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The America of my youth was not as good as the America of today. African Americans had not yet claimed their civil rights. The mafia controlled my native Rhode Island. The encyclopedia was our internet. And so on. But one thing’s for sure: I grew in a gun culture. Even in the liberal bastion that is this country’s smallest state, guns were part of the social fabric. We had toy guns – as seen on TV! All our TV heroes – spies, soldiers and cowboys – used guns. Guns were good! Today . . .

it’s NERF or nothing. Mostly nothing. TV moguls banned toy guns ads decades ago. I haven’t seen boys playing with toy guns on the street since Nixon declared his mother a saint. The idea that you’d carry a gun on the bus to high school for rifle team practice has disappeared along with mood rings and pet rocks. And yet . . .

Call of Duty is bigger than Hollywood. Laser tag emporiums are doing land office business. Paintball fields likewise. TV and movie good guys still shoot bad guys. YouTube has FPSRussia et al. And while NERF guns are to real guns what Pizza Hut is to Pieous, Hasbro sells millions of the dart flingers. So the gun culture exists, it’s just not as unabashedly, unapologetically American as it used to be. Will it ever be again?

[h/t trbshoot2]

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  1. If we can keep the advances in universal civil rights we have and add to them with constitutional carry nation wide we’d have a pretty good country.

    As for the good old days. They weren’t that good. Instead of the fed gov messing in your life the local boss hogg did.

    In my youth I saw signs that said “whites only” and “colored”. The unmilitarised cops used fire hoses and dogs on citizens and let us not forget the choke hold, sap gloves and black jacks.

    I knew 2 mixed race couples in my younger days. One had to sneak out of mississippi and move to CA to get peace and the other was threatened with lynching.

    • I would rather have Boss Hogg. Why?

      When has Boss Hogg ever ruined anyone life for having a short barrel shotgun? Or ruined a man`s live for having a mis firing AR-15?

      When has Boss Hogg ever burn men, women, and children alive for not paying a $200 tax they did not have to pay?

      When has Boss Hogg ever shot a nursing mother in the head and gotten away with it?

      When? I know the feds do all the time…I will take Boss Hogg, its cheaper, easier, and has a lower body count.

      • And, If for some reason a local Boss Hogg gets away with stepping over the line, it is surely only because the government has his back. Take that government away, and Boss is done quicker than you can say “hogg for dinner…” Even in the undisputed International Capital of Boss Hoggs, Sicily, Cosa Nostra bigwigs stepping over the line would be exterminated overnight, were it not for Rome mandated gun restrictions and other means of covering the local Boss’ backs.

  2. Cops can’t tell the difference between a toy gun and a real because they weren’t allowed to play with toy guns as kids and there isn’t any firearms education in schools.

    • I’m going to go ‘no’ myself, just because I’m pretty sure this nation on it’s way out.

      And far as I’m concerned good riddance. Only problem is to make sure the communifacist ‘progressive’ left wingers out there don’t get a say in what government comes next.

  3. NEVER…I grew up in ozzie and harriet America. And I had some of those toys-now some trigger happy po-leece would shoot me for them…

    • Water Walker please remember that Police Officers have milliseconds to decide real from fake.
      Put yourself in their shoes, you are called to respond to an “alleged person (age means nothing) with a gun”. go online and look at “toy” guns, “replica guns”, the only thing that marks them is an orange or red tip (1/4″ or 1/2″ tip). And one of the first things kid do is paint that black or cover it with (pick your color) tape.
      Now you respond to this call and arrive (either single or partners car). It is up to the person (age or sex whatever it may be) to respond.
      Q: Does the person run?
      Q: Does this person drop the “gun”?
      Q: Does the person draw and drop the “gun”?
      Q: Does the person point the “gun at the responding Officer(s)?
      Q: Does the person respond by surrendering to the Officers?
      All this happens in the 1st Second of contact
      A: Officers chase the subject to determine if the subject is carrying a “gun” and may be a threat to him/her/whatever’s self or others!
      A: Officers approach and detain then search the subject to determine if it is a “real gun”
      A: Officers order the subject to drop the “gun” Q 1 can apply as well as A 2!
      A: Officers have two responses to Q 4 Seek cover and order the subject to drop the “gun” or to open fire to protect themselves or others from harm! Q 1 applies also the subject could run while pointing the “gun” at the Officers or others near by!
      A: Same as A 1
      Now all of this has occurred in less than 3-5 seconds of time.

