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The Walther PPQ has developed quite a following thanks to its great ergonomics and superior trigger. Our own Joe Grine was certainly impressed. The only thing some people long for was a version that shot big boy bullets. Well Walther heard those cries and just announced the PPQ in .45ACP. It’s has pretty much all the PPQ M2’s features in the big boy caliber which should make it pretty popular as a duty gun. MSRP will be $699 and the gun will start shipping in the fall. Is this your new bedside pistol?

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  1. Ok… I was debating upgrading my P99 to a PPQ, but this 45 ACP version just made the decision for me.

    • Hah! Beat me to it! But yes, after that first batch gets recalled I would be interested as well. And of course with the M1 mag release because why bother otherwise.

    • Its not the best looking gun, especially that slide from the left, but it feels freaking amazing in the hand.

  2. Bedside table? Shoot I would carry this sucker if it’s really the same size as the 9mm version. I’m guessing from the bullets on the table that it’s 9 + 1 capacity?

    • Answered my own questions with Google-fu it’s bigger than the 9mm and longer but it’s 12+1 capacity in a gun that will be about the size of a vp9.

  3. I have only shot a Walther one time. A friend let me try his out at the range years ago. It was so bad I never gave any other Walther a chance since then. Maybe it’s time I give it another go.

    • I had a similar experience with a P99. The terrible trigger overshadowed any merit the pistol had.

      Then I tried a PPQ M2, and walthers sins were forgiven. It’s the best striker-fired trigger I’ve ever shot, better than a polished and lightened glock. The reset is 1911-short. The grip is perfectly molded to my hand. It’s my default nightstand gun.

      Now they introduce a .45 and my 9mm may be finding a new home…

  4. I was unable to live with the spoon mag release of PPQ, although I tried. It just doesn’t work for me, although I know a number of people who have no problem operating it. It would be nice if Walther distributed some sort of official tutorial for new owners, perhaps a set of instructions for people with different anathomy.

  5. Yes, now one can take out the bad guy’s soul as opposed to just……. killing him.

    Thank you Walter.

  6. I have never shot(and rarely see) a Walther-exactly 1 out of 145 selling on Gunbroker(ppq). I think they have PR problems way beyond fixing by a 45…

    • Yeah, I’d say they do have a PR and image problem. The PPQs don’t seem to sell particularly well despite being absolutely top notch in every possible way (subjective impression of aesthetics aside). Apparently putting the occasional Walther in 007’s hands isn’t enough to convince the gun buying public that they’re good guns.

      • Yeah Jeremy-and I can get a serviceable Taurus 45 24/7 for less than half of the Walther(which I seldom see)-que the Taurus haters…

        • Well considering the massive recall it’s a little hard to be pro-Taurus at this particular moment. At any rate, “serviceable” by way of deciding what is or is not a good gun leaves a lot to be desired, because by your same argument you should have a perfectly serviceable Hi-Point at half the cost of the Taurus, not a Taurus at half the cost of a Walther. By any metric other than MSRP, the PPQ is simply a better gun.

          …And if you think I’m biased, I’ve been carrying a Taurus in my pocket all day long. My TCP sees regular rotation during the summer, but sometimes I carry a Beretta (Nano), sometimes an HK (P7), and sometimes a GLOCK (20), and a CZ is my go-to for target shooting and competition. So…not exactly a gun brand groupie here.

        • JS, how do you keep your pants up when you carry that H&K? I got a buddy that has one. Marvelous piece of kit. But it’s an anvil.

      • The Taurus recall that’s not a recall…call ’em up and ask them if you don’t believe me. NONE of the G2’s on recall either…whatever my next gun will be a Taurus. And I’ve had that Hi-point which never ran at all. That’s my logic -my Taurus’ have been 4 for 4…

  7. Is it April already? Good one, I almost believed that someone has made a handgun that functions on ugly alone.

    • A 2lb sorta-pocket 9mm that still kicks like a mule despite its heft and bites your hand and has a bad frame-mounted safety and a long, super-heavy trigger and still only holds 6+1?

      How about no.

  8. I’ve got a S&W model 99 in .45acp and while not a true Walther it is a clone of the P99, from when S&W was partnered with Walther as the US distributor for their products. My understanding was that Walther had no interest in the .45acp as it is mostly a U.S. centric round and not as common elsewhere. I’m personally not too fond of the PPQ series but I’ve been spoiled by a striker fired weapon with a decocker.

    Respectfully Submitted

    • Have to second that….mine is my primary carry gun replacing the Glock 19 because I shoot it much better than the 19. Yeah HK makes what looks like a clone of the PPQ but is way over priced. We all know what HK thinks of people who buy their stuff (Because you suck. And we hate you).

      Might have to look at the 45 instead of the long slide PPQ I was thinking about.

  9. As a dyed-in-the-wool fan and EDC carrier of the PPQ 9×19 (M1, paddle release); I sincerely want this .45 model to be ridiculously successful.

    Not that I will own one personally. But in the hope it will demonstrate a market and light a fire under HK to move forward on the VP45.

  10. You couldn’t tell the PPQ has any following at all considering the lack of holsters for the 9mm model I’ve had sitting in a safe sans tactical holster for the past six months.

  11. Only experience with a Walther where the older PP series, war trophy p38s and I bought a brand new p22 as a plinker trail gun.

    Hated that p22. Liked the pp and ppk. Indifferent to the p38s on the whole.

    • The P22 is made by Umarex in Arnsburg, and does not compare to real Walthers. The airgun guys made it, not the Walther employees.

  12. The PPQ is the one handgun I have handled with a trigger that both impresses me and makes me a bit nervous. I would love to be able to justify the price for one as a range toy only, but that go pedal is just a little too short and sweet for me to be comfortable for CCW. As a bedside gun, even more so. I feel like the PPQ trigger is flirting with 1911-cocked-but-not-locked territory. Like Leghorn, I would prefer a little extra margin of error for the gun I might have to grab in a just-woken-up stupor.

  13. And here I was about to get a FNX45, I do love my PPQ M2 an awful lot though. Maybe sell one of my PPQ 9s to get a PPQ 45, and still buy the FNX45 😀

  14. I just got a PPQ M2 last month and I love it; simply an amazingly comfortable and accurate gun. I’ll be looking forward to the .45 version.

  15. I’ve had my 9mm PPQ for a year and four months! It’s a M2! I’ve put about 2000 rounds though it and is my everyday conceal carry using the Alien Tuck 3.0 holster! The .45, wow, I know what I want for Christmas!

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