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Trent Kimball doesn’t just stand behind his product. He stands behind his product as his employees shoot at him. He can do that because his product is bullet proof glass, among other bits of auto armor. The last twenty seconds of the above video gives you an idea what he sees as someone who works for him aims an AK and sends a 7.62 round his way. And check out yesterday’s item by RF for other scary views. (Sure hope last year’s Christmas bonuses were what everyone expected!) Two-inch thick glass or not, the idea of Texas Armoring’s version of the boss climbing into the dunking booth gives me the willies. I might have to suit up with a pair of tactical Depends if it were me looking into that barrel. Just to be sure, of course. How ’bout you? Anyone ever take a shot at you? Ever shoot at someone else (short of combat, of course)? Give us your after-action report.

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  1. Once, walking home from high school in 1968. Four kids in a ratty ’57 Chevy coming opposite my direction of travel across three lanes, big smiles, small rifle, BB? .22? Heard a round smack the sidewalk near my feet. Didn’t get a tag number, having run behind a nearby phone pole. Never saw them again, despite many more walks along that road.

  2. Just once, while duck hunting, we heard several bullets whizz over our heads, next to us, and between us in our duck blind. We could tell which direction it came from (across a private pond, where they didn’t like any hunting competition) and we eventually got mad. We returned fire with many rounds of BB shot, aimed very very high. Then we low-crawled out along a ditch for a few hundred yards and got the hell out of Dodge.

  3. 19 years old and target shooting into the bank of former sand/gravel pit with 22 semi auto tube feed with 15? round capacity
    Rounds started hitting at my feet looked up and some guy behind a tree pointing rifle at me.
    I had just reloaded and started shooting back while moving towards vehicle, got the hell out of there.
    Since that time I have had incoming rounds on other occasions while target shooting over the past 40 years, usually it was stupid people shooting without a back stop, 3 fast rounds and hollering usually got their attention and they would stop. Others I never saw so not sure if stupid or psycho.
    Now even if only intending to shoot hanguns always carry semi auto 308 in case I need to stop someone from killing me or my companions

  4. Has anyone ever shot at me? Oh hell yeah. As Churchill observed, “there is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at without result.” Later on, I celebrated my opponent’s lack of marksmanship with a pizza and a six pack.

  5. I’ve never been shot at. A surprising number of my dad’s friends have been shot as has my uncle, mostly by 7.62×39. Just shows to prove that there is no such thing as a guaranteed “man stopper”.

  6. All the time. Cabrini Green was known as a shooting gallery for over a decade here in Chicago. We would check the ambulance after flying through there and count the holes.

  7. Not me, but my dad has twice, On one occasion a drunk old man put several .357 mag rounds through his drivers-side door as he was leaving a party, and the other time he was dicking around in the woods with a city kid and a 20 gauge. Dad was chasing an armadillo and the guy decided to shoot the ‘dillo with his load of birdshot, and got Dad with about two dozen pellets, most of which are still in his leg, arm, and face.

  8. Yes, in a nuclear weapons convoy in Missouri .The rear window of my truck,carrying a nuclear weapon back to Whiteman AFB was totally shattered .I saw the hole in the middle of the window before it fell apart,about a half inch in size. The security police and US Marshall who escorted convoys went bananas,but Base Job Control told us to drive back with the broken window. A LTCOL from the “Safety Office” meet me and my driver and informed us it was a rock that completely shattered the window and gave us both glass cuts on our arms . When I questioned him the response was “You didn’t hear me ,Sarge. I’m telling you it was a rock Do you understand ? ” “Yes,Sir” I do.


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