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Tom Young (courtesy

“I can think of a lot of good ways to celebrate liberty. Intimidating my neighbors with my guns isn’t one of them. A march of people brandishing weapons looks more like something that would happen in the Third World than in the world’s leading democracy.” – Novelist, journalist, Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, retired Air National Guard senior master sergeant Tom Young, Gun Extremists: Why Are You ‘Defending Liberty’ in a Coffee Shop and Not on the Battlefield? [via]

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      • i don’t remember reading anywhere in the constitution about the right to walk around with an ar15 strapped to your shoulder and acting like a fool in the middle of starbucks being protected

        • @dakiwi13:

          A free man does have a right to be armed. He can act a fool and walk around all he wants if he doesn’t commit a crime while doing it.

          A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

          In addition, the right to self defense is a natural right. If you don’t like the 2A then work to amend the Constitution. However, you will be unable to dispose of the natural right to defend oneself.

        • Well, maybe you can show us a law against it?

          Because, remember, I don’t need something to tell me I can walk down the street, I don’t need something to tell me I can breathe oxygen, and I don’t need something to tell me I can act like a fool. I don’t need the constitution to tell me what I can do. If you want to tell me I can’t do something, then tell me what law prohibits it. In some places, open carry is illegal, and in some, open carry is legal – that’s the way it is, nothing you can do about it, whether you agree or not.

        • You seem to forget that there were no AR15’s or Starbucks back in the day that the constitution was created. Technology changes, our right to keep and bear arms doesn’t. Yes it irks the crap out of me that idiots run around with guns in their hands supposedly to promote open carry, they do more harm than good actually, but that doesn’t remove their right to carry. It merely shows their stupidity.

        • If openly carrying a rifle is no longer protected by the 2nd amendment then there is no longer a 2nd amendment. If there is no longer a 2nd amendment then there is no due process and summary executions can be done to any who Obama.

      • He’s not saying the right is ridiculous, he’s saying behavior is ridiculous. Just because something’s constitutionally protected doesn’t make it the smart or right thing to do. The inability of so many commenters here to make that simple distinction leads me to believe they are the constitutional scholars they claim to be.

        • Thank you. I caught hell I and I think my comment was deleted because I said OCers were douche bags.
          I stand by my statement, OCers are douche bags. OCers are little boys with a bright red Corvette screaming LOOK AT ME!

          The average dick wad going to McDs or the store to buy a gallon of milk does NOT need to have his Glock strapped to his hip like he’s Wyatt Earp. Put the damn thing in your pants and cover it with a shirt. Stealth and surprise are a person best defense and tactical offense.

        • @Mark Lloyd:

          Name calling… check.
          Claim of post being deleted… check.
          Ridiculous emasculating reference… check.
          Calling gun owners immature… check.
          Claiming that gun owners seek attention… check.
          Exercise of a right requires a need.. check.
          Vivid emotional exaggeration… check.
          Reference to the “Wild West”… check.
          Penis reference… possibly.

          Thank you. I caught hell I and I think my comment was deleted because I said OCers gun fetishists were douche bags.
          I stand by my statement, OCers gun fetishists are douche bags. OCers gun fetishists are little boys with a bright red Corvette screaming LOOK AT ME!

          The average dick wad going to McDs or the store to buy a gallon of milk does NOT need to have his Glock strapped to his hip like he’s Wyatt Earp. Put the damn thing deadly penis extension in your pants and cover it with a shirt. Stealth and surprise hiding and timidity are a person best defense and tactical offense.

          FIFY. Are your sure you’re in the right place?

    • I agree also. You are only turning folks against our cause by carrying a scary looking weapon down the street. Sure it’s legal, and Sure it’s our right, but why intimidate the masses? Just because it’s our right to carry an AK47 down Main street USA, with a bandolier of magazines, doesn’t mean it IS right. I’m not saying it’s wrong, just that it’s not a good way to get the fence sitters on our side.
      If you want to get the message across, carry a big sign! If you want to carry a gun for self protection as I do, then get a concealed weapon permit, and carry it concealed! I can’t see that OC is going to accomplish anything but to get more stores to change their acceptance of concealed carry, to no carry at all!

