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 Defense Distributed Liberator pistol

A key fact’s getting lost in the kerfuffle surrounding Cody Wilson’s 3D Liberator pistol: it’s all about China. Well duh. The United States of America is awash in handguns. American citizens can buy a box-fresh revolver for under $200. For less than a Benjamin you can buy a “pre-owned” pistol. It won’t be pretty but it’ll be a lot more reliable, accurate and durable than anything you can crank out on a $10k 3D printer. That’s us sorted. Meanwhile, in China, the fate of a billion-and-a-half people may well depend on what the United States government does about one Cody Wilson. Which is why they’ve shut him down. Let’s start with this . . .

China is a fascist state. Fascist states don’t allow civilian firearms ownership. Why would they? The desire for freedom—of speech, religion, assembly, economic activity, political affiliation, etc.—is a natural human instinct. There’s only one way to suppress this innate desire: force. If civilians own firearms in any significant number, the state cannot impose its will on the people.

As Chairman Mao said, political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. As NRA Veep Wayne LaPierre said, he who owns the guns makes the rules. If the brutally repressed Chinese people own guns, the Chinese fascist state will fall. It’s as simple as that.

For Chinese “activists,” 3D printable guns have a distinct advantage over their metallic counterpart. Once the printer and materials are secured, fabricators can produce hundreds of thousands if not millions of plastic guns with relative stealth (e.g., fabrication noise) and ease (e.g., no metal working).

If the Chinese populace was armed, it’s entirely possible, indeed probable, that the country’s centralized government, a.k.a., the world’s biggest police state, would topple. In that sense, Cody Wilson’s downloadable DIY gun could well be the Liberator he claims. As far as the American Powers That Be are concerned, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Whenever a political system crumbles and/or collapses, its death throes create a period of economic, social and political chaos. The system becomes destabilized. At the risk of going all Alex Jones on you, the United States Department of Defense and State Department don’t want a destabilized People’s Republic of China any more than does the People’s Republic of China.

Nuclear/military worries aside, the economic implications of a violent political upheaval in China are mind-boggling. The PRC owns more than a trillion dollars in U.S. Treasury bills, notes and bonds. In 2011, the U.S. imported $200b worth of stuff. We need them as much as they need us. At some point, more.

Connecting the dots, could a plastic gun lead to a popular uprising, lead to the end of the Chinese government, lead to a major disruption of the world economic system? Like I said, Alex Jones-land. But . . . the U.S. government shut down Cody Wilson. At the request of the PRC? Or off its own back?

Either way, it makes sense to me. But then I’m not an oppressed resident of the People’s Republic of China. Or any other country.

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  1. Except as easy as it was for Cody to design this gun, surely hundreds of others across the world will design another. It cant be “uninvented” and the tide has only just begun.

  2. OK…but really….Cody Wilson? You think that the nation of people that produces most of the electronic devices we use (and you probably typed this post on one) CAN’T figure out on thier own how to make a plastic printed pistol of their own? C’mon…take off the tin foil.

    That aside, the cat is out of the bag…that file is in the public hands now, being open sourced, torrrented, dropbox’d, and shared worldwide. Even if CW can’t post designs on DEFCAD anymore…you can’t stop the internet…:)

    • Not so much that they can’t, but that it might not have occurred to them to do so.

      This isn’t a Glock; it needn’t be “manufactured” in the traditional sense. That’s huge.

      To get it this far required soe research and development; having it “out there” saves someone that initial effort.

      Yes, they can. As importantly, now they know they can. Now maybe they will – likely chambered for Tokarev…

      • Following the stereotype (which has at least some origin in truth), the Chinese are more copiers/thieves of other people’s technology than they are innovators. They’re extremely good at reverse-engineering, but not necessarily good at creating new products.

        It could stand to reason that they never thought of this idea. And now it’s out there.

