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“Sasaki Kougei – Handcrafted Rubber band Gun Grasp GRASP Walther P38 It is a gun of the old friend German small-arms maker’s Walther manufacture in Lupin 3 world using it,” Engrish description informs. “It is said that the screw to which parts are made to fix is made combining parts like [ it is few and ] a workmanship thing. It is attention required also to the modeling beauty! The wooden rubber gun made from the same size as a genuine article!  . . .

It not only can decorate the room as interior design but of course it will be able to play as a rubber gun. 5 automatic fire epoch-making.” I love my NERF guns. What toy guns do you have around the house?

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  1. Sell all nopop and got nice cataract. Take nice girl to Bebelly Herse. Ubangi.

  2. I had a small Nerf pistol for awhile. I would act like 007 and sneak around the house shooting family members. The fun stopped when it got taken away from me and thrown away.

    Last week.

    By my girlfriend.

    And I may or may not be nearly 30 years of age at this time.

    • Sounds like you need a new girlfriend. Mine let’s me keep mine mang. All 30 of ’em.

  3. I have the following airsoft guns–a SIG Sauer P229 (clear), two SIG Sauer P230s (one in clear and the other in silver/stainless) and a HK MP5K. They’re all spring action. I have a sticky back target on the other side of my home office and will target shoot there when I need some stress relief.

    • I have springer airsoft models of all my pistols (and ones I’m thinking about), and gas blowback models of my 1911, AR15 (down to furniture and ambi mag release) , levergun, and PPQ. Draw practice and sight acquisition training at home seems way safer using airsoft or blue guns.

  4. Well nothing anymore. But I did have two interesting items laying around. One of them was a Japanese made blank firing ‘cap gun’ that was a copy of the old C96 pistol. That one was neat because everything worked just like the real thing. It even had these had fake shell casings that you loaded with caps. Worked just like the real thing. This is apparently a fairly big thing over there. Kind of a competitor to air-soft. Here’s a video that shows some examples of this. Even had someone with a model just like mine.

    Second thing was one of thous belt fed NERF guns that were being sold for a while. Those were fun enough, but a while back a small company making energy drinks did a video showing one of thous that was modified to ‘fire’ about 600 ’rounds’ per minute. I always intended to do one of those modifications on my own. But this was about the time I got diagnosed with a brain tumor. Kind of put the kibosh on doing anything wiht my right arm for a long while, let alone any kind of projects like this.

  5. As I started to read this, I was tempted to call to ask if you were having a stroke or something.

    That hurt my head trying to read that translation.

  6. I buy a new NERF gun every once in awhile. I’ll play with them for a week, then they end up in my little brother’s hands.

    I’m glad mom decided to wait until I was fourteen to have another baby. He’s 9 now, and he thinks I’m the coolest. Also, I get to play with toys for another few years and not look like a total weirdo.

    Add to that that I’ve got a little guy of my own… I’m set until I’m at least 37. By then my little brother will probably have a kid…

    I will be playing guns for the rest of my life.

  7. I just bought an M11 airsoft at BassPro. The 3yr old has been running around like a ninja presenting to blast everyone and every thing in sight. We have a standing rule in our house that if he pretends to shoot you. You have to fully commit to pretend to die. He has caught on to this and dies dramatily when I pretend to shoot back.

  8. No toy guns, but I’ve got a pretty cool desk top trebuchet I built a few years ago.

  9. I have several Tokyo Marui airsoft guns that I started collecting before I could legally buy handguns. Generally, if I would just keep the real thing under glass and never shoot it, I’m fine with just owning the airsoft version of the weapon and saving a few thousand bucks. And Tokyo Marui guns are ridiculously accurate to the actual guns, to the point that the color of the hammer is the only way to tell my fake 1911A1 from my real one at a glance.

  10. I go to the flea market with my nephews every year and I fill them up with goodies. Last year we also bought a che guvarra flag and spent all day trying to hit that stupid little star on his beret. When the boys finally made their hits I gave them some old watches that belonged to my dad. Maybe someday they will realize how freaking cool that day really was.

  11. Got an airsoft or two (SIG clones)–and my son made a respectable facsimile of a 1911 out of wood a few years ago and painted it flat black . Looks real enough to get me killed by a nervous cop.

