Question of the Day: Are Anti-Gunners Helping the Cause of Firearms Freedom?


The image above came from an email blast from The Trace, the anti-gun website funded by anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy Michael Bloomberg. Question: what part of their “reminder” says “we need gun control”? What law would have prevented Jenkins from his killing spree? His cousin broke the law by transferring the firearm to a known felon. Jenkins broke the law by possessing it. And he sure as hell broke the law by killing innocent people with it . . .

By bringing attention to Jenkins’ “gun violence”, The Trace undermines its own case. Something the anti-gun extremists at CSGV and Moms Demanding Action do all the time, by presenting any and all firearms-related crime as evidence of the need for gun control. So, are the antis doing us a favor?


  1. avatar Chris. says:

    You just don’t get it… with the right combination of gun control laws, all the guns turn into Flowers and Unicorn farts.

    1. avatar NineShooter says:

      Yeah, but strangely enough, gun-control/gun-safety folks can never tell me WHEN that will happen.

      Go ahead, ask your favorite lefty/progressive what combo of laws they would pass if they had absolutely no resistance. Then ask them how each one would prevent violence (have them describe the prevention method in detail). If they’re honest, with some “helpful” guidance, it doesn’t take too long before they get to passing laws for complete confiscation of ALL guns.

      Then YOU say “And THAT’S why I don’t/can’t support gun-control/gun-safety legislation; it’s all a cover to eventually get to confiscation.”

      1. avatar MeRp says:

        Even when they get to full ban and confiscation, there is still a black market to contend with. Literally the only way to get all guns out of the hands of criminals is to change the laws of physics so that explosive reactions (including sudden release of compressed air) no longer function. Otherwise people will find a way.

        1. avatar NineShooter says:

          Absolutely true, of course.

          I just like to hear how quickly they get to total confiscation, right from the horse’s mouth (or is it horse’s ass?). It’s also quite instructive for any hunters/Fudds in the vicinity.

          “They’ll never try to take my hunting rifle/shotgun!”

          “Are you sure about that? The difference between your rifle/shotgun and an evil concealable weapon is 5 minutes’ work with a hacksaw, and the resulting weapon is far more powerful/dangerous than any normal handgun.”

        2. avatar Joe R. says:

          “That’s never going to happen” = “That’s never going to happen again” that has been abbreviated by a sh_t-pile of ignorance of history.

          Sic: The historical final response to: “That’s never going to happen” is “We’ll put that on your tombstone” [which, will really just be that epitaph written in urine in cursive-script where we leave you in the dirt].

          + unicorn farts

    2. avatar Ing says:

      I went to the Pride Festival in a nearby university town last weekend, and they had a booth actually selling unicorn poop (piles of rainbow-hued glitter-glue) and unicorn farts (little plastic rainbow crystals). I thought it was pretty clever. Would have bought some, but I didn’t want to support whatever crypto-fascist organization was selling them.

      The Pink Pistols had no presence, though. I was disappointed about that. I’m going to have to get my daughter geared up to represent the People of the Gun in the land of rainbow puke and unicorn farts.

  2. avatar jb says:

    Oh, well the police were really mean to him.

  3. avatar TommyG says:

    It’s basically how I got into guns after Newtown. It became obvious to me that all decades of gun control had done was remove guns from the hands of good people and left them in the hands of criminals and psychopaths. Gun control just improves a manics chances of success.

  4. avatar PeterW says:

    We obviously need to relax the gun laws so this story would make more sense with the alleged perpetrator acquiring the shotgun and ammo legally at a gas station free with fill-up and car wash.
    THEN we can say “there oughta be a law”

    1. avatar ShaunL. says:

      But there are already laws, plenty of them. What we actually need are for the laws we already have to keep douchebags like him behind bars forever instead of letting recidivism continue at the astonishing rates we see.

      The entire point of the OP is to show that laws have NOTHING to do with criminals when they are committed to doing harm to others.

    2. avatar John L. says:

      This happened in Nebraska, not Texas. (h/t Family Guy and the Super Devil.)