      • Russ, it would be safer to use the 9×18 mak round which is also in chinese service alongside the 7.62 tok round. Mak has much lower pressure which makes the safety aspect a little better. Mak round enables the liberator to be smaller and to use less material in it’s construction which matters if you’re going to crank out millions of these things to arm an uprising.

        Imagine, 10 million chinese raiding police and militia armories with their libs to get AK’s.

        • as much as I would enjoy this scenario, the Chinese citizens themselves are very different than most of us would want to believe.

          I read somewhere that it is part of the culture to have their government play the role of a “father figure” even at the household level.

          the politburo knows best. and besides, the propaganda that comes out from the top gets folks to credit them for their rise as a world economic power. perhaps more believe the hype than those who become dissidents.

          I don’t expect a popular uprising that will overthrow the government to form some “free democracy”. the west is not in its shining moment right now anyway. we’re in a “bad moment” so to speak when it comes to promoting the strong points of free markets, capitalism, gun rights, individuality, human rights, etc.

    • “You think that the nation of people that produces most of the electronic devices we use (and you probably typed this post on one) CAN’T figure out on thier own how to make a plastic printed pistol of their own?”

      If you’ve never seen a handgun, never disassembled one, how easy do you think it would be to design one? How many Sam Colts or John Brownings do you think there are in China. They would have to start from scratch.

      • They could download technical drawings for numerous guns as easily as the CAD files for the Liberator. I seem to remember reading about illegal handguns made in China being sold illegally in Australia awhile back too.

      • It isn’t logical that the availability of these 3D printed limited use weapons could produce the kind of chaos and disruption leading to anarchy as is suggested. The power of the Chinese government is too vast and secure. That power is unlikely to be successfully challenged by even a small army of activists armed with such limited use weapons even were they to be altered for somewhat more durability. It would be like the cliché “bringing a knife to a gun fight”.

        But the IDEA and potential for united resistance and coordinated disruption leading to chaos and revolution within China has been revisited with the advent of the creation of this 3D printable weapon and subsequent internet exposure. That is another thing entirely.

        The Chinese people already have means at their disposal to disrupt and overwhelm their keepers to the point of vulnerability; computers, the internet, capable hackers, and all the various forms of mobile communication. Although armed revolt with hundreds of limited use handguns is a non starter, the need for some sort of physical confrontation would at some point arise. If and when that occurs, the proponents of political change had best arrive with something more akin to AK’s than plastic throw a ways.

        BTW, too late in any case for the USG to do anything about restricting the 3d printable gun; cats already out ‘o the bag.

        • In that scenario I’d imagine the Liberator as similar to the WWII Liberator- a gun used to secure a better gun. They wouldn’t just be armed with plastic pistols if that was the case.

  3. There’s a good reason why a readme file in Chinese is included with the Liberator. The zhongdiag.jpg is also easier leaked past the communist internet censors. Is it also any coincidence that 3D printers are just now taking off in China?

  4. And why are we helping the Chinese keep their people in check? Just think of this as the return salvo for their hack attacks on our systems. Buhhhhhaahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha!!!!

      • Don’t kid yourself, they own most of the Repubs as well.

        Remember that frenzy of government budget cuts and pro-liberty laws during the mid-2000s when Repubs held all 3 branches of government?

        Me neither.

        • Don’t bother. Guys who post shit like that have all their mental capital wrapped up in hating the guy Fox News tells them to and nothing else.

  5. This is not the first I’m I’ve said it today. It will not be the last: YOU CAN’T STOP THE SIGNAL.

  6. I’m sure people in china have the design already. We have also shown in the past that we have followed the democracy for me but not for thee policy in our support of dictators. I don’t think there is any goal of preventing people in China to overthrow the government, I think this boils down to the .gov losing control and trying anything to regain it. Of course it’s too late.

  7. It’d be much easier for the average Chinese citizen to build a firearm from shop tools. It’s really not that difficult.

