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I’ll be blogging‘s report on an anti-gun protest in a mo’. Meanwhile, I’d like to focus on the words above the news reader’s shoulder: “ENDING GUN VIOLENCE.” While I salute anyone dedicated to reducing firearms fatalities – provided their efforts do not infringe upon Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms – the effort requires realism. As long as there are guns, “gun violence” will never end. Even if the antis could restrict legal firearms to the police and military, there would still be firearms-related homicide. New12 might claim the words “ending gun violence” fairly depict the story’s protagonists’ anti-pistol pogrom, but would they use “welcoming extraterrestrials” for a report on people who believe space aliens will save our civilization from war? Maybe they would. Anyway, I know anti-gun agitprop when I see it. You?

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  1. I’m to a point where anything I hear from a mainstream news outlet is automatically suspect at best. They’ve been caught in lies, falsehoods, omissions and the rest so often I just can’t believe a word they say anymore.

    • I completely agree with Jim R. I am totally critical of the media, from misleading headlines to beyond biased reporting. It is hard to tell if the “Ending Gun Violence” background is propaganda or the effect of propagandizing, that is to say is it the work of a manipulator (look up PR perception manager) or the work of the victim of PR. I now see news articles as a starting point for research. The one thing that is usually true in a news article is that something happened.

      The profoundly dissapointing shallowness of the way reporting is done necessitates full on critical review of news. Understanding logical fallacies and cognative bias (in my own thinking as well as in what is in the news) helps as well as keeping a list of varied news outlets including ones outside the U.S. that may not be censored quite the same way as U.S. papers and TV. Also keeping my own thinking from being victim of those fallacies an biases, including being aware of being biased against the media. I think that being aware and researching really helps.

      Using the coined phrase “Ending Gun Violence” is a mental exploit on many levels. It has become a household phrase even though it is a nonsense phrase that ignores other forms of wrongful violence and circumvents rational assessment of the magnitude of risk as well as diverting attention from root cause analysis to a witch hunt, a poor way to solve problems).

      It is a logical fallacy of “begging the question”, assuming the answer in the question. It exploits the compassion of the viewer to recruit them to a viewpoint .


  2. I don’t pay much attention to the mass media anymore. They lie about everything.
    A bunch of whores for Mr O.

    • It’s a term that Dear Leader came up with. So this media, in their usual daily morning “How can we help Obama today” meeting decided to perpetrate the new face of gun control, aka, preventing gun violence. It is a lie. Everyone knows it. Just like every law the Fascists pass have the opposite effect of their stated nature such as Affordable Health Care which is just the opposite, or the Patriot Act, which is exactly the opposite. Or arguably the war against (non-taxed) drugs. Same stuff different day. The lies are so blatant and outrageous, it is disheartening that so many people take it all at face value and buy all the lies, every day.

  3. I am just thankful the massacre of tens of thousands of Rwandans was carried out with machetes instead of those frightful guns, otherwise they would be more victims of gun violence.
    Still brutally murdered, but I guess that’s OK with the gun grabbers.

    • This +1000. I am getting so bloomin’ sick of this “stop gun violence” biz, as if “gun violence” was any more painful or reprehensible or lethal or common than all other forms of violence–or as if there is no violence other than “gun violence”.

  4. “Global warming causes gun violence. George Bush causes gun violence. The NRA causes gun violence. Income inequality causes gun violence. The Koch Brothers cause gun violence. Republicans cause gun violence. The greedy gun manufacturers cause gun violence. Everything causes gun violence except the people who actually, you know, do the gun violence. Except for men that do domestic violence to women. They have to take some of the blame because they’re men.

    “But we can stop this plague of gun violence. All we have to do is kill George Bush, the NRA, the Koch Brothers, Republicans (except Thad Cochran), the gun manufacturers, and men. Which is okay because it’s for the children. Not all children. Just the ones who aren’t aborted. Because women have rights. Oh, and we should stop global warming before the whole planet freezes.”

    Now you don’t have to watch this Martian circle jerk. No need to thank me. Just send money.

  5. I’m sure the property values in that neighborhood will skyrocket, what with the 50 silhouettes of murder victims marking all the (recent) crime scenes. For their next stunt, they should put a giant child support notice in front of all the homes of the (handful of) criminals from this neighborhood who were prosecuted for these crimes. At least that’s what I would do…

  6. I’m with you on this one, Mr. Farago. The mere instance of any combination of the words “gun(s)” and “violence” in any gutter-trash garbage published by the dying legacy “news” media — and it is only molded garbage that ever gets published anyway save for the occasional informed piece to try and maintain some semblance of personal and journalistic integrity (both of which died a horrible death wholesale decades ago) — automatically means it can be nothing more than anti-gun agitprop.