  5. avatar Brentondadams says:

    He looks like a real winner. Maybe Bloomberg can hire him to be the ‘face’ of gun control

    1. avatar kage says:

      I work in the prison that is holding Nikko Jenkins. Let me tell ya he is a real winner. Dude is nuts. He is so high profile for the system here, he is in seg. With a camera in his sell and a corporal posted outside his door 24 7. He does some interesting things with his bodily fluids as well, so I hear

      1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

        I hate to be a spelling nazi, but I would think someone who works in a prison would know how to spell the word “cell.” I would think most prison employees have seen it in print once or twice.

        1. avatar kage says:

          Spell correct is an ass aometimes

      2. avatar whatever says:

        The waste of skin looks like the test model for a Supermax facility . . . or an electric chair. Wastes of skin like him are the reason we shouldn’t see the death penalty removed.

    2. avatar DaveL says:

      I decided to look this guy up and find out what his story was. Talk about a piece of work. I’ll just drop off this little direct quote by way of example:

      “I snort my semen, bro.”
      -Nikko Jenkins

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        ““I snort my semen, bro.”
        -Nikko Jenkins ”

        I wish Mr.Nikko best wishes inhaling the endless quantities available to him in the penitentiary…


  6. avatar Tex300BLK says:

    Pretty sure that face could convince Shannon to buy at least one gun.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      I will pony up $1,000 myself to crowdfund him moving in next door to her as a renter with a yr long fully paid lease.

      1. avatar peirsonb says:

        I’ve seen the satellite views of the neighborhood. A year’s lease is one helluva kickstarter goal….

        1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

          If it saves one life. . . . Or makes a known anti-gunner buy a firearm out of fear and love of their own personal safety, it is worth it!!

    2. avatar Chris. says:

      Shannon doesn’t need a gun!

      She has bought and payed for security guards! Why would she need an Icky GUN!

  7. avatar CHLChris says:

    All violent felons are BIG advocates of gun control! The risk of a homeowner or driver carrying a lawful firearm is a health risk and a big danger in their workplace.

  8. avatar M. Mitchell Marmel says:

    Naw, it’s just more runup to Total Confiscation. THEN we get the unicorns and flower farts. 😛

    1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

      Yup. Once you understand that their end game is total confiscation, it makes more sense as to why they point to these types of crimes.

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        Of course. Because the only way to prevent someone from illegally obtaining a firearm is to eliminate all firearms. Which many of their supporters strongly favor. After all, no one NEEDS a gun! If no one had guns, why, even the police wouldn’t need guns! There would be no more gun violence! Thousands of lives would be saved!

        1. avatar Henry says:

          Just ask Spartacus!

  9. avatar Shire-man says:

    It’s hard to show the value of gun control by highlighting the failures of gun control coupled with the failure of the police state to protect any number of victims.

    I’m sure just as the Brady Bunch did with their violence map which highlighted the ineffectiveness of gun control they will pull back, retool and re-present as many times as they have to to get get the message they want across.

  10. avatar jb says:

    Yeah! We should make murder Illegaler too!

  11. avatar neiowa says:

    Looks like that could be Michelle’s spawn.

  12. avatar Jacob in LA says:

    Or, we could make murder illegaler.

  13. Another one of Obummers sons turns bad. But he was so close to turning his life around but for those evil guns.

  14. avatar PeterK says:

    Increasing the strife and contentiousness in the world is a net loss. So no.

  15. avatar Howdy says:

    Don’t correct your opposition when they are making mistakes.

  16. avatar KingSarc48625 says:

    It should be obvious to everybody here that if Nebraska had a UBC law ol’ Jenkins would not have been able to get a gun after he failed his backround check. Clearly he would have followed THAT law at least. Right?

  17. avatar Noishkel says:

    huh…. I thought The Trace was supposed to be anti gun. All I’m seeing here is reasons to OWN guns.

  18. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    “hello Mom? Yeah, yeah. I know I just got outta prison and all, but can you buy me some shotgun ammo?”
    “Uhhhh, duck hunting. Yeah, that’s it! Duck hunting!”

    1. avatar DaveL says:

      With deer slugs!

  19. avatar ThomasR says:

    Yep. That law against felons having a gun reaaly works.

    I’m really impressed how the people in the gun community don’t allow emotion and irrational beliefs to have them supporting pointless laws for simply symbolic efforts at keeping certain people like felons from getting and using guns in harmful ways.

    It is better to deny a whole class of people the right to keep and bear arms if it only stops one felon from using a gun in a harmful way.

