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I think Glock makes plenty of guns already. The fact that they all work alike works for me. Like Campbell’s they should concentrate on getting new shooters into firearms so they’ll buy a Glock (and another and another) rather than wasting their time trying to convert existing soup buyers to switch brands. (You know what I mean.) But rumors of a Glock rifle have been zombie-ing around for years. And is stirring the proverbial pot with this shot of a faux Glock 1911. What’s your take? Is Glock missing a model that you’d like to buy?

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  1. I like mayonnaise and I like ice cream. The thought of mayonnaise flavored ice cream totally grosses me out. Which is what a glock 1911 would be.

    A rifle might be interesting if they came up with something truly “glock” rather than basing it on some existing design.

  2. I would like to see a Glock designed bullpup in .308. Glock has a slightly different view of design than anyone else. It would be interesting to see what they would come up with.

  3. I would like to see a competitor to the Khar CW-9 in a single stack, thinner Glock 19/26 ….or insert your favorite caliber model here.

    I really like the Khar size and fit so it would be nice to see how that feels with a Glock trigger.

  4. I’ve been kinda half expecting them to come out with a 1911… I mean I know it wouldn’t actually happen (would it?) and I don’t want it to happen, but with everybody else and their grandma making 1911s (And AR15s) at this point I wouldn’t be shocked if Glock entered that market.

    Realistically I think a pistol caliber carbine would be the best place to start. Go the KelTec route and use Glock pistol mags, it really wouldn’t be that hard for Glock to do. And I think it would get a lot of Glock owners to buy one seeing as how they wouldn’t have to buy new mags or stock up on a different caliber they might not already have.

  5. I with the 1911 market already being over saturated by every gun company on planet I don’t think it would hurt to toss their hat into the ring. If somehow they were able to make a hicap polymer 1911 that accepted Glock 21 mags and didn’t fit in my hand like a plastic brick I would be interested in throwing down some cash, especially if it was up to their usual standard of reliability. If they ever make a pistol caliber carbine that was competitive with Beretta and wasn’t based off of a preexisting pistol design, I would be interested in that as well. Possibly something that looks similar to the RONI G1 but with a 16in barrel.

  6. Glock with better, smaller grip will do. Maybe gen4 already done, but we’ve never met. 🙂
    Otherwise, carbine of innovative design (not “something old” + Glock pistol frame) could be interesting.

    • As long as we’re dreaming, why not make it a folding carbine?

      With their rep for reliability and their huge LE market, I don’t understand why they haven’t done this already.

  7. They had a great idea for a design of a pistol back in the early 1980s. I own a G21. I like it.

    But what other product do they have the inspiration to design? There is a reason that Wankel rotary engines are not powering 3/4 ton trucks. I loved my RX-7. But the engine has limited applications. Glock’s pistol design is limited to pistol caliber applications. Maybe a carbine but even that would be limited to the internal tolerances of the pistol design.

    I would evaluate any product they are willing to design. But I think they need to decide. Are they going for a bigger market share by stamping Glock on other products OR are they going to really do some deep thought on fundamentally redesigning a product? If it is just bigger market share, then compete with the existing producers. If it is radicaly redesign, then what and how?

    The first pistol I qualified with was a US Army issued 1911. I am hoping jolly ole St Nick is bringing me one. But he needs to know which one and I am eyeing a long slide. Local gunsmith and friend is probably going to build one based on a Caspian base and have it delivered via my chimney (if I have been good). Hint to Glock, long slide. They are offering a few models in longer versions, but there is money to be made in long slides.

  8. I love 1911’s and Glock would only produce some ugly ass gun, so they should stick with the ugly guns they currently make.

  9. I think for glock to make a 1911, they would probably have to make some changes to the 1911’s existing design. I would personally love to see glock remake the 1911. The things I think they should change are:
    1) replace barrel link with locking lugs to the current glock barrel. (the link/timing and lack of integraded feed ramp is a weakness of the 1911 design of my view). In order to make this change, the top of th slide would have to be squared off.
    2) design a beefy external extractor. for the slide.
    3) Get rid of the barrel bushing and integrate it into the slide.
    4) replace the recoil spring assembly with a modern spring assembly so we dont have to change recoil springs every 1,500 to 2,000 rounds.