      You want an Officers to play it safe and respond as though this is a “fake gun” when you hear on the 911 tape the caller is unsure but “thinks” it “may be fake” but does NOT KNOW FOR SURE and the caller has observed the subject for minutes and is still unsure.
      The Officers have seconds or less to observe then respond to the subjects actions and I only relay 4 scenarios/questions that could occur at the speed of snapping your fingers from 2-8 times depending on how good you are at snapping your fingers!
      Now this does not take into account the area they are responding to, is it a high crime area? Have their been “gun” crimes at this park? Is it gang turf? Is it a quiet neighborhood? All these and more play into the response that may occur!.
      New Officer(s), Veteran Officers, One of each?
      All these things must be understood before you blame the Officer(s) first.
      I served the public and many situations arise in a daily tour from helping a lady deliver her baby in a cab, talking down a jumper from a building, bridge, cliff, stopping a armed robbery (knife, baseball bat, tire iron), serving a warrant on a parolee (armed robber “gun”) to various calls about various complaints from rats. racoons, snakes, bats, loud music, drunk and disorderly and wrecks (car v motorcycle) all in one 12hr shift and that was a slow day.
      All we see is one clip of one section of time in these Officers tour, it had a sad ending and you should know those Officers will see that moment in their memory for life (they will replay it and ask What If?)…BUT at that very MOMENT they had to decide what they had to respond to in that few seconds.
      Ask a local department if they offer ride along programs, if they do you will hear (depending on where you live) how many calls (you may not understand what is said due to local code use) Officers receive on a tour.
      Yours in service
      James Acerra

      • None of that indicates why the police were called out because someone had a toy gun. Was the person with said toy gun committing a crime or did some ninny just soil their bloomers when they saw something that looked like a scary, evil gun?

  4. I’d rather we didn’t.

    Toy firearms may normalize firearms for the young, but I feel in general, they undermine the respect and healthy caution that only comes from being raised around the real thing.

    I’d rather see children raised around the real thing and develop a realistic view of guns – that respect and healthy caution I mentioned above.

    • This.

      Never allowed my kids to own toy guns. My son pointed a cousins toy at me once. I knocked it out of his hand He whined, “But, Dad it’s just a toy.” I replied, “There is no such thing.” Just like, “Treat all guns as though they’re loaded.” I believe in – treat all guns as though they’re real. Muzzle discipline is a habit.

      On the other hand, he was shooting his own BB gun, and learning the safety rules, when he was 5 or 6.

    • I take you point, but lighten up a little.

      My kids can have toy guns IN THE HOUSE ONLY for as long as they like. But once they decide that they want to join me in using the real thing (with my wife’s signoff, of course), then it will be time to give up the toys.

      • Nope.

        One of my clients lost his ten year old son. Playing quick draw with the neighbor kid and his daddy’s “unloaded” .38. My children knew guns were not toys.

        When I get a new puppy they are corrected for chewing on sticks in the yard. Why? Got a house full of wood stuff I don’t want chewed up. Likewise leather, cloth, etc. No old socks for my pups. I make sure their toys are very dissimilar from household objects. They are great about generalization. Learn a specific behavior and apply it to similar experiences.

        We did have Nerf and squirt gun exceptions. And ponies. And a go-cart. And BB guns. Not exactly deprived children. But I treated gun safety like I would playing in the street. Zero tolerance. ‘Cause I love my kids.

        But those are my choices. You, of course, are free to choose differently.

    • I’m with you on this.

      I will not let my kids play with toy guns. But they can take their .22 rifles out of the safe to clean or dry-fire them whenever they want.

  5. So the gun culture exists, it’s just not as unabashedly, unapologetically American as it used to be. Will it ever be again?

    It will be once the Baby Boomers drop dead. That generation pushed the country to the left, and now as they are dying off we are starting to see a correction to the right. Hopefully that trend continues.

    That is if they don’t bankrupt the country first.

      • I get so tired of hearing/reading this nonsense. Millenials don’t “lean left,” they’re just proving that the traditional left/right paradigm that Americans have always used is fundamentally flawed…

        Take some time to talk to a few millenials and you’ll find they not only believe more strongly in individual rights and liberty than your average “conservative,” but they’ll speak about (and even fight for) them more passionately than you’d imagine. Unfortunately for most neo-cons, they don’t buy into the “morality” than conservatives are so happy to force upon the masses via government regulation.