      • Are you sure that target would allow people with signs in their store?


        I’m carrying this sign to inform everyone of their individual right to bear arms although I am not bearing arms but this sign instead. Still… really… no really… we can all bear arms because we are free. Except when we’re exercising our freedom of speech and then we carry signs because guns are bad. No wait, they aren’t bad but I’m carrying this sign because I want you to know that you can carry your gun.

        In Ohio, if we were to carry just signs stating that we can all bear arms, I guarantee you that many would ask themselves, “Why are they carrying signs saying that if they could really do it?” Nothing says we have a right to bear arms like, well, bearing arms!

        • Most things have limits, It may be your right to drink alcohol, but that doesn’t mean you can drive a motor vehicle at the same time, You can’t shout “FIRE” in a crowded theater, although you have the right of free speech! “Infringed” does not mean there cannot be some restrictions on the carrying of firearms.
          If you had an appointment with the president of the United States, do you think they would let you into his office with an AR-15 slung over your shoulder?
          As I said in my post, it may be your right to carry an AK with a bandolier of ammo down Main street, but that doesn’t mean it IS right.
          Why turn the fence sitters against us? I’m not saying you SHOULD carry a sign, just an alternative. Myself, I wouldn’t want to. Instead I carry a loaded firearm, CONCEALED!

          • Christopher Spencer carried his prototype rifle straight to Abe Lincoln at the White House and demonstrated it. The President was impressed and fired the gun himself. The Spencer was later ordered in large numbers and became one of the main cavalry arms of the Civil War. How quickly we forget history.

        • Gunr, you’re confusing limits with consequences. Just like the antis confuse regulation with infringement. Your rights allow you to do anything you desire in your own pursuit of happiness, but the consequences of your actions could put you away for a long time.

          • Your rights exist only as long as you have the power to enforce that. The second the other side has more gold, guns, WILL, than you do, you are BLEEPED. This is all 99.9% will and .1% action on the physical level.
            Read Sun T’zu

        • Oh, you’re starting out with the “You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater” canard? Yes, you can and should yell it in a crowded theater if there is a fire. Besides that obvious point, are you familiar with where that anti-liberty meme comes from? Are you familiar with the case? If you want, I will provide you with a link or two, that after reading, you wouldn’t be wise to continue to use that to bolster your point. Just let me know. Now, on to the meat…

          Driving a motor vehicle is considered a privilege these days. So, that’s a bogus comparison. Being under the influence and operating an automobile is under that privilege umbrella as well as the fact that a crime may or may not be committed. Someone with a firearm hasn’t committed a crime until they do. So, that other point you were making is gone. The right to keep and bear arms is necessary to the security of a free state. Is shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater (again, you wouldn’t use that if you knew the facts behind the argument) necessary to the security of a free state? Is drinking alcohol necessary to the security of a free state? Is driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated necessary to the security of a free state?

          If you had an appointment with the president of the United States, do you think they would let you into his office with an AR-15 slung over your shoulder?

          I wouldn’t expect a communist tyrant to allow me anywhere near him or her while I was armed. You kinda make my point with your question. 😉

          Why turn the fence sitters against us?

          You are assuming that I agree with the “fence sitter” theory. Frankly, I don’t believe there are enough fence sitters to make enough of a difference anymore. We have statists (left and right). We have Liberty minded people (left and right). We have lazy folk (willfully ignorant) who aren’t going to be worthwhile in a fight for Liberty. And, we may have a small group of fence sitters. I firmly believe that the hour is too late to worry much about that small group. My primary purposes for carrying long guns openly are: 1) Inform those who don’t already know that they can 2) Remind politicians that we are a free people. I personally do not do the whole retailer and restaurant long gun OC thing except when we are eating after/during a rally or I find myself stuck without adequate storage solutions in the moment (rare).

          Myself, I wouldn’t want to. Instead I carry a loaded firearm, CONCEALED!

