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““We’re here to say that the stronghold that the NRA has on Congress has a direct impact on the very lives of our children. And Congress, who have abdicated their responsibility to lead, to lead on gun violence, to lead on hate and to leaden discrimination. They’ve abdicated that responsibility and they’ve gone home.” – Kirsten John Foy (above, center) in Gun Control Advocates: NRA Has Overpowered Congress [via]


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  1. Yay! We won. The fight for our rights is over. Oh wait… More liberal lies. As you were everyone. Fight continues.

  2. Wow all of this from the oldest civil rights organization in the world. That seems to be a little bit how shall I say it freaking retarded! These gun control morons really need to take a look in a mirror they’d be scared at the reflection they see. This country was built by framers who believed in Freedom end of story. Freedom to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed! Could be 2nd Amendment be any more clear that politicians are not allowed to infringe on our constitutional rights that they are protected. I just recently had a horrible experience at the doctor’s office where my constitutional rights were violated by the doctor and the ambulance crew that had to respond because I passed out in the doctor’s office due to my being sick. I had a concealed firearms permit and a concealed firearm on me when I fell onto the floor it was exposed and the entire office acted like I was Al Capone or an active shooter including the fire department and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department absolutely ridiculous. Made me feel like I was a criminal like I was a convicted felon or something. This political correctness has to stop and it has to stop now we cannot afford another 4 years of a moron Democratic president such as Hillary Clinton. And I really love all these Republican Senators not backing Donald Trump because there was so worried that if mr. Trump is elected they’re juicy fat paychecks that they rip off the people of this country will go away like they should. Our family has to live on a budget so should our government if you can’t follow and find your way to make your budget work then you should simply be fired and replaced by someone who can.

    • That is terrible. Unfortunately, a lot of the doctor’s I work with have that ridiculous mindset. If you need an internist that is CCW friendly, I work in Largo.

    • Although ridiculous that the medical personnel treated you that way, they did not violate your constitutional rights. Your rights (purportedly) protect against government overreach. Private parties cannot violate constitutional rights.

    • It’s citizens and voters of which we have chosen the NRA to serve as our spokesman to ensure that “our government” hears and understands “our desires” to uphold “our rights”.

  3. Because worrying about “gun violence”, hate and discrimination are the most important things our government should be concerned with right now. Never mind the national debt, trade, stagnant economy, the idiotic drug war, the idiotic healthcare system, the ineffective education system, the ineffective justice system and islamic terrorism.

    • Yep. All because people, both on the left as well as those on the right; keep acting like little children by wanting government to “do something” about their problems instead of acting like mature responsible adults, and figure this stuff out for themselves.

  4. FTFY

    ““We’re here to say that the stronghold that PLANNED PARENTHOOD has on Congress has a direct impact on the very lives of our children. And Congress, who have abdicated their responsibility to lead, to lead on LIFE, to lead on hate and to leaden discrimination. They’ve abdicated that responsibility and they’ve gone home.”

    • Off topic again, why in the world would you want more babies placed into a broken social system? Society needs to think about population control. Is Planned Parenthood discriminatory and racist? By Progressive standards: yes absolutely, but shh don’t tell…

      • Because every life is precious to the bible thumpers & life begins at conception… Blah, blah, blah… *jerk-off hand motion*

        • Isn’t it interesting that the same people who rail against the fact that the left uses outrageous fear tactics in regards to guns, buy hook line and sinker the outrageous fear tactics the left uses in regards to babies?
          Learn to think for yourself fellas.

  5. Gun owners can say/think whatever they want about the NRA, but there is no group more reviled or loathed by liberals. The mere mention of those three letters sends many of them into a frothing rage. For this reason alone, it’s worth being a member.

  6. What really saddens me is the descent of black America from a demographic that embraced education as a means of advancement to a population of fools that can’t handle the basics of communication. “Stronghold”, indeed! Ugh! I feel like Tommy Sotomayor when he asks ‘did slavery end five minutes ago?!’

    • Yeah, I think he meant to say “stranglehold”.

      But this might be an example of ebonics.

      Do you think we are being racist , bigoted and intolerant because we don’t embrace the butchery of the English language to keep people that are ignorant, uneducated and desperately need a remedial English language class from “feeling” badly about their lack of English writing skills?