    • Agreed. It’s not like there aren’t tens of millions of Chinese people who manufacture things. That’s kind of been their whole shtick for the last few decades… There have been freely-distributed designs for homemade guns floating around the internet for many years already, using minimal machining and a handful of hardware-store parts. The Chinese government hasn’t fallen yet, so I doubt a plastic version is going to be a real big game changer over there.

  8. Disagree. It’s not China. It’s Chuck Schumer, Steve Israel, and a legion of bootlicking (deal w/it, MattInFL) scum that want to see him shut down. They’ll use anything they can to achieve this goal.

    • +1

      Barring some evidence to the contrary, it is much more likely some panicked flunkie in the administration sent around an email asking if any agency had the authority to get the plans pulled off the internet.

      I’m not saying the Chinese angle is impossible, it just seems much less likely in the absence of evidence.

    • +10, If Chinese people ever manufacture their own guns on a large scale, they won’t be plastic Liberators.

  9. People in Syria and Chila will be using these before you know it. It is out there and it is never going away. What cal do Chi-Com police use in their handguns? I would guess that is the first re-design this pistol will undergo.

    • Interesting and cool post, but unless the folks in China can print AMMO these are just ugly lego-looking toys 😉

      edit: Sorry I meant this for the main thread not as a specific reply.

      • Like the poster above said the first redesign will involve changing the ammo type to whatever the police currently use. In fascist states, bribery to “lose” a box of cartridges could go a long way.

    • From the pictures available of Syrian rebels, I don’t think they are going to need limited use single shot 3D printed proof of concept guns.

  10. The Chinese have the Great Firewall of China to prevent its citizens from learning stuff on the Internet. Besides, if the people were going to make weapons to arm themselves, why wouldn’t they use zip guns from basic construction parts that actually have some barrel length.

    Also, you can’t 3d print ammo. No ammo, no revolution.

    • All you need is: black powder (easily made), lead, paper wadding, and match heads.

      • I’ve been to China: you can buy fireworks just about anywhere a little off the beaten path in Beijing.

    • Yes, they invented gunpowder. And yes, one can make a primer out of match heads. The problem is they need a LOT of primers.

      Let’s say 75% of the population revolts. That’s 1B people vs. 350k-ish. If you wanted to give each person (the kiddies too) a liberator and 10 rounds (just like the WWII version), then you need 10B rounds. It takes 3 strike-anywhere matches to make one primer (I think). So, you need 30B matches. That’s a lot.

      For some perspective, the Diamond Match Company, the largest match producer in the US and only US producer of strike-anywhere matches, makes only 12B matches (including safety matches) per year. (Cite:

      Given the numbers, I just don’t see the Chinese people overthrowing their government with homemade ammo. If you want a revolution, it’s all about the ammo stash.

      • After you shoot the ChiCom with the one shot plastic pistol you take his rifle. Now you have an AK.

      • Given the numbers, I just don’t see the Chinese people overthrowing their government with homemade ammo. If you want a revolution, it’s all about the ammo stash.

        That’s kind of the point of the Liberator though: the stash you use is the one you get after taking the weapon and ammo off of the fellow you target with it. At which point if enough folks in your village have followed your lead, you head to the local logistics base (police station?) and seize _that_ stash.

        • It’s a nice novelty and a good proof of concept, but I have to say I think I’d rather have a knife as weapon than a Liberator. Even a prison style shiv.

    • Weren’t there paper cartridges in the civil war? Wadding, wrapping paper, some scavenged fireworks black powder, and a ball bearing or whatever, and voila ammo!

  11. So many implications. The government hasn’t shut down a physical liberator pistol operation. They shut down the free distribution of a piece of intellectual property… in an attempt to shut down an idea. It’s the functional equivalent of banning a book. It’s an encroachment on both the first AND second amendments.

    Which is exactly what Mr. Wilson wanted. Effectively eliminate governments’ ability to regulate arms? Check. propagate the IDEAS of privately held arms and the armed citizenry to the world? Check. Bait governments into showing their true colors? Check.