          In my state, carrying concealed is a privilege. The only way to exercise the right to bear arms here is to do so openly. Have you read in comments how our concealing of firearms for decades actually caused more gun control law in Ohio? If not, the short version is that we carried concealed for years and many Ohioans lost sight of the fact that so many of us were armed. Instead of fixing a minor issue in law, we ended up with concealed carry licensing laws around 2005. Prior to that time, myself and many others exercised our right to bear arms by concealing our sidearms without license. Now, we must seek permission. By hiding our firearms, we lost some ground here.

        • Bill,
          Maybe that is what I am trying to say? I feel that an over display of firearms in a public area, may be OK with the law, however it is not going to help our cause, only hinder it, especially when the bearers are dressed like some “punk rock” individuals. I was going to say punk rock artists, but I can’t see any artistic values on the way they present themselves.

        • Gunr, I will agree with you that some things can hurt in the court of public opinion. However, how much it matters in the scheme of Liberty today is debatable. I think that bashing our own and rushing to hide our firearms is more damaging to the cause of Liberty than a few people with good intentions but perhaps poor form.

        • John in Ohio you would not be able to walk into Ronald Reagan’s or Richard Nixon’s office with an AR slung over your shoulder. Both Republican and both anti gun.

          • The last REAL Amreican President we had or ever will have, was John F. Kennedy.
            He was all too human and his faults many, but at least he tried.
            He put himself in harm’s way several times: he could have gotten blasted by the Japanese, or turned into a shark chew toy, but he sailed on. He was cuit down by “them” in Dallas that long ago, sad day. May they pay the price in full measure for that soon.

        • John in Ohio
          Regarding your 14:07 post, your last sentence “poor form” That’s one of the things I’m talking about!

        • @Gunr: I don’t believe that we ever really disagreed on the “poor form” aspect. Where our POVs are at odds, IMHO, is if their occasional poor form is as detrimental to the overall cause of Liberty as opposed to the in-fighting and the push to hide our firearms. I assert that the true fence sitters are not key to regaining the many freedoms already under the thumb of government. If this relatively small group can really be swayed by simple things then they would be useless for the purposes at hand. The hour is too late for that. It is the name calling and hand wringing of the Liberty minded folks that is the real problem. People are people and they are going to act badly at times. That is the nitty-gritty of freedom.

      • Lol!
        It’s not scary when the cops or military pack them around on the street, but it is when the so-called citizens who pay their salaries do?
        Interesting viewpoint, straight out of post revolution Russia.
        If you look at history, under the Tsar, most everyone was armed, it was only under the Bolos that changed much for the worse.

        • Would you agree that it is very unusual for cops to go around their daily patrols with ARs hanging from their shoulders? handguns, for the purposes of OC, are significantly less threatening than EBRs (except in California, where Airsoft are threatening and might get you killed).

    • Because the open carry groups (especially here in North Texas) do both. Fingers on trigger, rifles carried at the low ready with hand on trigger guard. List goes on. Confrontational, loud, rude, in your face. I observed 2 events by the Fort Worth group. Jerks.

      • This is my biggest problem with the long gun OC crowd.

        Open carrying a handgun usually means never actually handling the gun – it stays secured in a proper holster on one’s hip. Many people don’t notice, and many that do notice don’t care. There’s generally no reason to ever touch the gun with one’s hand.

        Open carrying a long gun, at best, means the gun is completely exposed, completely obvious, and slung around one’s back. But there are far too many folks who carry it on their side (meaning that it is kept in place by an arm and/or hand), or hanging on their front. Some, as you mentioned, have their finger very close to the trigger (those in or near a low-ready position).

        I fully support open carry of handguns and do so myself. It’s basically the same as concealed carry without the “concealed” bit. In both cases you should be situationally aware, you should have a proper holster for your gun, etc.0

        While I support the legal right to open carry a long gun, I think that in most cases it is not a good idea. As a political tactic for a push to legalize handgun OC, it is creating a lot of collateral damage (anti-gun statements from corporations and bad publicity).

        • I recall seeing a real nice video a few years ago: Israeli mom shopping in the local supermarket buying groceries. Her toddler son was in the shopping cart seat. She had a UZI SMG with the stock folded slung over her shoulder, she explianed in the interview how the gun made her feel so much safer at being able to protect herslf and her child as well as others if need be.