      Hmmm, no. It just means that we are not closet racists like the liberal/progressives with their soft racism of lowered expectations of minorities capabilities in learning proper english.

      Oh, and feel free to correct any of my own misuse of proper sentence structure, I’m here to learn not just the truth about guns, but also proper useage of our English language.

      • Also “lead on” and “leaden” are not the same thing.

        I certainly hope the NRA will have a direct impact on their children’s lives, they run some nice courses and competitions for youth. Unfortunately, I suspect she meant that the NRA preserves individual rights, leaving one individual free to break the law by buying a gun for her gangster boyfriend, who could then use it to kill her children. In her twisted mind this is what is meant by “direct”, and it’s totally out of bounds to demand intervention at any other point in the chain.

        • You suppose he thinks “leaden” is past tense of “lead on”? He kinda sounds like he may be that stupid.

    • Well, let’s think about this from their position.

      Yes, “stronghold” is the wrong word for what they want to convey. They clearly don’t know what ‘stronghold’ means.

      But if they used the word “stranglehold,” then the jokes start to write themselves, as we have a NRA board member who wrote such wonderful little tunes as this:

  7. I ask this question of people like Kirsten John Foy there and to date have never gotten an answer:

    The NRA is a Lobbying Group (it isn’t but they think so) and lobbies congress to make things happen. Why is the NRA lobbying congress to make things happen a bad thing but groups like Mayors Against Guns or any of the other Bloomberg funded groups lobbying congress to make things happen a good thing? Why is your group ‘grass roots’ and to be supported in its efforts but my group is bad and has to be stopped at all costs?

  8. “…Congress, who have abdicated their responsibility to lead, to lead on gun violence, to lead on hate and to leaden discrimination. They’ve abdicated that responsibility and they’ve gone home.”

    Actually an entirely incorrect statement. 100%

    Every single member of Congress takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution, including the Second Amendment. Only if they attempt to “lead on gun violence” by enacting unconstitutional laws will they have abdicated on their responsibility.

  9. Yes, a grassroots group of 5 million people, with another 100 million who share the same view of the 2A to varying degrees, has more pull with Congress than 100 screaming bigots like you, lady.

    Funny how that works.

  10. There’s our 800lbs gorilla in action.

    He’s big, dumb, and slow. And occasionally, turn on us…

    But, he is the only one we got.

    • He also gets caught napping all to often. Still, when that big dummy gets moving the other side runs, squeals and turns on themselves. I wish the NRA was more like a mama bear, ready to rumble in an instant to protect her own.

  11. Why does my phone keep redirecting to advising siting when I attempt to read articles…

    Come on TTAG.

  12. Reminder because unfortunately it needs to be repeated: In terms of dollars spent lobbying, the NRA is not in the top 10. Not even in the top 20. The top 20 is, however, densely populated with unions. Including teachers’ unions.

  13. The bald dude is named Kirsten? He’s “above, center” in the pic. Is that right? Talk about the demasculinization of America.

  14. Regarding the online magazine The Observer, here’s what they say about themselves:

    “Observer offers a sophisticated readership of metropolitan professionals an original take on the latest in news, culture, politics and luxury, bringing its irreverent sensibility to a national audience.”

    I would offer that “The Observer” does not have a “sophisticated readership” nor an “irreverent sensibility” given that they specifically do not accept any comments to their articles; fear of the truth in action.

  15. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Every talking head is the same. You aren’t letting me run your life so you’re a monster who eats babies and has a klan hood hanging in the closet and probably eat steak rare and I bet if I look really hard you said something offensive to somebody at some point between the ages of 5 and 50.

    It’s old.

  16. Congress has no “responsibility to lead.” They have a responsibility to support and defend the Constitution and to represent their constituents in the national legislature. Congress certainly has no responsibility to lead on “gun violence” except insofar as force may be necessary to stop violations of the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment. They have no responsibility to perpetrate violence of any kind outside the Constitutionally defined areas of waging war, and enforcing the prohibition of the only three crimes they’re allowed to address: counterfeiting, piracy, and treason.

    Even though they ought not to be, Congress does lead on hate and leaden [sic] discrimination. More’s the pity.