    A masterstroke. The world has changed.

  12. My own “tin foil” theory about this case is a little different. I believe there are various moneyed interests that are threatened by the disruptive technology that is 3D printing. The “ZOMG!!! 3D printers can make guns!!!” hysteria is just what these interests need to to try to get this burgeoning tech regulated out of existence.

  13. I will award this 1/5 faragos. It’s too heavy on the Conspiracy Theory angle. This is about control, but from the perspective of a really, really bad curveball hitter chasing helplessly after those #2’s.

    • This blog is awesome. it appears some of the more refined batch produced models are created by/for organized crime.

  14. This is well beyond Alex Jones territory. By and large the Chinese population is quite happy about how things are going. There is dissent and by the absolute numbers is significant. However, support for the government is brittle but it is tied to economic progress and not political reform. The biggest market for guns are the Tongs and Uigher terrorists. Neither group has any trouble getting conventional arms. And social upheaval gives the US an opportunity to stiff China on the debt.

    • Exactly. Could China erupt in broad insurrection? Possibly, but it will be because of economic anger and carried out with Type 56es and QBZ-95es; not sparked by and carried out with Liberators.

    • ROFLMAO. I suppose “happiness” is why Chinese factories have suicide nets around them, fool.

  15. “I’m not an oppressed resident of… any other country”


  16. Robert, I believe 9/11 was indeed an inside job, but this is tin foilish, lol. Asians are fairly comfortable with their tyranny and I don’t think firearms ownership would have the effect you claim it could.

    I think the reason the gunvernment (sic) shut it down here (not really) is that they don’t want US making cheap guns. You can already make expensive guns with one of those programmable drills/laser thingies but they cost a lot and require more technical skill than using a 3D printer.

  17. This is a Freedom of Speech issue, too.

    For those that say, “The world has changed,” you are absolutely correct. In a manner that we cannot even quite begin to see.

  18. An interesting theory, RF… but actually I think the US government fears the Liberator more than the Chinese Communist Party.

    China’s authoritarian government is definitely about order and stability, and its philosophy about what’s good for the country is deeply rooted in the country’s history. China spent much of 19th and 20th century being occupied, exploited, and dominated by foreign powers. Even most Chinese don’t consider the last imperial dynasty to be truly Chinese since the emperor and the power structure were Manchurian. Before the US even entered WW2, the country was already embroiled in a full-scale Japanese invasion in 1937. Post-WW2, the country was wracked by civil war as the Communist party (backed by the Soviets) battled the Kuomintang (backed by the US).

    Americans might be surprised to learn that the majority of (Han) Chinese tolerate the authoritarian nature of the government as long as it maintains the status quo of peace and an illusion of a chance for prosperity for all. While there is growing dissent in China, it stems more from growing awareness of government corruption and income inequality than a desire to be armed.

    Ironically, the areas of the country where parts of the population might actually desire guns to use against the Chinese government, such as Muslim separatists or Tibetan nationalists, would have the least access to technology like a 3D printer… let alone an internet connection that isn’t blocked by the Chinese government.

    Besides… the ultimate source for firearms, should a Chinese citizen wish to acquire it: find a Russian weapons dealer. Those guys are just a border crossing away.

