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“It portrays to the kids that it’s OK for Santa to be carrying a gun, and therefore, its OK for them to be carrying a gun,” local resident Monica Sliva told Californnia’s WLS-TV. Needless to say, the ABC affiliate forgot to find any local yokels willing to voice their support for Tracy Tree Farm’s pistol-packing Santa. So I turn to you, TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia, for your thoughts on the touchy subject of a Coca-Cola-inspired icon’s pistol-packing predilection. How does Kris Kringle deal with all those local, state and international regulations regarding open carry? What’s Santa’s tag line? “Looks like you’re not on the nice list. Again.” While you mull over this and other conundrums I regret to inform you that Tracy’s caved on the Claus carry front; the display is now busy gathering dust. Where’s the holiday spirit in that?

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  1. I think, were Santa a real person, he’d be very smart to be packing. He’d be a prime target for muggers. Old fat dude can’t be very fast – not likely to put up as much as a struggle as some other folks.

    Santa should have a heater in the pocket.

  2. Welll… lessee. Santa has got goods to protect. Much like a Wells Fargo armored car driver. Armored car drivers are armed…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Santa had a Mossberg 500 and/or an AR in the back of the sleigh.

    Gotta make sure all the important kid presents are delivered. Ho Ho Ho!?

  3. I thought that even in places like NYC it is possible to get a carry permit if you have a lot of valuables (your body is not valuable).

  4. I don’t know, adding a Possesion of a Firearm charge to a Home Invasion and/or B&E/Burglary is stacking those felonies pretty deep. He’d get pretty sick of the song “Santa Baby” after about 20 years of listenin’ to Bubba croon it in the showers.

  5. Santie should be more worried about the fact that his body appears to have been diagonally sliced through, Rob Roy style, and healed back together incorrectly.

  6. If Santa is eligible to have a firearm then he should be able to carry if he wants. What, do you think the Sheriff elves are right there all the time. He gets a break sometime!

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