  12. My son has a rolling arsenal of Nerf and other brands. I had a little Nerf Jolt, which is like their version of a Derringer. I liked to wait until my kid or wife came walking out of the hallway and *pow!* That little sucker was powerful! It, along with my Nerf Maverick we commandeered by the boy. 🙂

    Today’s toy guns are feaking bad a$$!

    • Also, the amount of accessories Nerf makes for their toy guns is staggering! scopes, stocks , grips…they’re as customizable as an AR!

  13. I did the Airsoft thing back when I was enlisted. Loads of fun and the “guns” can be very realistic. I think I still have a KWA M9 Professional Training Pistol lying around. Its got a nice heft to it, close to that of a loaded M9. Blowback operation makes its function very realistic, too.

  14. Several Nerf guns, and probably will get more for my grandson and self. Two very old (over 70 years) six guns (you remove the bullets and put caps in them) that look pretty real. Lots of water guns over the years, and a few fairly new ones as well.

    • I had a couple of those cap guns back in the day, I hate to think how many of those round caps I made my parents buy. The result of the construction of the bullet was a little puff of air came out when it fired, I used to blast ants with them on the front porch. For hours.

  15. I got airsoft and BB versions of my regular pistol for fun, convenient indoor training at home and for low stress introductions for family members that have never used a gun before.

  16. I have a last-ditch Arisaka that is missing it’s firing pin, magazine follower, and has a cracked bolt. But sometimes I pick it up and make bang-bang noises while aiming at imaginary GIs. Does that count?

  17. No toy guns but sure had some cool ones when I was a kid(50′ & 60’s). Mattel machine gun,metal 38 and a realistic bazooka come to mind.The shiny 38 might get you shot nowadays…My 4 sons never seems to care.

  18. I have an M&P plastic pellet gun. I bought it to shoot indoors when the weat her sucks. It’s dents or goes through cardboard so it isn’t used much.

    • Looking at all these others, I got to thinking I didn’t see a description of the same action I have, maybe it’s uncommon. It’s rechargeable battery powered, the select fire switch is on the side where it should be, the pellets load into the removable magazine, and it’s powerful enough to shoot holes in prickly pear pads form 25-30 feet away (I don’t want to be shot with it at close range). I have an M1A, so trust me when I say it is very accurate representation, although the weight isn’t close to the real thing. It even has a little screw which is supposed to correct for the spin it puts on pellets, causing them to curve in flight. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out just how to make that work, but I gather the correct adjustment is to make it curve up, as opposed to sideways or down. Still, I managed to really rip up a cactus pad on full auto from around 40 feet. What mechanism actually propels the pellets I can’t imagine, maybe I’ll take it apart someday.

  19. Classic army M-16 A2 & HK G36 C. Airsoft version of G36 is very accurate, maybe HK could pick up some pointers.

  20. My son and I have a couple of AR’s from SturdiGuns. Very cool but made of pressed plywood. Realistic enough to be fun but not at all looking like a real gun.

  21. When I was a kid in the 60’s tons of us had fake guns. Nobody blinked a single eye about it. We played cowboys and indians, cops and robbers, Army. You know, before the freaking world got all PC and stupid.

    Sad what the world has come to. But then again, kids today spend most of their time INSIDE in front of a friggin’ video game console instead of being OUTSIDE using their imaginations. You hardly see kids outside during summer vacation.

  22. Not sure if author is genuinely incompetent at English, or if he’s using a spam generator.

  23. I’ve got an airsoft m9. It’s pretty realistic. I compared to a friend’s 92fs once and they were almost the same in function. TBH I don’t know if the differences were a result of it being an airsoft version or if the m9 was slightly different from the non military adopted version. The safety was also a decocker on the real one but my airsoft doesn’t decock.

    Awesome gun for indoor practice though. Slide cycles, locks back on empty, similar weight, etc… Good for reloading drills I find.

  24. A handful of realistically-weighted Airsoft replicas that I bought in junior high and high school, despite never being into Airsoft as a sport. I mostly bought them to practice firearm discipline and aim in the house until I was old enough [and had enough money] to buy real firearms. I haven’t touched them since I upgraded to the real thing, and it occurs to me now that I should probably sell them to someone who would actually use them for their intended purpose.

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