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“A true Cold War metaphor would be an AK bullet slowly going broke and then deserting the Army to sell fake Levis in the Moscow subway while the M16 bullet moves to Miami, buys a houseboat and opens south Florida’s first cell phone store through which he funnels his massive cocaine profits.” – Commentator TheNotoriousIUD under the post POTD: Cold War Metaphor In Clear Gelatin [via]


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  1. Cali-Zim and Illini-Zim walk into a bar and meet an Irish priest and a biker. The bartender asks, “what’s your pleasure, sir?”. Cali and Illini are shocked at the realization the entire bar sees only one dude…

      • It’s a retarded troll Anonymous…BTW I’ve seen lately where clear gel does not produce the same results as 10% ballistics gel. Anyone have any insight(besides the gray idiot)?

        • It doesn’t. It produces similar penetration results, but the permanent cavity left in the gel is definitely not the same.

          I have some of the clear blocks, and I use them occasionally, but I transitioned to using the true, organic, professional ballistics gel long ago. I did a side-by-side with the ClearBallistics gel and found that generally it delivers penetration and expansion characteristics within about 10% of what organic gel does; it shows smaller expansion and deeper penetration in many cases though not all cases.

          It’s good for hobby work, but it is not quite up to the standards needed for professional testing IMO. I still use it for some things; it’s perfect for testing bulletproof vests or my test of the Carhartt jacket, and it can be good for non-expanding bullets (like my exhaustive test of .22LR not long ago) but I am more hesitant to use it for expanding hollowpoints nowadays, and I don’t like using it for rifle rounds because it doesn’t convey the same info about the temporary cavity the way organic gel does.

          It has its own set of advantages (temperature stability and shelf life, to name two!) Organic gel is definitely more work. To me, the difference in results is worth the hassle; to a hobbyist who only occasionally tests something once in a while, it may certainly not be worth the expense or hassle and for that person, ClearBallistics is awesome.

    • Honest question: What’s the whole “Cali-Zim” and “Illini/Chicago-Zim” thing you keep making reference to? I’m guessing the Zim is for Zimmerman, but since he lived (lives?) in FL I don’t get the significance of the prefices. In the 2 or 3 posts I’ve read where you use the same terminology, there has not been enough context to make sense of the “joke” nor to even understand the significant of the Cali- and Illini- thing. Honestly got me curious.

      • There is a race-baiting yoyo who posts on here variously as Illini-Zim or Cali-Zim, who suggests that all gun owners are racist d-bags who want to kill minorities, which is ironic as there are several black men and women who post here, myself included.

        • Ah NO Jomo-IT is referencing jwm and me. Dipshite hates both of us and I think he has a thing for Sara Tilton…”he” is just a troll.

        • Sorry, my posts don’t come with a bibliography. I will assure you of one thing, Jomo, not a single one of my posts has ever referenced race, much less racism, unlike Cali-Zim and Illini-Zim, the two grandfathers of racial obsession.

        • Maybe you are posting as “Gray Man” Ing? I thought it was Cali or Illini-Zim.

          Fortunately, credibility is subjective, not a metaphor.

        • Yeah well, I don’t trust any of you Grays… Last time you came around here flashing all those lights, 3 hours disappeared and I woke up in a field and couldn’t walk straight for a week. And leave my damn cows alone!!

        • I don’t post as Gray Man. I’m betting they don’t either. It’d be a complete waste of time.

          Haven’t you noticed that the only people who engage with “Gray Man” in any way on TTAG are either asking you why you’re being such an ass or responding to your assholery with similar assholery?

          You’re going about this thing all wrong, son.

        • Sorry Ing, you may be projecting. The Gray One is not looking for “credibility” or “engaging”. He is just a figment of Cali/Illini-Zim’s imagination.

  2. A hetaphor that dresses in designer tight jeans, with fancy shoes and shirts, and coiffed hair, but is ,supposedly, not actually gay?

  3. A simile without the direct comparison? Oh hell, you didn’t mean literally did you? Dammit, and there goes a pun. I’m just going to stop while I’m a head. C’mon, malapropisms now. I’m just eating soup from a sieve here. Aha! Finally got it. A plain ol’ metaphor. Phew.

  4. I’m having difficultly with this one…

    Maybe it’s because I just don’t have any relatable experiences with selling fake goods in the subway, nor running a coke enterprise in Florida…

    Can I get a car or titty metaphor?

    I’m good with car and titty metaphors.

  5. I generally like this blog, and am willing to let a lot of low-effort BS-type posts go by without complaint… I get that sometimes “quantity of content” can take priority over “quality of content” when running a for-profit business where your “customers” don’t actually pay for your service. I get it.

    That being said… is this seriously what we’ve come to? This is a post, about a quote, left as a comment, on ANOTHER gun blog, about some non-story about an artist using ballistics gel in their work?

    Also, just curious what the legal issues are. I mean, on some level TTAG is (presumably) profiting off the creative work of TheNotoriousIUD, which they quote directly, without any commentary, parody, analysis etc etc. Would they be obligated to get his permission to use this in this manner? I have no idea, I’m an engineer not a copyright lawyer. Just kinda curious.

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