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How to smash the gun lobby – “It won’t be easy — but we can start. We have to start. We can name and shame industry leaders like Michael Fifer (CEO of the baldly political Ruger) alongside the politicians who enable them, like Indiana governor and vice presidential candidate Mike Pence, people who profit either literally or politically from a business model that peddles death. We can start questioning the millions of dollars that the NRA’s top executives share in salaries and other compensation in exchange for leading one of the nation’s most powerful “nonprofits.” Corporations, universities, and influential figures can start actively divesting from the industry, citing concerns that employees’/clients’/students’/fellow citizens’ lives not be endangered by their investments; individuals can make the effort to be sure that we aren’t inadvertently invested in the gun business, either.” Oh, and we have to smash the gun lobby to do something about “poverty, racism, unchecked crime, and a pervasive culture of toxic masculinity.”

All America really needs then is some Australian-style gun confiscation and…problem solved! Oh. Wait.


Young, Dumb, and Armed: How Melbourne became a gun city – ” The notion that a military-grade weapon could be in the hands of local criminals is shocking, but police have already seized at least five machine guns and assault rifles in the past 18 months. The AK-47 was not among them. Only a fortnight ago, law enforcement authorities announced they were hunting another seven assault rifles recently smuggled into the country. Weapons from the shipment have been used in armed robberies and drive-by shootings. These are just a handful of the thousands of illicit guns fuelling a wave of violent crime in the world’s most liveable city.”

Maybe all those guns in the hands of Oz’s criminals has something to do with why law-abiding Australians are getting fed up with their civilian disarmament advocates:


Gun enthusiasts shoot effigy of gun control activist Sam Lee in ‘vile’ video – “Police have been asked to investigate footage of a man shooting and setting alight an effigy of Gun Control Australia leader Sam Lee. The YouTube video shows two gun enthusiasts customising and demonstrating a controversial Adler lever action shotgun.”

Hold on though…even American lefties are recognizing that civilian disarmament is a bad idea:


From the mouths of social justice warriors: Progressives Should Oppose Gun Control – “Recognizing the roots of gun control advocacy — the intentional disarming of a marginalized population and selective enforcement of gun legislation — means opening up a new case against gun con­trol, one based on the systemic discrimi­nation that inevitably comes with arms legislation. The conservative and libertar­ian case against gun control is a matter of individual liberty. But after recognizing that gun control is consistently used to discriminate against minorities, there’s a case to be made that progressives, too, should be wary of gun control: It’s hypocritical that progressives champion equality while supporting gun laws with consistently discriminatory enforcement.” Is there hope yet for the modern American liberal arts college?


And this week’s Darwin Award winner is… A protective vest test proves deadly for cousin – “Police say Alexandro Garibaldi shot his cousin Joaquin Mendez in the chest on Saturday night to see if the vest worked, the Tampa Bay Times reported. It didn’t. Mendez died.”


All that was missing was the Jiffy Pop: Sniper takes out ISIS executioner from a mile away – “A sharpshooter killed a top ISIS executioner and three other jihadists with a single bullet from nearly a mile away — just seconds before the fiend was set to burn 12 hostages alive with a flamethrower, according to a new report. The British Special Air Service marksman turned one of the most hated terrorists in Syria into a fireball by using a Barett .50-caliber rifle to strike a fuel tank affixed to the jihadi’s back, the UK’s Daily Star reported Sunday.”




    • “…a pervasive culture of toxic masculinity.”

      Heard somewhere years ago:

      “If a woman goes crazy and kills her husband, boyfriend or significant other she is probably suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome If a man goes crazy and kills his wife or girlfriend he has testosterone poisoning.”

  1. Oddly I actually read the diatribe from the goofy chick on Yahoo. Pure Saul Alinsky BS. But thanks for confirming why I like Mike Pence so much. Yeah “progressives ” should be well…progressive. They’re not. It’s merely a words. Like “liberal” doesn’t mean generous…

    • We haven’t heard the whole story. I read that report last night, and it could be saying he killed the executioner with one shot and then fired on the others, and it could be saying that the tank exploding killed all four. The question I want answered is, since the other 3 were there to video the executions according to the news, then WHERE ARE THE DAMN VIDEOS? Wouldn’t that be perfect, doing all their preening and bragging, then getting burned to shit, release it, just like they would have. BTW, later news also reported that U.S. and Brit Special Forces also rescued the prisoners who were about to be crispy critters.

      • That was some luck… I’ve read/seen in many places (“Forgotten Guns” among them), that it’s actually very difficult to hit a flamethrower JUST right to make the fuel explode…

        • Troops with flame throwers were the most heavily targeted people in WW2 on BOTH sides, not counting the guys with those BIG RED CROSSES on their helmets. When a flame thrower was hit, it might not go off immediately, and just the vaporized fuel erupted. However, in short order another bullet would create a spark hitting the tanks and ignite the vaporized fuel. Generally, anyone nearby would be engulfed, which often included several people. If they didn’t die, they were horrifically burned, tying up even more people trying to help them. This was also true in Korea. As I recall, they were used rarely in Vietnam.

    • “The British Special Air Service marksman turned one of the most hated terrorists in Syria into a fireball by using a Barett .50-caliber rifle to strike a fuel tank affixed to the jihadi’s back…”

      And even more interesting, roasted human meat is often referred to as “long pork.”

