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The battle for gun rights is going to get bloody. Recently enacted gun laws in slave states (e.g. New York’s gun registration requirements and eight-round magazine capacity limit) are transforming millions of gun owners into criminals. It’s only a matter of time before some trigger-happy cop triggers another Ruby Ridge, with LEOs in the crossfire. If the state or feds double-down…. Meanwhile, sensibly enough, the NRA calls this conflict a “culture war.” If so, we may be winning. Put another way, Old Fat White Guys are dead! Long live OFWGs! When you have a comely lass explaining trigger basics on YouTube—no matter how haltingly—you have something fresh, hot and . . . what was I saying? Kirsten Weiss is right: gun rights are a long range pursuit. But gun guys and gals seem fully engaged; culturally, economically and politically. Winning?

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  1. The politicians need be fair and balanced. So far they are passing anti-gun laws that only the law-abiding citizens may follow. They need to be fair and balanced and pass a law requiring all criminals, would-be criminals and mentally disturbed and would-be mentally disturbed persons to turn in their firearms within 24 hours.

    The only way to measure the effectiveness of our politicians is to see how many guns are tuned in under the new law.

    Anyone have a good acronym for this law?

  2. This is not a culture war, it’s a civil rights war, and I would say at the present time its a stalemate until we see some more court rulings. I would say that the NRA/SAF has the high ground and is defending it mightily. I would love to say we are winning the culture war, but given the number of kids suspended for things like making guns out of pop tarts, not even close yet.

    • dwb nailed it–

      One small addition: the silent majority has awakened and that is the fuel that propels the NRA and to some degree the SAF- it’s up to all of us to turn the tide of this culture war.

      The Antis have taken their push to absurd levels and that is to our benefit- however we must persist and follow up with voting and focused lobbying to shift the balance. That’s our job as citizens : we have to participate in the political process. Our compensation for this job is our civil liberties and freedoms– IMHO a small investment .

    • I don’t know who said it first, but the name applies more and more: Cold Civil War.

    • It’s BOTH. But if you can’t see it as a culture war, you don’t understand the concept of culture.

      • Mr. Burke. Bullseye. We as gun owners and 2A proponents need to do a better job of marketing ourselves to the millions of citizens who really don’t care one way or the other whether we have firearms. They are not hunters or sport shooters but we need them in our corner. They are being inundated with lies and distortions from the anti-gun segment and the news media which is now showing virtually every bad gun use.

        Yes, I believe we have gained ground and the polls are showing the other side losing momentum. I suspect the other side has overdone the issue with some of the statements being so outlandish, the average person is beginning to understand this is an agenda, not just “common sense solutions”. Punishing 100 million gun owners is simply being recognized as a knee-jerk reaction to a very tragic incident cause by one very sick individual…who wasn’t even a gun owner. As we know, the anti’s have been successful in a few states but as the incident fades in memory, the cooler heads are beginning to prevail.

        Having said that, we must continue to show that we are really responsible citizens. Some of the posts on many of the blogs are irresponsible in that they appear to the middle of the road people as being threats toward the government and, while we all probably feel we are being wronged, we must make those “middle people ” understand we HAVE been wronged and maligned in order to push a political agenda. It’s really a marketing problem and we need to approach it in that way or we will be promoting the very idea the other side is promoting….we are irresponsible “crazy gun guys”. I’m not saying we must compromise but right now, I don’t think we’re winning, I think it’s a draw.

  3. I can totally see this, how many older shooters at the range throw you dirty looks when you pull out your AK or AR, it is a generational thing as well as a culture thing.

  4. If we were winning, no states would be losing right now. As I have praposed in the past. Lets take all of the antis and give them their own chunk of the country, watch it get torn apart when all of the crimminals move there and then take it back over for their own good and safety.

  5. The limit is seven rounds in New York.

    And you were just looking for an excuse to post that video, not that I am complaining.

  6. The antis seem to be pretty energized these days, and based on that it is not clear we are winning. On the other hand, they get a lot of free publicity in the press, so one has to be careful not to exaggerate their progress either.

    As far as the culture war, it’s too early to tell. There is certainly a growing demonization of guns in schools and in the media, but whether it will translate into young people becoming unaccepting of guns among their peers remains to be seen. I certainly feel that more effort is needed to promote shooting sports and access to them. Gun rights will wither and die if there aren’t enough gun ranges around.

