General Stanley McChrystal [Ret.]: .223 Too Lethal for Civilians

A TTAG reader saw General McChrystal’s pro-civilian disarmament remarks on Morning Joe and sent us an email:

I think there is a real fear in the ruling class and their sycophants that a warrior class, much like the gun culture people, may be more loyal to the country than its rulers. Many of us former enlisted scum have serious doubts about way too many of the officer corps as to their commitment to freedom. No knowledge or support of Constitution or Bill of Rights? Having had the privilege of knowing Gen. Joe Foss, there are of course many outstanding officers who do have that commitment. BTW, I suspect that every Afghan and many Iraqi males having a rifle was a major frustration to McChrystal and others who needed a “win” on their resume. Including more than a few Russian and British generals. When is the last time any of us saw a General carry a rifle? We do see them with a herd of armed bodyguards though.