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“Gun control does not equal crime control. The two are not one, and the people in favor of gun control can’t make that distinction.” – Tom Nelson in Pink Pistols: Gun-toting gay people [via]


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    • I seems like it’s all “symptom control” to me. Until the labels are dissected to the level of facts, control is just a reaction to fear, and fear is a reaction to the unknown.

      Rinse. Repeat.

    • “Can’t? Or won’t?”

      Actually in their own distorted “logic”, they think that they do make that claim as erroneous as it is…

  1. I agree with assertion that gun control isn’t crime control. History and current events prove that point. As for the remainder of his statement that gun control advocates “can’t make that distinction”, I agree and disagree. Yes, some of the ignorant and/or naive followers may actually believe that gun control will reduce violence.However, those lead the gun control lobby (Bloomberg, Schumer, Feinstein, et al) know better. They seek civilian disarmament for only one reason – increasing government’s power and control over its citizens.

    • “They seek civilian disarmament for only one reason – increasing government’s power and control over its citizens.”

      Not to control citizens…to mask their failures of leadership, to ensure empowering of criminals to assault, rape & murder, make a crime of lawful self defense and to bend your knees.

    • It would be a simpler world if that were true, but sadly, I think they are genuine believers who think they are fighting the good fight.

      I know it makes it easier for gun rights folks to see the opposition as root evil, but for the most part, it’s simply not the case.

      Much like it’s easier for the Moms Demanding my guns to see the NRA as an evil cabal of billionaire industrialists who wash their cash in the blood of gut-shot babies.

      Pretty sure that’s not true either.

      • Regular everyday gun controlers around the water cooler at work? Probably so. They’re mostly well-intentioned idiots.

        99% of gun grabbing politicians? Nope. Evil through and through.

        • I don’t know it’s it’s 99% but I tend to agree with Jon on this one.

          Just look at Piers Morgan. You can find an interview with him on YouTube where he says that when it comes to “assault weapons” the owners should be “machine gunned”.

  2. Speaking of crime control, I am having a hard time seeing how that revolver chambered in .22 LR is going to be effective crime control.

    Of course all handgun calibers are “underpowered” and a criminal attacker, in the heat of the moment, probably isn’t going to have the wherewithal to identify that revolver’s caliber and reflect on its weak terminal ballistics.

    • I was looking at that thinking it was a Model 60, 38 Special or 357 Magnum. It’ll work. Even if it is a 22, the amount of time I took staring at it won’t be afforded a criminal, and I doubt they would stick around to find out.

      If you follow the link to the article, he also has an AR.

    • Renner and Gov. Le Petomane,

      If that is a .38 Special (.357 Magnum) revolver, it has the tiniest diameter barrel that I have ever seen on a “big bore” revolver.

      • Maybe he has really large hands? Looking at the flutes it looks like a 5 chamber. Even so, being a K frame I wouldn’t shoot the hot
        .357s anyway.

    • Considering that the overwhelming majority of defensive gun uses do not entail discharging the firearm, let alone striking the assailant and incapacitating him, handgun caliber is nearly irrelevant. Your sidearm could be could be chambered in .45 ACP or plain ol’ H2O, and as long as it looked real, you’d get away with a successful DGU.

      Sure, in that tiny percentage of cases where firepower really mattered, I’d want the most effective round for that particular threat. Still, while people will argue calibers all day, they never acknowledge that they readily go around underpowered in other contexts all the time.

      For example, any number of fire scenarios could strike a home. Yet, most people have just the cheapest, dinky 3 lb. ABC rated extinguisher they could find at the store. Even that sits in some closet or cabinet, in the back, dusty, probably already depressurized. Still, it’s fine for 99% of household fires.

      Same with your seat belt and airbags: fine for 99% of vehicle accidents, but grossly inadequate for the most serious events. But nobody sits on blogs all day engaging in seatbelt wars.

    • Some while ago I watched a young lady at the pistol range empty multiple revolver cylinders of .22 into the center of the target at around 10 yards distance. These were the 8 or 9 round cylinders; a full size Ruger or whatever. With minimal recoil, her groups were fully capable of turning to Swiss cheese the head of anyone dumb enough to threaten her.

  3. Gun control: Self control while holding/using a gun. And no, most anti-gun, anti individual liberty cretins don’t understand or accept that, they don’t generally have the capacity to control themselves in any case.

    There are three kinds of people, actually. Those who are ready, willing and able to control themselves – and have no desire to control others. And many others; those who want power over others to one degree or another and don’t really understand self control, self ownership/responsibility. And then there is the vast majority who have not given this much thought or effort, and tend to go along with whoever talks the loudest and most often.

    Some of the latter folks are starting to hear us. I don’t know if it would help if we got louder… but don’t suppose it could hurt. 🙂

  4. the gun control people I know willfully and deliberately avoid facts, common sense and logic. when you put it in their face, they look in another direction

    a thing I observed years ago on daytime TV talk shows of the Phil / Montel / Oprah ilk: one person starts to voice an opinion. their opponent starts to respond before the first speaker gets one sentence finished. both sides have a response before either side has made their point. neither side has the mental capacity to listen to and process one complete sentence, but they believe their opinion is informed and well thought out.

    I have a policy of never listening to an opinion that can be expressed in less than a paragraph, or the opinion of a person who has a verbal response to anything less than a paragraph

    This excludes the opinions of 97% of humanity.

    • Even a single word can be a “paragraph.”

      I use the word “NO” as an opinion lots of times. If it seems necessary, and I feel like doing so, I might explain it further… but “no” generally does the job all by itself.

    • I have a policy of never listening to an opinion that can be expressed in less than a paragraph

      A lot of very wise opinions can be explained in less than a paragraph, it’s the ones that could be so expressed but are instead inflated into essays or books that raise a red flag for me.

  5. I love the delusional fantasy that Cletus J. Peckerwood in Indiana is selling handguns in bulk to Chicago gangsters with prison tattoos out of the back of his pickup truck, at below market rates, because… ? Gun shows, forsooth.

    What they don’t want to talk about is how many of these criminals get guns through friends and family, especially significant others. These people know they are providing guns to career criminals, and that it’s against the law. They also know their chances of being prosecuted are just barely above zero, which is of course your problem. Remember the NRA’s “enforce existing laws?” This is what they mean – rather than layering on more laws that impede the law-abiding but will seldom be enforced against those who break them.

  6. Well- gun control is just people control. Or gay control. Look who wants to control you…the infected hildebeast.

  7. LGBTQ people are vastly underrepresented in th 2A civil rights community. Successes of the African-American and LGBTQ communities in their civil rights struggles is a model for the 2A community.

    And the more veterans of the first two struggles who join for 2A rights the better. Even more so when when it’s a gentleman like Mr. Nelson in the pic above showing good trigger discipline on a fine revolver.


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