        • JK
          Does that Israeli mom with the Uzi slung over her shoulder think that whoever might attack her is going to give her a 50 foot, or 5 second warning. It is a ridiculous statement for her to feel safe, just because she has her weapon over her shoulder.

          • I’d trust her a LONG time before I would you. She was smart, positive, and on point.
            You aren’t.
            She could likely take both of us off at the knees if we tried to attack her.
            I wouldn’t mess with her.

    • To many Americans, they are the same thing. People don’t know the difference. And it’s not the law that they need to know. And to be honest, I personally don’t care what the difference is if some guy walks into a restaurant strapped and carrying 5 extra mags and sits down next to me to order a salad.

      To me, a huge enemy of gun rights and gun rights “diplomacy” are these f##kheads who go around shooting folks in a mall. I don’t think I even need to explain why.

  1. “A march of people brandishing weapons looks more like something that would happen in the Third World than in the world’s leading democracy.”

    You would think a self described vet who has traveled the world would be smart enough to know the difference between a “Democracy” and a “Constitutional Republic”…. Though the lines have been intentionally blurred lately by the current occupiers of D.C., the U.S. is NOT a democracy!

    Liberty, if not defended everywhere all the time will surely be usurped by those who desire nothing more than to rule.

    AR-15’s in a coffee shop, while not my idea of sensible, practical, or expedient mean of defense, if it were not illegal to OC a handgun where these displays are taking place this would not be happening so frequently.

        • That’s why I said “form of democracy”. We aren’t a direct democracy, we’re a democratic republic or, if you prefer, a constitutional republic formed as a representative democracy. It’s perfectly correct to call the US a democracy.

        • Let’s call it what it is: a representative republic. Clearly the Constitution is ignored by said representatives (all braches included here) when it serves their means.

      • Calling the US a ‘democracy’ blurs the facts in too many minds. The distinctions between different forms of ‘democracy’ aren’t taught in schools these days, so when the US is constantly spoken of as a democracy it gives too many people the idea that majorities rule everything.

        As it is important to educate people that guns aren’t inherently dangerous, it is at least as important, if not more important, to educate people concerning the facts about our government. And why being a ‘constitutional republic’ means more than merely being a democracy.

    • He is a vet but not a soldier. And most importantly, not a grunt. Guy was Air National Guard. Pretty much American Airlines without customer service or the profit motive. Hard Duty is the Airport Hilton when they run out of extra towels. Guns were the thing suckers at the front gate carry while everyone else carries an umbrella..

        • Well, as an Army vet (Infantry, 4/2 SBCT, deployed to Iraq for 15 months starting summer 2007), I have to say he’s right. There are a very few jobs in the Air Force that involve actual, up close and personal combat. Usually, the guys who did those jobs are willing to tell you, because it’s definitely something to be proud of- they don’t let just anybody in.

          This is not to say Air Force service is not worthy of respect, but unless he was one of those few, he has far less legitimacy talking about the carrying of loaded weapons than those veterans who actually carried loaded weapons as part of their job. Read his article, he had a hard time coming to grips with actual soldiers and airmen having guns.

          Actually, he sounds like the lessons he took from his time in the military left him with less legitimacy talking about weapons and the Constitution than your average civilian.

      • Notable exceptions being the Security Forces (Formerly Security Police) and Pararescue.

  2. Just because he is a vet doesn’t make him an expert on civil rights or guns, or does me being a guy make me an expert on penises?

  3. You mean tough guys like CJ Grisham? Went to Iraq, Never saw a shot fired in anger gets sent home claiming PTSD. Now leads the Texas Open Carry crowd of loser goons.

  4. SMSGT Young is not an Army vet. He is an Air Force vet. The Air Force has been a separate service since 1947.

    I both agree and disagree with SMSGT Young. If you are going shopping with an AR slung over your shoulder just because you can then I agree with him 100%. Needless to say it is tasteless to make and Independence Day statement by carrying a commie AK-47.

    However, if as part of your Independence Day celebration you and your pro-Second Amendment friends choose to exercise your First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble by having an open carry event in public space then you are indeed engaging in an activity that properly celebrates the Country’s proclamation of Independence.