  17. The NRA is a multi-faceted organization that was founded to promote civilian marksmanship, expanded to administer various shooting sports and of course to promote firearms training & safety. It had to set up the ILA (the political lobbying arm) in response to attacks on the 2nd Amendment, thereby becoming a civil rights organization.

    As far as I understand, the lobbying budget is dwarfed by many others (including Soros, Bloomberg etc) and as a previous commentator mentioned, is outside the top 20 on a dollar basis.

    I love the fact that if any liberal even hears ‘NRA’, they instantly start frothing at the mouth, their pulse rate and blood pressure rockets and the lack of sense they usually make drops even further!

    Somehow the main stream message is that the NRA and its members are Satan personified. I don’t know how this started or whether there should be an effort to correct this image. All I know is that when the SJW types demonise the NRA, they’re unwittingly demonizing the millions of members and sympathizers. It’s similar to Hillary and her ‘deplorables’ comments in that it can’t help their cause!

  18. In the 2015/2016 election cycle, the NRA has spent $3.6 million on lobbying and $832,000 on contrbutions.

    The industry as a whole, which unfairly conflates gun manufacturers and rights organizations like the NRA above, spent $11.4 million on lobbying and $3.7 million on contributions.

    So all firearms money of all types from all sources doesn’t even crack $20 million. Compare that to totals out of Big Labor ($112 million), Lawyers ($158 million),Healthcare ($161 million) and Finance/Insurance/Real Estate, aka, Wall Street, ($677 MILLION)

    The NRA’s modest influence clearly has more to do with its 5 million motivated members/voters, than it does with its meager dollars.

    • Yes, and note that America’s most prominent antigunner, Michael Bloomberg, keeps the $15 million spent annually by the “gun lobby” in his checking account. He could, if he chose, easily dwarf all the accumulated pro-2A spending power.

      • Difference is, all the “gun lobby” money has to do is pay somebody to point out how many voters will show up if you screw up. Those other jokers are simple pay-to-play, represent no significant amount of voters.

  19. No worries….COME TO CALIFORNIA the weather is great and our state Legislature is busy writing all laws you want, colleges are creating safe spaces for your daughters. We have no gun zone signs, if you have a CCW permit and within a 1000 yards of a school, authorities get to kept it and serve you with a warrant to confiscate all your guns at home. Soon you have to have a permit to purchase ammo. AND that legal rifle you bought last year, now you must register it and if you lie, we take what remaining guns you have and no ownership for ten years. We’re also removing what guns you can buy as well, within a few years it’s revolvers only. PLEASE come to our soon to be gun free utopia and according to the state, personal security is something you no longer need to worry about.

    • Accurate except that part about ccws. Ccws can be within 1000 feet but not on campus without the permission of the administrator. Same with ammo.

  20. “…and to leaden discrimination.”

    So wait. Discrimination of a group, for the criminal actions of a small segment of said group, is bad, unless your discriminating lawful gun owners for the actions of criminals who misuse guns. Uh huh.

    Bro, do you even equality?

  21. A relative of mine is in the gun industry and has close contacts within the NRA. One of things he’s pointed out to me is that relative to other lobbying organizations, the NRA is a fairly low-dollar operation. The NRA’s power is not so much in throwing money around, like the big-dollar lobbying groups, but in influencing voters, which is that way it’s supposed to be.

    He said if you want to see who “owns” Congress, look a Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Utilities, Electronics, etc. BTW, the big gun manufacturers, like Colt and S&W, do support the NRA, but they do their main lobbying independently, hiring professional lobbying firms. You can’t lay that at the NRA’s feet. It may not be perfect, but the NRA truly represents gun owners and the principle of gun rights first and foremost.

    • Good point. Many consider AARO to be the single most powerful lobbying organization in Washington. How much money do they contribute to political parties or campaigns? Zero dollars. Their power is in their nearly 40 million members, united by the common purpose of discounts on car insurance and all-inclusive vacation packages.

  22. The NRA doesn’t hold a candle next to the pharmaceutical lobby or AIPAC. Is the NRA even in the 10 or 20 largest lobby groups?

  23. This is great news! And some day, the White House will also be an NRA stronghold, at which point I expect all these gutless swine to make it official by committing seppuku.

  24. Yes, the 4 million a year that the NRA spends on campaign contributions and congressional lobbying combined, has a stranglehold on congress. Pull the other one.

