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Like gun manufacturers, TTAG is experiencing a something of a post-Obama re-election surge. Nick’s posts on the possibility of a new assault weapons ban, his report on the run on high cap mags,┬áthe Gun Owners of America’s warnings—America’s Armed Intelligentsia is awake, alert and surfing their little hearts out. Speaking of water, I’ve noticed a common theme running through the comments section: boat accidents. It seems that hundreds of our readers have lost thousands of firearms at sea: handguns, rifles and shotguns. What the hell are you guys doing with so many firearms on a boat? Or did you vouchsafe your guns to some sailor for some reason? While federal firearms registration is illegal under the Firearms Owners Protection Act, these accidents could make any future registration scheme . . . problematic. What gives?

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  1. Most people realize once they make you register firearms it is only a matter of time before they try to take them away. Ask the people of California with grandfathered AW’s all about it.

  2. We’re really good at hitting stuff with projectiles. You know, like tree stumps. Sinks your water bound gun transport every time.

  3. In NYS our handguns are registered, but longarms are not. That said, any confiscation mission to grab pistols and revolvers will likely include any rifles and shotguns found at the same premises.

    • Good insight. Regardless of what a potential confiscation law might cover and not include the actual mission into a person’s home can easily be exceed and abused with other guns taken too.

      I’ve heard from others that the police and city government of Portland will often not return a person’s gun(s) even after they have been cleared of an allegation of a crime or for any excuse. A close friend of mine knew someone who committed suicide with one of his guns. He owned about 15 quality firearms. The police took all his guns and forever refused to return them later to his widow who just wanted to sell them. The police lamely claimed the man used a gun to commit a crime (suicide). My friend bitterly joked that those guns are probably in the homes of several police officers.

    • When the Gestapo and Allgemeine SS marched on Belgium they went to every government office, police station, and gun shop they could find. Belgium had had a strict firearms registration program for decades, so they gathered up all the documents on who had what and where they lived. They went to everyone’s house who was on the list. If you could not produce all the firearms listed for forfeiture without proof of sale for the “missing” ones, they’d summarily ventilate you, your wife, your kids, or any combination thereof in your own yard.

      This is exactly what antis fantasize about happening here, hopefully minus the execution of innocent children, but you never know with a crowd who sympathizes with the likes of Stalin and Mao.

  4. I lost mine while skydiving over a volcano. Not sure how i survived but the guns were consumed and burnt to a crisp. Nothing to see or find here.

  5. I was suspicious until it happened to me. I told my wife, and she was all like: what the hell? Why would you take your guns and ammo on a kayak? We’re you drinking?

    DUI on a boat is a serious crime, folks.

    • I wouldn’t dream of being on a kayak in the Pacific Ocean without my firearms. There are plenty of aggressive sharks including great whites, macos, blues, etc. A kayak paddle is no match for a shark but a firearm gives you a fighting chance.

      The only problem? Those firearms make the kayak top heavy and your kayak almost always ends up tipping over. Of course you have to keep your guns at the ready on top of the kayak and they sink to the bottom of the ocean when you tip over.

  6. Guilty. I lost a full dual mag carrier over the side of a warship many years ago when it slid off my belt at 4am while surrendering the watch because I made the mistake of standing too close to the edge.

  7. I heard a duck hunting story from someone about his friend a man I don’t know. The friend was in a small boat with another man, their dogs, guns, and gear. Ducks suddenly came into view. The man shouldered his 10 gauge loaded with his maxed out home loaded shells. Turning 45 degrees he fired. The recoil knocked him sideways and the boat capsized sending the men, their dogs, and guns into the water. It does happen.

  8. Good luck with those accident stories when the nice G men show up. If the G has gotten so despotic that they’re going to houses to claim guns they ain’t listening to no excuses. they’ll take your guns or you. Can you say re-education boys and girls.

    remember, nobody batted an eye at 100 thousand + Japanese being rounded up at gun point and put into camps.

    This battle ain’t going to be won with snarky stories about boats. If that’s our plan we’ve already lost this war.