      • How often does that happen exactly? How many times does someone have to do something to be called “often”? Any examples of people regularly talking about long pork today?

        Or do you mean that in (now defunct) cannibal cultures it allegedly used to be called “long pork”?

  2. Yeah… No amount of convincing will ever get me to trust or even tollerate leftists. The kind of blood they have on their hands doesn’t wash off.

  3. I can’t wait to watch progressives fight each other on Gun control.

    Also I wonder how anti gun control progressives will try to smear us as a group as wanting gun control for minorities. You know it will be tried.

  4. The allegation that Mike Pence, who barely made a six-figure salary, somehow profited from the gun lobby is pure and utter Progressive, aka Communist, BS. I can’t believe people actually follow and read this sorry excuse for journalism.

    I’ve thought long and hard about it, and have finally come to grips with the 2016 election… I plan to vote for Pence.


    • ‘…like Indiana governor and vice presidential candidate Mike Pence, people who profit either literally or politically…’

      Clearly he profited ‘politically’. That’s what happens when you govern according to your constituents wishes.

      Also, I’m with you on Pence, but what if Thedonald isn’t impeached by his own party?

      • It makes voting Trump palatable Gov. And I like the sound of it too-Pence 2016! He’s certainly not getting rich like a certain crime family from Ark e saw…

        • I’m with that. Does anybody believe that Trump would even run for a second term? Should he win, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Pence for 2020. To “Finish the Job!” (Proposed slogan)

  5. Politics involves using many terms which substitute for the real terms, changing the definitions, in order to dupe the less educated and less informed into absorbing the propaganda they are fed. Is it any wonder the progressive movement is filled with people with lofty educational pedigrees while the people the speak to are heavily populated with school dropouts? Or that, under the progressives, the educational system graduates a great many who couldn’t balance a checkbook or handle a budget. Sheep ready for slaughter or to be put in chains to increase the power and wealth of the progressive leaders.

  6. “Is there hope yet for the modern American liberal arts college?”

    No. The doors of American universities should be emblazoned with the inscription, “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here. You Will Learn Nothing of Value and Leave Deeply in Debt.”

  7. Some comments on this article-
    1)Leave race out of it. People bought guns because Obama has actively worked his best to ban them again and again or muddy the waters as much as he can to bring chaos and price spikes to the market.
    2)The Societies in Chicago were long devastated before the first shots were fired.
    3)How you as a bleeding heart liberal are going to shame these people is beyond me considering that you’re not going to look out for their interests, vote for them or contribute to their bottom lines anyways.
    4)Suicide is not a matter of tools, but will. As said I’ve had a few relatives kill themselves some with guns and some without. But when one can do it in a place as supervised as a jail cell with a pair of underwear I don’t think gun control is going to be an effective overall solution. It certainly hasn’t been against crime in other places.

  8. Robert, there was also a story here in St.Pete where an officers firearm “accidentally discharged” into his hand when a vehicle hit his car.

  9. I would like to know how Ms. Hauser and her liberal ilk would feel if POTG wrote headlines such as “We must smash liberal society”. I am so tired of these pathetic, out of touch with reality, ass clowns and their childish, wishful rhetoric. The reason you will never smash the gun industry is because you are cowards who try to legislate the way you want people to live. You deal in feels and wants while real Americans with jobs and lives actually do things. We join pro 2A groups, we introduce people to guns and shooting, and no amount of your feelings is going to make us give up our constitutional rights. So please, go to a “safe space” with your vegan coloring book and STFU!

    • If you please, sir:

      “Natural, civil and Constitutionally PROTECTED rights.”

      The right exists independent of the Constitution. The Second Amendment was simply an effort to prevent the government from infringing on the right.

  10. Recognizing the roots of gun control advocacy — the intentional disarming of a marginalized population and selective enforcement of gun legislation

    It’s about damned time. Gun control has never been about crime. It has always been about enabling the control of the many by the few, from the Acts of Proscription to the disarmament of American slaves, to the Sword Hunts of feudal Japan.

  11. While the tag line might have been against gun control, the conclusion of the SJW writer from Oberlin was to endorse a federal gun registry and “smart” guns because these measures are not “discriminatory”. So in answer to the question: is there any hope at Oberlin? The answer is No.

    • Of course, anything that adds cost is going to be discriminatory in a society where minorities shoulder a disproportionate burden of poverty, and of course anything that can be enforced can be enforced unequally. They’re also not “useful”, but trying to raise that point at a Liberal Arts College is like trying to explain mountaineering to a herring.

  12. Wow, the gal who wants to “smash the gun lobby” is downright chilling. She obviously ascribes no benefits whatsoever to firearms ownership.

    Case in point: one time I was staying overnight in a camper at the edge of a small college town. Shortly after dark I heard what sounded like three quick gunshots in town (from a rifle no less). I was glad to have my rifle available if that activity had migrated to my location. Why others would not want that contingency available to them is beyond me. Demanding that government imprison/kill anyone who is prepared for such a contingency is downright evil.

  13. No. The last two paragraphs of the Oberlin call for a Federal Gun Registry and subsidizing “Smart Guns”. Not exactly Libertarian ideas.


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