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“Customs figures show 85,035 handguns, rifles, shotguns, military firearms and air firearms were legally imported into Australia last year, up from 39,389 in 2006,” reports. “The popularity of handguns has soared, increasing from 5876 to 19,561.” A drop in the bucket but a move in the right direction. Not that the media sees it that way. The Herald Sun headlined the news Soaring gun imports prompt licence questions and picked the above snap to illustrate the story, captioned “Guns seized by police in raids on properties owned by outlaw motorcycle club members.” So let’s say you were the armorer for a legal motorcycle club with 30 non-felonious monks. I mean squeaky clean (criminal record wise) members. You’ve got $500 per member and another $5k on top for ammo and/or “house guns.” What firearms would you buy?

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  1. 500 hundre3d per member. i would buy twenty sks’s and ten pump shotgun. with the 5000 group money i would buy 2 bolt guns with scopes and then ammo.

    • Except that they like to carry when riding.

      I’ve a long time buddy in a local club and the ones that can legally carry go for various semi-auto pistols or multiple revolvers. A couple three shotguns in the clubhouse is standard.

      • my thinking was 3 man fire teams. 2 riflemen and a shotgunner. 2 bolt guns for any long range work. for the available funds this amkes the most sense to me. pistols are a luxury item that members can provide for themselves at their own discretion.

        • They don’t really think in those terms because the biker shootouts you see on TV don’t happen very often.

          Real talking points are new mods to bikes, what’s up with other clubs etc. I asked my buddy about the gun scene but he was more interested in telling me how he managed to score some rare Edelbrock heads made for Harley’s.

  2. $500 per member X 30 members = almostadmin enough for one “‘American Guns’ Motorcycle Club Special Edition”of firearm.

    PS – Do revolver cylinders rotate the other way in Austrailia? What about rifling twist?

  3. Well that depends on what kind of motorcycles we’re talking about . If they are big hogs ,then I think 50cal Deagles are in order .Only they are well over 500 a piece . So we would have to settle for the more economical RIA 1911’s . If they are a club that rides something similiar to a moped ,then maybe the Bersa 380 . But if that’s too big for them ,then maybe the .22 cricket would work .

  4. Glock 17s, all the way. I am a long way from being a Glock fanboy, but considering the anti-gun culture of Australia its only a matter of time before said guns are seized by the establishment. May as well avoid transferring expensive hardware to the police.

    • What’s with all you Glock fanbois? Buy SR9s and spend the extra hundred bucks on ammo. And, all of you would have a good looking guns instead of black tupperware bricks.

  5. Wait, they have ARMORERS in motorcycle clubs?? Maybe that can be my ‘in’.

    A bunch of Ruger SR9’s and some pump shotguns with the leftover.

  6. Make it simple. The grunts get glock 17’s. The defender or doorkeepers get shotguns (undetermined, but $500 limit on a shotgun shouldn’t be too hard to make happen by any means). And the top dogs can get a nice revolver of some sort. Maybe a S&W 686 .357 (over the $500 limit and the overrate will be taken care from the $5000 ammo charge). The rest of that $5000 will be for ammo. Even in motorcycle clubs, rank matters. It would be easy to identify rank by what you carry.

  7. So let’s say you were the armorer for a legal motorcycle club with 30 non-felonious monks. I mean squeaky clean (criminal record wise) members. You’ve got $500 per member and another $5k on top for ammo and/or “house guns.” What firearms would you buy?

    Umm…. Probably an M&P pistol (or maybe the SP2022) for each memeber, and a few good .308 rifles with scopes and a few more good (I’d say AR-15’s but that would make me an illegal guns armorer in the land of Oz, so…) 12ga Shotguns.

  8. Why do the 99%-ers have an armory in the first place? That seems like something a 1% club would need as part of their extra-legal club revenue stream. I don’t buy your premise, it doesn’t seem plausible.

    • Being outlaws they don’t really subscribe to whether the law says they can carry or not. Plus there are PD’s that have better things to do than mess with 1% ers over the minor infractions needed to stop and search them.

  9. What would a legal motorcycle club with no criminal activity need guns for? Motorcycle hunting? Ok. Mosins all around. Under budget? yeah, elect me for president.

  10. “a legal motorcycle club with 30 non-felonious monks”

    Ruger SP101 4″ barrel @ $500 each and probably lower with a bulk purchase. With the $5K for ammo I’d buy re-loading equipment and focus on making mostly .38 Special +P ammo.

    • Somehow the wrong comment got published after I edited it:

      I’d go with a mix of:
      Ruger SP101 4″ barrel in .357/.38 special +P
      Lever action .357 none of the new Marlins made in NY (down with Freedom Group)
      A couple bolt-actions with scopes

      Reloading equipment

  11. If it was a motorcycle club determined to be legal by the Aussie government then probably a shitload of BB guns, and a whole lot of ammo and some rocket packs for their Mopeds!!

  12. Since the motorcycle is the modern day equivalent of the horse, I’d go cavalry style with the modern carbine length ak47 w/ under folding stock per rider. $5000 is plenty for a combat load of magazines and ammo per person and have spare parts on hand. Standardization and organization goes a long way in an platoon size armory.

  13. With that kind of money I’d buy one Gewehr43 with a shooter’s kit, $1,000 worth of surplus and modern 8mm ammo for it and my two K98s, and throw the rest of the money in the bank. I like to live modestly and spend when I can afford to.

  14. Glocks all around, they need something small and concealable so long guns are largely out. I’d go with Glock 19’s or 26’s. Throw in a couple AK variants and a couple Mossy 500’s to keep in the clubhouse.

  15. Sidearm: Glock 20
    Carbine: Ruger Mini-Thirty
    Rifle: bolt-action somethings, but all of them would chamber the same ammunition
    Shotgun: Myeh–take your pick, but only in twelve gauge

    The standards here are power, reliability, and uniformity. For the sake of individualism, everyone gets to carry the knife of his choice.

  16. I would buy 9mm, and shotguns, and 9mm keltec2000 type folding rifles for easy carry on the bikes. 9mm ammo is easy to get around the world. That way logistics would be to much trouble than getting different caliper ammo. Double 00 buckshot shouldn’t be to hard to get either.

  17. Well………… bearing in mind that in 1996 Australia banned all semi-auto long guns (rim-fire, center-fire and shotguns) and all pump-action shotguns. $500 would not get Glocks as they run $1000.00 + each in Australia. All that being said self-defence is illegal and one cannot carry a handgun (or any other firearm for that matter)………. so my club would very quickly become an “Outlaw ” Motorcycle Club.

  18. some ruger SR9s, SKS rifles, Norinco 87os, and the odd bolt gun with a scope 😀

    The “automatic riflemen” will have access to 75 round drums.

    go cheap and reliable and save money for ammo.


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