    September 3rd is the real Independence Day. That is the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783. We may have proclaimed we were independent of the Crown on July 4th, but that didn’t make it so.

    • “Needless to say it is tasteless to make and Independence Day statement by carrying a commie AK-47.”

      I bet those colonists who fought the British were real ashamed to have used British and French-made weapons. Tasteless indeed!

      • No sense of humor *sigh*

        Besides we were officially still British until 1783 so using the Brown Bess was ok. We had to use French weapons because we didn’t win enough battles to get more of them as spoils of war. We now have a plethora of AR manufactures and Springfield Armory to boot so we don’t need to display commie weapons.

        • Tdiinva: Don’t you love it when people knit pick every little word of your post? While ignoring your main points??

        • Yeah, it is annoying. Much more satisfying to get flamed by LC. (That’s a compliment by the way.)

        • JPD, maybe I didn’t disagree with his other main points, so I only had to “knit” pick a small part of the post. Doesn’t mean I ignore the rest.

          Besides, the truest reminder that we won the first cold war was that we get to keep the commies’ weapons in our safes now.

        • Guys, while we’re picking, in English it’s “nit pick.”

          Happy Independence Day!

        • Im glad you can find it satisfying, tdiinva 😛

          Some people cannot be rationalized with. Im one of them. I wish i could change my name to Daniel Plainview.

          Think of the parable of the toad and the scorpion. “its in my nature”.

      • I note that in the Six Days War, the Israeli soldiers threw out their FALs and Lee-Enfields and picked up AK’s off the enemy dead. “This is the tiger of the desert” they proclaimed.
        Led to the development and adoption of the Galil.

      • OK. Would it matter if someone celebrated the 4th by dressing up as a British soldier. They were here too.

    • Yessir, I agree. Have an OC cookout, invite friends and neighbors (and strangers), and just have a good time. I’d even go so far as to say leave the Gadsden and Gonzales flags at home.
      Be friendly and inviting, not intimidating and “rawr-rawr.”

  5. Interesting if he takes the strawman in the article headline or if it was a SnuffPo editor. Not all threats are external and need to be confronted on the battlefield. Some can be internal with a variety of techniques used to thwart either the liberty side or the totalitarian side. The “you never served so you can’t comment” meme is the strawman here. Just goes to show how prone to illogic humans can be. Here is a man reacting on his emotions because he doesn’t like or approve of another’s choice. That is the foundation for totalitarianism and the de-evolution of civilization.

    • It seems that some of the Founding Fathers were more concerned about internal government oppression than external government oppression. The Founding Fathers were also some what fearful of standing armies as well. Just because people were in some sort of military organization does not mean that they are libertarians, or even that they personally were fighting for freedom. General McCrystal was hot for gun control when the big push was on in the Senate, and he stated that the 5.56 mm round was too powerful for civilians. I do not think Tom Young was in combat and probably drove around Camp Cupcake. It seems Tom Young was and is a member of our mainstream liberal media and was a flight engineer on a C-5. At any rate, military organizations and the people in them, are not always pro-liberty, and quite often the reverse.

    • Yeah, his article was chock-full of irony. The part about swearing an oath to the Constitution “and not just the parts you like” made mr chuckle a bit.
      Also saw a link to a story with the sarcastic headline, “Look at the crime-ridden hell-hole Colorado has become since pot was legalized.” Well, how bout Huffpo look at the crime-ridden hell-holes where open-carry is legal. Touche!

    • Absolutely. I think at this time in history we are under some physical threat from other countries and terrorist orgs, but the greatest threats to our liberties are from our own low info or control freak citizens who are manipulated into voting against our rights, plus the media who refuse to hold the government accountable.

  6. People incorrectly using an apostrophe s for plural is driving me bananas. It is as if no one went to school.

  7. I can see his point. I’m all in for open carrying holstered handguns. HOWEVER-does anyone see the extreme hypocrisy of( supposedly ) fighting for “Iraqi Freedom” and denying RIGHTS in America? Not to offend people but who’s freedom were we defending in Iraq or especially Afghanistan? Which battlefield since WW2 was a “good” war? I’m afraid our next “battlefields of Freedom” may be right here in the good ole’ USA. Happy 4th everybody!

