ballpark … violent criminals definitely use hands a feet more often than rifles to murder people. In fact violent criminals use their hands and feet more often than ALL long guns combined (which means both rifles and shotguns) to murder people.

      Unfortunately, those facts do not give gun-grabbers warm-and-fuzzy feelings so gun-grabbers reject those facts.

      Nevertheless, the fact remains: the hands and feet of violent criminals are the murder weapon in more murders than long guns.

  7. We just went to the State house in Boston Saturday to talk to legislatures and try to get a bill passed to stop this anti-gun insanity. The reception at the statehouse was split, positive and negative. The Democratic speaker of the house extended the lunch then rejected out of hand our bill, saying, this is for the courts to decide.
    I’ll tell you what, if this goes to a liberal judge and losses, every state opens up to this insanity!

  8. when i see you pound at least 5 pounds of sand up your ass then maybe…just maybe i’ll consider it…

  9. “Never Mind the Statistics, We Know the ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Will Work”

    If you truly believe that, dismiss your armed bodyguards permanently and move to Chiraq. After all, Chiraq is a gun-control paradise. The POTUS said so, and you prog lemmings must heed it as gospel.

    Go on. Shoo.

    • “But but but, all the guns come from Indiana and other such uninlightened places that respect people’s rights. (Sarc)”
      But hey, we could always punish straw purchasers and illegal weapons charges…..what’s that? Those are usually dropped in plea deals? Well, I’m out of ideas.

  10. Has there been a documented case of gun confiscation that wasn’t tied to a separate criminal charge? In other words, has a weapon been banned, then a refusal to turn in that weapon, and a raid of the home to take the weapon and arrest the owner? Was there a fight? Waco was raid on guns disguised as underage girls being used by Koresh. Ruby ridge was a raid on guns being disguised as white supremacy and he actually did make an illegal weapon (not according to the Constitution however).
    Any other cases where the gun only was the charge?

    • The Wounded Knee Massacre, still the largest mass shooting in US history, started as a gun grab. Gun control laws have ALWAYS been a method of controlling the minority population.

      • But nothing this century? Nothing against “not a minority”? Nothing against the Molon Labe group?

        There is a difference between political enemies and enemies. This AG and most if not all Democrats have declared war on the Second Amendment, thereby declaring war against the citizens of this country. I am not afraid to name my enemy that the founding fathers issued a duty to overthrow. You can’t overthrow a party you do not align with, but you must overthrow an enemy of the State, foreign or domestic. Human rights are off limits to any party of the U.S. and by violating that natural law, they have lost the right to govern. I am authorized to shoot anyone attempting to violate my right to keep and bear arms. So are all citizens. That is what the damn 2A means. We need to remind our government of this fact.

  11. FACTS SCHMACTS!! “We don’t need no stinking facts!!”

    The previous nation wide AWB was proven to not affect the crime rate. Even a study by California Department of Justice in December 2000 pointed to the reasons the real drop occurred (numbers 10 & 11 specifically)

    Why Did the Crime Rate Decrease Through 1999? (And Why Might It Decrease or Increase
    in 2000 and Beyond?) A Literature Review and Critical Analysis – Leonard A. Marowitz
    Research Report No. CJSC-2000-01

    We could go on and on with statisitics, facts and everything else showing how little “assault” weapons/rifles are not even remotely related to the issue, BUT… it won’t make one difference because “OMG! Muh feelins!! OMG! Assault rifle!!”

  12. IMHO, I believe they these people think is that Heller made handguns legal we cannot touch handguns, but rifles, especially black ones, oh, we can go after those so lets do that.

    We need a Heller 2.0 on rifles to stop the insanity.

    This is stupid beyond stupid. Emotions > Facts — but then, that is how we are brain washing children and young adults in school so I cannot be surprised.

    • Frank,

      Come on, get with the program! It doesn’t matter if something works … the only thing that matters is if something feels good!

      • And they know that nothing they advocate will ever decrease crime, by design. Therefore, the *next* step will be obviously common sense, so as to finally decrease crime, and then the next, until they finally believe they have a registry they can trust. Finally, then, will arrive a law that WILL be enforced, “turn ’em in or we’ll come and get them, and shoot you into the bargain.” I’ve been watching it for 40 years, I have no doubt left.

