Army Ships XM2010 Sniper Rifle to Afghanistan

The U.S. Army last introduced a new sniper rifle (the M24) twelve years ago. In procurement time, that’s about five minutes ago. Enter the XM2010. Some 2500 snipers will be trundling this bad boy about starting in the new year, making full use of its extra range (3,937 vs. 2,625 feet), improved flash suppressor and more powerful scope—a Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50mm stamped with “Die you godless bastards” on the side. Kidding. (I could make a joke about the Remington’s trigger, but I won’t.) The XM2010 also features a fluted, free-floating barrel and sits on an improved bipod. With the modular rail system, U.S. snipers can run the cord for a laser aiming device inside the rail. Messy wires. Who needs them?


  1. avatar TTACer says:

    220 gr moving out at 2850 fps FTW!

    1. avatar jerry says:

      Sounds like a .338 Lapua.

      1. avatar gerald says:

        it’s 300 win mag

  2. avatar John says:

    This XM2010 may be the most advanced rifle in its class.

    Our troops deserve the best!

  3. avatar Mike says:

    What caliber ?

  4. avatar Vic says:

    First to do it with this bad boy…. 1-32 all the way baby…

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