    • It says a lot that you recognize that most of the wars our troops have died in over the past 60 years have had very little to do with our freedom. A hard one to swallow considering so many good young men were sent to fight and die. Better to recognize it though than to continue to send more to die for petty political motivations of pathetic men in Washington.

      • Agreed. But they died more and more for corporate profit than political motivation. Especially today, with the “oil wars.” Shameful.

    • Sadly, +1. Most vets I’ve talked to say they fought not for freedom, but for the guys standing to their left and right and thats it. Dang it; now I’m pissed off about the VA…

    • Sad but true. And a also mostly agree with the point of the MSGT, regardless of how “operator” he was, he wore the uniform, so he’s earned the right to say his piece.

    • the idea of an air force reservist “fighting” for freedom is also amusing.

      How exactly, did he fight? did he fight on his way to the green bean or dominoes? hahahaha.

      (and if you are or were in the air force, and are offended, fvck you)

  8. What sense does it make to risk life and limb on the battlefield if your friends, family and neighbors are just going to piss away their rights? Sometimes the most important battles are fought at home….

    • Exactly.

      Perhaps retired Air National Guard senior master sergeant Tom Young should watch this:

      • The final battle for freedom will be fought here, not in the Middle East, not in Ukraine, but here on the soil of Amerika.

  9. So why would a former government employee who helped kill brown people be an authority on how I should exercise the rights he claims to have defended?

    • Everyone knows that killing poor people in third world countries is the only way for us to be “free” here, Duh…


    • Because “Freedom” is going over to another sovereign country on the other side of the planet in attempts to install a government that follows our instructions and shooting and killing their freedom fighters in the process alongside their children and family as “collateral damage.” Then we get really upset when they fly airplanes into our buildings.

      • @JK, maybe you should study history. If you believe the Talban could be considered freedom fighters by any rational, thinking person, you need to put down the crack pipe pal.

        • You might try that yourself first comrade.The Taliban were the sons and grandsons of whom exactly?
          Why Shazam! the same Muj that UNcle Sugar created, funded, and armed to fight the Soviets in the 1980’s.

          • The Muj and the Taliban are not identical. The Northern Alliance also came from the Muj. And some of the Taliban came from groups that were not armed by the US (and they weren’t created by us either, The Afghanis have a history of fighting invaders, ask the Russians and the British Raj.)

            Then too, the Muj weren’t necessarily fighting for freedom (as a philosophical concept) but just to keep from being a Soviet puppet.

      • @JK

        That’s a stupid phrase. If it were true it would mean that there is no such thing as ‘freedom’ in the abstract. What are the Taliban fighting for? General freedom, or the ‘freedom’ to impose their views of Islam on their neighbors? When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan were their fellow Afghanis free to listen to music? Were girls free to go to school?

        • It’s an old phrase that goes back a long time. It is painful but true. Do the Communists control both China and Vietnam? Yes, so the USSA lost the wars against them and wasted all the $’s spent trying to promote our path there, correct?
          Is the Taliban mostly in control in Afghanistan?
          The last person to actually “conquer” Afghanistan was Alexander the Great, and that was some 3000 years ago while he was on his way to India.
          Afghanistan is well known as the land where empires go to die.

          • That’s it’s an old phrase doesn’t make it any less stupid.

            It’s a propaganda phrase, that has actually nothing to do with freedom.

            You implied that the Taliban are ‘freedom fighters’ so I again ask what freedoms, exactly, are they fighting for? Other than the freedom to oppress others, I mean. Do you think that the Taliban give a rat’s rear end about freedom?

            The USA didn’t lose the war in Viet Nam militarily, we defeated the NVA, and effectively destroyed the VC in ’68, but, as is happening again, the leftists in control of the Congress in the ’70s, and in control of the White House and Senate today, give away what’s been won by our military.

            The Taliban is mostly in control of Afghanistan because the same people that want to disarm us, gave it back to them.

            Not sure why you brought China into the discussion, we supported the Nationalists, but didn’t really do much to help them.