  13. And if, god forbid, they passed this, they would see that it wouldn’t do anything. So, the next step would be ,”well, I guess we weren’t strict enough. Let’s update the list”, until it gets to the point where anything that has so much as a synthetic stock (or even just a wood stock painted black like the Stoeger double defense shotgun) would get banned “fer da feelz”. Something I point out to friends and family who bring up the AWB idea, t the columbine mass murder, one of the most prolific, happened during the Clinton era ban.

  14. Question of the day: is there any woman in the United States who has a hyphenated name and is NOT a gun grabber?

    Follow-up question of the day: if a pro-gun person is talking about guns and a gun-grabber is not around to hear the pro-gun person, is the pro-gun person still wrong?

  15. She’s 100% correct, the assault weapons ban WILL keep weapons out of lawful MA residents hands.

  16. Facts aren’t required, only the belief of a fanatic. In this she is no different than an Islamic terrorist seeking his 72 Virgins.

  17. Yep, and that is why the Nazi’s were strong proponents of gun control too. After we restore the US to its original founding principles, I want to see this lady in an orange jumpsuit stamping license plates.

  18. The long march of infringement continues….by a woman who thinks she knows better than men.

  19. I love my new surroundings in Maine. It’s kinda like if Massachusetts was bigger, less populated, and, y’know- IN AMERICA.

    Good luck to those of you still stuck in the state of my birth.

  20. Here is my tin foil hat theory about the obsession with “assault rifles” by politicians from large cities. When the dirty bomb attack comes, and it sure will come; or the Big Ome comes to California, and it surely will come, the government will want to relocate millions of urbanites to the far suburbs, small towns, and countryside. Many of these will be multigenerational welfare recipients and other types who will be unwelcome outside of the major cities. The government wants your homes and food supplies because their inability to respond after Katrina shows that they do not have the logistics for millions of displaced people. Most EBR’s are not in the hands of city dwellers. You are to be disarmed and used to domicile not British troops, but welfare recipients. The parts of the cities that they want to protect can also be declared free fire zones for the police and military. That will take care of the roving gangstas and looters. I wish this were sarcastic but I can’t see any other reason for the peculiar obsession when rifles are not used by criminals.

    • Dirty bomb? They would have to be really smart and have access to the right components just to take out a good city block. Dirty bomb is not a very effective tool.

      Now if you think EMP then you’ve really got something.

      There’s lots of bad things that can happen/be made to happen. No tinfoil is required to understand what the federal response would be, that is proven as you note by Katrina.

      And yes, their obsession with AR’s is not an accident. Tinfoil is not needed.

  21. From the Herald article: “The gun industry has openly defied our laws here in Massachusetts for nearly two decades,” Healey said.

    “The state of Massachusetts has openly defied the US Constitution for more than two decades,” Healey admitted.

    FIFH (Fixed it for her)

  22. “You know that thing that never worked?”
    “Let’s try it again.”
    “How’s it going to work THIS time???”
    “I dunno, internet?” (with apologies to Homer Simpson)

  23. Gun control won’t work because there are two Americas and the proposed measures have no positive impact on the problem population.

    In the 1st America, which accounts for 98% of the population, are law abiding citizens, armed and unarmed alike.

    In the 2nd America, the remaining of the 2% is made up of gangs, career criminals, psychos, and the mentally deranged. These are the people at the root of all homicides and “gun violence”.

    Every gun control measure proposed doesn’t affect the 1%.

    That’s our issue. Go after criminals and gangs or get out of office until we get someone in there that understands reality.

  24. Damn Politicians , they create the problem and then in the same breath they tell us how their going to solve that problem, the problem they just created. now their going to fix ,, i mean create ,, i mean fix….


  25. I am amazed at the ignorance of politicians when it comes to guns!! The AR-15 is not the best for close range shooting first of all because the .223 cal bullet it fires is not legal to use for deer hunting in most states because it may only wound them! The bullet is too light a round to hit with a quick kill! If you had no choice not getting shot but could choose which gun that would shoot you, would you choose a AR-15 or a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with 00 buck! Which do you think you would have the best chance of survival???

  26. Roy-Gonzalez is the type of clueless yutz who never realized that “Banned in Boston” is a term of derision towards government regulators, not a term of pride.

  27. This bitch is playing the media hype, she’s trying to strip our 2nd them the 4th , there is no assault weapons, them long rifled when used by a criminal is used in 2% of firearm related wrong doing there to big to carry around , she is stripping our modern musket ,knives are used more then a long rifle she needs to get her facts out correctly before trying to strip our rights not privlidges !!!

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