    If it only saves one life.

    1. avatar tfunk says:

      I think you’d be surprised to find out how many in the gun community support pointless and symbolic laws.

      1. avatar ThomasR says:

        No, I wouldn’t.

        The War On Personal Choice- Drugs, prostitution, gambling, sexual preference, etc., One can’t allow an adult to make these kind of choices for one self, The HORROR!

        1. avatar AD says:

          “The horror…” – Colonel Kurtz

  20. avatar gsnyder says:

    The Trace is a disgrace. It preaches to the choir. No self respecting thinking person would accept their arguments.

    It seems to be a wash. The person who is anti-gun has no interest in the facts, they only focus on the machine, they hate firearms. A guy as the one herein, they see as someone who is bad BECAUSE he obtained a firearm. They argue until they are blue in the face to create more laws when in fact they know laws do not physically impede anyone.

    The anti’s boast of superior intelligence but display ignorance. AKA pigneadedness.

  21. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if one of Shannon’s daughters brought him home for the holidays and introduced her new BF to the family?

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Shannon to daughter: “I can tell that he’s a thug. It’s written all over his face.”

      1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

        daughter to Shannon: But Mommy, he said he was reformed and now is a good boy. He told me he was on his way to church choir practice after he was finished helping local orphans write letters to Santa Claus

  22. avatar ShaunL. says:

    LEROY JENKINS!!!!!!!

    Any relation I wonder?

  23. avatar Gunr says:

    You shouldn’t talk down to this nice looking lad!
    You might embarrass him, when he comes to pick up your 16 year old daughter, for an all night date!

  24. avatar JasonM says:

    I have the exact same tattoo.

  25. avatar I1ULUZ says:

    Newton was right, apples don’t fall far from the tree. Mother and Son both felons, nice job mom. A little fact they left out of their story.

    Sis is also a murderer too.

    What an outstanding family.

    1. avatar Kendahl says:

      There’s more to the Jenkins family saga. A few weeks ago, an Omaha police officer was shot to death by a felon she and other officers were trying to arrest. The felon had been in jail awaiting trial for shooting at Jenkins’ sister. The case depended on her testimony and collapsed after she was arrested for her role in her brother’s murders.

      1. avatar Timmy! says:

        And then there’s Leroy… can’t forget Leroy!

  26. avatar Ralph says:

    The Trace and other anti-gun wingnut media are failing. The only way that anti-gunners can win is for elitist billionaires (is there any other kind) to continue to buy states, like the tech billionaires bought Washington and the Colorado cabal bought the Centennial state. MDA squawks, but money talks. And when it comes to politicians, money doesn’t just talk, it screams.

    As Will Rogers once said, America has the best politicians that money can buy.

  27. avatar Gman says:

    Are Anti-Gunners Helping the Cause of Firearms Freedom?
    No. No matter what real facts, or arguments, or examples we provide, there are those who CHOOSE to fear guns. Nothing, short of being individually presented with that one life changing event they will most likely not survive, will ever change their minds. There is no “convincing” them.

  28. avatar I1ULUZ says:

    Why let the truth get in the way of their agenda:

    The cousin was charge with giving Jenkins the shotgun was acquitted of the crime by a judge, most likely it was given to him by his 48 year old girlfriend, the same age as his mom.

    As a judge acquitted him Wednesday of a charge that he provided a shotgun to accused spree killer Nikko Jenkins, Anthony “Tone” Wells

    Family reunions are held at state facilities: In addition to Nikko Jenkins, six of his relatives are awaiting trial on various charges.

    1. avatar whatever says:

      The best argument for sterilization of repeat felons.

  29. avatar Grindstone says:

    Because in the end, it’s all about complete gun confiscation. They know full-well background checks, magazine capacity limits, AWBs, etc don’t do a damn thing to lower crime, but that’s not the goal. The goal is to remove guns completely (from the hands of civilians).

  30. avatar Phil LA says:

    Nice of them to include his college student ID photo.

  31. avatar Another Robert says:

    Well, I know that “domestic violence” vid sure, ahhh, backfired, what with the harpies on The View declaring it made them want to get a gun for themselves. And I do believe the constant harping on what really amounts to a few random shootings that would otherwise be strictly local news has effects that either (a) similarly motivate some people to do something about their own protection or (b) de-sensitize folks to the “shock” value of such stories.