  7. By and large we are winning. We’re looking at a long and protracted culture war, one that I think we will eventually win. The Left is operating in a generational context, winning hearts and minds through the media, pop culture and the Academy. Cloward-Piven, Rules for Radicals, Eurofication, .gov expansion, faceless bureaucracy, and a hundred other tools are being used to undermine the bedrock principles that make the American experiment the greatest thing to ever happen to humanity. We need to turn the tables on them. Remember, if you find yourself in a fair fight your tactics suck. Fight we will, and not by their rules.

    • Ideas are bullet-proof; write that down somewhere, and refer to it every time you start to feel we’re in a hopeless struggle.


  8. Short answer yes. Long answer we are winning in most states. Even with the largest push in the 20 years I have been considered an adult they got what a handful of states to pass new gun restrictions and nothing at the federal level. Mean well many state are actually relaxing existing gun laws. WV allows CCW holders to buy without a background check. Kansas passed a law making it illegal to enforce new federal gun laws. MO passed a law basically make existing federal gun laws unenforceable in there state. We will see how these laws stand up to the court system but especially if MO wins in federal court the people of the state of MO will be able to buy Machine Guns built after 1986. That would be cool.


  9. I don’t think I’ve seen more women making gun videos than in the past few years. I’ve also noticed many of these women are using AKs and ARs or other semi-auto guns. These videos are not the stupid “watch this girl shoot a pistol grip 12ga and fall down” stupidity. They are competent shooters and could probably embarrass me at a shooting competition. Getting more women into shooting will help all of us in fighting for our RKBA.

  10. Talk to me after to the 2014 elections….until then……it is a tug of war. Each group is winning right now where they have the “tyranny of the majority”

    The only thing that give me hope right now is Sanford’s win in SC. He was outspent 3-1 and still won. Maybe people are finally getting fed up with the current state of affairs in govt and finally revolting at the ballot box.

    • The same Sanford who abandoned his job to spend two weeks with a whore in Brazil or someplace when he was governor? Yeah, that’s what we need in government.

      If people were really getting fed up with the current state of affairs, a third-party or write-in candidate would have won that election.

  11. This is like WWI trench warfare…we’ve won some battles…but there is a long protracted war ahead of us.

    • And WWI was never won by a definitive military act, such as “I now hold your capital city, so surrender”.

      The Germans, Austrians and Turks asked for a ceasefire because they tired before the French, British and Americans.

      We will never tire. They will.

  12. no, i don’t think we’re winning. i think the gun community is becoming more ideologically unified and resolving some internal cultural issues, which is great, but vis a vis the broader culture, i think we’re pretty toast.

    The NE US just fell. CA will go full retard in a matter of months. Here in the Bay Area, people matter-of-factly talk of repealing the 2A, as if that is the most obvious thing to do.

    These are the most populous areas in the country. If we were winning, we would have some momentum here. We don’t. Court cases won’t change that. If anything, any victories will just piss them off more. Don’t expect young people to step in either.

    Gun ownership in this country will be a fond memory by 2050.

    • People in the most rabidly anti areas dream of repealing the Second Amendment because they know what they want is unconstitutional so long as it remains.

      It’s also a complete fantasy.

  13. I think the updated and expanded AWB failure was the first match in the karate tournament. We have a long way to go before we crane kick Johnny in the face, but we’re moving in that direction. BUT THEY WILL SWEEP THE LEG.

    I think we’re a stronger front that either we or they thought. This has cost them a public loss and deflated the slacktavist base somewhat. It’s also emboldened pro rights politicos. But in order to drive the point home there has to be 2014 consequences. Otherwise no lesson is learned and they will push again.

  14. Yes we are winning. After Sandy Hook they could get nothing but a couple of states that were already lost to go their way. This is a long hard fight. It started before my birth and will continue after my grandkids are gone.

    I’m going to let you in on a little secret that seems to be lost on the handwringers and the hysterics. We are essentially a free nation. Not perfect, but functionally free. With that freedom does come some down side. We get stuck with people like difi, slow joe, hmmmmmmmmmm, and mikeyb. It’s the price we pay for being free.

    As for culture wars I am heartened by the young people around me. I’m going to the range today to try out my new shotgun. I will no doubt see young women and people of color shooting there also.

    Yes, I’m an OFWG and I realize that if we make this a racial issue we lose. Real simple that, it’s a numbers thing. I realize that a bigger threat to our guns and freedom comes from within our ranks. When we have people like matt praising Hitler or wonderbread using special secret handshake terms like “certain demographics” or “TNB” and quoting the feds crime stats without any context it makes us all look bad and gives fuel to the anti’s.

    But we are a free country and because we are we’re stuck with these types the same as we are with difi, slow joe, hmmmmmmmmm, and mikeyb.