        • ^ +1 to this!

          What is holding back the Republicans is the absorption of the values of the former bible belt that used to be Democrats. Muddles the message of conservatism when you start to include religious conservatism which tends to try to control people based on strict values versus real liberty.

        • Except that millenials also buy into the big government/statist dependancy BS. Sure they like individual rights when it comes to getting high and having tons of casual sex with anything on two legs, but they also want everything FREE that their parents and their grandparents had to work for and earn. They are truly the “me” generation if there ever was one. They want to have fun on everyone else’s dime, but when it comes time to grow up they want their individualism respected.

        • Vitsaus has it right. The vast majority of the other millenials I know respect individual rights and liberties…right up until someone feels “offended” or “disenfranchised.” Then the all-powerful nanny state worship and SJW propaganda comes out in full swing; all in the name of “equality,” which is just economic Marxism wrapped in a fine silk robe.

        • Ok, I’ll rephrase it for you. More than half of Millennials vote democrat (52%). Less than a third vote Republican (30%).

        • One thing but neoconservatives are generally not socially conservative like the base conservatives. Like many, you confuse the neoconservatives with being the very socially conservatives ones, meanwhile many libertarians and hard social conservatives will complain that the “neo cons” aren’t conservative enough. Rand Paul is a good example.

        • That more millennials vote Democrat than Republican is because of the perception of the GOP as being anti-gay and too conservative on abortion. Which, unfortunately, much of the conservative base is in fact outright anti-gay and too conservative on abortion.

          On abortion itself, the millennials are actually more conservative than the population used to be, but they are not for outright outlawing abortion. But the abortion movement has been finding itself on the defensive more and more now thanks to the imaging technology we have that lets people see the life in the womb. On gun rights, millennials are a lot more pro-gun rights as well then one might think.

          If the GOP would stop being so conservative on abortion, wanting to outlaw the whole thing, even in the case of if the woman’s life and health are in danger (Scott Walker) and anti-gay (claiming they are just against same-sex marriage doesn’t cut it, as for many that is just a thinly-veiled way of hiding anti-gay bigotry), then much more of the millennial population would be open to voting Republican.

        • @ Kyle

          Thanks for clarifying things for some of the denser posters who equate “millenial” with “libtard.” And for the record, I didn’t confuse neo-con with conservative I had just condensed two sentences into one and failed to correct that. 🙂

        • Right on. So many people my age are full on Libertarians without even realizing it. The problem comes from the fact that they vote for lefties when it counts. Ask them why, the answer something like “the republicans are way too religious and a third party candidate will never win”. They’re hopelessly trapped in the left-right paradigm while desperately trying to break out.

        • Geez, reading this thread leads me to the conclusion that my generation (gen-x) really are “the lost generation.” Apparently say-so in this country is going to transfer directly from the ‘boomers to the millenials and skip right over us. Presumably that means my son (who is a gen-z) will also get no say in the society he lives in. It is all really too bad; it seems like the gen-xers I know are all pretty libertarian in their views, even the ones who seem to fall more to the liberal side. Its very much unlike many of the baby boomers and millenials I know who lean statist whether they have a liberal or conservative bent on it.

      • Millennials are much more left leaning than conservative.
        Some are and some are not.
        I have one Daughter that echoes Ayn Rand and another that echoes Barry Goldwater.

        • Yep. Three of my 4 sons carry concealed weapons, have worked for everything they have and don’t expect the government to do anything for them besides get out of their way. Which it is incredibly bad at doing.
          The sad thing is they don’t see much value in voting in presidential elections as they feel the game is rigged, any candidate that makes it to the ballot is pretty much of the same cancerous mold.

  6. I think I grew up in approx. the same time period. American Blacks were not yet the slaves of the democrat party, largely worked productively for a wage, had higher income/wealth, and had intact two parent families.

    Took a Percussion rifle to school for HS history class. Do that today.

    For rural Iowa boys everything is a sword (or lightsaber) but still lots of finger, stick, pinecone firearms (or blasters/phaser).

  7. I had a wired remote controlled tank at about age 6. Got it for Christmas.
    I had ammo for about 2 hours.
    Those glass ornaments on the tree were no match for my Sherman tank!

  8. I do hope for a day when rifle racks in pickups are once again a common sight. When carrying a long gun on the street is no longer cause for alarm. When guns are once again perceived as an unremarkable tool. In fact, I’m old enough to remember when guns were sold in my local small town hardware store, as well as Sears, Monkey-Wards, and Western Auto.