  32. avatar scooter says:

    As an educator, I love watching somebody have the “A-ha!” moment of understanding. Sometimes this happens by leading a person to follow through on their position or supposition by asking them where they lead. “So that means…? And then…? Then, would it make sense if…?” Trouble is, these anti types never seem to “A-ha.”

  33. avatar MarkPA says:

    Confiscation would work IF and-ONLY-if it was accompanied by summary execution for being caught with a gun. Seems to work in Singapore where possession of 2 unlicensed guns creates a presumption of trafficking for which the death penalty applies.

    Alas, capital punishment is falling out-of-favor.

    Gradually, such stories probably do work in favor of gun rights. They reveal that no one can count on the police to prevent their own attacker. The difficulty is that we haven’t found an effective channel for publishing DGUs.

    The MSM publishes lots of stories titled “Police arrest ________” but no DGUs. Only local papers publish DGUs; but any given reader only sees a few of these in his own local paper per year. has a section titled “Latest Armed Self-Defense News Stories” that looks like it might be pretty complete; however, only PotG are apt to look at it.

    We need some clever idea for getting DGUs nation-wide attention to uncommitted voters. It occurred to me to get a domain name like “” that might be typed accidentally by people looking for Bloomberg’s site. Seems cute; not not quite right.

    Maybe a Twitter campaign targeted at hash-tags relating to self-defense or women’s security or some such topics.

  34. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Hey is that another one of Barry’s kids?

  35. avatar William B. says:

    “What law would have prevented Jenkins from his killing spree?”

    OK, you asked. Per their REAL agenda: Confiscate and destroy every firearm everywhere in the country. Period. And if they switch to knives to kill people, then we’ll outlaw, confiscate and destroy those, too.

    1. avatar AD says:

      Then we’ll ban Kung fu and Bruce Lee movies for that matter. We can ban Zippos and there will NEVER be another arson. Then we can just ban thoughts that we don’t like and have another inefficient, ineffective agency enforce it all. Report Thoughtcrime.

  36. avatar Southern Cross says:

    Neck and face tats mean “The cost of my incarceration will exceed the value of any taxes I may pay”.

    You either have to admire Bloomberg’s minions providing us with such amusement or wonder really on whose side some of his lackeys are supporting.

  37. avatar explainist says:

    ( irritating squeaky voice ) “if it would save just one life…”

    1. avatar AD says:

      Some lives don’t need saving. Just look at that mugshot.
      Still a tragedy; right before his “right outta prison crime spree” he had applied for several jobs in retail. He wanted to do good but the Man kept him down again.

  38. avatar pres stone says:

    i think they are helping win over people who are truly thinking about it carefully. It shows them that laws are not going to stop bad guys. IF THEY DID, he would not be a murderer because it’s illegal.

  39. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    Turns out, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.

  40. avatar Accur81 says:

    This guy needs the death sentence. Badly.
    I’ll volunteer.

    1. avatar PeterZ in West Tennessee says:

      They still have a very lovely six trap door gallows at Ft. Smith AR. Looks still fully functional.

  41. avatar Eric L says:

    Anyone else notice the complete silence from the anti trolls on stories like this?

    1. avatar Chris T from KY says:


  42. avatar Al Bondigas says:

    Progressives say If you give him a job and an education, he’ll straighten right up. Plus, it’s YOUR fault he went so far astray in the first place.

  43. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    Some of the newest ” ammo” against gun control comes from the anti gun crowd. Their own ideology blinds them.

  44. avatar JSJ says:

    Hey, “Scary Black Man with Gun” ™ has historically worked to get gun bans passed. Bloomberg’s dragging out the classics.

    1. avatar Gman says:

      I think you got that wrong. Scary Man with a Black Gun.

  45. avatar George says:

    The new poster child for rehabilitation.

  46. avatar KissMyWookiee says:

    The increased number of new gun-owners that are women would definitely say your answer is yes.

    Obviously the constant threats portrayed by anti-gun groups is working against them, as they only serve to make people more inclined to want adequate means of defense.

    If they suppressed crimes and made it look like there was no threat, then and only then, would they be able to mock gun-owners as being paranoid. As it is, they are villifying (sp?) the reasoning that unarmed people are vulnerable people.

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