    So let’s not panic and be rash. Let’s make the other side panic and do something rash.
    We saw a glimmer of this panic and rash behaviour with barry’s little temper tantrum after the failur of Manchin-Toomey. I enjoyed that, I did.

    • I’m back from the range and just as I expected it was a diverse group. Mostly young people, I think I was the oldest customer. And when you’re at an indoor range working out a shotgun people give you a clear space around you to work with.

      And there were 2 customers who said they’d never owned a gun before who were finding out the process to buy a handgun. Good trip.

    • His tantrum was somewhat reminiscent of a four-year-old but, also somewhat like Hitler with his glares and tantrums. I also enjoyed seeing him do it in public two days after the attack in Boston, which he failed to even mention in his 30-minute myopic rant.

  15. When they have to pass laws at 3 in the morning with no one reading through them we are winning the overall war, when they have to lie & distort facts so the sheep will go along we are winning, just ask the million mom march. What has happened is the utterly stupid & idiotic have hit a brick wall(that would be us). They say they want to take minority ass kissing to the next level, we have said its gone far enough, Randy

  16. “Gun ownership in this country will be a fond memory by 2050.”

    Not true. Legal gun ownership will be severely restricted in Blue Hive states and locales but gun ownership will still be rampant. It’s important to remember that there are large areas of the country where no amount of collectivist bullying will kill the gun culture because it’s too embedded in the American character.

    What will happen is that the country will become so polarized on this and other issues like Obamacare that state nullification and outright rebellion against the Progressive Fascist elites will become common. The American Empire is crumbling and when it falls apart, as it inevitably will, our enemies will be shattered, demoralized and vulnerable. If those of us who cherish our liberty unite and act in a bold, concerted and resolute way we can defeat the forces of tyranny. We need to focus on the local level like the leftists do, by creating sanctuary cities, counties and whole states where these noxious Federal laws are widely ignored with impunity. We must start at the micro level and do what the leftists call “community organizing”. It won’t work everywhere but so what?

    We can defeat these evil statist ba$tards and b-itches if we get organized and show that in order to enforce their world view they will have to kill many thousands of us. Do you really think these Birkenstock wearing, latte sipping, electric clown car driving pencil necks have the stomach for that? Ultimately we will have to call their bluff and watch them blink and gulp hard. We must draw a very clear line in the sand and dare them to cross it.

    Sooner or later we will have to show that we are willing to risk our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to protect our inalienable rights. If only a million of us do this in an organized, courageous and effective way then we will win. Ultimately our enemies are sniveling cowards and arrogant, loud mouthed, decadent fools. And pay back will be a b-itch for them in ways that will leave them dumbfounded and scared $hitless.

    • Lattes are delicious. I take mine with four shots and soy milk. There was this place by work there the baristas were real artists (and mostly hot chicks, too.) Unfortunately, it’s gone now.

      Thankfully, we don’t have to choose:

  17. “Reminds me of that fellow back home that fell off a ten story building. As he was falling people on each floor kept hearing him say, ‘So far, so good.'”

    We’ll figure out who won or lost when the game is over, okay? Meanwhile, so far, so good.

  18. We are not going to win until the politicians, the media and average anti-gunner gets it through their thick heads that gun violence will decrease if we decriminalize/ tax/ and regulate marijuana, gun suicide is not gun violence, ‘Nothing Stops a Bullet like a Job’ programs work, and half a dozen secondary arguements. Their shouted mantra of Ban Guns just does not work.

  19. Lets see, we have Kirsten holding a rifle & they have feinswine, it sure is nip & tuck there. They have to get on the message & tell why its great to be able to die because you are disarmed, surprising, death is a tough sell. Considering the way we are hammered by a biased media, I think we are doing great & yes, winning, Randy

  20. I would like to learn much from this lady, in a personal one on one training session preferably.

  21. Nice video. When she started talking about “trigger creep,” it made me think of RF and the accusations leveled against his propensity to take pics of fine-looking ladies. It’s all good.

  22. 8 rounds?!? Oh my, no, that’s a criminal. Gotta take one more round out to be legal in NY.

    7 rounds= just a normal “gun nut”
    8 rounds (even in your own home)= criminal that must be stopped before he kills children
    10 rounds= A-OKAY as long as you’re on an accredited range!

    So, to recap, in NY it is okay to have 10 rounds in your magazine at the range but you can’t have more than 7 while defending your own home. 🙂

  23. As an increasingly old guy, here’s my observation on major cultural shifts, and I promise I’m not being a sexist pig when I make this observation:

    Cultural trends follow the attractive women. It’s really that simple.

    When one starts taking notice of the players on both sides and keeping a tally, it’s obvious you don’t need a weatherman to see which way the wind blows.

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