    And we may indeed get there someday Look at the proliferation of Open and Constitutional Carry. The gun grabbers may scream their heads off, but Joe Average can’t help but see that the constant shouts of, “Oh My God…The Wild West…Blood in the streets…Dead babies everywhere.” have no basis in the real world.

    • Dead babies everywhere may be brought to you by gangbangers and Planned Parenthood…but NOT by the average American firearms owner.

    • “….In fact, I’m old enough to remember when guns were sold in my local small town hardware store, as well as Sears, Monkey-Wards, and Western Auto.”

      Ahhhhh yes, I remember the gun rack at the local Western Auto. Thanks for bringing back that really nice memory of my youth.

      • Western Auto eventually became Autozone, which at least in this area is still firearm-friendly. They don’t sell them of course, but I’ve never seen a store posted with a no-weapons sign.

  9. Back then people didn’t have to worry about kids shooting people with real guns. Not the case with the parenting abilities of today’s generation.

  10. “…brainwash people to be thinking about guns in a vastly different way.” Words of “wisdom” from none other than our old pal Eric Holder.

    Nope. We’ve moved pretty far from that (collective) innocent youth. We’ll be lucky if we can just bring things back to the middle-road. For my part I’ve taught my children ‘TTAG’.

  11. Child of the 1950s. Returning to school after Christmas Holidays, at recess boys were shooting each other with cap guns, girls were playing with Barbie dolls.

    That will happen when Catholic Mass is in Latin and priest is preforming Mass with his back to parishioners.

    So in a word no, but would not trade my CHL or legal Open Carry come 2016 in Texas for nostalgia

  12. What good all days? Gun laws in recent decades were atrocious compared to what they are today.

    In the 1970s, only Washington, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island where shall issue.

    All those so-called red states back in the day prohibited concealed carry or they had impossible to obtain discretionary licenses. Most of them lack preemption, they had local gun bans all over the place.

    I definitely do not want to return to those “good old days”

  13. What happened to the law where all toy guns where supposed to have the bright orange muzzle tips? I grew up playing with toy guns. I was allowed to look, hold, and point real guns, always in a safe manner and in front of my parents. Then dad dropped the bad news, I had to take them apart and clean the “rust” and finger prints off of them before putting the guns up. Bring back the orange tips and even an orange strip on toy guns. That is how we learned and our kids should also. I even taught marksmanship in the paramilitary organization known as the Boy Scouts of America.

  14. Return? To specifically what? I do believe information is king, though many are brainwashed and confused by the anti-firearm lies/fear campaigns.

    I do believe firearm fear will be reduced as the Bloomberg’s and MDA’s are exposed for what they truly are. The People will see a citizen is not an enemy or criminal just because they own firearms.

    Much will hinge on the attitude of future president’s and whether or not they are true leader personalities or just attorney-like people going through the motions.

  15. No way. Even if you embrace gun culture 2.0, which I do wholeheartedly…

    It ain’t about hunting.
    It ain’t about trap shooting.
    It ain’t about simple target shooting.

    It’s about preparing yourself to shoot a man. Whether an intruder, invader from a foreign land, or other- it’s about shooting people.

    That means gun culture is no longer as innocent as when Fudds could just claim gun rights meant shooting animals, not people.

    One of the biggest fights is going to be getting urban gun ranges. Urbanization is happening; either gun culture finds a way to insinuate itself into cities in a legal way, or illegal gun play will keep city residents completely anathema to guns.

    It will be one of the hardest fights, but one of the worthiest. If we can get urban firing ranges, school shooting programs, and other normalizing interaction that brings the fight to the front door of antis, then we get to declare victory for at least a short time.

    • “Will We Ever Return to ‘The Good Old Days’…”


      When more people are living closer together, you don’t get more freedom.

      Half Of The United States Lives In These Counties

      Walter Hickey and Joe Weisenthal
      Sep. 4, 2013, 5:48 PM

      Using Census data, we’ve figured out that half of the United States population is clustered in just the 146 biggest counties out of over 3000.

      Here’s the map, with said counties shaded in. Below the map is the list of all the counties, so you can see if you live in one of them.

    • “Will We Ever Return to ‘The Gold Old Days’…”


      When you crowd more people together, you don’t get more freedom.