  19. I cannot imagine hundreds of millions of Chinese Citizens armed with these Liberators standing up to the Peoples’ Army, nor do I think there’s a Chinese National will to do so, even if properly armed. Ordinary Chinese People are feeling empowered by the “weibo” system and many feel “things are improving” for them at a steady rate. While hundreds of millions still live in abject poverty (too occupied with putting the next meal on the Family Table to be politicized to rebel), hundreds of millions believe they are experiencing a better life.
    The idea that the Chinese are just straining at the reins to rebel and throw out the Communist Party is another American Fantasy – like the one that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling WMD’s and the Iraqi People were just praying for some Foreign Power to invade their country so they could throw both arms wide open to embrace the sweet charms of Liberty and Freedom.
    The Liberator Pistol is an interesting “Proof of Concept” and anathema to the gunphobes in power in the US today. But seriously to use it in an anti-personnel role you would have to be close enough to lay hands on your target, so its value is stealth, but its lethal effectiveness is unproven. Meantime, since the gunphobes feed on disinformation and lies, it makes a “terror object” to offer to the ignorant masses as evidence those “gun crazies” are up to pure evil and are “everything bad and perverse we’ve been telling you all along”.
    The point that the US Government does not want instability in the PRC is, I think, correct and well-taken, but the Liberator as a source for potential political/social instability in China is too far a stretch at this point. I think the US Government shut down the Liberator downloads out of fear some home grown nutcase, who hasn’t enough sense to know better, would try to assassinate political figures and out of pure spite to send a message to gun owners that the Government won’t put up with this kind of stuff.

  20. The gun itself is irrelevant. The real point IMO is simply the information age has crossed a threshold, that ideas in the form of digital files can make things previously heavily regulated by governments. And in order to regulate them now, governments will have to step on the rights of some citizens… Such as those under the First Amendment. In short, the Liberator should wake up people to the connection between the Second Amendment and the First.

  21. I am no expert, but I have worked for the Feds and some politicians, and I believe this was more than likely instigated by one senior politician who heard something in passing about homemade guns that could defeat x-ray machines and told a staff flunky that “something” needed to be done. Cue phone calls to various agencies, people brainstorming ideas to shut Cody down, and finally settling on the nasty letter route which did scare him into complying. Honestly, considering all the government attorneys who were caught surfing for porn forty hours a week without doing any work, you got to look busy when the boss calls.

    Five bucks says Schumer will brag about how he has saved us from homemade guns that terrorists could use to sneak past security and deprive us of one of our elected representatives… Oh the horror… (Sarcasm off)

  22. … If civilians own firearms in any significant number, the state cannot impose its will on the people.

    Could have fooled me.

  23. All I can say to the Chinese Communist party is good luck. Any attempt at censorship short of destroying the internet forever is futile and “computer security” is a great marketing ploy to con old people into giving you their money. Hackers can break into anything from the newest video game to a full fledged government facility, we’ve seen them do it countless times. Any computer can be cracked like a walnut, it just takes time and effort. Once the experienced guys do all the heavy lifting, it’s just a matter of getting that file out to as many hard drives as possible.

    A lot of people are saying “so what” and not seeing the forest for the trees. We’ve witnessed history in the making on a world wide scale. Will governments around the world stop trying to disarm people? Of course not. BUT, any plan to disarm a populace just got its nose broken; and a broken nose never heals back to its original shape perfectly.

  24. I haven’t seen the internal workings, but I’m pretty sure that thing would blow your hand off with a Tokarev round in it. It’s more of a statement than a usable piece.

    There are many ways the Chinese people could acquire or make guns, most wouldn’t be willing to risk it. This changes nothing in China.

  25. You’re reaching on this one.
    China can easily set up shops to make working replicas of any gun out of metal.

    It was taken down because someone in the government saw it as a threat. ITAR was just a convenient regulation to use to suspend the site. Sort of like getting Capone on tax evasion.

  26. This is a ridiculous reach.
    The PRC is a manufacturing power house that can reverse engineer any mechanical product just by looking at pictures of it. They are also adjacent Russia. Their government tightly controls the internet. If a revolution is in the offing, even potentially, its not going to be because of a 3D printed gun – why would it when they already have the knowledge and manufacturing capability to make “real” firearms. If a dedicated and secret revolutionary group wanted to start an insurrection they would either secretly manufacture their on “real” fire arms, or smuggle them in from neighboring countries.

    No, the threat here is not the gun…its the IDEA of the gun the IDEA of ubiquitously accessible arms. And that threatens ANY government – ours, China’s, Russia’s….EVERY government.