    Sprinkle on some subtle Uncle Tom racism for any person of color or standard-issue balls-out assertions of Klan membership for any white person (with less than absolutely zero evidence whatsoever to back it up of course) that evereven just once in their entire lifeever disagrees with them even ever so slightly in any way, or on any level, in any debate on literally anything under the Sun, and you have yourself the stock standard hit-piece of a predominantly Statist “news” media that knowingly advances an agenda that is demonstrably anti-woman, racist, and anti-rights.

    They can be as devoid of facts, logic, maturity, tact, and intellect as any and all Congress critters are completely and totally devoid of character, courage, and spine. No one among their peers will ever take them to task for it. No one outside of their peer group, no matter their credentials or how utterly unable the talking heads of the media are at deconstructing fundamentally sound (and factually correct) arguments effectively and irreversibly demolishing their errant dystopian world-views, will ever receive more than a verbal brow-beating and a whole host of racial and gender-based epithets thrown at them. Only to have that decidedly coarse language cosigned by so-called, self-proclaimed “Progressives” on any and all social media networks, again with no one in their camp even batting an eye. Not once.

    That is why I personally place politicians (and all of their appointees) beneath the muck and the mud under the bottom link of the food chain. Yes, I literally feel as though they are beneath me, and I have seen nor been given any reason to not that way. Similarly, die-hard gun control advocates of all stripes (e.g. Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer, McCarthy, etc.), in my opinion, are in the muck and the mud under the bottom link of the food chain — only a very small step above politicians, and they’re lucky to have even evolved to that level at all. My goal is, as it always has been, to get them to rise out of that muck and mud stewing just under the bottom link of the food chain. To become something more than an accomplice to the egregious civil rights violation that is, always has been, and forever shall be gun control. My goal includes, if at all possible, stopping fence-riders from falling into that much and mud in the first place, and to see that the grass really is greener on this side.

  7. Why would I want to end gun violence? If I’m sitting at a bus stop reading and a bunch of drunken frat boys decide to beat me up for being skinny and reading in public, I’d prefer to deliver as much gun violence as possible.

  8. I’m with Dirk (I never thought the day would come) she’s cute. Anyhow, I’d love to see “Welcoming extraterrestrials” on a ‘news’ show. It would be yet another example of the MSM’s lack of credibility.

    • look up news about the Raellians or the Unarians. Both groups will feature “welcoming extraterrestrials” in features about them. As a bonus, they’re so weird it makes Chipotle Ninjas look completely normal.

  9. Maybe the councilman should start a program to pass out knives to the gang-bangers. You know, like they pass out needles to the addicts so at least they won’t get AIDS or something? Pass out enough knives, and maybe more folks would get stabbed instead of shot. Stabbing ( and beating, and strangling, and bludgeoning) doesn’t seem to bother our betters in government and the media too much, so it must not be as bad as shooting. Just don’t use a bayonet if it’s on a bayonet lug on an assault rifle. That would make it worse.

  10. Cain slew Abel. And he didn’t use firearms.

    As long as men live, deadly evil will reveal itself. Banning firearms won’t stop it. People will use rocks and sticks, if they must.

    I intend to preemptively slay the evil violator. Note: this is what violence is–violation. Resisting the violator is not violence. It is just.

  11. Just like anti-gun crowd uses emotion to fool you into gun control laws, the media uses the same emotions for viewers. After Newtown, each CT station was tripping over itself to see who could give the most emotional heart grabbing news cast. They do believe half the BS they newscast but if it helps ratings, they are all for it.

  12. I don’t necessarily think that mainstream media lies. There are definitely mainstream mouthpieces that manipulate the information to suit their purpose, that do indeed live, but most mainstream media reporters are just looking for filler for a newspaper article, for a television spot, for a 45 second radio blurb. They don’t so much lie as regurgitate. And when all they have to regurgitate is a Shannon or Michael tweet or press release, that’s what they regurgitate as “news.”

    The days of actual journalism are gone. Most reporters are low information creatures, just like most voters. They do not want details or the “truth” they just want text for a story. And they will print whatever comes across their monitor or mailbox.

    Give Shannon credit. She has made millions putting out a particular marketing message for multinational corporations. And she has gotten paid millions to do so. I would love to see the financial paper trail between Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Watts. Would make for some interesting reading, I’m sure.

    • I don’t necessarily think that mainstream media lies. The mainstream media does lie and they do not just report the news, they make the news. MSN is one of the worst.