      Half Of The United States Lives In These Counties

      Walter Hickey and Joe Weisenthal
      Sep. 4, 2013, 5:48 PM

      Using Census data, we’ve figured out that half of the United States population is clustered in just the 146 biggest counties out of over 3000.

      Here’s the map, with said counties shaded in. Below the map is the list of all the counties, so you can see if you live in one of them.

  16. From where I’m sitting I see a definite pro-gun, anti-feminist strain forming in the youngsters. They question authority, and right now we are in an era of pc, liberal orthodoxy they can’t stand. Recent ccw apps have been much more non-traditional potg lately, also, as recent polling suggests.

  17. Nope…the iPhone generation is ignorant and dumb as a stump. They may own a gun but have no historical understanding of the right. They bought it cause they played a 1st person shooter game. They are malleable by media and the celebrity types. If those folks want to they will make the push and change the iPhone folks perception and beliefs. The iPhone folks will obey while slack jawed and drooling for more apps….

    • Spoken like a true grumpy old coot. My generation wouldn’t have half the problems we’re facing today if your generation hadn’t lost control of the government, voted tyrants into office, and destroyed the economy beyond repair.

  18. I’m not as old as some of the other guys here, and definately not as young as some of the other ones, but growing up in a “no guns allowed” house still meant that I could play with whatever toy guns I wanted too. Dad was the one who set the rules, he was also the one who discovered that we could fire darts out of my cheap plastic crossbow at the dartboard. Had a bow and arrow from the time I was five, and a “real” hoyt compound when I was 8. The difference was that they were not something to be played with. Not a toy, treat them as something that misused could cause harm, and always be aware of what you were doing. Mom and Dad expected me to be an adult with things that weren’t toys, and it worked. I care little about or for politics, so I don’t really have an opinion, but I sure do miss the interesting books to read (read the whole encyclopedia britannica collection) and the $1 a gallon for gas. And now I miss the $2 for a pack of ciggies.

    • ” And now I miss the $2 for a pack of ciggies”

      I got hopping mad when they hit $0.75 in the vending machine at work, up from fifty cents.
      We could smoke at work of course, Glad I quit years ago, $7-$8 pack is nuts.

  19. I think the answer is “No”, because the good old days were too easily exploited by politicians looking for something to blame for their failures.

  20. I’m not sure what you’d call me I’m a solid 25 I guess a millennial but I know the history or the 2nd admenment and all of the others. I think that we are not a free country and we haven’t been since the early 1900’s. The United States has the highest prisoner population in the world. We do not not have the highest population of people. I think that unless your actions harm another person they shouldn’t be illegal and follow the constitution that would bring back the good ole days.

  21. The good old days were a patchwork of conflicting local laws throughout the states. You might have been able to carry in your county, but the next county over prohibited it. Conversely, the Hughes Amendment hadn’t kicked in yet and you could still get a newly-manufactured machine gun if you did the paperwork for it. Also, the anti-gun attacks hadn’t begun in earnest.

    So, in terms of 2A, we’ve gained a lot, but lost on some key points, including Hughes. And certain states took a beating, including California, and New York. New York is a sad case because Upstate is where I fired a rifle for the first time. If it weren’t for the gun laws, New York would be an amazing place for the shooting community.

    Culturally, it’s kind of a mixed bag. We’ve achieved a lot in gender, racial, and sexual orientation equality. My feelings have always been that if one acknowledges the pre-existing rights of minority groups, they are less likely to be opposed to the pre-existing rights that the majority group is liable to support, most notably 2A. However, culturally we’ve gotten way too politically correct. Every word is seemingly grounds for offense these days.