    What Cody has done is begin to peel the friendly mask of the would be parent to reveal the monster that it hides. The reaction by the government is a poker tell that clearly shows what hand they hold. Are we paying enough attention to win the pot? Too soon to tell, but I hope so.

  27. The government fears this for the same reason that they feared terrorists recruiting and training in online virtual worlds. Some technologically inept high ranking program manager sees something their kid is looking at online at home and thinks “I wonder how this can be used for terrorism?”. Then they think of some contrived notion of how a terrorist could use the technology. They think their idea is genius while any technically competent person who understands the limitations and alternate means to accomplish the same objective looks at it as laughable. Then the program manager beats a drum and gets some money behind investigating their “genius” idea and the technically competent people who know better take it and humor them.

  28. I am sure it has been covered before.
    The Liberator is named after the gun that was to be dropped behind Nazi lines or in occupied territory. It was not a fighting gun but to be used to ambush and take a German soldiers rifle to then be used in the real liberation.
    This gun can in no way be a threat to a nation that allows (as above) $100 six shooters. It’s hard to get a SPREE killing going with this one round wonder.
    And if a criminal has the soft and hard ware knowledge required, he is already making $75K and doesn’t need to knock off the local 7-11. (Maybe in NY where he would have to use his plastic gun to force the clerk to go in the back room to retrieve and fill the plastic 32oz Big Gulp cup held in storage. Oh no, the 32oz’ers were all destroyed in the very successful Big Gulp cup buy back that Bloomberg sponsored with his own money.)
    Therefore the Gov reaction must have something to do with, here it comes..
    CONTROL and the lack of it.

  29. Not a chance. There are a great many Chinese made shotguns and rifles and handguns produced in factories in full violation of Chinese law and sold to criminals there, along with ammunition. The problem isn’t magically made worse by a 3D printer design.

  30. Ethnic Chinese US resident who maintains contact with the mainland here. This is not the reason. Y’all have to realize, most Chinese are not chomping at the bit to overthrow the government here. For an overthrow to happen, abuses have to get so bad that no one believes proper rectification can happen under the current regime. For the original Revolutionary War people, that was taxes and quartering that weren’t going to get repealed because it’s literally standard procedure in every other part of the British Empire, and the then colonist weren’t going to stand for that. China is the opposite, you have craptons of poor people whose lives are objectively improving, and a good amount of middle class people who get to emulate the yuppies they see on American television. Life’s going pretty good for them so far, so even if a couple of dissidents get thrown in jail or even if the super high echelon government officials have it much better, they literally don’t care since their lives are improving too. It’s like, yes, Bill Gates has a lot more money than you, but you’re not exactly up to loot his home and banks, are you?

    Plus, you don’t want China to go down. Not just because of the economic shock of 1 trillion of US debt suddenly being uncertain and the loss of a major importer of cheap goods, but because the CCP being overthrown is honestly most likely to result in one of two situations: either the peasants and workers take over and return to socialism (remember, they love socialism because of all the handouts it guarantees), or the intellectuals take over, and China keeps being not-gun-friendly because China’s intellectuals lean more European than American, and are all about the welfare state and hoplophobia (thanks TTAG for teaching me that word!). All it means is now your anti-gun people get to add the most populated country in the world when they do that “see, every other enlightened country bans guns, why do we still cling to our guns and religion derp?”


  31. Your reasoning seems linear enough but Occam’s Razor says that this is just some anti gun bureaucrat, under an anti gun politician, trying to stick their thumb in Cody Wilson’s eye.

  32. I wonder what the Saudi Royal family is thinking about the Liberator plastic gun…

    China isn’t the only fascist, repressive police state on the globe.

    • No, but a Chinese citizen accounts for almost 20% of the human population. If you had
      to know only two languages, English and Chinese would allow you to travel practically anywhere in the world and do business.