      • Checkmate? WTF are you raving about? How does the fact that we assisted the mujahideen make the Taliban freedom fighters? By the way comrade big mouth, the Taliban were largely a creation of the Pakistani intelligence service. Does not make them freedom fighters, and you my friend are an idiot if you think otherwise.

        • Marvelously stupid response.
          You missed clean comrade, try again.
          You might actually try reading and comprehending what I wrote, you would find what I said is true.
          I hit a nerve with what was said, most interesting…
          Ball in your court comrade.

      • You imply that the Taliban are freedom fighters and my comment was stupid? You my friend are a douche. Your entire purpose on this thread is to troll, so have fun with that “comrade”

        • Probably said that because your comment really was stupid. The Taliban is a creation of UNcle Sugar and the Company, not the Pak intel who can’t pour urine out of a boot with the instructions pasted upsidedown on the heel.
          And you “my friend” are a troll, nothing more.

      • Would you happen to be a conspiracy theorist “comrade”? Or just a contrarian ass? I thought it was common knowledge that The Taliban was largely a creation of Pakistan, so for you to say they were created by the U.S. makes you look like an Oliver stone type jackass. And your comment about Bin Laden already being dead? You made that comment? Oh well, I will take up no more of your time, I am sure you have more research to do, getting close to proving that Bush was responsible for 9/11 I bet.

        • Ah, comrade you never learn! The name calling just makes you look all the more juvenile.UNcle has his fingers in so many pies.
          The Company does it”s job quite well and has for many years, most of the Intel services on the planet are either subservient, or subverted by it.
          Have a most wonderful day comrade, please brush up on your research yourself BTW.
          You are a great deal of fun to spar with, but we are wasting bandwidth on someone else’s blog.

    • False statement. A substantial portion of our tactical airpower resides in the ANG.

    • a friend of mine was in AF security forces. in most of his photos I’ve seen, he’s asleep.

      • Jeff, if he was asleep on duty when these pictures were taken, what you have in your hand is called evidence, and the crime he committed is pretty serious. Is he still in the service? If so, you will want to report it to either the OSI or SFI. If you don’t report it, they could theoretically charge you as an accessory, but personally, I have never seen that happen. Are you sure he wasn’t BS’ing you, for SF’s tend to like playing pranks on each other?

        • he’s retired, and most of the photos are of him sleeping in humvees, APCs, etc. he was known for sleeping anywhere, everywhere. I don’t know how he did it, but it was a big joke to the guys in his section.

        • Easy Bob, he said the guy was sleeping, not selling secrets to the Soviets. Take your meds.

        • Jeff, it sounds like he wasn’t on a post or patrol at the time. Jerry, you sir, on the other hand, haven’t a clue what you are talking about. If I found any of the airmen that worked for me sleeping on post, I would have apprehended them, and I would have recommended no less than article 15. SF’s have an extremely serious job, and there is no excuse for sleeping on post, period. People can die if they do not do their job.

        • Yeah bobby, I served as well, just not in the cub scouts, oops, I meant Air Force. Unless the guy was sleeping on the flight line, pulling base or perimeter security in a combat zone, or assigned to an OP, not sure how “serious” the crime is for sleeping in a hummer. So like I said, take your meds and relax big man.

    • I know.

      that branch is a joke. So is the AF.

      their tiger stripe camo, green clown boots, stupid ball caps, and relaxed standards makes my blood boil. If i had it my way, i would smoke a group of them until they were all heat casualties.

  10. Perhaps it’s because the threat to liberty today can be found in coffee shops and other mundane locales, not a battlefield.

    • Actually, I think you are correct. We face more dangers to our liberties with the domestic governments than ISIS. If ISIS tried to invade the USA, (excluding the military and police) they would not last too long with the armed populace based in America.

      • And let’s not limit that to ISIS. Good luck to ANY foreign interest, whether a country or other organization will ill intent, who would seek to invade, take and hold the U.S. It’s not just the guns, it’s the people who wield them…and the terrain, the sheer size, etc. 20,000 people responded within one day of Lexington and Concord (~3% of the population of the six New England colonies).