    • Nope–they lie. Or at best, they pick and choose what they want to “regurgitate”. They know damn well that three of Elliott Rodger’s fatalities were stabbed, but they still say “six people killed in a shooting rampage’ or “the six victims of shooter Elliott Rodger” or similar phraseology to make their audience think that if Elliott had been without a gun, no one would be dead.

  13. I truly feel for those caught behind the Bloomberg-DeBlasio Curtain… I do… Much like CA, NY has two populaces, one that is comprised of regular everyday folks and one that shares values closer to DC and LA, than fellow New Yorkers 25 miles away. Upstate NY should be another state.

  14. News12 NY is a sister station to NJ’s News12, BOTH are fervently anti-gun and controlled by Cablevision’s Jim Dolan (owner of NY Rangers/NY Knicks franchises), Democratic Information Ministry spokes-stooge and PBS-NYC/NJTV anchor/executive Steve Adubato, (son of notorious Newark powerbroker Steve Adubato Sr.) and The Star Ledger newspaper.

    The aforementioned ideologues and members of the counter-culture elite will NEVER squander an opportunity to demonize all types of firearms and their owners, only negative stories are permitted to be aired/published and you’ll NEVER learn of a story appearing in/on these “news” outlets of the defensive use of a gun by a home or business owner. The editorials and articles/reporting on firearms are the usual tripe, slanted far to “the Left” spewing the typical easily disproved “statistics” on “gun violence”, filled with emotionally charged pleas and hysteria.

    The fact is these unrepentant propagandists WILL gleefully cover violent crime to advance their anti-gun agenda especially those committed by members of a particular community but NEVER address the root cause ie. the Liberal dominated justice system which releases violent thugs onto the streets, a failed race, and those, the bleeding heart academics and sociologists who as a matter of practice make excuses for and absolve criminals of personal responsibility for their actions instead laying the blame on (White-dominated) society.

  15. “While I salute anyone dedicated to reducing firearms fatalities – provided their efforts do not infringe upon Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms – the effort requires realism. As long as there are guns, “gun violence” will never end. Even if the antis could restrict legal firearms to the police and military, there would still be firearms-related homicide.”

    I disagree! Gun control works! Don’t believe me? Look at North Korea. Nobody has guns. Nobody dies from guns (except from the hands of government officials). There is no time to be a criminal in North Korea nor is it worth it. Imagine getting caught with a gun in North Korea. Your whole family would be sent off to the slave labor camps and most probably die – all without any form of due process whatsoever. See? What an incentive! Gun control works great and we can be just like North Korea!

    Now – guns aside. Lets look at something else. During our lifetime – one out of every two men in the United States will be diagnosed with Cancer and one out of every three women. Why do gun violence prevention groups exist???? Seriously! Am I worried about dying from “Gun” violence? No. I’m more worried about cancer! 50-50 chance here people. I would think Cancer would be top priority. Alas no:

    Instead what we are left with is a giant cancer industrial machine where millions of PHD’s would lose their jobs if a cure was found. Cure Cancer?? Oh no. Treat cancer with expensive FDA approved pharmaceuticals? Yes.

    Here is a genetically modified virus that cures cancer:

    Is anyone using it? No. Because the formula to make the virus is public domain. There is no money in that people. Doctors want you to get cancer, get treated, maybe survive maybe not (who cares right) and pay them hordes of money moments before you die. Guns? Who cares about “Gun” Violence???

    • There is no time to be a criminal in North Korea nor is it worth it. (Arbeit Macht Frei) Imagine getting caught with a gun in North Korea. Your whole family would be sent off to the slave labor camps and most probably die – all without any form of due process whatsoever. (In North Korea, you do not need a gun, to be sent to a “Re-education Camp” and there is no such thing as due process).

  16. Robert, it’s all agitprop, anything coming from mainsream media, whether its gun related or not. Also, using verbiage like anti-gun plays into their hands, because even though TPB do want to disarm you, it’s really more anti-freedom, and anti- independence than anti-gun.

  17. And your question about knowing anti-gun agitprop when you see it….I’m not convinced you do, evidenced by your article “Quote of the Day: Army Vet Decries Independence Day Open Carry Demo Edition”, which is clearly anti 2A agitprop.

  18. I shudder to think how that BS would have been received 30 years ago by the folks in Sheepshead Bay whose last name ended in a vowel. Or Rockaway Beach, for that matter. A woman or child could walk safely there any time of the day or night then. Guns everywhere, just not registered.

  19. To eliminate the violence, you’ll need to get rid of the bad guys first, it’s a good chance that they are causing it!


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