    Keep the trigger group and grip-angle of the traditional 1911. These are the best attributes of the 1911. If they really want to modernize it, they could make a polymer frame with steel inserts to beef it up, and maybe integrate a plunger tube to the frame as well.

    I would buy this modernized 1911 in a heart-beat.

    If Glock wants to make a 1911, I think they should think more “Glock” than 1911. Try to bring some more modernized manufacturing techniques to the 1911 platform to eliminate the need for all of this hand fitting.

    just my $0.02

        • Can I ask to you perform some measurement, regarding Gen4 grip size?
          If you’re in, then I’d like to ask you take grip circumference right under the trigger guard and another through trigger.
          I’ve heard Gen4 without backstraps is more comfortable and smaller than Gen3, but there are seems to be no exact figures, only those listed in Glock flyer.

  10. like above,

    -a single stack thin grip for small/very small hands

    -a pistol caliber carbine that accepts their handgun mags (not everyone wants the muzzle blast of rifle calibers indoors)

    -rifle caliber carbines that operate the same as the aforementioned pistol caliber ones

    -I’d buy a Glock revolver even if it sucked, just for kicks

    simple & reliable work for me.

  11. Pistol wise Glock should stick with what they have. They do it well and they do it right. I don’t think they need to muddy up the waters. However, I do agree with the pistol caliber carbine idea. I know I would buy it.

  12. They’re starting to do what I want to see with the G36. Single-stack, “slimline.” That’s what I want – a pancake flat Glock for CC.

  13. I was watching the Military Channel off and on last night and someone appears to have designed a sub gun around the Glock 18 full auto handgun. So I can see Glock making a carbine or rifle.

    A 1911? God, I hope not. You can’t pick up a copy of any gun magazine these days without seeing another “new” 1911. I expect the damn things to be on the cover of “Better Homes & Gardens” soon. How many times can this design be repackaged like “new” Elvis or Beatles recordings?

    • That someone would be Magpul, and the subgun would be the FMG 9, which is a remake of the Stoner Ares FMG. From what I heard from the President at SHOT this year, it was canceled because some government types strongly encouraged them not to produce it. It has become a successful airsoft model though.

  14. A .45 ACP carbine that takes Glock 21 mags.

    Price it like the pistols. They would sell thousands of them.

  15. I’d love to see Glock make a single stack 9mm & .380ACP similar to the Kahr PM9 and P380. I can’t imagine why Glock hasn’t made an entry there yet, but I bet that they’re resting on their laurels with the LE market… sadly, I think that Glock won’t ever step outside of the box they’re currently in. Oh well, more money for other companies then – American ones at that.

    • I second that! My Kahr 380 is like a case study in the possible failure modes of an semiautomatic pistol. I’d love to see Glock take a stab at that market.

      • Isn’t there your ATF point table that precludes import of some weapon in US? On the other hand, I have no idea about manufacturing those pistols IN US, not just importing them. Though I doubt it’ll happen – probably kills all .380 market.

  16. Why would Glock make a rifle? We already have an ugly rifle that always works…….it’s called an AK-47.

  17. Glock should stick to polymer pistols and stay there. People talk about how Smith and Wesson tries to do too much when they should focus on making the best revolvers they can. Then when people think Smith and Wesson, they immediately think high quality revolver. Glock has a positive brand association with reliable polymer pistols. If they do expand, it should most definitely be under a different brand.

  18. Glock needs to offer a rifle in 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, and .45 acp. Naturally it would have to accept the magazines from their pistols. They would also need to offer magazines for the rifles that are like the G-18 magazines capacity wise for all calibers. A grip with the same trigger, and controls as the Glock pistols to round it off.

    • I would like Glock to make a Model 17, chambered in .38 Super.
      It would bring an interest back to this Prohibition-era cartridge.

  19. Sig-Sauer will be soon be offering their 1911 line, chambered in .357 Sig. However, I would like to see another model chambered in 40 Smith & Wesson.

  20. The only thing that the 1911 could learn from Glock is that tough, salt-baked finish, Tenifer or Melonite or whatever. If Glock actually made a 1911, they would probably make a very reliable one but they would not be able to resist screwing up the aesthetics.

  21. There is a company called mec-tech that takes the “lower” part of the Glock and attaches it to an ar style upper to make a Glock based carbine. They offer a few different calibers. Nice setup.


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