  33. Holy crap robert, can you stop drinking the alex jones kool-aid? The USG has plenty of reason to not want plastic guns out there, and ITAR exists SPECIFICALLY to prevent foreign nationals from getting gun designs.

    Also china is a fascist state? Authoritarian, sure, but you might want to look up the definition of “fascist,” because it means something very specific, and it doesn’t mean “thing I don’t like.”

    (Hint: it refers to an ultra-nationalist, military belligerent government that is hostile to egalitarianism in any form, including liberal democracy and socialism, and whose social ideology is based on traditional, conservative values)

    • Holy s*it! You people are SCARED TO DEATH of Alex Jones! Time for a chat with yourself in the bathroom mirror; you are LIVING PROOF of the power of ideas. You’re trying with all your might to fight ideas, fight truth.

      Truly amazing. Also highly amusing.

  34. China isn’t fascist, literally, by definition.

    Fascism is an ultra-right political ideology motivated by resistance to social change, veneration of traditional, conservative values, opposition to any form of egalitarianism, including liberal democracy and socialism, populist economics (the narrative is typically “the hard working middle class is being drained by the top and bottom of the spectrum”) and belligerent militarism.

    Authoritarian, sure, but if you think they are crapping themselves and calling the state department to invoke a law that prohibits the US from transmitting tech data to foreign nationals that was passed at the height of the cold war and whose prosecutions spiked under GW Bush, you’ve taken a hard turn into Alex Jones Crazyvania.

    Far more likely that it’s simple security theater from the USG, the same kind of thing where if someone tries to sneak bombs on a plane in their shoe, everyone has to take off their shoes at the airport. China is not worried about freaking plastic popguns.

    • Benito Mussolini, undeniably the father of Fascism, defined it as “the merger of the State and the Corporation.”

      Time to revise your opinion.

      • Um, no? Fascism uses the language of populist economics but isn’t socialist. Fascists, whether in Spain, Germany or Italy, were openly and outwardly hostile to socialists.

        Sorry, conservatives: words have meanings and you don’t understand how to use them.

        And I’m not “afraid” of alex jones. He’s a fat texas redneck who believes that black illuminati helicopters are coming for him Any Day Now. Pity and disgust, sure, but not fear.

  35. Anybody who’s ever been to China knows this is BS. They don’t worry about such things as an armed revolt against the government. The citizens of China know that they are as good as dead if they want to go up against the government. China doesn’t coddle their criminals like the U.S.A. does, they kill them. Also, if you have a few 1000 yuan in your pocket, a handgun is easily available.

  36. Are they gonna 3D print ammo in China, too?

    Without ammunition, a plastic gun isn’t much good.

    • What does the Red Army’s guns shoot, TAPIOCA? THAT’S where the ammo will come from.

      • Yes! So what will happen is that these stalwart supporters of democratic capitalism will somehow acquire a 3d printer in china, print themselves a little plastic toy gun, stage a guerrila fight with one shot pop guns, acquire the chinese army’s munitions, but then take the ammunition OUT of their completely functional guns and use them for their little plastic lowers instead.

        This plan sounds 100% sound and realistic, I’m glad the Alex Jonesians of the world are there to bring us the truth.


        • A scene at the meeting of the Chinese Guerrilla movement:

          “hey guys, anyone know how to put 7.62 in this liberator thingie???”

  37. This is an assault on the “thorty” of bama. The sheep/guberment relationship depends on a strong sense of gov invincibilty. Sorry, the gun was in their face big time & laughing at them(hey if a gun needs to be controlled it can laugh too), Randy

  38. So, the author of this article, without just saying it, supports the control of the financial rulers of society and doesn’t believe that a society has the right to “throw off the shackles of a dictatorship”.
    A little history that is hidden from 99% of Americans…….the American Revolution was not about tea or stamps. Look up “The Currency Act”. All oppression is fed by the rule of the money lenders. I believe even Jesus beat these people in the streets.

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