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Reader Michael writes:

Thought you guys might find this interesting/amusing. There were 10 designs noted in the ITAR takedown notice served today to, including the Liberator . . .

1. Defense Distributed Liberator pistol
2. .22 electric
3. 125mm BK-14M high-explosive anti-tank warhead
4. 5.56/.223 muzzle brake
5. Springfield XD-40 tactical slide assembly
6. Sound Moderator – slip on
7. “The Dirty Diane” 1/2-28 to 3/4-16 STP S3600 oil filter silencer adapter
8. 12 gauge to .22 CB sub-caliber insert
9. Voltlock electronic black powder system
10. VZ-58 front sight

The one that caught my eye is #6 – that design is actually from Thingiverse, and is still available (despite their cleansing of firearm related files back in December):

The kicker is that the designer, airgun enthusiast Vik Olliver, is actually a New Zealander – this design was essentially imported into the US in the first place (in March of 2011), making me wonder where the 3D printing ITAR watchdogs have been the past 2 years…

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  1. Numbers 5, 8 and 10 are curious. What am I missing here ? They seem to be pretty innocent.

    Now, Number 3, on the other hand…

    • Probably a theoretical design study. 125mm is an Comblock caliber but widely used in tank guns and artillery.

    • It does seem a bit silly, doesn’t it…unless of course there is more to this than “National Security.”

  2. Itar watchdogs have been playing with themselves with their heads up their ass for the last two years, just like every anti and government agency

    • John Fing Kerry is on the job now though. What a putz.

      Kerry, Biden, Harkin, Schumer, Feinstein, pick the dumbest.

  3. All this proves is once again, the govt has no clue and they are reactionary. All these are available elsewhere with a quick search.

    If there was no media hype, they would have done nothing. Once again, the MSM propaganda machine focusing on the 0.00001% problem and not dealing with real issues that go against the administrations agenda.

    What we should all really fear is that the govt being so clueless, if SHTF, we are all screwed unless you are prepared.

    • In their never ending effort to chip away at our liberties, like bullies, they go after what they perceive is a smaller cohort that they think they can demonize and shut down with little blow-back. They may have miscalculated here, in addition to being slow to react.

  4. I am sure the Russians or Chinese would gladly teach any rogue nation who would like to build their own 125MM HEAT rounds….why the heck do we care about a dimensional design for it?

  5. “Where have the Feds been for two years?”

    ITAR doesn’t care about information coming into the U.S. It’s a one-way check, or at least is supposed to be.

    Remember that “nothing better than 40 bit encryption for export” bit? That.

    • The irony is/was that the “40 bit DES export keylength” was a smokescreen.

      Thanks to the differential cryptanalysis attack on DES (which was known by IBM when they submitted the algorithm for standardization, and also relayed to the NSA at that time), 56 bit DES keys could be effectively reduced in computational complexity to 42 bit keys – well within the scope of a brute-force key reversal hardware system given the budget of the NSA and their snooping ability to mount a known plaintext attack.

      In retrospect, the 40 bit export limit was so much propaganda – it was as much about instilling domestic confidence in a system/algorithm that wasn’t as strong as portrayed as any limitation on foreign users.

  6. Do these a$$hats not know how the internet works? Really? Once it’s out here…it’s OUT HERE. Can’t put this genie back in the bottle. Run a torrent search…

  7. Wait until somebody posts 50 year old blueprints to build a mortar and launcher. Guys with rifles will seem like pikers…

  8. They must have missed the M16 lower and auto seer schematics… I don’t have the balls to download it, slice it, and print it out… I’m having too much fun cranking out ARs and 10/22s… I’m actually thinking of printing out a 10/22 gatling kit like Cabelas had.


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