  22. Lessons for my three sons: 1. That is not yours (anything), leave it alone. STRICTLY ENFORCED. 2. This gun (1-3 grade) is yours. It shoots nothing. 3. These guns are mine. See what they did to the gallon jug of water? You are mostly water. 4. If your friends ask if I have guns, the answer is NO, no matter what they say they saw. 5. No firearms of any kind (toy or adult) are left in the open anywhere, or knives, either. 6. If any friend of yours suggests looking at a gun, bullet, or similar object, come tell me right away. 7. Curiousity is natural, so under my supervision, my children were allowed to fire my firearms. 8. Before being allowed go out alone with firearms, after reaching legal possession age for hunting purposes and appropriate training, it was allowed. Contrast: 1. My parents were anti-gun. 2. I was top man on my high school rifle team. No rifle teams nowadays that I know about. 3. Not allowed to purchase firearm until I had had lessons, again in school. 4. Able to purchase black powder pistols at age 16 while now a kid must be 21 to buy .22 ammo. 5. My grandparents anything but anti-gun. Avid small game hunters. 6. Violently insane kept in sanitariums instead of given meds and put on the street in a least restrictive environment. 7. Criminals punished harshly instead of getting off on poor prosecution or loopholes. 8. Our country was ours, and illegals were deported; not allowed to commit 35% of the violent crime that occurs here now. Net result: Three sons, two CCW’s, no crimes committed. Two youngest attacked by 20-30 gang bangers. With help of one friend, the three fought the bangers off, injuring ten of them in the 5 minutes the cops took to get there. That was the other thing, using a gun against another human being or domestic animal is an absolute last resort unless it is necessary to preserve your life or another person’s. Up to that, any physical method to defend yourself is legit. I taught my sons to stalk by playing the paintball game. Pain is a great reminder to not repeat a mistake. Works well in nearly all cases. They watched me, then went out and tried stalking me themselves. They are good hunters and custodians of the land. They don’t shoot what they won’t eat.

  23. No.
    It’s going to be a battle to retain whatever we can from here until the government finally falls to Socialist tyranny and the Constitution is rewritten to outlaw private ownership of firearms.

  24. Not if any of the current declared democrats wins the next POTUS election. They will keep forcing laws on us that are ineffective against reducing crime while endangering the public. We have to ratchet the issues up a few more notches and get an effective court case going that pre-empts state laws from a federal level when it comes to 2A rights. We need to see that the 2A is put back up on a pedestal where it belongs with all of our other legal rights where it shall remain untouchable in perpetuity.

    How now, brown cow? Start by getting politicians to sign “loyalty oaths” to commit themselves to recalling bad laws that violate the constitution across the board. No cherry-picking allowed. Tomorrow Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker is taking questions on NPR and I’m going to ask him about his Executive Order #562 “to reduce regulatory burdens” by getting rid of any laws that exceed federal laws – and see whether he is going to rescind the commonwealth’s draconian gun control laws – with gun registration ant hi-cap magazines the first to go on my hit list – plus, I’m pushing for citizen oversight roles on the review committees to inject a measure of objectivity.

    Wish me luck.

  25. Thinking of real v toy guns….

    Growing up, we knew the difference: toys were guns that shot water or strips of paper caps; anything that shot something solid was not a toy, even if it was plastic or wood. Toys were for on the property only, or on friends’ property, but had to be transported by an adult — they looked too much like real guns for kids to just carry around.

    But even the toys had to be cleaned after use, and every night they were to be holstered and hanging on the bed post.

  26. As a grown up I now play with real guns!!!! And I will always play. I miss those tv commercials.

    The difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys. $$$$

  27. America WAS better when I was a kid (1960’s) . Boy scouts actually camped in the woods and learned woodcraft. Toy guns were everywhere….including squirt guns, BB guns and cap guns that were really loud. Friday and Saturday nights there was scary movies on late shows. Instead of cell phones and internet we had imagination. Cricketts and coyotes ruled the nights. Popcorn was cooked on the stove and dumped in paper grocery bags with salt and melted butter. We had Walter Cronkite and Johnny Carson instead of generic talking heads. Got my first REAL gun……A marlin single shot with NO serial number. It shot great with 22 shorts (which were way cheaper then). The local gun shop was owned by a cigar smoking guy who was also a Master gunsmith and that place was practically a shrine to our gun owning past. The countryside was desolate and a hunters paradise…….not the suburbs it is today. You could still OPENLY buy M-80’s and cherry bombs. Fire crackers were of sufficient quality that they did not blow up in your hand. Wrist rocket sling shots had just been invented and were more powerful than todays models. Frisbee’s were new. All quick trips and similar establishments openly sold dirty mags and godawful obscene paperbacks. There were still quail in this neck of the woods and many people had quail dogs. Game wardens were a rarity. If we had a good snow… friends dad could pull a bunch of us on sleds behind his station wagon without being arrested for child endangerment. Batman was Adam West……Period. Sulu was not gay…..period. We landed on the moon. People were allowed to smoke. There were more squirrel hunters. There were more hedge rows for game. Don’t even get me started about drive in movies. It truly was a golden age…….SIGH!

    • This is a PS……I forgot to add that: All grocery stores had kites in the proper season and chocolate easter bunnies were Solid…..not hollow. As you were.


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