  25. So they want Congress to “lead on gun violence, to lead on hate and to lead on discrimination.”

    But lead to where? If Congress leads the whole nation to where Chicago and Baltimore are today, then at least they were leading, right?

  26. They wouldn’t like it if Congress exercised the scant authority the Constitution actually gives them on this subject, since any mandated training for gun owners would have to include them as well, since Congress’ authority is over the militia and we are all the militia.

  27. Yeah, the have such a stranglehold that I revel in my ability to buy machineguns and suppressors at the corner store. NRA has done some good things, but they haven’t actually stepped up much on the larger 2nd issues.

  28. It’s unfortunate we have a pro-gun control organization (NFA, GCA, LEOPA, UFA…) like the NRA in charge of “protecting” our rights.

    • If by LEOFA you mean LEOSA, the “Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act,” the NRA regularly advances the agenda of anti-gun police unions. In Illinois when grassroots activists were instrumental in taking Otis McDonald to the Supreme Court with attorney Alan Gura in 2007, NRA initially opposed the suit. Alan Gottlieb and the 2nd Amendment Foundation funded McDonald v. Chicago. When Alan Gura took Otis to the Supreme Court in 2010, NRA hired former Solicitor General Paul Clement to barge into the case and steal ten minutes from Gura’s thirty minute oral argument time. Thanks NRA!

      When the U.S. Federal appeals court in Chicago overturned Illinois’ weapons law in Dec. 2012 in Moore v. Madigan, Illinois gun owners had the best chance in FIFTY YEARS to pass a decent carry bill. NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde fell all over himself to put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” concealed carry bill, because he cut a deal with the anti-gun IL Chiefs of Police. The IL Chiefs opposed citizen carry for FORTY YEARS. The only legislators who opposed Duty to Inform were Chicago area Black Caucus Democrats, and Phelps refused to take DTI out of his bill! Watch what NRA does, not what they say, and anyone with a brain can smell a rat.

      If Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA actually pay Vandermyde to betray their own members to police unions so they can be set up and executed like Philando Castile in Minnesota, then their must be at least one more traitor at NRA HQ that covers up for Vandermyde. NRA Inc. is a corrupt racist front loaded with traitors and scum that sell out the lives of their own membership to create job security for lobbyists like Vandermyde to “fix” the garbage bills they put up in the first place.

  29. Am I looking at the wrong person?

    “Kirsten a girls’ name is pronounced KERS-ten. It is of Scandinavian and Latin origin, and the meaning of Kirsten is “follower of Christ”. Variant of Christine. The name has been in use in Scotland since long ago. Actresses Kirstie Alley, Kirsten Dunst.”

    Or is that just what happens when there are no fathers in the home?

  30. I’m guessing you’re not gonna feel much sympathy if I cry and whine that ‘the extremist liberal/socialist Democrat party has a Stronghold on the National Media’, so don’t expect any sympathy from me that the NRA is strong and powerful, made so by their tens of millions of due-paying American Citizen Voters, including myself. WE are the NRA b!tch, come to grips with it 🙂 and defy us at your own peril. Now go run along and cry your liberal tears to someone who gives a f@#k, because it aint me, commie-boi.

  31. Sorry for calling you “lady” earlier, Kirsten.

    Anyway, for a Biracial Pentecostal Minister, you sure do have a disgusting amount of disdain for the civil rights of your fellow human beings, don’t you?

  32. Well, the NRA is a membership organization, representing the preferences of its members. It spends less than a lot of other membership organizations, as has been noted here.

    If you don’t like the laws passed by all the people, maybe try to convince a few more of the – er, us – people. Hint: Demeaning people and their advocacy organizations is not gonna be terribly effective.

    To start, you might realized that billing yourselves as: “People against violence done with one particular tool, only.” makes you seem a bit narrow minded.

  33. God, I wish they did, then no more GCA, NFA, HBO, CBS, MSNB….ahh heck., I mean no more of this nonsense.
    We could get back to the America we need to be again, a country that doesn’t indoctrinate it’s youth with the mindset of fear. Fear of metal. and words, and feelings, and reality.

  34. We have the best government, elected officials, that money can buy. It is not only the NRA, it is every big business and big non-profit in this country and the world that buys this government

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