    • There is actually some new evolving technology out there that goes way beyond the old ‘lie-detector’ machines. The new machines can actually create a visual image onto a computer screen or possibly text when a person is questioned by an interrogator about something. If such a device is ever used on gun owners in the future people are going to need to block out the thoughts in their head or change their thoughts. Pretty scary stuff. The authoritarian police-state of the future will be unlike any previous one. They will employ advanced re-education techniques, mind and mood drugs, and possibly even I hope not surgeries on prisoner brains. Once semi-legit governments and moral civilized societies can de-evolve over time to practicing sadistic and barbaric behavior. Modern humans still carry a dark lower nature that can potentially easily go beyond any cruelty in the animal kingdom.

      • “…If such a device is ever used on gun owners in the future people are going to need to block out the thoughts in their head or change their thoughts…”

        The lesson here seems to be the one most favored by all the SERE schools I’ve ever read about – don’t get caught.

      • Lie detector machines are out there, but are pretty much bullsh!t. They detect stress, not lies. I know because I’ve been hooked up. I’m sure that the technology has improved, but firearms are detected with metal detectors and old school pat down searches.

    • remember, nobody batted an eye at 100 thousand + Japanese being rounded up at gun point and put into camps.

      Wow, that’s a Fantastic 4 level stretch there. The Japanese were rounded up out of fear, since some people, who were they, oh yeah – Japanese bombed the shit out of Pearl Harbor. Whether that situation was right or wrong – you’re not even comparing apples to oranges here. More like apples to steak.

      • Yeah, you history major, those Japanese that bombed pearl harbor then landed their planes back in California and returned to their day jobs in Redwood city and Los angeles.

        And the point I was trying to make was that no matter how an outrageous violation of the constitution it was nobody rose in defense of those people, many of whom were American citizens and none of whom had committed a crime.

        How many people do you expect to come to your defense when the G comes for your guns or you?

    • Not Necessarily, “Sharks”? [Why shoot a gorgeous Creature, for the “Sport”???, leaving it, to sink “Dead”, to the bottom!…]. Knowing, alot of people shoot “Off-Shore”, here in the “Keys”, for lack of a “Range”, to practice on!… Many, usually keep, 1 or 2 onboard, for protection! {ie.], Protection from “Pirates”, that’d Steal your boat, for “Smuggling”, purposes, leaving you to Swim, or Sink!…[Very difficult to Swim, While Bleeding, from their Guns!].

  9. BY the time they come for my guns (since I live in a rural area) it will be pretty much the end of the USA as I knew it. Frankly, I don’t think I’ll entertain them with particapating in an interrogation, and I don’t think I’ll be willing to live in a “re-education” camp. I’ve pretty much made up my mind that I’ll be taking as many as I can with me to our great reward. They can pry it out of my cold dead fingers if they want.

  10. It would just so happen that I had sold all of mine at the last gun show. I needed tires for my truck.


  11. Never had a boating accident, but this weekend I’m going to the gun show (Texas) and selling all my guns, ammo, and magazines. I won’t have any of that stuff in my place ever again…ever…none of it. It will be all gone.

  12. Well I’m happy to hear I’m not alone. We should start a boating accident suport group. I remember my first boating accident like it was yesterday. I enjoy the shooting sports and the ocean is one hell of a shooting range. Floating target, pirates, long range, thats the kind of thing anyone could get into. Sadly, a freak storm rocked the boat and I haphazardly secured my guns. Sadly, the next morning, the deck was clear except a couple of rounds rolling around the poop deck. A sad day it was. A sad sad day.

  13. “The stock has been cracked at the grip with massive bluing loss in the barrel … partial parkerization remaining on the receiver. This was no boat accident!”

    I’ve never lost a gun from a boat, but I once lost a fishing rod from the back of a truck.

    • Now that was just plain irresponsible. Now we have a feral rod out there somewhere. At least tell me it did,t have a hook on it. When those things have gotten a taste for blood nobodies safe anymore. Think of the children!

  14. Are we really talking confiscation? I’m in shock (no sarcasm). Well, the ridicule phase for the “tin foil hats” is over.

    I can’t believe some people find humor in this. All respect. Or is this considered too over the top to pass?

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